This will be the place where I put real life issues pertaining to Lycan Tales.  Meaning, why updates are lagging behind and the like. I hate to mess up the flow of the story so here’s where all that stuff will go.

10/10/12: Hey, this is Phoenix’s sister, and I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on.

My sister was in the hospital. She has since been released, but still undiagnosed…they have just labeled it autoimmune. She did recently have the first of two surgeries. Unfortunately, she had to have her fingers amputated down to the second joint. This is more than we had originally anticipated, but the crazy thing that we just found out, is that the doctors originally thought she might lose her whole hand!!!! They never said this until after the fact though….whew, thank goodness! Her spirits remain high and we await the surgery for her feet. This is suppose to take place in about two weeks along with the second skin graft. So needless to say, it will be awhile until she is up and running full force in the community again. I would say that you guys are stuck with me and my updates for the next couple of months…but never fear, she will be here to facilitate and dictate what she wants me to say…I literally will just be her fingers until we get a handle on things. You guys know my sis…this is just a new phase in this fabulous life of hers and she will make it work…. we are so going to look into getting her some fly hand prothesis. Thank you to everyone for all your love and support. It is greatly appreciated and anticipated. Smooches!!!!!

08/09/11: Really Phoenix?? REALLY?? Man, five months is WAY to long to not have posted anything! I’m sorry about that guys! Currently in game taking shots as I type this(or rather the game is open as I type this.) so the next update should be out tomorrow at the earliest. No later than Thursday afternoon. Thanks for sticking with me! Smile

3/3/11: I haven’t forgotten about LT it’s just…there are other games eating my time since Sims isn’t the only game I play! The Witcher 2, DA II, ME 3…all these games are coming out this year and I have to beat the originals before I can play them! Gah! Plus I’ve been playing TS3 as well. Also, I’m running around getting stuff together for my sister’s wedding in June.  I have the shots for the next prompt.  They’ve been done for the last month! I just have to write it up! Sorry again! I’ll get back on track soon…ish!

12/28/10: Mom is healing up well.  Biopsy came back negative so RL is just moving along.  I got hit with a cold(throwing up is never fun, especially when alcohol isn’t even involved!) and that knocked me out for a day or so but luckily I was off of work and able to sleep it off for the most part.  Update is going to be out early tomorrow morning(meaning midnight or so!) so look for that! Hope everyone that celebrates it had a Merry Christmas!

11/28/10: Mom’s surgery went well. She gets staples removed tomorrow.  Still waiting on results of the biopsy.  The doc and my mom are pretty optimistic soo…*keeping fingers crossed* Hope everyone that celebrates had a Happy Thanksgiving!

10/26/10: My mom is going to have surgery next month so she’s getting everything together.  It may or may not be a bad thing.  We won’t know until after the surgery and they do a biopsy.  I really can’t focus on anything right now so I’m immersing myself in TS3 since it’s really not a storytelling platform for me.  So, I may be silent for the next few weeks! Sorry guys! Frown

9/2/10: Computer is still having issues.  I have the next few prompts plotted out but I keep getting the ‘display adapter error’ message.  So, I guess, this means that the story is on hiatus until I buy another graphics card that works with Windows 7. The IT guy at work said that I could roll back to Vista but…I don’t want to! LOL! There ya have it.  The next prompt will be up as soon as I get everything fixed!Smile Thanks for everyone that keeps reading!