I usually don’t upload bloopers but apparently I wasn’t paying attention this time and I thought I’d share. None of these pics are staged and all are unedited except for cropping.

From Prompt 064

All of these Sims were CAS made(except for Dante) so it was easy to marry Odin and Jenna. But apparently he thought Nona was hotter.

Photo Shoot for Character Bios

I was trying to get everyone to face forward but Ulrich had other ideas(geez man! I get what you want. Or should I say WHO?!) and Xavier looks slightly disgusted.

I had all of them on the lot! ALL OF THEM!! That’s twenty eight sims plus one that hasn’t made an appearance yet.  Dom was repulsed by Calista apparently.

Odin and Julius got along great! They kept cracking jokes with each other.

And of course I couldn’t do a shoot without these two! Look where Caine is looking! Alana’s boobs looks great in that shirt huh? That outfit is hot…where’d I get that from?

So…freakin…cute!! Sometimes I love you ACR!!!Smile

Prompt 071

Victoria is a stalker. Like seriously. Look at how she’s eyeballing Caine and he looks amused. He’s so smug!

A close up of Rho. He looks so depressed. I got that hair from Azzy because I begged!Razz I think she uploaded it to GoS.

And now he looks sad. I was trying to find a good angle of him and Caine without being frontal and I snapped this one even though you can’t see Caine.


From Prompt 055

Seriously Caine? Are you serious? This one made me LOL. I have this huge, uber Lycan on the lot and he’s running around like crazy being chased by a dog aka Nolan! Bwahaha! And the expression on his face cracked me up!


And look at the expression on the white/grey dogs face when I had Alana changing! LOL!! I thought it was so cute but didn’t really fit into the story. A few seconds later I captured the expression that I wanted Nolan to have as he pounced onto Franklin.


From Prompt 081

It was a community lot and so everyone just kept walking up. Odin is looking like WTF did I walk in on. Yeah Odin! Think about this before you try to go against Caine!!


From Prompt 062

I did some people moving and had to move Nolan out so I could use the motherlode cheat to move him into his new place. And this is the first thing he did at the trailer park I placed him in! Nolan = ♥!!


The two Julius’!!! How cute is that? Hahaha! This is where I got the idea to have Julius eating! Too cute!


Random Shots from no prompt

I thought I was going to be working with these two this go around but instead I didn’t but this was the first shot of them in the apartment I decided NOT to put them in…after I half finished decorating! Gah! But that look Caine is throwing at her! O_o


I guess the look worked huh? This is them in their new place. THIS is the first thing they did as I looked around to make sure everything was alright with the lot. On a park bench…outside…

Prompt 63

I never get to play Caine and Bernard from when Bernard was still alive but they did this outside the house I put them in and I thought it was too cute not to share!! ♥

I used this as the header for the prompt. It wasn’t intended. I accidentally hit the 45 degree angle button and then I hit the button next to it by mistake and I was able to see the sun through the clouds which doesn’t happen because I use this and I liked it too much not to take a picture!Smile Plus it reminded me of another part of the story when Caine mentioned his dad and puddles. Bernard looks so young and happy.

Prompt 100

I just thought this picture was too cute! Look at Julius’ face! Look at Talia’s face! They’re just adorable! LOL!