Reading List

Just a few *cough* stories that I enjoy reading. These stories come from all over the internet and are all genres. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Some, if not all, of these stories are at least PG-13

100 Days of Sorrow(on hiatus)/ Like Blaming the Rain

**A Clockwork Heart


After The Calling

Alani’s Quest (Completed)/ Caught Up(Completed)/Still Caught Up/The End of Night

Ashelia at War(Completed)/Kingdom of Naroni/This House is Vegas(Completed) /In Fair Veronaville

Bellamy Legacy. Written by both Kayleighh and Iosiren

Cherie’s Stories

Cutler Legacy/Ducharme Legacy

Dragging Blue Lake/Behind Blue Lake


Emily’s Stories


Heartland On Hiatus

Life, Love & Lies: A Sim Saga

Love the Bermuda On Hiatus

Malrennan’s Fall

Mao’s Portal Writer of Knock it Down/Wings of Steel/Angel of Lies(among other things!). Working my way through her works.

Murky Mile /After My Own Heart (Rated R)

Passages /Sunburned Sims Stories Passages and Sessions are overlapping stories by two very talented writers. The stories weave in and out of each other.

Pixel Peak

Rising Above

Sandy’s Stories

Sessions/Studio Time


**Spark Legacy

The Uknown

**=TS3 legacies/stories.

~Also, if you see, or write some, interesting stories and want to point me in that direction doesn’t hesitate!