Prompt 079

Safehouse. June 11, 2009. 2335 hrs.

“…and I’ve never felt so empty before.”

“That’s some scary shit! Where’d Rho learned that I wonder.”

“The man’s been around for longer than I’d care to think about.  Who knows what things he’s learned.”

“Well, at least he didn’t let you kill the kid’s mom right in front of him.”

Caine rubbed a hand over his face and nodded.  “And I would have too.  Without a second thought.  All I could see was that night.  She was coming after me.  I glanced over my shoulder and stared into her eyes.  She meant to kill me.”

“But she didn’t.”

“She would have if I hadn’t gotten hit by the car.  I was ten.  I wouldn’t have been able to take both of them down.”

“No pup could have.”

A silence fell between them and Caine could hear Alana and Vivian in the living room talking.  “So, how long have you and Vivian been fucking?”


“The whole house smells like sex.  I’m pretty sure Alana is freaking out thinking about the surfaces that you two have had sex on.”


“So, you and Nolan huh?” Alana asked as she turned on the sink to wash her hands.  The scent of sex was ripe in the air and there was no way she was sitting down on that couch.  Or come to think of it the kitchen bar stool as well.  Shuddering she renewed her washing with vigor.

“It’s nothing serious.  We’re not mates or anything like that.”

“Right, right.” Using her elbow she turned off the faucet and flicked water from her hands.  “Just to let you know, if you hurt him I won’t have any problems hurting  you.  Are we clear?” Alana watched Vivian shrink away from her and smiled.  “Just so we’re clear.”

Vivian cleared her throat and glanced away from Alana’s glare.  Her eyes widened then she shoved back from the counter.  “Uh, I’m going to take out the garbage. ”


Vivian smiled at Nolan as she brushed by him and gave Duncaine as wide berth as he glared at her.  Gripping the trash bag in her sweaty hand she went around back.  “What are you doing here Robert?”

“Not what you’re doing apparently,” he growled.

Vivian ignored the hurt look on his face.  They were not mates.  She thought of Rob as her little brother nothing more.  It wasn’t her fault he wanted more.  “It’s not safe for you here.  How did-”

“I ran into Duncaine and his mate.  Can you believe the luck? And both of them totally oblivious to what’s going on around them.”

“Now is not a good time to-”

“Now is the best time since Lancaster is so distracted.  I’ve been sent to get his bitch…and I’ll bring you back as well.”

“I can’t-”

“You can’t what? You can’t leave the guy you’ve been having sex with? Really taking one for the pack huh Vi?”

Clenching her hands into fists Vivian glared at him as she tried to calm herself.  Now wasn’t the time.  Rob would get himself killed. He was nineteen and cocky.  “Look Robert,” she said softly, “Come back at another time.  It’s-”

“Hey Vi, you okay back here? You…what the fuck?”

Nolan stared down at the dart sticking out from his chest then blinked rapidly as his vision started to blur.  He took a wobbling step backward before a knife was waved in his face then let out a hiss as he felt the blade slide between his ribs.  He suddenly found himself on the ground.


He thought he screamed it but it might have been a whisper as darkness engulfed him.


“What did you do to him?” Vivian asked as Rob shoved her forward.

“Just used a dart that Jenna concocted.  Strong enough to kill a human and will knock out a full grown lycan within seconds.  All without leaving a trace.”

Vivian watched as a patch of blood slowly spread along Nolan’s side.  “That blood will leave a clue.”

“That was just for my satisfaction.  Now move!”


Nolan shoved open the door and glanced hurriedly around the room.  “Alana, something’s not right.”

“What do you mean?”

Caine shook his head in frustration.  He felt as if he had cotton in his ears and a stuffed nose. How did full humans do this? His senses were dulled but he still felt something was off.

“I don’t know.  Nolan went around back to check on Vivian and I noticed this car that looked familiar parked down the street.  We need to go.  Now.”

“Okay, okay.  Just give me a sec-Caine!”

Too late Alana saw the shadow move up behind Caine.


“Not another step forward bitch…or I swear I will slit his throat.”


You guys!!!!!!! How are you?? Thanks so much for sticking with me.  The emails, comments, secrets, tweets, etc.  You guys are the best!!! Grin Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  There’s no excuse for letting this lapse for nearly seven months.  None.  But hopefully this makes up for it a tiny bit! *crosses fingers* And the prompt word is appropriate yeah? I didn’t even mean for that to happen.  Months=time leading up to this moment(both the amount of time Nolan has gotten some sexy times! Wink).

Rob really didn’t recognize Alana and Caine.  Caine had that whole homeless look going on and Alana’s hair was different and she was wearing glasses.

Anyways, this chapter is dedicated to all you that have stuck by me through everything.  It means a lot to me.  You don’t even know.  Each comment brings me a smile to my face knowing that y’all enjoy my guys as much as I enjoy writing them. *raises a glass to you all*

Also, Rho’s ‘On the Couch‘ session is finally done.

Sorry for any typos. I wanted to get this out as promised!Smile

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  1. Qui says:


    Nolan! Boy is he a sight for sore eyes! Caine was joking before about him and Vi and what do you know! Maybe it’s hope, or that mother in me but I don’t think Nolan and Vi having a “fling” will remain as that. Especially if He finds out she had nothing to do with the events in this prompt.

    Caine without his wolf! Man I can almost feel his pain. Didn’t stop him from copping feels though! Lol

    I am sooo happy to see this and hope this won’t be the last!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    YAY!!! Pray

    I thought you’d like some Nolan. All these guys were a sight for sore eyes to me! I just stared at the screen for a minute and sighed!Razz

    Oh, I know! Not sure how Caine feels about that. Or even Nolan. I can tell you…I have someone else in mind for Nolan. Heart That’s my boy and he needs the connect you can only have with a mate! Regardless, Caine won’t want her around Alana after this.

    NOTHING will ever stop him from trying to have his hands on Alana at any possible moment!Razz LOL!!!

    Oh, it won’t be the last!! I’m staring at the prompt tables now to see where I want to go! Grin

    Thanks Qui!


  2. Van says:

    Yay! Grin

    Good to see that Nolan made a “friend”. Should be interesting to see how things play out on that front.

    Yikes, whatever Rho did to Caine, hopefully it gets reversed soon. But at least Alana can sort of keep him occupied?

    And yikes… cliffhanger Shock

    Glad to see LT back Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yes WOOT! WOOT!!! I’m glad to be back!

    LOL!!! Yes, a friend with benefits. He needed a little lovin’ yeah? And it should be interesting to see!

    It can be reversed. Who knows how long that’s going to take and while Caine could probably take Robert down he’s not wanting to risk Alana’s safety! Although…she has a few tricks up her sleeve too! Wink

    When don’t I do cliffhangers Van? Razz Glad to be back! Thanks for sticking with me! And nominating me for Storyteller too!!! Heart


  3. Yuxi says:

    ‘Looking down he realized that he wasn’t wearing any clothes.’

    Hahahaaa, I have nightmares like those. Poor Caine.

    Nooo, Nolan! A knife in the chest isn’t exactly only a flesh wound. D:

    Totally reading Rho’s cough session now!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yuxi, you know Caine is totally oblivious to ish like that! He’d walk around naked if he could. ALL THE TIME!!

    OMG! I’ve never had that kind of nightmare!! Thank goodness!!

    No, no it’s not!! My poor baby!! Frown

    Sorry Rho’s session wasn’t up! I thought I’d hit post but instead it was in draft! *falmpalm*

    Thanks for reading!!Grin


  4. aussie karima says:

    Wink Wow! I missed this soooooooooo much!
    Wink Wow! I missed this soooooooooo much!
    ~ I hope what Rho did to Caine is only temporary as he really needs his wolf powers now!To protect his mate!
    ~ Nolan,will be OK,he has been through worse & survived!
    ~ Nolan,getting some me time is rare,but very welcomed he is a honey!
    ~ That friend of Vi’s has just signed a death warrant,he will not live much longer after dealing with Caine!(what a shame & only 19!)
    ~ I feel sorry for Rho,when this gets back to him,as he really loves Alana,& has grown very close to her,that he was instrumental in this kidnapping!(That’s if it happens!Thanks for the cliffhanger!!!)
    ~ Can not get the Couch for Rho to open,it just takes me to the ones I have already read!LOL!
    ~ Loved it, & don’t you ever do this again!(you know if you do I will still wait!LOL!)(“,)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    THANKS KARIMA!!!! Grin I missed writing them!! Seriously!!!

    It is temporary but it affects each lycan differently so who knows how long it’s going to take to wear off!

    We’ll see about Nolan! Wink He needed some alone time. He’s always protecting people but he has this facade that he’s just a stoner!

    Rob…poor kid! *sigh* It’s almost like Odin WANTS him dead!!

    It should work now Karima! Grin Sorry about that!

    Heh Yes, ma’am!! I’m seriously going to try not too! My sister was even riding me about updating!! Shock


  5. SB says:

    I can’t say enough good about this.

    Caine: “Babe,” Caine said without looking up. ”I feel naked.” Like he shouldn’t know by now?

    Total perfection. Alana continues to be wonderful. Caine is so full of awesome, I have no words.

    Thank you for coming back. You are an inspiration.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No, THANK you for sticking with me and continuing to read!! And YOU’RE an inspiration! Not me!!

    Caine and Alana together…I just enjoy writing them so much! They compliment each other in some weird way! Haha!! Grin

    I, not so secretly, think Caine is pretty awesome too!! Wink And Alana is my girl. There’s no one like her(at least to me!). Yes


  6. az says:

    YAY update =)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! YAY!!!! Grin


    az Reply:

    Girl.. you need to get back into writing. I was reading the last 3 chapters here, thinking i didn’t see them updated, realising i had commented on all chapters hahah so obviously i read it. Now *whip!


  7. jillyson says:

    Way to start off with a bang! Lol!

    It’s so fun to see Nolan letting a bit of his real self show, even if it’s just a peek. (I meant personality-wise, but yay for the tub scene!)

    Caine and Alana…How she still protests, yet she knows when her mate needs her and she’s right there. Caine just patiently waits for her to realize that she’s in love with him.

    I love these two together so much!

    SO thrilled that you took this up again – I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed it!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    ^_^ Thanks Jilly!!

    It was fun writing him this way. He’s so goofy most of the time(which I adore) but he does have a serious side as well.

    She’s a nurturer by nature(which is why she became a teacher I think) and she likes Caine and it’s sloooowly deepening between the two of them! Caine doesn’t even realize he loves her sooo…Razz

    Thank you! ME TOO!!!!

    Haha!! You’re too sweet! I’m glad to be updating! I missed the Sims and you guys as well!! Heart


  8. Yui says:

    Because I am a lazy turd easily distracted by shiny things that plug into TVs and let me kill beasties, it’s taken me a bit to comment. My bad Razz

    That said, please don’t kill them off! Frown Poor Nolan.

    As usual smart ass Caine had me chuckling. How very him to flip off a dude on the street offering help, not to mention the grabby hands. Man I love him and Alana together! Come on guys, admit it, you love each other Razz

    I admit I was a little confused and must’ve missed an update somewhere because I can’t remember who the hell Viv is, but blergh! She didn’t seem all that upset about Nolan even after their bathroom romp Mad Somebody slap that bitch. Slap her hard! And get the kid at the same time. With a hammer. Or something.

    Anywho, congrats on the storyteller spotlight! Now to think of a question…


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! Girl, you don’t have to tell me! Why do you think it’s been so long between updates!!?Razz

    Awww!! Nolan…well, we shall see!!

    Caine can’t help himself. Even when traumatic things are happening he has to be a little snarky and just…himself! ♥

    She’s part of another pack that tried to get into it with the vamps but Rho figured her out quick enough and sent her to live with Nolan for the time being! LOL!!! She’s good at hiding her emotions so we shall see what’s going on.

    THANK YOU!!! Grin


  9. Rayne says:

    Oh F%#k yeah! Finally! This is great and Caine is such a smart ass! I hope Nolan stays around I like him Frown but I guess if you must you must. I cannot wait for the next installment……


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! ♥ Your last comment kinda pushed me to update soooo… Wink

    Thank you! And he can’t help himself!! Haha! That’s why I love him! I like Nolan too! *sigh*

    Thank you for reading and sticking around!!


  10. RedRose says:

    An update!!!!

    I love this story soooooo much, I was almost in tears when I didn’t see any updates. So good to have you back.

    I’m glad to see that Nolan made a “friend”, he’s such a great guy. It’s a shame to leave him alone.

    I really hope Caine will be okay seeing as he can’t go wolf right now.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ohhh!!! Thank you!!!! Grin Haha! I wouldn’t want you to cry! Other games at up my time(And still are!) but hopefully I won’t let the story lapse again!

    LOL!! Nolan is but he needs someone that can push him. I don’t think Vi can/will. We’ll see!

    Caine will figure something out…I hope! Rob thinks he’s pretty bad though…poor kid has NO idea!! Mad

    Thank you for the lovely comment and for reading!!Grin


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