Prompt 067

Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Caine, Alana, Rho, Ulrich, Nikita, Caleb, Julius and Dom
Prompt: 067~Snow
Word Count: 1,520~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Caine is blind sided
Warnings: Language, violence, nudity

*thanks to Dolly_riot for the use of Ulrich and Caleb! Grin

Safehouse. June 11, 2009. 1900 hrs.

“Do I look okay? How do I look?”


Alana glanced in the mirror to see Caine staring at her butt.  “Duncaine!”

“What?” He grinned slowly at her.  “Can I help that I’m an ass man…and tits and-”

“I think I get it, thanks!”

He shrugged and leaned back against the closest as he watched her shift her fingers through her hair again. “I don’t know what you’re getting all worked up about.  Yo do this every time we go visit Rho.  I don’t think he’s into chicks and even if he were…” A growl rumbled in his chest.  “He wouldn’t be interested in my female.”

Alana snorted.  “Ohhh!! I’m sure the ageless vampire is scared of a little lycan.”

Caine stiffened in outrage but grinned when he saw the teasing glint in her eyes.  Walking up behind her he circled her waist with his arms before brushing her cheek with his.  “I like this.”

“Like what?” she asked leaning back against him.

“Just a calm moment with you.  This is how it should have been instead of how it is.”

“Caine, we’ll get our calm moment.  And then you can court me proper like.”

“Court you? Who the hell uses that term anymore? More like fu-”

“Calm moment over and now it’s time to go!”

Rho’s city residence. Hillcrest. 2035 hrs.

“I really, really don’t think this is a good idea,” Nikita said softly.

“Nor do I, but I figure if I sit here, perfectly still, no one will take notice of me when the shit storm starts.”

“Caleb,” Ulrich growled from his position by the bathroom door.  “You’re not helping calm Nikita.”

“That’s not my job bro.  You’re the one who wants to-”

“Shut it!” Ulrich snapped darting a glance at the back of Nikita’s head.  There was no way he was going to allow his little brother to lay his infatuation with Nikita out in the open.  Especially not with a stranger in the midst. Turning, he rapped hard on the door.

“Hurry the fuck up.  Caine isn’t going to care what you look like.  He just wants you dead!”

“Ulrich! That was uncalled for!”

“That bitch being here is going to cause a hell of a lot of trouble.” He didn’t bother to lower his voice.  While he and Caine weren’t what anyone would call  friends everyone always knew where they stood with the man.  Ulrich respected that.  Ethan’s wife could go hang herself for all he cared.

Dom  had been trying to give herself a pep talk when she suddenly felt light headed.  Stumbling, she sat on the toilet and tried to calm her racing heart.  Oh God! What was she doing? Why had she thought this would be a good idea? Rho had spoken, in his low tones and with his encouraging smiles, and she had thought anything was possibly.  But now, with the moment almost at hand, the hard slap of reality hit her.  Ten years of hatred would not be forgotten or forgiven in a moment. What had she been thinking?

“You can’t hide in the bathroom all night.”

The man on the other side of the door was angry with her as well and she didn’t even know him.  Maybe she’d become too sheltered. Being around people who only liked her because they had to if they wanted to live.  Taking a shuddering breathe Dom shoved off the toilet and stared at herself in the mirror.  She was a Vanderwall.

“I’m a Vanderwall,” said to her reflection.  She repeated the statement until her voice sounded less shaky. “I’m a Vanderwall.” Through the bathroom wall she heard the ding of the elevator signaling that Caine had arrived.  Her son’s shout of “They’re heeeere!!!” followed.

“I am so screwed.”

“Ms. Alana! You came!”

Glancing up she saw Rho gliding down the stairs in that mysterious way that he had.  Tearing her eyes from him she grinned when she saw Julius grinning down at her before he tore down the stairs.

“Alana, you look as lovely as ever.  Thank you for coming on such a short notice.”

“Than you.  I, uh, we didn’t really-” She bit her lip as she stammered.  She couldn’t help it.  There was just something about Rho that made it hard for her to speak.  His knowing grin caused her to flush.

“You have met all the others yes? I really want to introduce you to-”

“Ms. Alana!!” Julius brushed passed Rho to stand impatiently in front of her.  “I’ve missed you! Did you miss me? Am I going home with you and Caine? Oh! Guess what? Guess what? Rho found my-”

“Julius, take a breathe and give Alana a hug.”

Alana smiled when Julius took a huge gulp of air and then moved closer to her.  She met him half way.

“You still smell good!”

“Julius, it’s only been a few weeks.”

“But it felt like forEVER! Where’s cousin Caine? I have soooo much to tell him!”

“He went to park the car around the block.  He’ll be up.”

A strange look crossed Julius’ face before he leaned forward.  “Ms. Alana?”


“I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go home with you.”

“Why’s that?”

He dug his toe into the wooden floor.  “Because my mom is here and Caine hates her.”

“What…what did you just say Julius?”

The room had become quiet as the hum of the elevator coming up could be heard.  Glancing over her shoulder Alana say a familiar woman standing off to the side, staring at her at Julius with a sad expression on her face as Rho hummed softly to himself in the kitchen.  Two of the vampyres at the table were staring at the elevator doors and the third was staring off into space. Oh no! Oh no! Nononono!

“My mom is here and-”

Getting to her feet she whipped around just as the elevator doors opened.  Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.  Caine immediately looked around the room for her.  Tossing the car keys in the air he took a step toward her then froze before growling. Next thing she knew he had changed, one vampyre yanked the female behind him and the other dove for cover behind the couch.

“Hello Caine.  This is not how I had hoped things would turn out.  Calm yourself.  Have a glass of wine.  I made some stew that I know you’ll-”

A snarl cut him off and Rho swirled the contents of his glass before taking a swallow.  “That was rude Caine.  You do not know my mother…and I do not take insults to her lightly.”

“I told you this wasn’t a good idea,” Dom said softly as she cowered behind the glass.  The last time she’d seen Caine he’d been a scared little boy.  This was a furious lycan male in a full change. Not a hint of humanity left in his gaze.

“Caine, you scaring my guests.  Please remove yourself from my table and calm down.”

Alana stared at Rho in disbelief.  His voice hadn’t changed and he acted as if this was a normal, every day occurrence. Glancing down when she heard Julius whimper she brought him closer to her side just as Caine made to leap from the table.  In a move so fast that she nearly missed it Rho stepped into his path.  He did something with his hand and Caine landed on the floor with a thump.

“I told you to stand down Caine.  Forcing a change is not something that I enjoy doing.  Dom is disposable.  You are not.  Killing her now, in front of her child, is not something that you want on your conscience. ”

Caine struggled to sit up then angrily brushed aside Rho’s hand.  “Fuck you.” Stalking across the room he stepped into the elevator.

“Rho-” Alana began softly. Rho shook his head and handed her a pile of clothing.

“Go to your man.  Calm him down Alana.  I wished for a different outcome but I can not say that I blame him.  Go.  We will speak later.”

Taking the clothes from him Alana nodded.  “It was, uh, nice to meet everyone,” she said hastily before the elevators doors closed.  The last thing she saw was Rho pulling Julius into a comforting hug.


SORRY!!! Oh geez! I didn’t mean to go this long between updates.  As a matter of fact this update has been sitting in WP since January.  True story! I just didn’t write it up until tonight! Bad Phoenix! I know! Other games have been eating my time(DA II for the WIN! )and I’ve been spending a lot of time playing TS3(possibly story coming with that.  See it here.) as well as posting on tumblr(add me if you have one friends!). And also my sister’s wedding is coming up.  I look up from video games and realize…HOLY CRAP she’s getting married in June and I haven’t gotten a dress or a passport or…yeah! That’s all taken care of now though! LOL!

And taking liberties with the prompt word! Snow=snowed. As in thinking someone telling you one thing and then BAM! It’s something entirely different!

So…I dedicate this one to everyone who’s stuck with the story(and me!) through the crazy updating schedule and my gaming madness! And to those of you who poked, hinted and flat out told me: “Get to writing chick!”. This is for you guys! ♥


  1. Van says:

    Heheh… I was just thinking last night how much I missed me some Lycan Tales Smile

    Oh man. Rho is either insane or an evil genius or both. I love him and his crazy! Getting Caine and Dom in the same room? Yikes Shock

    Julius is just so cute. I hope for his sake everyone can be civil.

    Good to see this story back, Phoenix! Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Aaaaw! Thanks Van! Grin I’ve been so slack with it with various other games taking my time! For shame! Frown

    Rho is…Rho. Like I was telling Qui he sees the bigger picture most of the time soooo…but yeah, this idea was so not good!!

    I love some Julius! ♥

    Glad to have it back Van! Grin Thanks for continuing to read!


  2. azzy says:

    YAY!!! update! *runs around in circles*

    That is quite the cliffie there sweetie.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! *runs around with you!*

    You know me Az!!Razz

    Thanks for the support!! Grin


  3. Yuxi says:

    Aww, poor Julius. Caught straight in the middle of this less-than-happy family reunion. I wonder what Rho expected Caine to do instead. Haha, I can sympathise with Alana’s feelings towards Rho though!

    “That was rude Caine. You do not know my mother…and I do not take insults to her lightly.”
    ^ I laughed at loud at that. Nice.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeeeeah…I think Rho expected Caine to act civilly but…why?? Really? Caine?? Yeah, not going to happen! And I feel bad for Julius too. He didn’t know what was going to happen but he knew it wasn’t going to be good! Frown

    And I can’t blame Alana either! *drools*

    Gotta love Rho!Wink


  4. Qui says:

    “She couldn’t help it. There was just something about Rho that made it hard for her to speak.”

    Girl, I understand! *fans self*

    Rho doesn’t have to like chicks but one night…I could change that!

    LOl ok real comment. I have to say, I’m not mad at Rho for that. I understand Caine’s actions perfectly and I don’t blame him but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to listen first and attack later. She deserves to have her throat ripped out but not in front of that little cutie of hers. I love that little boy so much!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! I know! I KNOW!! There’s just something about him! And, FYI, Rho goes both ways. Depends on the century and if he’s made a vow of celibacy that year.Razz

    When have you ever known Caine to be calm and listen first before he attacks? I guess that comes from being attacked at such a young age. Go on the defense first before someone has a chance to rip out his throat. *nods* I can see his point of view but than I see Rho’s and…gah!

    I think Rho talking about Julius is what really got through to Caine. He didn’t want the same images in Julis’ head that are in his.

    Thanks Qui!!


    Qui Reply:

    I don’t know if it’s because I can hear his accent or his demeanor but I swoon each time I think about Rho! I think in RL he’d hate because I’d always be in his face. Celibacy? Not with me around!

    Tis true! You can’t leave up hanging with these updates lady! Too much man candy!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I’m sooo glad people are able to hear his accent! I worry about that!Razz LOL!! I think RL Rho would be a recluse and have an assistant do everything for him to keep the girls(and boys!) away.

    He tries to make up for past debauchery sometimes!Razz

    I’mma try to do better! *crosses fingers* Just…so…many…distractions!! LOL!! Fingers Crossed


  5. Valpre says:

    It’s great seeing an update from you.

    So much tension in that house. Caine may not think much of Dom and Ethan, but Julius thinks the world of Caine. And if Caine had gone after Dom, he would have done exactly what Ethan did with his dad. Glad Rho stopped him before he could be reduced to Ethan’s level. Hope that made sense? Sometimes what’s in my head, doesn’t look right on the screen.

    Let’s hope Alana can calm him down.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    *facepalm* Thanks Val! I got behind on your story and have to play catch up for sure! Big Frown

    You could cut it with a knife! And you’re right! Julius looks up to Caine like no one else. And I think Rho mentioning Julius is what stopped Caine from going after Dom with his bare hands. He sees himself sometimes in Julius sooo…

    I think she will. I hope soon since, ya know, he’s walking about butt naked!Razz


  6. Yui says:

    Yay, an update! ^_^

    Lol I love how Caine and Alana interact. “Calm moment over and now it’s time to go!” xD

    Aww Julius is such a little sweetie, though I feel bad he had to see all that. Can’t say I blame him for changing, but… yikes!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    \0/ I’m such a slacker! LOL!!!

    Those two are a trip! I love their interactions so much! ♥ I wish I allowed for more calm moments between them!

    Julius!! ♥♥ He really wanted to spend some time with Caine too. But he knew something was going to go down. I don’t blame him for changing at all. But not something that Julius needed to see! Frown Poor kid!

    Thanks Yui!! Grin


  7. been a while since you updated anything lady! i’ve been wondering where you were at. i’m new to this story so i probably should have started at the beginning, but i couldnt resist. i love your writing Grin the suckiest part about him being forced back to transform is that everyone got a peek of the goods. lol sorry im stupid.
    now its time for me to read the rest!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Heeeeeeey!!! I saw you have a story on blogger! Why didn’t you post a link on LJ! FOR SHAME!!Razz

    Girl, DA II has been eating my time something fierce!

    LOL! Yeah, you probably should start at the beginning! But I know what you mean about wanting to jump in! Thanks so much! ♥

    Everyone’s already seen Caine’s goods! It’s normal for him! LOL!! You’ll see!!

    Thanks for the comment SD!Grin


    sweetdreams-25 Reply:

    lolol so he’s always out flashing. i can dig it! lol. you are so welcome!
    and i have no idea why i didn’t post a link on LJ. im a bit on the slow side.
    bad bad DA II. if its keeping you from this awesome writing it has to end!!!

    and man…im really slow. it took me a moment to realize who SD was Neutral. i like that better then sweetdreams lol


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yes indeed! Caine doesn’t care anymore! I guess he doesn’t have a reason to care since I imagine he’s packing pretty well!Razz

    Gah! Post a link on LJ woman! I like links in various places just in case I forget to check in at one or the other! And I’m likely to forget! Silly

    But DA II is so so good!!! Awww!! Thank you!Grin

    LOL!! LMBO!! Oh lord!! You’re too much!


  8. jillyson says:

    You’re back!!!! I’ve missed this SO much – I feel just like little Julius! Lol!

    Great to see everyone again, and I can’t wait to see what happens on that elevator!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Grin Thanks Jilly!! Yep! Finally took a breather from TS3 and DA II to post this since it had been sitting in my WP documents since January! Neutral

    Awww! That’s an awesome reaction!Grin

    Oh man…it’s about to get real…I know that much! Shock

    Thanks for stopping by and reading!Grin


  9. SB says:

    It’s so good to see you writing again!!

    Caine and Alana are among my favorite couples ever, and I love how they continue to interact here. He gives her room to freak out and then picks up the pieces and goes on until he blows up and has to be calmed down himself. I love Rho in this (as in everything).

    Poor little Julius. It is so hard for a small child to be caught in the middle of adult drama.

    Fabulous shots! Adore number four!

    Keep on going!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks SB! So good to be BE writing again!!

    Hahaha!! Awww! Thanks! They’re a fav of mine too!Razz I don’t know how they would survive around each other if they didn’t give each other room to be themselves. And they need LOTS Of room! Haha! Caine always had a short fuse and things aren’t about to get better. I loved Rho in this too! All mellow!

    ♥ Julius! Poor fella! And the sad thing is he knows exactly what’s going on! Frown

    Thank!! The header shot is my fav! LOL!!

    I will! Thanks for reading and the continual support! Grin


  10. goodbye_sun says:

    Sorry I’m so slow getting to this, especially since I was waiting to see an update appear!

    Thats one way to make an impression on a roomful of people Caine Razz I can’t say I blame him though, what he knows of Dom is not exactly charming. Rho seems prepared for pretty much anything at least!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Sorry it took me so long to respond!! O_o Awww! Thanks g_s! Grin

    LOL!! Caine is all about impressions…riiight!! I totally don’t blame him. He’s been thinking about this for years. Rho is like a boyscout! Grin


  11. christina says:

    Oh, no. Oh, NO NO NO NO. I’ve reached the end! D: Omg! *pouts* Now I have to wait for the next update..*o*


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Lawd! I can’t believe you finished all of it so quickly! Thanks so much! That means a lot! Grin

    I’m going to try and get an update out this weekend. No promises since I just splurged on Sims Medieval and must play! Razz

    Thanks again Christina! Your comments on google meant a lot!


  12. Bobg says:

    Wheew!!! Confused Thinking


  13. Bobg says:

    It’s been too long… Frown


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    OMG!!! I’m soooo sorry!! I hadn’t realized it had been so long!! I need to start working on the next update ASAP!!! Frown


  14. Rayne says:

    Okay so I hve kind of read this story twice already and as much as I love it and I DO! I’d love to know what happens next…… please! Please! PLEASE!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hey Rayne! WOW!! First, thank you! I still cringe when I look at my old pics so I can’t make myself reread it again. I probably should to make sure I don’t leave loose threads!

    Second, I’m sorry for the delay. There are no excuses for the way I’ve been slacking. I’ve got some screens shot for the next update and, since there will be a fight scene, I have to be extra careful with those to make sure it looks as real as I can get it.

    I get back to my house at the end of the week. So, hopefully by the end of the following week I’ll have an update up!

    Thank you for your continued support! It means a lot to me! Keeps me going! ♥ Grin


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