Prompt 100

Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Alana, Caine, Rho, Julius, two minor characters
Prompt: 100~History{Writer’s Choice}
Word Count: 1, 320~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: A picture is worth a thousand words
Warnings: Language

Safehouse. May 9, 2010. 1505 hrs


“Hold on, hold on! Darn it!”

“What the hell?” Caine muttered before before blowing out an irritated breathe and starting up the stairs. “Jesus Alana, we’re just going to see Rho. It’s not that big a-”

Rounding the corner he came to a stumbling halt at the sight before him.  Clearing his throat he absently rubbed a hand over his mouth.

“On second thought…take all the time you need.”

Rolling her eyes Alana patted the ground underneath of the couch for her earring. “I swore that it rolled right here. I love those earrings too!”

“Rho isn’t going to notice your earrings. ”

Getting up, Alana dusted off her skirt then taking out her one earring placed it on the table.  Straightening her shoulders she held out her arms. “How do I look?”

A growl rumbled through the room. “Delicious.”

Hoping she hid her shiver Alana glared at him. “Be serious.”

“I was. Wait, are you wearing eyeshadow? And lipstick?”

“Yes to the eyeshadow and it’s lip gloss.”

He narrowed his eyes as he sniffed the air. “And you’re wearing perfume.”

“Why do you sound as if you’re accusing me of something?” she demanded as she brushed by him on the way down the stairs.

“You never wear perfume,” he muttered as he followed behind her.

“Why did Rho want this meeting anyways?”

“I don’t know. He called me early, too fucking early, this morning and asked me to come over and bring you.  And I couldn’t leave the pup behind so here we are.”

“So, we’re gonna meet a vampyre? Are we? Does he drink blood? My dad said that-”

“You should take anything that your father says with a grain of salt.” Turning a corner he looked into the rear view mirror to see Julius gnawing on his lip. He glanced over at Alana to see her staring into space.

“Rho’s nor that bad. He’s actually kinda cool. And he doesn’t drink blood. He and a few other vamps have forsworn it.”

“Why?” Julius demanded.

“They’re trying to give themselves a new image.”


“Because they want to live among humans.”


Alana bit her lip when she heard Caine sigh.

“Everyone thinks that vampyres are evil, blood sucking monsters just like people think that Lycans are mindless savages.”

“But that’s not right!”

“No, it’s not. And Rho and his clan are trying to show people that not all vampyres are like the ones you see on TV.”

Julius fell silent for a moment before before suddenly snapping upright. “Oh no! I ate some garlic bread before we left the house! Is Rho going to be mad?”

Caine snorted. “No, that’s another myth pup.”

“Whew! Okay!”

“Well, I wasn’t expecting his house to look like this. Not from the way you described it.”

“I’m guessing it’s his own house instead of the club where I met him last time.” Caine pushed against the gate. Cold metal gave away without a sound. “Let’s go. It’s almost sunset.”

Alana looked down when Julius slipped his hand into hers. “It’s going to be okay Julius. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Thanks Miss Alana.”

They had just reached the door when it swung open.

“Hi, we’re here-”

“You’re late.  Come in.”

“Wow! This is a really nice place.”

“Mr. Rho likes to keep a nice home.”

“And who are you?” Caine demanded as they followed the man into the living room. He waved for them to have a seat.

“My name is Mitchell. I live here Lycan.”

“My name is Caine not Lycan,” Caine snapped.

Alana cleared her throat. “I’m Alana,” she said cheerfully trying to cut through the tension. “And this is Julius. Julius?” For the first time Alana realized that the strains of violin music she heard weren’t coming from a well hidden CD player but from a small alcove.  Julius was standing in the doorway staring in.

“Where’s Rho?”


“How are we late if-”

“I’ll take them to him. I will! I will!”

A little girl came flying out of the room and up the stairs.  Alana received a pleading stare from Julius and with a small smile she nodded toward the stairs. He went racing after the girl.

“That’s Talia. My sister. Apparently she’s going to take you to see Rho.  Have a good night.”

“Ssshh! You have to be really, really quiet. If you wake him up he gets grumpy.”

“I-I don’t think we should be in here,” Julius whispered as the door creaked open.

“He’s not awake yet.  Look how cool that coffin is! And it’s velvet in the inside. It’s really comfortable.”

“What? You’ve been in it?”

“Sure. I’m a half breed. More Lycan though but I still wanted to know what it would be like.”

“You’re crazy! I’m not-”

“Julius? What are you-” Alana came to a stop in the doorway. She looked from the two kids into the room at the coffin. “Uh..I don’t think-”

The creaking of the coffin lid made her swallow dryly.

“Caine, I don’t think-”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said as he casually tossed an arm around her shoulder. “If it’s Rho he’s not going to bite.” He laughed at his own joke.

Ignoring him Alana didn’t feel the sudden tensing of his body as she watched the lid slowly rise.

“IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!”

“I can’t look! I can’t look!” Julius muttered to himself.

Alana couldn’t tear her eyes away from the coffin. The smoke rising from the lid, the long, pale arm pushing open the lid, the shriek of laughter from Talia as she raced out of the room. Wait…shriek of laughter?

Alana whipped around to see a man leaning against the wall. He grinned at her and she saw a flash of fang.

“Good Lord!”

“Haha! I got you good!”

“That wasn’t funny!” Julius snapped as he reached out to Alana who was bent over with her hands on her knees.

“I always tell Talia not to do that but she never listens. I arise earlier than most.  And that room is just a decoy.  The child is a master at mechanics and insisted on making a robot that resembles me to scare the ones that do not know any better.  Apologize to Miss Alana and little Julius Talia.”

“Aahh…do I have to papa?”

Da. Yes, I insist.”

“I apologize,” she said sullenly. “I didn’t mean to scare you so badly. Caine wasn’t scared though. Huh Caine? Caine?”

“Talia, why don’t you take Julius and go outside to play?”

“Okay! Come on Julius!”

Alana nodded at him when he looked in her direction then turned to look at Caine. He still hadn’t looked away from the wall. Following his gaze she saw that he was staring at a trio of pictures.  A very handsome man and a beautiful woman grinned back. Rho stepped up beside her.

“That’s my mother.”

“Yes, that is Bernard and Nessa. Those first two prints I stole from the city residence when I realized that Bernard was dead and that Ethan was going to take over. I did the painting a few days before Nessa delivered Caine. You can’t even tell she’s five months pregnant can you?”

“What? Caine was born premature?”

“No,” Caine said without looking away from the pictures. “Five months is full term for Lycans.”

“Seriously? Interesting.”

“Is it not?” Rho raised an eyebrow at her. “Anyways, with one thing or the other, I never had the chance to give it to them…but I know that they would want you to have those Caine.”

“Thank you Rho. Just…thank you.”

“Anytime my friend. Come Alana. Let me show you my home.”

Gah! For some reason this prompt gave me a hard time. Geez!! Prompt=seeing a bit of his history in his parent’s pictures. Rho’s house is something that I spent about a day building and then realizing that I was probably never going to use  it to the extent that I furnished it! Blah! Frown Talia and Mitchell(who were made for something entirely different and unrelated to LT) are both half breeds that Rho rescued which is why Talia calls his ‘papa’ since that’s how she sees him. Talia is more Lycan(as she mentioned) while Mitchell is more Vamp. And we will probably never see them again!Razz  There was more to this prompt but it was getting too long…again! Darn it! Bigger picture of the painting that I had Rho do is here(I love those stencils by Yui!!), there’s a picture in the Unscripted section as well and another On the Couch. Whew!


  1. S.B. says:

    I just love this!! The shots are astounding – the car, the angle you use for the coffin pic, and the first shot bringing in Alana and the height of the room – well all of them.

    I really like the way you mix humor, tenderness, fright, and tension. You had me going on Rho too LOL! Caine’s grumpy and suspicious reaction to Alana’s makeup and perfume – hysterical!

    Wonderful, wonderful writing!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Beth!Smile I always have fun taking shots in their house because it’s so HUGE that I don’t have to worry about something that I don’t want in the pic showing up!Razz

    *blushes* Thank you!! It’s easy to bend it all together with these guys. LOL!! I can’t imagine Rho in a coffin. Well, maybe when he was first created but now? He’s all plush beds and pillows!Razz Caine trips me out. He knows how Alana is but he always gets bent out of shape! I ♥ him!

    Thank you!!Grin


  2. Lotus says:

    I am falling in love with Rho. Not only is he such an intriguing character, but he’s also one damn fine-looking Sim!

    And Caine “appreciating” Alana never fails to amuse me. I think the open and raw sexuality of your lycan universe is one of my favorite aspects.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Awww!! I love Rho! I’m trying to pull him more into the storyline but he does what he wants. Thank you! Surprisingly enough he’s just a Sim that I had made for extras then yoinked for this part instead. So I didn’t spend as much time as I usually do. But I admit he does look good leaning against that wall. Probably because we never see him in jeans!

    LOL!! Caine takes every chance he gets to appreciate Alana!! Wink Oh, thank you!Smile I try to balance it(without it turning into smut) so glad it comes across!


  3. thelook says:

    My first thought: Rho shacked up with a Lycan? Shock (‘cos of Talia and how she called him Pa).

    Then.. well the rest was cute with Julius, lightly sensual between Alana and Caine but sad for Caine and all the old memories that unfold then close then unfold then close. Oh and funny with the coffin (I would’ve peed my pants).

    I need a dose of Nolan! Razz


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Hey, Rho is all about the free lovin’! Wink He’s probably shacked up with a few Lycans in his time!

    Julius needs a friend and Talia is just as rambunctious as he is. Smile Can you imagine the two of them together with Caine? He’d go postal!Razz Poor Caine! He always gets a dose of old memories that he tries not to think about!Frown

    I would have peed my pants too! As a matter of fact I wouldn’t have even been near that room!!O_o

    Me too!! Haha. He’s coming up…soonish…maybe!Razz


  4. Qui says:

    LOL staring at her ass! a lot of teasing will cause one to pounce.. i wonder which one it will be!

    Julius is still cute as a button and Talia is a doll! too bad we won’t see her again! Rho, Rho, Rho.. looking kind of yummy there.

    The picture of Caine’s parents is beautiful! you did a great job with this prompt!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    It’s just delicious!! Wink He trips me out so hard!!! No doubt. Who know? It may be Alana. Caine would be so surprised yeah?

    I think Julius will always be adorable to me…and I don’t even know why! Talia is an imp! I ♥ her. I know right!? Frown Note that I said probably so I left it open ended. I just didn’t want to draw in more characters for everyone to loose track of! LOL! He is indeed!! I think it’s the jeans and the bare feet combo that he has going on. We never see him like that!

    Thank you!Smile I had fun doing it. Nessa kept wanting to get dressed though! It was weird watching her half rise open do the spin then go back into pose full clothed. I forgot I didn’t have her naked option set!Razz

    I appreciate it Qui! I am my own worst critic…but aren’t we all?


    Qui Reply:

    Understood! we are all definitely our own worst critic! Your stories are wonderful so I think you can give yourself a lot more credit!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Alana but I’m sure Caine would be… delighted too lol.

    I tried to do a scene with Naslie naked and she kept doing the same thing. My male sim would react and she’d get dressed so I gave up on it! You really did a great job!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yes, we are. I don’t know why that is! LOL! Like I told you on LJ I don’t even advertise that much! I probably should! Thank you!Smile I really appreciate that Qui!

    Yeah, Caine would be delighted and all over it. There’s no doubt of that. Seriously! I can’t for that. It probably won’t be for this prompt table…if I continue the story with the prompt table.

    Do you have ACR installed? If so you can set the naked option. That’s what I finally had to do!Smile I was fiddling around with poseboxes for Nessa and I thought that pose was cute and had to use it for the picture. And Bernard naked is always good times!Razz


  5. Van says:

    Yaaaay, new LT!

    I always love it when you have the Lycans and the vampyres interacting, especially when some of the parties are not exactly informed. It always turns out so brilliantly.

    Awww, we won’t be seeing Talia again? I thought Julius had made a little friend Razz

    Love the pictures of Caine’s parents. And I immediately feel a kinship with Caine’s mother because I’m pretty sure we have the same first name, since there’s only like two possible things “Nessa” can be short for. My brother even calls me “Nessa” sometimes–I guess he likes to capitalize on the syllables no one else uses Razz


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    YAY!!! I know man! I need to get a schedule like you Van…and actually stick to it! That would be the hard part!Razz

    Awww!! Thank you!! I try to strike a balance since this is a tale of Lycans so I don’t want the vamps to overtake the story but they are a part of it soo…yeah!

    Maybe…maybe not. I didn’t want to add more characters to the story but with the way her and Julius were getting on…we shall see!Razz

    I had fun letting them go into the photo booth. I like how their pictures turned out. Indeed Van you two do share a name! Haha! She just liked to be called Nessa. Bernard was the only one who called her Vanessa. Smile

    LOL at your bro! He just want to be different from everyone else!Razz


  6. gayl says:

    Phoenix I think you did a fantastic job with this prompt! Not only are we seeing some of Caine’s history but we see a little bit of Rho’s with the introduction of Talia (even if we won’t see her again)

    Love how you manage to put so much in your shots. I love this story so much!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh! Thank you Gayl!!Grin I always worry over anything that I put it! LOL! Especially LT since I’m trying to make a story around one word!Razz But that’s the fun part!

    Ahh…I guess we are! Interesting point about Rho! Didn’t even think of that!

    Thank you! Taking pictures is something that I’ve learned to enjoy almost as much as the writing!Grin

    Awww!! Thank you!! I’m glad because I love it too!!


  7. Yuichen says:

    Lol, I laughed when he was watching her on the floor. I knew it was coming before he even said it xD

    The photos of Nessa and Bernard are just lovely! How nice for Caine to have them, but at the same time it must hurt to see and remember what happened =/ He might be a little grumpy sometimes but I adore him anyway.

    Great all around, as usual! Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! In some aspects Caine is so predictable!Razz

    Thank you! I like how they turned out. I never usually pay any attention to the photo booth pics but for some reason this time I did and I like them!Grin And I ♥ your wall stencils! I HAD to use them…AGAIN!Grin

    Yes, but I think he actually needed to see his parents during happier times. And he’ll always remember what happened…unfortunately for Ethan! Neutral

    ME TOO!!! Thank you!!! Grin


  8. s@ndy says:

    I needed to read something like this!!! Seriously, you just made my day…
    I started smiling right after the first paragraph!

    It was so funny, Cainne is such a pervert… hahaha, but all men are… that’s a typical reaction for them…

    Talia is adorable, and so funny, I bet she and Julius can be very good friends, hopefully we will see him again, they add a lot of charm to the story… there is not that many stories with such cute children out there…

    I was probably as terrified as Alana and Julious… lol

    I love your updates… really they always cheer me up… your writing style is so unique Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Sandy!!! Blush I’m happy to brighten up your day a little!Grin

    Caine is totally a pervert. He has no qualms about it and wonders about any guy that’s not!! LOL!! He just says whatever her wants and is done with it!

    Talia is actually an adult in my game. I just aged her down in CAS for this! Haha! I bet they would be friends. Perhaps we might. I just didn’t want too many characters running around ya know? Awww! Thanks! I love having kidlets in my game. Which is odd since I don’t much care for them in RL!Razz

    Me too! No way I would have been standing there in that doorway! NO WAY!! Eek!

    Thank you Sandy! So much! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!Grin


  9. goodbye_sun says:

    I think Julius met his match with Talia, she actually managed to stop him talking for a couple of minutes Wink

    And Rho is certainly turning out interesting, his public and private faces are very different.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He did! LOL! He didn’t know what to do with himself which is a strange for him!Razz

    Yes, they are. And he only lets a few people see both sides.


  10. muzegoddess says:

    Late as hell reading this but why is going on with Caine questioning Alana about her make-up? Is he that jealous already? I did find it endearing in a way; he doesn’t want everyone looking at his woman. Him staring at her ass was priceless.

    I love that picture of his parents. It must have been a bittersweet discovery for him just like everything else he is learing about his father. I can’t wait to see what the merging of the vampire/lycan worlds will bring. Hopefully the end of Ethan’s reign of terror.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! No worries! I’m still getting caught up on my reading list! Smile Already? Caine’s always been very protective of her and Lycans, males in particular, are very territorial. Especially considering that Caine and Alana haven’t slept together yet and so their scents have mingled which pretty much says that she’s unmated. Whew! That was a long explanation that eventually is something Caine has to explain to her! LOL!!

    Thank you!Smile It was. He knew how much his dad loved his mom but to see it is a different story all together.

    Ethan’s been doing some of that merging himself. Just saying! *whistles innocently*


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