Prompt 099

Title:Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, romance, suspense
Characters: Caine, Alana, Nolan, Julius, Rho
Prompt: 099~Revelations{Writer’s Choice}
Word Count: 1, 521~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Several things come to light
Warnings: Language, violence, drug reference, sexual innuendos

Safehouse. May 5, 2009. 2003 hrs.

Taking a deep breathe Alana tightened her arms around Caine until they were pressed chest to chest. Licking her lips she felt Caine’s muscle tighten one by one and growl rumbled up his chest and vibrated through hers. Flicking her eyes from his mouth to his eyes she noticed that he wasn’t even looking at her. His attention was focused somewhere over her shoulder.


“Get behind me Alana.” Gripping her wrists he yanked her behind him as a heavy knock sounded on the door.

Before she realized what she was doing Alana took a cautious sniff of the air. Frowning, she tried to walk around Caine but he shoved her back with his shoulders.

“It’s just Nolan!”

“That smell. I’ll never forget that scent.”

Snarling, Caine yanked open the door.

“Hello Caine. I-ugh!”

“What were you doing around him Nolan?”

Nolan clawed at the hand around his neck. “I don’t…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit! I can smell Ethan’s scent all over you! I’d never forget that smell! Never!”

“Dude! What the fuck! Why would I do something like that? Jesus!”

“I don’t know Nolan. Why would you take Alana into danger when I told you not to?”

“Uh…can’t you two talk about this civilly?”

Caine turned his head to say something to Alana and that quickly Nolan wrapped his legs around his waist and with a quick twist caused Caine to stumble and his grip to loosen. With a quick hit to the chest Caine flew backward.

Alana watched as the two of them fought on the floor. Crouching down she looked for an opening. Any way to separate the two snarling males. She winced when Nolan yelped in pain. She started to spring forward but came to a halt when she saw a small shadow in the doorway. Tilting her head she studied the boy as he looked down at Caine and Nolan rising from the floor. His eyes widened when they hit Caine and he stumbled backward.

“Christ man! I haven’t done anything! I haven’t betrayed you or the pack. I don’t know why you would think-”

“Hello cousin Caine.”

Sound seem to be sucked from the room as the boy stood awkwardly in the doorway.

“Did you hear me? I said hello.”

“I think he’s talking to you Caine.”

“Thank you Nolan for that brilliant insight. I take it this is the pup?”

“Yeah, you should have seen my face when I saw him as a full human. I didn’t even…holy shit! He called you cousin!”

“Yeah, I caught that.” Slowly turning around Caine stared at the boy and he stared back. His face was eerily familiar. “Shit is about to get even more complicated,” Caine muttered before clearing his throat.

“Please tell me that you’re not Ethan’s kid.”

“My name is Julius.”


“Oh hell!”

“Is anyone hungry?”

“I could eat!” Julius said excitedly as he skirted around Caine and Nolan to slip his hand in Alana’s.

“So then I was like: “No way! I can out run you.” And then I ran and ran and I won! And then there was that other time that-”

Caine could hear the pup, Julius, rambling on to Alana as she made omelets.

“I swear Caine, I didn’t know that he was Ethan’s kid.”

“I believe you Nolan. And…my bad for trying to choke the shit out of you.”

“Yeah, sure. No problem man. This sort of clears the air between us huh?”

Cained grinned. “I guess so. Anyways, why do you think he’s here?”

“I have no fucking clue. All I know is that the pup came all the way from Pinewood. I don’t know how he got here but-”

“He ran away. I remember Greg getting the phone call from Ethan. So he walked from Pinewood to Hillcrest by himself.”

Both of them turned around to look at Julius who was wiggling around in his chair as Alana turned around with a plateful of omelets.

“He ate right before we left the house.”

“He’s a pup. Their metabolism is almost twice as fast as an adult Lycan. Sorta like you and your munchies.”

“Hell yeah. Good times, good times.”

Alana had just eased another omelet onto Julius’ plate, making sure to quickly move her hand away, when her cell phone rang. Getting up from the table she frowned down at the screen where an unknown number flashed back at her. No one but Rho and Caine had this phone number. She hit the ignore button, not wanting to chance anyone finding them regardless of Rho saying the line was secure. A few seconds later the phone beeped letting her know she had a voicemail. As she punched in her code she heard a contented sigh come from behind her before a familiar voice came through the phone.

“Hey Alana. It’s Greg. I got this number from Nolan after he got permission from some guy named Rho. And if it’s the Rho I think it is…what have you gotten involved in since the last time I spoke to  you? Anyways, I just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing. Also…have you seen a kid? He’s about ten and has blonde hair. If you do see him let me know. I…I have to go. Someone knocking on my door. Who the hell-“

“So, math really isn’t that hard. You just have to think about it in a way that you find interesting.”

“But I don’t find it interesting. At all!”

“Okay, what’s your favorite subject?”


Of course. Shaking her head Alana snapped her fingers. “Okay, think of math like baseball. If-”

“I don’t like baseball. It’s boring.”

“Right. Think of math like basketball. How you have to-”

“Don’t ruin the sport for the kid Alana.” Caine took notice of how Julius stiffened when he heard his voice.

“I wasn’t trying to ruin the sport for him. He says math sucks so I was trying to show him how it didn’t.”

“Math does suck.”


“Alana!” He winked at her and she rolled her eyes in response before she quickly looked away. Smiling knowingly Caine nodded in the direction of Julius.

“Well, I’ll just wash the dishes and go talk to Nolan.”

“Sooo…” Caine looked anywhere but at Julius after Alana left the room.


“Call me Caine. Why are you here Julius?” Julius’ skinny shoulders rose and fell in answer.


This time Julius sniffed in reply.

Oh Jesus! Please don’t let the kid be crying. Please don’t-

“My name is Julius Vanderwall and I need your help. Plus my dad kinda wants to kill you.”

“Uhh…” Caine shoved away from the table as Julius started to cry. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’ll be riiiight back. Don’t go anywhere.”


Alana looked up from her book when Caine raced around the corner. “What’s wrong?”

“He’s crying!”

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything!” Caine looked around. “Where’s Nolan?”

“Oh, he got a phone call and said he had to go back to his place.”

“What? What about the kid? He’s-”

“Staying here.”


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  1. Van says:

    Julius is such a little cutie Grin

    Nolan and Vivian would make interesting children Razz


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I ♥ Julis! He’s awesome! I love writing him!

    Yeah…if they could stand to be around each other that long…maybe! Possibly! Who knows!? *whistles innocently*


  2. Azzy says:

    Poor Nolan.. Aww


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I know right? Gah! I felt bad for him! He gets tossed around and then gets an unwanted(and probably ungrateful) roomie.Frown


  3. thelook says:

    LMAO Rho!!! Alana looks really pretty today. Smile
    Nolan and Vivian; hm, I’m.. kinda warming to the idea. Julius is too cute; Maths does suck major time – I like to think of it as do math and the rest is history. Alana and Caine!! Their like Bonnie and Clyde now (without the dying at the end) you can’t say them seperately – they HAVE to be together.
    *gives massive internet hug or dance or which ever you prefer* Awesome job Razz


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Rho is fantastic! Come on! He’s lived for a LONG time! I’m pretty sure he’s tried just about everything!(and some things twice!)

    haha! Thanks! It’s the same outfit she was wearing in the last update. Maybe I just had different lighting or something.

    Nolan and Vivian are not a couple! At least not yet! They might not ever be depending on how they act around each other. We shall see!

    Math is my weak point so I had to toss that in there!Razz And that’s a GREAT saying!Grin LMAO!!! I know right? It’s weird! Caine and Alana. Alana and Caine! It’s like PB&J!

    I’ll take both thank you!Razz


  4. Yuichen says:

    Lol, Caine can’t handle crying kidlets? Too funny =) Julius is such a cutie though!

    Looks like Rho is going to be busy…


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh god! Caine is bugging out! Especially being as that Julius is Ethan’s kid. He doesn’t want to touch that with a ten foot pole! He is! I’m always grinning when I do updates with him!

    Rho is always busy! I don’t know what he’d do if he had a moment to breathe!


  5. Lotus says:

    I love Rho… and Nolan and Caine and Alana. Just everyone!

    This is going to throw a wrench is Caine’s plans for romance, but we all knew it was coming.

    And Nolan plus Vivian is a very unusual pair.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! Thanks! Me too!

    Naturally!Razz Although lycan pups pretty much think it’s the norm to see their parents, aunts, uncles, etc snuggling and kissing. Alana isn’t going to have that though. She still thinks in humans terms.

    Isn’t it though? She’s such a snob and he’s so…not!


  6. Qui says:

    Caine, Alana, and Julius made me giggle. she was so motherly with him and Caine was lost! lol
    I love Julius to pieces! It should be interesting to see how they interact.
    As with Nolan and Vivian.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Remember that she was a teacher in her past life so she’s used to kids. Caine? Not so much! LOL! He’s more like me in that aspect!

    ME TOO!!! I just want to huggle him! He’s adorable! I know right? I was thinking about that right before I fell asleep. Should be interesting!

    Nolan and Vivian…yeah! ha!


  7. Tessa says:

    Awww! Julius is so cute! Lol, Nolan should have a good time with his room-mate Wink

    “Fuck me.”
    “Well, Nolan I didn’t know that you were into that sort of thing. Maybe if you’d caught me 200 years ago…”
    LOL! I loved that!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Julius needs all the love he can get!Smile He’s adorable! Yeeeah! We’ll see about that! I can just imagine that those two are like oil and water!Razz

    Thanks!!Grin Rho is…well he’s different than anyone else I’ve written!


  8. S.B. says:

    The whole exchange about math between Caine and Alana and Julius just cracked me up! “Don’t ruin the sport for the kid.” LMAO!!! Nothing like inserting MATH into anything to ruin it. Just perfect!

    Caine’s instant decision to keep Julius there once Julius explained who he was, that’s typical Caine. And a very very good decision. Yes it will cause problems but there’s no way around it.

    Nolan and Vivian. Poor Nolan. How big a bitch is she? Reminds me of those Geico commercials. Really really big…poor dear Nolan.

    I really liked this update! It’s very tightly focused and it’s wrapped around two conversations, and that’s always challenging but you did a fantastic job. Very very well done!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    That is SO true! I hated math! Even when my mom tried to help me out by breaking it down like that..still nothing! Math is just…blah! Oddly enough I have this thing were I constantly divide numbers down to the lowest common denominator. Go figure! *shrug*

    Problems abound around Caine so…what’s one more!?Razz Besides Julius would just follow him around like a lost pup anyways! LOL!

    I know right? I don’t know why I always do this too him. It might turn out better than expected though! Maybe? Confused

    Oh! Thanks S.B.! I had a heck of a time with it! I don’t know what the deal was but I’m glad that you enjoyed it and everything came across alright!Grin


  9. Yuxi says:

    Okay, consider me a Rho fangirl. I didn’t expect that shameless come-on at all, but it definitely made me giggle, especially following Nolan’s reaction.
    And ‘medicinal herbs’, huh? Riiight Mr. McStoner.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ha! It was surprising to me as I was writing it but…it just makes sense somehow! And Nolan’s reaction? Oh Lord! I ♥ him!

    Right, right! *shifty eyes* Cigarette Gotta love Nolan!


  10. goodbye_sun says:

    The math bit was too funny, my Mum was a math teacher, nothing makes math interesting.

    I think Nolan’s going to need more supplies in order to deal with Vivian, she is going to be far more work than Julius was. On second thought, maybe he just needs to convince her to try out a few of his “medicinal herbs”.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    My mom was a math teacher too for a good many years! And I completely agree! Blah!

    LOL!! Vivian and Nolan are going to rub each other the wrong way. I can just tell!


  11. Meralgia says:

    I just love Julius so much, he’s so hyperactive, no wonder he’s always hungry. It’ll be interesting to see Alana and Caine play parents for a while, I don’t think there’s one thing on which they’ll agree. Grin

    Hm, Nolan and Vivian… I hope I didn’t bully you into playing those two together against your plans? Big Frown Sometimes opposites attract, sometimes just, plain old, can’t stand each other, it should be lots of fun either way. Silly

    Yeah, and Rho is crazy awesome. Cool


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He’s insanely hyper! And a bottomless pit. I just want to pinch his cheeks! Haha! Yeah, those two will have very different parenting skills for sure. Caine’s dad was pretty laid back in raising him because he thought he had time and wanted Caine to have a normal childhood without the politics…

    LOL! Nah! I had plans for those two already. If they go along with the plans I have laid out in my head it remains to be seen. Who knows? You’re right! It will be fun!Razz

    Isn’t he though!? Heh


  12. Mao says:

    Wow, poor Nolan. He can’t win for losing, it seems!

    And sheesh, Caine. It’s just a kid! Certainly not an alpha… at least, not yet. I’m kind of glad they have Julius now, at least he’s (hopefully) safe for the time being. Who knows when an enemy is going to creep up, though, right?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He’s like 0 for 2 so far. Geez! I need to cut him some slack or something! Maybe!Razz

    I think Caine gets the freak out part from me. Kids and I don’t really mix. I get all tensed up and I can just picture Caine doing the same thing!Razz And yeah…Julius is safe for now. Should be fun seeing all of them interact and whatnot!

    And yep…although perhaps not for Julius this time!Razz


  13. Sinclair says:

    I like how you managed to make what would usually be dramatic and serious lighthearted and humorous. Kinda like 7th Heaven or that show on ABC Family about the pregnant chick.

    Plus Julius is adorable. And so is Rho. Halfway seducing Nolan with his cute blonde behind. I’d hit it Smile And I’m not talking about Nolan’s bong either. Though I’d certainly suck some of his other appendages Grin (soo i was on a mental roll with that and couldnt stop. i apologize ;P)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeeeahhh…I try to be all deep and dramatic and…it just comes out sound cheesy to me! Thinking I’m going to have to work on that actually when I have to do a dramatic scene. Blah!

    Isn’t he though!? Oh man! And I don’t even like kids! Haha! Rho is made of win! I so do NOT know where that came from but it fit him yeah? And I’m with you there girl! Nolan is one of those guys where you’re just like: “He’s so bad! I’d never date him…but I would SO do him!” Holla! LOL!


  14. s@ndy says:

    Frown Don’t cry Julius, please don’t cry!!! It just breaks my heart to see a child crying…
    I’m sure that after Julius says everything he has to say Caine will want to kill Ethan right away…
    I’m so dying to see what comes next…
    Nolan, lol poor Nolan he is in for a lot of surprises…. Hopefully his new roommate wont be that bitchy and wont give him too many problems! I think she is just confused, Ethan and his “evil empire” is the only thing she has ever known, so his evilness is normal to her and her clan,… but once she meets Caine and see how cute and sweet he is, she will like him and she will support him and be on his side….Grin I can’t wait to see what happens!! Awesome update!! Kiss


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I know!Frown Poor Julius! I’ve put him through so much! Poor fella!

    IF he can actually talk to Caine. Caine has a fear of children and Julius has a fear of Caine. It’ll be touch and go for awhile. LOL!!

    I KNOW! Gah! I love Nolan but I keep putting him through the wringer. As far as Vivian being not too bitchy…yeah…we’ll see!!

    Thanks Sandy!Grin Glad to see you back!Grin


  15. cheripye says:

    Hmmm… Nolan didnt realize just what was happening and what is this eerry call from Greg??? Who’s at his door? Poor Jule’s he’s just tired and missing his mommy LOL! “Kinda wants to kill you” And Alana she was a teacher right? and to try and make the kid like math LOL!

    LOL! poor Nolan he’s really getting it from all sides isnt her! Now he’s stuck with the conniving Vivian and the Vamps. 80)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Nah! He was kinda into his own thoughts and he didn’t really WANT to know what was happening! So much is rushing at him and he’s trying to be a good boy and stop smoking but…yeah! LOL!!

    LOL!! I know! He just inserted that in there as if it’s an every day thing right?Razz Yep! Alana used to be a teacher so I’m sure Julius is going to get home schooled!

    Too true!Frown You would think I didn’t like him right?


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