Prompt 092

Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Rho, Dom
Prompt: 092~Sloth
Word Count: 1,450~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Lessons revisited, paths cross
Warnings: Language, violence

Russia. Late 1400’s

The burning in his veins was gone as was the weakness in his limbs.  He didn’t feel the cold against legs.  In fact, he didn’t feel anything.  He could hear his Sire’s breathe, a mere whisper, as clear as  a shout.  Soon, very soon, he would snuff that whisper out.  He thought today he would finally be free but he had been wrong.  He was now even more damned than he had been two hundred years ago.  He was now the monster his Sire had promised he would be.

“Rho…stislav? Wh-what did you do? What are you doing?”

Rho abruptly dropped him into the hard snow.  “I am putting you out of your misery Liam.  I am going to make sure you never do to another child what you did to me.”

Liam looked up at him out of glazed eyes as he labored for breathe.  “You were not the first, my boy.  You were the only one that lasted this long however.  Pity you were so…worthless.”

“Is there anything you want to pray to before I kill you?”

Liam inhaled deeply and closed his eyes.  The poison had rendered him powerless and was tearing through the cells in his body.  Rho didn’t know how it worked nor did he care as long as it worked.

“I am the I am.  I have heard the prayers and pleas of thousands.  And none have heard them from me…and you shall not.”

Rho trudged over to the axe that was buried deep into a stump.  Grabbing a forgotten log he chopped it down until the end was sharp then walked back over to Liam who had not moved.  He stared down at him, feeling nothing and then, in a motion too swift for the naked eye, he bent with the hastily made stake in both hands, and buried it in Liam’s chest. Liam’s eyes flew open in shock as his body jerked in surprise.

“You-” He coughed, blood coming from his mouth.

“Me.  I may not have been your beginning but I am your end.” Rho twisted the stake further into his chest, ignoring Liam’s grasping hands.  He could hear his heartbeat slowing, the death sound working its way up his chest.  Stepping away from him Rho grabbed the axe and stared up at the sky.  Liam may not have believed and Rho was not so sure after what he had been put through for over two centuries but-

“My mother believed.  Always did she believe and you abandoned her.  You abandoned me.  If you do exist give me a sign that what I do is just. ” His plea was met with silence.  “GIVE ME A SIGN!” he bellowed.  His hands tightened on the handle as he glared up at the sky.

“Well fuck you.  I do this to protect all the innocents who have yet to learn about true monsters.”

Liam was still gurgling behind him.  Turning around, he hefted the axe.

“Wait, wait.  Rhostislav, I am your Sire.  There is no way you can kill me.  Our bond is unbreakable.  There is so much I could show you.  I-”

“Liam, are those pleas?” Rho watched as he lifted a bloody hand toward him.

“I do not want to die.”

“And I do not want you alive.”

The axe fell swiftly and surely.

How long he walked he did not know.  He had nowhere to go.  No one to go home to.  He was all alone in this world, a newly turned vampyre.  A monster.  The sun on his skin didn’t register in his mind and he ignored his watering eyes as he put one foot in front of the other until he just collapsed.  Maybe  no one would find him out here in the snow.  Maybe his body would burn away.  At that thought a feeling stole over him.  A feeling he hadn’t experienced since he was a child.  Peace.  No more beatings, no more rapes, no more forced feedings.  He could die here on the soil of his ancestors.

He heard panting to his right but didn’t open his eyes.  Or maybe his life would end by being ripped to shreds by a wolf.  Not a peaceful way to go but at least it was an ending.  He heard he growl, felt the cold nose against his hand, felt the hot breathe on his face and still he didn’t move.  He frowned when a hand turned his face to the right and then to the left before lifting up his upper lip to reveal his incisors.

“Silly little vampyre.  Newly turned and wandering all alone.  I will take you somewhere, near your own kind.  But first I will provide you nourishment.  We are all God’s creatures, regardless of the what the humans say, and He would not want us to suffer.”

The voice was heavy with an unfamiliar accent but Rho forgot all that when a wrist was pressed against his mouth and blood, like he’d never tasted before, flooded his mouth.


June 10, 2009. Roads of Hillcrest.

Rho was jolted out of his memories when Dom snapped her fingers near his ear.

“That is extremely rude,” he said softly.

“Yeah, well you were on auto pilot and the roads aren’t getting any better.”

“I have driven in worse.” The heavy rain had reminded him of snow which had reminded him of one of his most unpleasant memories.  Not a memory that he revisited often.

“Are you going to tell me where you’re taking me? And who you are?”

“I am Rhostislav.  My friends call me Rho.  You may call me Mr. Mihailov.” He saw her stiffen and smiled.  “I see you have heard of me, yes?”

“Yes,”  she said softly.

“Good, then you know I am not to be trifled with.  You aided in the murder of my best friend, had a hand in the attempted murder of my godson and told your mate about his mate’s existence.  I could kill you here and now without a second thought…but I will not.”

Dom twisted her hands nervously together.  “And why is that?”

“Simple really.  You are not who you once were.  But believe me when I say this Dominique Vanderwall.” He pulled to stop and turned to look at her.

The lights from the dashboard cast a glow over him and caused his eye to glint.  She swallowed dryly.  “I believe you.”

His fangs glinted in the light when he smiled.  “I have not said anything yet.” His smile faded as he leaned in closer.  “If you think to betray me or mine I will hunt you down and make you beg for mercy before I give you over to the vampyres that do drink blood.  I give you second chance.  There is no third.  Understand?”


“Good.  Wait there while I get the umbrella.  Those shoes likely cost a fortune.”

“Where are we?”

“Ah, onto your first question.  Mrs. Vanderwall-”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Hmm…watch your step.” Slipping an arm around her waist he effortlessly lifted her over a large puddle before setting her back down.

“Thank you.  That was gallant.”

“I still have enough of the old country in me to remember how artful wooing was.”


“Not that I was wooing you understand.  I have bigger issues than wondering which woman or man is going to end up in my bed.”

“I know the feeling.”

“Indeed.  You are missing your child.”

“What do you know about Julius?” she snarled.

Rho sighed as he shook the umbrella before folding it and placing it in the corner.  He punched the up button on the elevator then leaned against the wall to stare at her.  “My world is a lot bigger than your world Dominique.  My arms stretch further than yours.  Yes, I hear many things.  I have to decide which are truth, which are rumors.”

He ushered her into the elevator.

“What does this have to do with my son?”

“Little Lycan pup wondering all alone but just not any pup.  The son of Ethan Vanderwall.  Imagine what an interesting bargaining chip he could be.” He flashed his fangs when she growled at him.

“And that rumor turned out to be true.  But I know another truth,” Rho said as the elevator came to a stop.  Through it they could hear loud music and laughter.

“And what truth is that?” she snapped as the elevator doors started to slide open.

“A mama should never be without her child. It is cruel.   Go to him.  He has missed you.”


*This prompt picks up two centuries or so after this one.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we’re back.  Ugh! I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I’ve written anything.  Lame, I know! *insert your choice of emoticon face here* Between mom’s surgery(everything went well and no cancer! WOO HOO!!) and Thanksgiving(OMG! Never drinking with my sis again…but it was awesome so I sure will!!) and Christmas day with me throwing up and sleeping most of the day(being sick spreads like wildfire in this house let me tell you!) and not to mention work(I got interviewed at work for this thing that appeared in the paper that I didn’t tell anyone about! LOL!!) and the two months have FLOWN by! Whew! Anyways, thanks for the comments and emails asking me when I was going to update.  Technically it’s still the weekend…just MY long weekend but let’s not get technically.  Razz  Prompt=Rho’s maker complacently(sloth) made his own demise. I think that’s about it.


  1. Van says:

    Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

    Glad to hear that your mom’s surgery went well, and I hope you’re feeling better soon, Phoenix. Glad you found the time to update Smile

    Rho’s sire is a creep–I don’t blame Rho for killing him. He really is a rarity, that man, so attuned to his human side and so devoted to the greater good. I love the guy Smile

    Julius! Yay!! Grin

    Also, Rho and Dom are strangely cute together. Just sayin’ Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    The smiley faces made me LOL Van!! Haha! That’s great! Thanks!!Grin

    I’m glad too! That was really stressing me out! I can finally relax! I missed updating, missed you guys and missed these guys too!

    God, was he EVER creepy! He was sadistic all the way around. He got off on hurting innocent people. Rho is. I think he had a really dark period for awhile where he imbibed any and everything and that probably only lasted a few decades. He’s just not that kinda guy! I Heart him too!!

    Ew!! EW!! Nooooo way! Dom and Rho? Maybe for one night but not permanent.


  2. gayl says:

    It is so nice to have you back and everyone all in good health.

    This was a fitting end for Liam and at Rho’s hand. He was a total dirtbag creepy monster. Who was that anonymous Lycan who saved him…will we ever know?

    I love that Rho took her to Julius…OMG that last pic of him doing the smussle was adorable!!! Cute


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Gayl! It sure is good to be back!Grin

    Indeed it was. Laim had it coming. It just took awhile for Rho to work out a plan…although it didn’t work out how he anticipated! Nah, I don’t think so…just a random good Samaritan…although now that I think about it I could circle it around but…who knows!? *shrug* LOL!!

    Rho hates to see anyone suffer. Women especially and mother’s the most! He’s a big softy…for the most part!

    Thank you for your support Gayl!


  3. azzy says:

    YAY! hey you’re more productive than me girl. ^^ Let’s just suck together then.

    And awesome chapter, i always love getting backstory on characters, and Rho’s sertainly isn’t boring. =)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Okay, we’ll suck together! Razz I don’t know what the deal was…the winter I guess. That’s what I’ll blame it on!

    Thanks Az! I love doing back stories every now and again and Rho’s is always interesting!

    THANK YOU!Grin


  4. Aussie Karima says:

    Kiss I could just kiss you,for this,but I’m not that way inclined!lol!
    ~ I am so glad you are back & writing again,I love this story! Big Smile
    ~ I just knew Rho had a reunion in mind, & now I understand his connection with Cain & the wolves so much more,with this prompt! Wink
    ~ Please don’t disapear again……we missed you!
    ~ I loved it BTW! Yes


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! LOL!!! You’re too funny!!

    Thanks Karima! I’m glad to be back. I missed writing and being active in the Simming community!

    Rho can’t help himself. He wants everything right but he has a plan in mind that I don’t think everyone will agree with. Ever since one saved him he’s taken an interest in them. He feels that’s a debt he can’t repay. He didn’t always feel that way though!

    I’ll try not too!! I can’t believe I did! I missed you guys too!!

    Thank you! Laugh


  5. Valpre says:

    I’m so glad to see an update from you, and I’m relieved to hear your mom’s surgery went well.

    This was wonderful. It’s always great to learn more about Rho’s past, and why he is the way he is. Dom should consider herself really lucky to be given a second chance, hopefully Cain feels like a little forgiveness today Grin I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hey Val! Thank you! I am too! It’s a HUGE relief! Sweat

    Rho has so many layers. I feel like I could just write about him and not uncover them all.

    I hope she realizes how lucky she is. If she doesn’t Rho won’t hesitate to do exactly as he said. As for Caine and forgiveness…he learned a hard lesson at a young age. He won’t ever trust Dom.

    Yeah, everyone’s reaction…oh boy… Eek!

    Thanks for reading Val!!


  6. SB says:

    OMG…you came back on fire! This is an incredible piece. I was totally riveted! Rho…damn. What a beginning. I just adore him! The pacing here, the writing, the way he dealt with Dom, and the wonderful, charming ending…perfection!

    One of the most visually stunning pieces I have seen in a long, long time.

    I am so happy you’re back!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! Thanks Beth!!Grin Rho doesn’t play around. At one point everything was black or white. Thankfully he isn’t as unbending now…for the most part.

    I love him too! He’s just really some great to write…I don’t know why!

    I appreciate that Beth! Thanks for your support. It means sooo much!

    Glad to BE back!! YAY!!


  7. Bobg says:

    Welcome back. Smile Computer Rain Umbrella


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thank you!! Grin


  8. Qui says:

    Welcome back! Got excited when I saw this.

    I don’t care how far he goes of the deep end, I’d like a piece of Rho! In fact, a huge chunk!

    That was sweet of him to take Dominique to Julius! I hope she can somehow make up for the trouble she caused before she changed into who she is now!

    Yey for your mom be ok! We were all so worried about you and your family! So glad to see you back and writing! Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I was all excited writing it!Razz

    Hahahaha!!! I know! Crazy right? Any piece of Rho is a good piece yeah?

    He has his moments but this is really a small part of a whole. He wouldn’t have taken her there if he didn’t think she needed to be there. We’ll see why.

    Thank you! I really appreciate all the support and laughter you’ve given me Qui! It means a a lot! Truly.


  9. muzegoddess says:

    So good to see you back in action. The more I learn about Rho the more I love him. He’s lived such a sad and tragic life it’s now wonder he wanted to lay down in that snow and die. And I’m so happy that Dom is finally reunited with her baby. I wonder if this means she will be on team Caine when she finds out all that he has done for Juilius. And I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop with Ethan. Seriously can’t wait for that. Fabulous update; can’t wait for more Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Muze! Glad to be back! Yeah, I can’t imagine living his life…at all!

    Dom and Julius are back together! YAY!! I don’t think everyone is going to be happy…or that Julius may not want to stay with his mom…

    Thank you SOOOO much!!!! Grin


  10. Amazing!!!!! I stayed up to 2 in the morning just to read them all!!!!! And I can say it is totally worth it!! Caine is sexy and Rho is right there next to him! Victoria and Ethan make me sick Really Angry ! I am ready to beat them both up!!! btw I love your pics Smile I’m excited for the next update!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Wow!! Thanks so much!! Grin I’m really glad you enjoyed it thus far! I still have so many ideas that I need to connect so this will be going on for awhile yet!

    I adore Caine! He’s just so adorable to me! And I agree! Vic and Ethan are horrible, horrible people. Let’s hope that they get what’s coming to them.

    Thank you! I always worry that they’re too dark/too bright…blah, blah! Razz


  11. Tiffany says:

    OMG! Welcome back! I wondered what happened to you.
    I’m glad your mom is well, I totally know what you mean about Thnaksgiving! My sister got trashed and broke my brand new ikea dishes! >.<
    Happy New Year! ^_^


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thank you!! ^_^ Yeah, RL was hectic for awhile there! It’s slowly calming down but now other games are eating my time! -_-

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! And yeah, no broken dishes but maaaan!! Hahaha!

    Happy New Year to you as well!!! Party


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