Prompt 089

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Alana, Caine, Julius, Nolan
Prompt: 089~Lips
Word Count: 2, 180~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Your lips are moving but I don’t hear what you’re saying…
Warnings: Language, sexual situations

Safehouse. May 5, 2009. 1205 hrs

His hand twitched against her rib causing Alana to start from a peaceful sleep. She could feel the heat from his body against her back as she shifted her legs in a slight stretch. The rustling of the sheets and Caine’s heavy breathing were the only things that broke the silence. So much had happened in the last few days. She hadn’t had a moment to herself. Someone was always there. Constantly checking on her. Caine was always there. In her face. Staring at her. Sometimes it seemed as if he was trying to see inside her head.

Inside her head. A shudder racked her body and she felt Caine’s arm tighten before he pulled her closer. She forced her body to relax. She hadn’t told anyone about that…that vampyre trying to force his way into her head. Trying to force his will on her. A small smile curled her lips. But she’d seen the surprise that flickered in his eyes when she’d held out against his allure. And then Nolan had changed, she changed and Caine had come charging to the rescue. And he’d killed the vamp. But not before-

She jerked upright, her elbow catching Caine in the stomach.

There was a flurry of movement. Before she knew it Caine had her pinned to the bed as he glared down at her. She could feel the vibrations from his low growling against her chest. She stared blankly up at him.

“What the hell Alana?” he snapped as he released her wrists. “How many times do I have to tell you not to wake me up that way?”

“You could always sleep in the other six or seven beds Rho has spread around this place.”

“Says the woman who can’t fall asleep unless I’m-”

She quickly cut him off. “What did you mean when you told Franklin I was yours?” She watched the smug smile slipped from his face.


He sighed her name as he absently rubbed at his neck. “It’s early afternoon. You still need to catch up on your sleep. We’ll talk about this later today.”

Scowling, Alana shook  her head. “Caine, I’ve had enough sleep to last me months. Now quit stalling and-” A yawn broke her tirade off and she glared at him when he chuckled. “Maybe I could use a little more sleep.”

“Just a little.”

Alana moved her pillow away from his. “Stay on your side of the bed.”

“Sure thing princess.”

Caine had to ease away from Alana, she had slowly worked her way back over to his side, before he could slip from the bed. Rummaging around in the closet he tossed on a pair of workout clothes before heading to the bench. His body soon slipped into an automatic pace as his mind raced.

What was he going to tell her? If he told her that she was his mate she’d probably laugh in his face. Or slap him. Or worse hit him over the head with a fire extinguisher again. Seriously, what did he have to offer someone right now? But then again what choice did he have. He couldn’t just ignore the fact that she was his mate. Every time he was near her he just wanted to devour her, rub his skin against her skin so that every male would know who she belonged to.  But that was just instinct. What did he feel?

That question and more continued to swirl around his brain as walked to the bathroom with rubbery legs and aching arms.

“‘So, what I’m saying is the buck stops here. I’m for you and you’re it for me.’ No damn it! That doesn’t sound right. Just sounds like I’m stuck with her,” Caine muttered as he stared at himself in the mirror. He cleared his throat. “‘Yo, what I’m sayin’ is you’re my girl! Ya feel me?’ What the hell? Where did that come from?”

Rubbing a hand over his face he winced at the sound. Yanking up a drawer he pulled out a fresh razor. “‘Alana, it’s like this. When two people meet sometimes they want to get to know each other better. So they date. It’s not an uncommon practice in t he Lycan world. You see-”

Caine tilted his head when he heard movement coming from the other room. She was waking up. Quickly lathering up he wiped the blade across his face a few times.


“In the bathroom!” he called as he studied himself in the mirror. Wiping at the excess shaving cream he slid open the door to the bathroom to see Alana standing there looking adorable rumpled.

“It’s all yours.”

“Thanks.” They did an awkward little dance before Alana laughed and stood her ground. “Which way are you going?”

Caine jerked his chin to the right then closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation of Alana rubbing against his. Quickly readjusting his towel he hurried toward the bedroom. How pathetic was he to get a boner over something so trivial? Throwing on some clothes he absently reached to shove the cell phone, that Rho had insisted on him carrying everywhere, in his pocket but paused. Before he could talk himself out of it he quickly punched in a number. The phone rang and rang. Hearing the bathroom door open he was about to hang up.




He didn’t know what else to say. This was the man that had disobeyed a direct order…but he’d also become a close friend. This is the man who had almost gotten his mate killed. He’d almost died protecting her. Nolan-

“For God’s sake Caine!” Alana snapped and reached to take the phone from him. Twisting away from her he sighed.

“Alana misses the pup. Bring him to the safe house.”

“I miss the pup?” Alana sputtered behind him. “I miss the pup? You big softy! You miss the puppy!”

Shoving the phone in his pocket he brushed her cheek with his before heading toward the stairs. “I’ll be in the living room.”

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  1. Van says:

    Nolan and Julius, ruining moments since May 2009 Razz

    I love Rho’s safe house, I must say–and Alana obviously does too, with all those closets. And the seven beds? I’m tempted to think he was suspecting they would wear a few out Razz

    Awww, Julius is so cute! I hope he finds his mom again soon…

    Hey, I can’t remember, does Nolan have a mate? Because it would be kind of funny if he hooked up with Dom (and then he’d be stepdaddy to Julius, and that would be awesome).


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Yeah, I know! I have to wonder if this is Nolan getting back at Caine for being all pissy! Hahaha! No better way to do it! Although I’m sure Caine knows that Nolan is out there!

    I ♥ the safe house too! Simsurbania is awesome! It’s supposed to be apartments but I kept it residential and just decorated it as I went! I actually had fun doing it too!Smile I actually did place a number of beds in there for…whoever! Haha! I might have went overboard!Razz Rho probably HOPES they will! Calm Caine down a bit!

    Julius is adorable! He has this weird voice in my head that just makes me grin when writing him!

    Nope! Nolan is mate free. He WANTS a mate though. Hmm…I kinda have someone else in mind but I don’t know since neither Nolan or Dom or the other person have met yet sooo…we shall see!Razz


  2. Azzy says:

    I think i am gonna make my own Nolan fanclub Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    WOOT!!! I love some Nolan too! Grin


  3. S.B. says:

    AGGHHHH! Go outside and play, Nolan!!

    I adore Nolan. And I felt so bad for Julius, asking about whether he would hurt a kid. What a mess that poor baby has had to deal with.

    Laughed so hard at Caine’s little monologue in the mirror! He could try poetry LOL!!! And Alana needs to spend some time thinking about things too. It has been MONTHS, not days. She cannot realistically claim they don’t know each other.

    This was wonderful! The tension between Caine and Alana, the sorrow Julius has had to contend with, and the comedy, fantastic combination!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LMAO!!! LMAO!! I’m pretty sure Caine is thinking the same thing! Or something a little more violent!

    I love Nolan too!Grin He’s awesome! And I feel for Julius! His dad really jerked him around so he’s leery of pretty much any male! But he’s a kid so he bounces back pretty quick! He’s shown that!

    Haha! I was writing it and all these little random bits kept floating in my head so I used them! To Alana knowing someone is knowing their favorite color or food. Knowing tiny, intimate details within a ‘normal’ relationship. But their relationship has never been normal. It’s not ever going to be normal!

    Thanks Beth!Grin


  4. Mao says:

    The hover thingy should be removable on the main stylesheet. Just search “img”–it’ll either be like the post img or overall img class. Bah. I hate when they do that, LOL!

    Ahhh, Alana and Caine… these two are such a mess, but they’re getting better. However! I will say I’m actually GLAD Nolan interrupted them. I think they both need a bit more time. Caine has admitted its predominantly instinct, but what does he feel? And Alana, too. Jumping into this for physical need won’t get them anywhere.

    LOL at Caine’s mirror talk. That was hilarious!

    Poor Julius. They’re going to find out, whether he tells them or not. I wonder what they’ll do. Frown


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Gah! I hate it too! Not all the time but for this particular theme he made it WAY too dark/light! I’ll fiddle around with it. I took out a bit of the coding and it didn’t change anything so I’ll dig a little deeper!

    Exactly! They do need a little more time, especially Caine I think. He doesn’t want mess anything up but like you said…which is interesting because I was going to add that but I was already over the word count for the prompt! *cough* They each need to step back. Julius will be a great buffer for that!Smile

    Thanks Mao! Haha! I had a little giggle at it when I reread it! LMAO!

    Yeah man! Julius…he’s a little alpha in the making but he doesn’t stand a chance against an angry adult Lycan who can change into something else! Shout *sigh* Next prompt will deal with Rho so it’ll be a wait so I can gather some ideas!Razz


  5. Kayvon says:

    Yay! I am so glad you mentioned the changes you made at the end because I was all like “Is is me or do these pics look extra spectacular?” I knew it wasn’t me Smile Amazing how some subtle changes improve on what I thought was already lycan tale perfection anyway!

    Oh how you keep us hanging on – that and the fact that kids will ALWAYS completely mess up grown folks groove! It never fails if you don’t have kids yourself now the laws of physics must state somewhere that if an adult attempts to touch another adult within 100 miles of a kid their internal monitor sends them into emergency” I- must- locate- that- adult-right-and stop-the-groovin’-from-happening- now” mode. Even though Caine made that call they arrived at just the right time to squash all the good stuff and I say its all a C-O-Nspiracy!!!

    Okay Im back from the madness. As you can tell I can relate. Its sad I know. Wink Absolutely loved this update and you have me pining for the next time Alana and Caine almostbutnotreallytouchandkiss because something is always around the corner. I love it! Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! Yeah, I didn’t want to do drastic changes that had people wondering who in the heck it was but something a little different…especially since I took everything off when I took off the blood/bruises. Awww…thanks!Smile These pictures were a pain! I had some major clipping going on with some images so I had to keep reshooting from different angles. Glad that you liked them!Grin

    LMAO!! I always do! Oh goodness!! Don’t have kids but friends and family are always telling me the same thing! I think that’s hilarious! Probably because it HASN’T happened to me! LMAO! Your comments always crack me up!

    THANK YOU!!!Grin One of these days those two will have an uninterrupted romantic moment. One day….



  6. goodbye_sun says:

    I’m just going to repeat everyone else and say just how lovely Nolan is with Julius, he makes a great father/uncle figure. I can even forgive their bad timing. Or good timing, depending on who you ask Razz


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh man! I think Nolan would have a fit if he knew everyone thought he was a good father/uncle figure! LMAO!!

    To everyone else it’ll be good timing. To Caine…yeah…not so much! LOL!! Razz


  7. thelook. says:

    Whopee! Lycan Tales has enetered the new year – and with a very will-you-just-kiss-already? start! Wink I like the layout (when I um.. *cough* checked your page the other days.. did I say days? I meant day Laugh the banner kept on changing so then I suspected a new layout would come along and BAM there it was) but I started wondering why the pictures where so dark – ’til I realised the hover thing ma-bob.

    Nolan = awesome dad. Tenchnically isn’t he the father figur- WHAT IF HE AND DOM GOT TOGETHER AND HE IS SECRETLY JULIUS’ DAD? I think I’m hallucinaing now but shock thought Confused Julius nooo, please say you need to like get fresh air or something or scare a cat just so Alana and Caine get their kiss. PLEASE? Caine’s speech in the bathroom Razz And ‘Alana misses the pup’. He’s one big marshmallow. Alana’s back and maybe her germophobia is going? And in it’s place is a deep desire fo- OK I’m officially going to stop there. Wink

    Great pictures as always AND (when will I shut up?) I second a Nolan fan club Grin x


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! Thanks thelook! Thanks!Smile I wanted something simple! And everyone knows that I don’t stay with layouts for any length of time…for whatever reason. I might do some tweaking to it here or there but I’m liking it alot so far! And I fixed the hover thing! Thank goodness! It was annoying me! Really Angry LOL @ days! Razz

    OMG!!! Where did you GET that!! LMAO!!! No, I can say, with a total certainty, that Nolan and Dom never, EVER hooked up! Dom is older than she looks. Nolan is around Caine’s age, possibly a few years older. Not saying that Dom couldn’t be a ‘cougar’ (is that the right term now?) but nope!

    Ohh….just had an idea for the prompt after next! *does happy jig* Caine is a HUGE marshmallow but he tries to be hardcore! As for Alana and her germophobia? Only time will tell!Razz Bwahahaha!! I love all the theories!

    Thank you!Grin I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Nolan would so love his fan club! LMAO!


    thelook Reply:

    *gasp* The layout. OMG. Red is so Caine’s colour Cool

    I do not know where that came from but it would be a weirdly great twist Razz . But then Dom’s not the type of person that would really suit Nolan. Maybe she would like knock him out for touching Julius but to go there.. hmm.. Nolan’s older than Caine? Aww, a younger Nolan looking at like a baby Caine and thinking ‘This is my leader?’ Grin

    PROMPT AFTER THE NEXT? Cry I’d write a story, but then I don’t think it’d be as kick-ass as all the others I’ve read. Or the ideas that good Nerd

    Caine and marshmallows – mm i want a campfire now. Grin Alana’s germophobia has definetly gone. I think. But after all if a girl has a closet full of shoes I don’t blame her. But I love flats Razz

    Flats forever. Mad Razz


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! Thanks!Smile There were three other colors but I thought this was the better of them!Grin

    Nah, I don’t think they’re each other types at all. She’d want to rip out his throat if she thought he’d hurt Julius but as far as relationships? Plus I don’t think Dom is read to get back into the dating game just yet! Yep! Pretty much everyone is older than Caine. And it’s not like everyone is going to be submissive. He has to show he’s the right leader for the job…

    Haha! Yeah! Next prompt has to do with Rho…speaking of which I need to build that set! Gah! Ohh…you should write! It’s good times! And you never know how it’ll be until you put it out there!Smile

    I had some marshmallows last night! YUM!!! Nope…it hasn’t gone. It’s just not as pronounced as it once was. Besides, Rho keeps a clean house so she has nothing to stress about! Yet…bwahaha!!

    ME TOO!!!! Those shoes I had her in would have KILLED me! Grin


    thelook Reply:

    Website makers can be so devious! It’s always the option of 3 colours or you get that ONE design that looks great but your just not digging the colour so much Curse

    But what would Dom do if she found out Nolan was really finding her happiness? Well, he doesn’t really know but it’s still true ROTFL LMAO at the thought of Dom going speed dating:
    Random guy: ‘So.. what’s your job?’
    Dom: *Death stare*

    Rho Heart I call him Mr Poetic because he’s just so nice Grin
    Building a set… if I write a Sims story I need to build… *blank expression* Shout I’m so googling this before I write my story. (I cannot build houses! At all! Even adding a carpet is a task for me! I’m lazy that way Evil Grin )

    Mmm the gooey goodness, the springy touch.. Silly IT HASN’T GONE? But then Rho’s house is as clean as a baby’s butt before the whole ‘I’m going to soil my pants and not tell anyone ‘cept my self about it!’ thing Cool

    THANK GOODNESS! Someone who likes flats! Everyone I know is a heels junkie! Razz Heels and I – we just don’t click. Big Frown (BUT the shoes Alana chose were quite nice)

    And about the whole instinct thing – I don’t think it’s instinct. They love each other. IT’S OBVIOUS! SHE STUDIES HIS LIPS AT NIGHT. He umm.. gets ‘excited’ over being close to her Disdain That is love. Misunderstood Lycan love. Angel


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! So true! I know a little bit about CSS to change the colors and such but that’s about it! Frown

    Dom, I think, would want a true Alpha and she’d have to leave town for that. Especially considering everyone pretty much hates her because of what she did to Bernard and what she did for Ethan. LMAO @ her speed dating!

    RHO!! I love him! He’s such a sweetie…well most of the time! *whistles innocently* I don’t really set build! Haha! I have a few pics that s how you exactly what I do. It’s pretty much walls and whatever decorations that I need and the right camera angles!Razz For the longest time I just downloaded houses but I’ve started to build my own!

    Ha! You’re making me want marshmallows now! Heh She never flipped out before she went with Caine because her house was always clean and Rho’s house is clean as well. Sooo…but I don’t think it’s fully gone. Don’t know if it ever will be!

    FLATS FOR THE WIN!!! I don’t get along with heels either! And I adore those shoes that Alana had on before but I know I’d break my neck!

    LMAO!! LMAO!!! Maybe…maybe not!!Razz


    thelook Reply:

    CSS? I’m lost – what does that stand for? lmao, when it comes to abbreviations I am so not the person for it.

    Ethan (that ass, sorry for my English Razz) will never be a true Alpha so what the heck attracted him to her? Even his son is more of a man than him. -.-

    Rho equally needs a fan club as much as Nolan Cool Gah, I must see those pictures then! Who knew a fictional characters life would be so demanding? *cough* Download houses? I still live in MAXIS houses. (I saw the house you built on another story! Can you say n-i-c-e? But I’m yet to read it -.- Stupid time flies by when you are having fun rule!) I’ve only downloaded hair and some skins really Razz Oohs, and makeup – Sims aren’t the least photogenic ‘people’ but I mean you need to look your best if someone is going to photograph you! Cool

    I want cheesecake now! Or marshmallow and chocolate brownies! Yummies :’] Aha, she could always go on Maury and talk about her experience with germs. Or way worse – JERRY SPRINGER :0 (If it even exists anymore).

    FLATS, OH YEAH Razz I saw these reaally nice pair of boots and I just looked at that killer inch and knew I’d be a goner Frown

    On top of that, you know the whole Lycan thing I’ve got confused somehow. Are they like us human beings and how some of us are related and others aren’t so it’s okay if Caine and Alana get together.. ?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    CSS=Cascading Style Sheet which is the place where you make edits to the layout and things!Smile

    Because she thought he would be. He puts on a good front but when he comes down to it he leans on too many people to protect him instead of doing that himself! And so true! Julius is made of win!Grin

    Rho, Rho, Rho!!! I’ll try to upload some a little later if I get the time. All they are are three or four squares shoved together! Haha! Oh! Thank you!Grin I’m slowly learning new stuff! No worries! It’s not going anywhere! I’m a downloading fiend! I have a little something of everything!

    She needs to talk to Dr. Phil! Oh god! That would be BORING!

    Yeah, it’s like humans! Some of them are related and some aren’t. It’s totally cool if Alana and Caine hook up!Grin Maybe…we still haven’t heard about her dad! *shifty eyes* Confused


    thelook Reply:

    Ohh, you see this is why God made dictionaries Razz

    I feel like smacking Dom on the head now! Just because she thought he could do it doesn’t necessarily mean he will – and ditto on the leaning on others; I mean getting someone else to do your dirty work? NOT going to work. Woop, go Julius!

    A cheer for Rho too! And this is why we have internet too! For helpful pictures on story making – thanks Smile It’s nice knowing everything’s in order and won’t go missing. Unlike my bedroom <3

    Dr.Phil just yells at people. Like flippin' heck your meant to CARE about their problems too. [I watched it once and never went back]

    The thought of knowing Alana's dad could come makes me think something's gonna go wrong.. x(
    But happily ever middles don't exist. Even Cinderella had to lie before she got the glass shoeThinking

    thelook Reply:

    OMG I just realised it’s like 7.30pm here in England! And in America it’s like 2. Wow ROTFL I knew there was time change but I didn’t think about it.

    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! This is true! I have a dictionary by me at all times! And thank goodness for Firefox and their spelling checking as you write! Trust me!Razz

    Most of the time I feel like smacking Dom! And then I just want to hug her too! SOOO torn!! Blah!

    I know! Rho needs a big hug!!Grin Amen for the internet! Plus there are communities that will help you find anything that you’re looking for! Thank goodness!

    Yeah, I don’t like Dr. Phil. He irritates me! Blah! As for Alana’s dad…I haven’t decided if he should actually join the cast or just be a flashback or something! *taps chin* That is SO freakin’ true! I’ll have to remember that one!

    Ah! You live in the UK!? That’s awesome! I want to go there so bad! And is there really that big a time difference? WOW! is right!Razz Sorry it took me a minute to get back to you! Just came back from the sis’s house! Good times, good times!

    thelook Reply:

    I use Microsoft Word’s dictionary Grin And Google Chrome’s – but WTF Google isn’t counted as a word? But it’s their dictionary..

    Dom needs some TLC ;] And yes Rho too! But if they got together that’d be weird.. like super fly weird.

    The people that make those communities are great! Without them I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things.

    Maybe both? A flashback of Alana’s past maybe.. and then TA-DAH he arrives! Or maybe he comes through in spirit…

    Shock I want to go to America so bad! Meh, you were having a good time, I don’t mind Smile

  8. Qui says:

    That last part was a little intense! even I wanted him to kiss her! i swear i love their relationship! Only if Nolan had come just 10 seconds later! well.. there is always the next prompt Smile

    Great Job!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha!! Thanks!Smile I’m glad that came across! I wanted him to kiss her! LMAO!! I ♥ their relationship so hard! Wait…should I have said that?Razz 10 seconds…two hours…Razz

    True, true! Thanks! Hey! I tried to comment on your new story but you have comments disabled or something!Frown


    Qui Reply:

    awwww. i didn’t know that! thanks for telling me! going to fix it now Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    It’s fixed! YAY!Grin


  9. Yuxi says:

    Good gods, Rho’s house is amazing – clothes and beds and huge television screens, damn. And Caine, you shameless git! That’s not the way you talk to a lady. XD
    ‘He cleared his throat. “‘Yo, what I’m sayin’ is you’re my girl! Ya feel me?’ What the hell?’
    That made me LOL quite hard.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    It was actually built to be an apartment but when I downloaded it from Simurbania and got it in game I thought why the heck not make it a HUGE loft type place?Razz

    LMAO! Caine is…well Caine is one of a kind I think! Haha! Thanks Yuxi!Grin


  10. s@ndy says:

    Shock gosh!!!!! What!!! They didn’t kiss!!! Gosh… and Julius didn’t talk to Caine either!!

    Caine talking in front of the mirror was hilarious!!! lol
    I do think they both feel more than a simple attraction… but are really scared to accept it, it is easieir to say, “you are my mate cause thats the way it is”, than “you are my mate cause I love you and you love me’ Grin
    They both are stubborn and so different from each other but it is obvious they are meant to be… so give them some time to accept and embrace who they are, and whom they have become…

    and hurry up with next chapter Grin lol (just kidding) take your time, I still need to catch up with all the other stories Grin lol
    Wonderful chapter as always!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LMAO Sandy! I know! I’m horrible! For shame!Razz

    I love CaineI He never fails to crack me up! I think they do too but they are too scared like you said…and too hard headed to see anything that’s not RIGHT in front of them! *Shakes head*

    LOL!! I’m going to start working on the next chapter soon! I promise!Razz Thanks Sandy! I appreciate it!


  11. Freestar says:

    Julius is just too cute. My hear bleeds when kids have to grow up too fast. I love how he defended his mom…awww I want a son. And when he slipped his hand into Nolan’s…sniff, sniff.

    Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her….giggle.


  12. PhoenixFG says:

    He is adorable! And yeah, he’s had to group up WAY too fast. Hopefully he retains some of his innocence. *crosses fingers that he does*

    He’s very protective of his mom. Someone has to be. LOL! Have a another baby!! YAY!! I’ll tell mom!Razz

    I know! Do it already right?! High Five!


  13. cheripye says:

    LOL! I cant believe that he’s thinking about the fire extinguisher again LOL! and yes just how will she react to him telling her that??? LMAO I love his mirror practice!!!and AWWW I love the conversation continuance Yep Caine’s a big softy LOL!

    The cat hiss, was perfect I love how you incorporate the little things into your story telling LOL! and Man Jule’s really does ask alot of questions But you portrayed his intelligence and age masterfully. 80)

    Clothes LOL! and shoes what a depressing thought that you couldnt wear the shoes you really wanted to! I would die if I couldnt wear my heels again. LMAO standing on the couch not liking the look in his eyes. LOL!

    DANGIT!!! I really wanted to see them kiss!!! You left it so hanging PHOENIX!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I’m pretty sure he’s going to be bringing that incident up for years to come!Razz Caine in the mirror talking cracked me up as I was writing it! He’s hilarious!

    Thank you!!Grin That was a random cat that walked by so I grabbed it and placed it just so to add to the story!Smile Julius is ALWAYS asking questions! Just like a puppy who pokes his nose in everything!

    Alana loves her clothes! And I’m a flats girl myself so the reverse is true for me!

    SORRY!!!!!Razz It’ll happen! Soon…ish!


  14. valpre says:

    Oh my…if I were Alana I would have begged for that kiss already. That woman is strong!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LMAO!!! Hahaha! I know! Especially with Caine looking so fine! Seriously!


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