Prompt 078

Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Greg, Dom, Rho
Prompt: 078~Weeks
Word Count: 1,260~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Still no results
Warnings: Language

*thanks Cherie for the use of Greg.

June 10, 2009. Greg’s residence.

Dom sighed heavily as she watched the sun’s slow descent.  Another day without having heard a word about Julius.  She didn’t doubt that Greg was looking for him she just wished that he had some news by the end of the day.  However, he’d been tied up with dealing with Ethan and his demands as well.  She wasn’t surprised that none of those demands included looking for her.  He’d probably moved on by now.  But if he ever got a hold of her…

She heaved another sigh just as Greg slipped a plate of food in front of her.  “I’m not hungry,” she mumbled as she rubbed her hands over her face.

“Eat anyways.  You’re losing weight and you’re going to need your strength.”

“Why?” she demanded as she pushed her plate away.  She realized she sounded like a petulant child and a small smile curved her lips.  Julius had gotten his inquisitive nature honestly.

“Just in case.  You never know what’s going to happen,” Greg replied as he brought his own plate back to the table.  Tilting her head she studied him.  His expression was always calm and he always spoke in calm, quiet tones.  She’d never really seen him upset.



“Do you really think you can find my son?”

“Of course I can.  It’s just taking me a little longer than expected.  Julius has either learned how to cover his tracks very well or someone is helping him.”

“Who would help him?”

“He’s a little kid with a great personality.  He’s smart so he know what to say and what not to say. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s exactly where he wanted to be.”

“With Duncaine? That man will kill him!”

“Bullshit. Caine knows what it’s like to be all alone.  He would no more hurt Julius than you would.”

“He would if he knew…”

“If he knew what?”

“That I was there that night.  That I helped kill his father.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that Caine knows that.”

Her forehead hit the table with a thud.

“Oh shit! This is so not good.”

She heard Greg tapping his fork against the edge of his plate.  “Dom?”


“Trust me when I say that Caine wouldn’t hurt Julius.  He may kill you and Ethan but he wouldn’t hurt a defenseless kid.  Something that you can’t say.”

“I know, I know.  Jesus, that night’s haunted me for years.”

Greg’s rough hand briefly covered hers.  “Would it have haunted you if the results had been different? If Ethan had succeeded in killing Caine?”

“That’s a good question…and I was the one who was supposed to kill Caine but I asked Ethan’s beta to do it instead.  I couldn’t stomach it.”

“And that may save your life when, if, you run into Caine.  Now, eat your food.”

“Yes, because this conversation didn’t just tie my stomach into knots.”

“So, what made you fall in love with Ethan? From all the accounts I’ve heard he’s always been a bastard.”

“He wasn’t that way with me.  Not at first.” Dom shrugged and absently started to eat.  “We met when we were teenagers.  He was my first serious crush, my first boyfriend, my second lover-”


“Yeah, we broke up for a few months and Harold Johnson was my shoulder to lean on.  He always wormed his way into my pants.” She laughed at the memory.  “Harold stopped returning my phones call and I thought he’d just used me.  So, when Ethan came back around, I fell back into a relationship with him.  Later I found out that Ethan had threatened him.  Anyways, Ethan had such amazing ideals.  He made them all sound legit and I was hopelessly in love with him.  I was a fool.”

“Aren’t we all when it comes to love?”

Dom’s eyes narrowed at the strange tone in his voice and the wistful look in his eyes, which he quickly masked when he caught her staring.  “Don’t you have a girlfriend Greg?”

“No, no girlfriend.”

“You’re a decent guy.  You could have any girl.”

“I don’t want any girl.” Making a motion with his head he shoved his chair back and gathered their plates.  “Why don’t you head out to the pool? We can watch the sun set.  There’s some bathing suits in the second drawer to the right in the dresser.”

“This is nice,” Dom said as Greg sat a small distance away from her.

“Yeah, I come out here to think.”

“It’s quiet.”

“Yeah, one of the reasons I got the house.”

“You don’t say a lot do you Greg?”

“I like to listen.  And people like to talk.”

“Sometimes to hear the sound of their own voice.”

He laughed, a deep, rough sound that sent shivers up her arms.  Surprised, she glanced at him but he was staring off into the distance with a small smile on his firm lips.  Clearing her throat she swirled her leg into the water and watched as it distorted their reflections.  An uncomfortable silence stretched between them.  At least uncomfortable on her end.  Greg looked as stoic as ever.  Deciding to test the water she leaned toward him only for him to jostle her back with his shoulder and shake his head.

“That would just be complicated Dom.  And I’m not going to have sex with you just because you’re bored.”

Her mouth dropped open at his bluntness.  “I wasn’t…that’s not-” Her sputtering was interrupted by the telephone.

“Besides,” he said getting up, “You’re gorgeous but you’re really not my type.  Why don’t you cool off while I get the phone?”

Something in his tone of voice made her look over her shoulder just in time to see him leaning toward her.  “Wait! Don’t you-” She tried to dodge but he was quick as he pulled her up and with a small grunt tossed her into the pool.

After water went up her nose Dom flailed around a bit before calming down and allowing her body to sink.  How pathetic was she? The man had risked his life to help her and this is how she repaid him? By making a pass at him? Granted, he had lessened her embarrassment by tossing her in the pool but she’d still have to apologize.  Besides, she thought as the setting sun reflected off of her wedding band, she was still technically married to Ethan.  Technically since most Lycan marriages weren’t documented.  Blood work was needed and even though they had people working there it was just too great a risk so they married in front of one of their priest’s and had it documented in their history books.  It was just as binding.  She and Ethan hadn’t been true mates but she had loved him and he might have loved her.  Or at least the idea of her.

Shaking her head she pushed her way toward the surface.  Right now her main focus was Julius.  She’d apologize to Greg and go looking for him herself tonight.  She had to be carefully, she thought as her head broke the surface of the water and she absently started to stroke toward the ladder.  Ethan may not be looking for her but she didn’t doubt that if someone came across her they’d try to take her to him.  Try being the operative word.

With a plan firmly in mind her hands had just gripped the smooth ladder when she realized someone was squatting down in front of her.

“I believe it is time you and I talk yes?”


Transitional piece to get all(most) of the players where I need them to be.  I believe everyone knows who that person is squatting in front of Dom.  Man, Dom was seriously blowing hearts over Greg. O_o Umm…that’s about it.  Next update might be a bit slow coming out because I actually have to photo shop some stuff and…well, I’ve never really done it before so I’m fiddling around with that! So, yeah…on a random note: OMG!! S’mores are the best thing ever!!! /end random


  1. Van says:

    So Dom and Ethan weren’t true mates? So, maybe she can find a new daddy for Julius at some point, once she’s actually reunited with him and knows what the hell Caine’s going to do with her? Smile

    Greg is awesome. Not quite as awesome as Nolan, but still awesome Smile



    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Nope. Just a couple of Lycans that were in love…or at least one of them was!Razz Hahaha!! Yeah, she could do that. If she’s still around after everything with Caine goes down!

    Greg is awesome! Exactly! They are brothers so I guess that makes sense!Razz

    RHO!!! I KNOW!!!


  2. Yuxi says:

    With that out of the way, this was a good one! Lots of insights in Dom and That Fateful Night, I like that. And can’t blame Dom for heartfarting over Greg, he seems really gentle and patient in comparison to Ethan.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! LOL!!! Does that shirt look familiar? ^_^ I love it!

    Thanks! I was really undecided about this chapter so that comment makes it worth it! Grin I know! He is adorable! And she doesn’t know that he’s married! Haha! And he’s the complete opposite of Ethan which is why she probably likes him…although she needs to give herself a break away from guys for a bit!


  3. Qui says:

    LMAO! agrees with Yuxi! I swear I can hear his voice and it give me chills! The good kind that has you saying “if only…Rho if only!”

    I think Dom and Greg actually look cute together.
    I would have blown hearts at Greg too! Your graphics are the best!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hahaha!! Lord! I thought I was the only one who that happened to! Good to know! I ♥ Rho! Seriously do but he’s so frustrating to write sometimes! Frown

    No! He’s married remember!!? But…they do look cute! Haha!

    Awww! Thanks! The new graphics card is actually a downgrade so I’m surprised at how it looks!


  4. S.B. says:

    I’m not surprised that Dom and Ethan weren’t true mates. Actually it’s hard to imagine anybody being Ethan’s true mate.

    Greg…sweet and HOT. Rho…well. Yeah. hehehe….HOT HOT HOT!! I just love him!

    This was a really good way to explain how Dom ended up with such a total jerk. Very very well done!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I’m sure if Victoria wasn’t so evil they might have a chance in a ‘normal’ world!Razz

    Greg is sweet and hot! He’s that guy who you’d either crush on or be best friends with! Rho is that guy that you always want just because! Gosh, I love Rho! Haha!

    Thanks Beth! Like I told Yuxi, I wasn’t sure about this chapter but it’s been written for like a week and some change so I decided to go with it! Glad I did!


  5. Valpre says:

    Yay, I’m all caught up. Where’s the next one Grin

    Yay, Rho to the rescue I hope Neutral Or salvage what’s left of the situation.

    Mhh, so Dom tried to come on to Greg, interesting.
    Loved getting the lowdown between Dom and Ethan, and now that he’s not her mate, she should go out there and sniff out the right one. Grin Greg’s cute, but Nolan’s is my man Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! The next one is going to take a minute because I have to do some photo shopping! *headdesk* otherwise it would have been up already!Razz

    I can understand why she would try to come on to him. He’s easy to talk to, cute, upstanding…she’s never had that.

    Hahaha!! Yeah, she will! IF Caine lets her live. Big if there! Hahaha!! I know! Something about Nolan man!


  6. Valpre says:

    BTW, how do I follow your blog so I can get updates when they come out Grin Like Qui has on her blog?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I added an RSS feed for now until I can think of something better. WordPress is different than blogger since blogger has the follow option! Yes I have to mess with the widgets on here to see what I like!

    Do you have a twitter? I put updates on there as well! If you don’t you should TOTALLY get one! I pushed Qui into getting one! Hehe!


  7. Valpre says:

    I have a personal twitter account which I don’t use, but I’ve signed up a new one for Fallen.
    My username is FallenTweets

    yeah, I know, how original! *rolls eyes* Anyway, let me know what yours is, so I can keep up with your updates.


  8. gayl says:

    Ooh I cnnot wait to find out what Rho wants to talk about! Funny that Greg and Dom get along so well but it is good to see her regretting her past actions and accepting whatever fate has in store. The fact that Greg was reassuring about Caine not hurting Julius was good.

    Love love this!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    It’ll really be a flashback scene for Rho but he’ll have a little talk with her. Greg gets along well with most people which makes sense with the job that he does.

    Everyone that knows Caine knows that he’s not going to hurt a kid!

    Thank you Gayl!Grin


  9. Aussie Karima says:

    ~ Loved it, & I guess it is Rho,he talks like that!
    ~ If you need any help,(photoshop!)you know were I am!
    ~ Val told me to join Twitter,as “Unforgetable” was being Twittered!lol!So thanks for the tip! Wink
    ~ Dom,will not die,Caine is an honerable man,& he will take her turning down the task,as a reprieve!
    ~Love,love,love it!more please! Yes


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Yeah, he’s the only one that does!

    Thank you! I appreciate it! Ohh!! I hope you do join twitter! I’m always over there!

    Maybe, maybe not. He’s been focused on avenging his dad for years. She was there, she’s at fault. And she DID kill his dad. Or helped at least!

    Thank you Karima! I appreciate it!


  10. Veronika says:

    Oh…for a second I thought that Greg and Dom will…well, I don’t know what you have in mind wit those two, but as it was already said, they look cute together. She needs someone like Greg, to treat her with love.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ohhh!! I like the way you spell Veronika! Grin

    Oh no! Greg is mated so he’s not even thinking about Dom that way. Yes, she does need someone like him but NOT him. She does need someone to actually ♥ her…instead of using her as a pawn!

    Thank you for reading and commenting!


  11. muzegoddess says:

    Ah! I thought I left a comment already, glad I came back and checked. Okay I’m really feeling for Dom. It’s been a long time since she’s been away from her baby, she must be going crazy. Crazy enough to make a pass at Greg cleary. But I can’t say I blame her, he is a cutie.

    Can’t wait to see what Rho wants to talk to her about. I have a feeling it’s not quite what I’m thinking he wants to talk to her about but we’ll see.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh man! I Can’t believe I didn’t see this comment!!Frown

    Dom is easy to feel bad for in this prompt. Even for me since I know her back story and feel the same way about her Caine does…or rather I did!Razz She is going crazy with him. He is a cutie but he’s married…not that many people know that so I don’t blame her!

    Should be interesting indeed!

    Thanks Muze!!Grin


  12. Azzy says:

    So what is Greg’s desire.. curious minds wanna know Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Being with his wife without having to worry about it!Frown Poor fella!


  13. Bob Greaves says:

    Greg has a mate already. So Dom will have to find
    someone else (after the death of Ethan).
    Still needs a saviour! Coffee


  14. IMHO you’ve got the right answer!


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