Prompt 065

Title:Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, romance, suspense
Characters: Rho, Nikita, Vivian
Prompt: 065~Winter
Word Count: 1,793~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: The starkest day in memory
Warnings: Violence, language

Italics are memories gathered from an outside source.

Rho’s residence. May 1, 2009. 0715hrs.

Vivian smirked. “Do you really think that you sitting there is going to make me talk?”

Nikita daintily licked the tip of her finger before turning the page of her book. “I don’t care what you do actually. I’m just waiting for Rho. He said to keep you here so here you will stay until he decides what to do with you.”

“And what do you think he’s going to do with me?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m reading. Please go back to your silent glaring. Thanks.”


“No, I believe that’s what you’re called.”

One moment he wasn’t there and the next he was walking silently down the stairs. Without turning around Nikita closed her book and grinned across the table at the lycan. “Are you nervous yet?”

“No, why should I be?” Of their own accord Vivian’s eyes flicked to the stairs and she tightened her arms around herself. The man passed out on the couch stirred.

“About fucking time Rho. I’m exhausted. Lugging three dead lycans and a vamp is no small task.”

“And I thank you for your assistance Ulrich. Go to your rest. You as well Nikita.”


“No, I can feel your exhaustion. Besides, I believe we will soon need your help. Victoria has disappeared. This time I fear the worst.”

“What?” Ulrich shot up from the couch and Nikita unfolded gracefully from her chair with a horrified expression on her face.


Waving a hand he shook his head. “We’ll talk about this tonight. For now have a peaceful slumber.”

“As well as you Rho,” the two murmured before heading upstairs.

“Hello Vivian.”

“How do you…how do you know my name?”

Rho smiled and shrugged. “I know more than you believe I know. You were a curiosity to me. And I was willing to leave you be until I caught thoughts of Caine and murder in your mind.” His smile faded.

“And that I will not allow. Come, tell me why you think to murder an innocent.”

“An innocent? Under his rule packs would be fractured, friends and family would be killed.”

“Only if they opposed his taking down Ethan.” Rho tilted his head. “And who would do such a foolish thing? Your pack leader? Your little group is not strong enough to overthrow Caine and his followers.”

“They don’t even know him. They follow after him like lost pups because of his father’s memory.”

“Because of the Lancaster legacy. There is a difference. Peace always reigns when a Lancaster is Alpha. Why oppose that? Because your pack leader says? Do you really think the lycans, as a whole, would follow an unknown?”

“They followed Ethan-”

“Because he was a solider to Bernard and the pack knew him.”

“What do you know vampyre?” she snarled.

Getting up Rho came to a stop behind her. He could hear the low, warning rumble coming from her chest. Shaking his head he slowly brought his hands up and placed them gently on her cheeks.

“What do I know? Here, let me show you.” The words were like acid on his tongue. Tightening his hands he closed his eyes and let the guards he placed around his mind to slip a fraction. He felt her jolt as the vastness of his memories flowed from him into her.

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  1. Kayleigh says:

    Needz moar lycan tales plz. D:


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I’m working on it! Already have the general idea for the next prompt…if my game will cooperate with me!Frown


  2. Van says:


    Poor Rho, losing his mama like that Frown His sire was a douche. Not one merciful bone in that guy’s body. I hope he died in pain. GREAT pain.

    Hopefully he got through to Vivian…


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha!! Man, I try to update more frequently but it never happens!Razz Ah well!

    Yeah man! Rho had it rough. Two hundred years of having that guy pretty much put him through the wringer for his own sadistic pleasure. Frown I’m thinking he did die in A LOT of pain. But I was closing in on my word count!Razz I do TRY to stay within it! LOL!

    Oh…we’ll be seeing more of her. Just sayin’…*whistles innocently* Side Frown


  3. Qui says:

    this is sooooooo addictive!
    Rho was such a cute child! the lighting during the flash back was perfect! The tone and words of his mother made it feel like it really was ages ago!
    ok.. now i’m motivated! off to capture chapter 2 lol


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks!Razz And tell me about it. I have to jot down ideas because they’ll just come out of nowhere when I’m dealing with LT!Grin

    I was surprised how cute he was. Haha! Whew! Thanks! I worried about that but I didn’t want to add electric lights. That’s actually how Rho sounds to me. He’s so old school but LOVES technology and stuff.

    DO IT!!! I can’t wait to read!Grin


  4. thelook says:

    *sigh* Mr Poetic got a whole lot deeper Heart He is such a cutie and that locco Vivian (GAH, MY EVIL NAMESAKE! Really Pissed ) has NO idea of what he went through. And his ‘creator’ dude man person? BYOTCH! I know he has to feed but on Rho’s’ mama? Big Frown Last note – Ulrich and Nolan have met? Because according to on the couch Ulrich asks have you met Nolan .. I think anyways. *taps nose*


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! I love Rho. I don’t use him nearly enough! *sigh* She needs a smidgen of what happened. Just the first year but not the whole thing. She doesn’t know nearly enough…

    I know right? Which is why Rho is trying to make sure vamps DON’T feed off humans. Frown

    Yeah, they met! When Alana and Nolan got into that bit of trouble with the rouge vamp. Plus Ulrich helped Nolan move into his new place. Razz I just didn’t write that all in. Wink


  5. Lotus says:

    I began reading along a while ago and was waiting for an update to comment.

    Rho was a very… appealing looking child. Hmm… Adorable doesn’t seem to be the right word. He almost has a thoughtful maturity to him.

    His sire’s manner of speech seems like it should be accompanying with a cackle and twisting of his mustache. Very classically devious.

    And excellent vomit image there Wink

    I can’t help but wonder if the timing of this was a little motivated by the cliff-hanger from last chapter. The suspense is killing me!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh! Hi there! *waves* Updates are never set in stone here so sorry about the wait!Frown

    I know what you mean. When I aged him down I just thought he looked so young but still looking out at the world with old eyes. I guess he’s always been that way.

    His sire probably did practice that move in the mirror when no one was looking!Razz

    LOL! Thanks! I debated on using it but then my game was acting weird so…yeah!

    I had this one planned(I was going to go with Summer for the prompt but this one turned out better I think!) because I needed to move some people around and add more depth to Rho.

    And I’m always leaving cliffhangers!Razz But back to Caine, Alana and the gang next prompt!Grin


  6. Sinclair says:

    Rho was such a beautiful child! I thought he was a girl at first. I’m curious to know though, why didnt his eye grow back? Are you ignoring that whole invulnerable thing vampires normally have?

    And Vivian is lucky Rho is so kind. I’m positive anyone else would have let that girl drop her off the deck.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He does have a feminine look to him. It’s weird since I didn’t do anything but take the eye mask off. When he’s older he doesn’t look that girlie! Hrmm..

    I think them being invulnerable depends on the situation. Say his arm had been cut off it’d be weird for it to grow back. It’s the same with his eye. Tissue and nerves were completely severed. Growing that back would be implausible. At least in my story!Razz

    Rho’s had enough unkindness in his life to want to extend kindness to everyone. Which may be his one true weakness…not the sun.


  7. goodbye_sun says:

    Rho has always been quite compassionate then, and he seems to have also have had a close connection to his four-legged friends too.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yep! I like that about his character! Most of my characters are loud and just say whatever but Rho thinks before he speaks!

    Funny story! That dog just walked onto the lot and Rho went outside to play with him so I just went with it because of his connection. I’m glad you picked up on that!Grin


  8. Azzy says:

    HOW did i miss this chapter?! I absolutely loved the flashback, it was beautifully executed!

    Yay for kiddie Rho.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    You had/have a lot going on! Now worries!Grin Thank you!!! I worry about it. The clothing and the wording! Blah! LOL! I appreciate it!

    Kiddie Rho was awesomely cute!


  9. gayl says:

    Nicely adds depth to Rho’s character. Now we see why he is the way he is. What a horrible way to find his mama though. Poor guy.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah!Frown I feel for him! He and his mama were pretty close(as you can tell) and what child needs to see that? *sigh*

    Thank you Gayl!Grin


  10. Freestar says:

    Awwwww, poor Rho…my hear wept for him. No child should have to deal with something like that at such a young age. Poor baby.

    Fantastic writing and picture taking…beautiful update as always.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I know! I don’t know why I make my kids have such horrible childhoods. Seriously!!Frown

    Thank you!!Grin I had fun doing this set up pics!


  11. s@ndy says:

    Frown Poor Rho… I feel so sorry for him and all he went through… I’m glad he didn’t turned out to be all crazy like that man…
    Rho looks like a very good vampire… who is the wolf he was feeding as a child? I was thinking it could be Caine’s father, but then I thought it couldn’t be… seems like that memory took place like hundreds and hundreds years ago…Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah…I felt sorry for Rho as well. Frown It wasn’t his fault and that’s only a small part of what he went through!

    It was just a random dog that came on the lot so I used him!Razz But it did happen several hundred years ago so it’s not Bernard! Wink


  12. cheripye says:

    Hmmm just what is Rho, obviously he’s a good guy but I dont really know for certain. Perhaps he isnt… and the girl, really now she wants to kill Caine. Nice insight to the Lancaster name! REALLY NICE!

    Dang nice look back at Rho! how old is this Vampyre? must be hundreds if not thousands of years and wow I liked the look at how he became. 80)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Rho is a vamp…but different! He’s always been strong and powerful and becoming a vamp just increased that!

    Vivian’s pack leader(Odin) has always had it out for Caine!Frown

    Thank you! I try to put things in without throwing it in your face! haha!

    He’s pretty old. I would say almost 6, 7 hundred years old. Thank you! I figured he needed some sort of background!Grin


  13. valpre says:

    I loved the transition back to Rho’s past. Skillfully done Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thank you! Another one is coming up soon! Rho is just so mysterious his story needs to be told but it would over take the main story if I let it!


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