Prompt 063

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, supernatural, romance, suspense
Characters: Bernard, Caine, Ethan, Dom, Julius, Alana
Prompt: 063~Summer
Word Count: 1, 633~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Memories are hard to repress
Warnings: Language

Safehouse. May 7, 2009. 0745hrs

Caine could feel Alana’s eyes drilling into the back of his head urging him to speak.  Shifting on the couch he cleared his throat.

“Nice hair cut.”

“Thanks. Miss Alana said that I needed a different look since people were probably looking for me. And she said that she didn’t want you near my hair. What did she mean? I like your hair cut.”

“Oh, just a little something that she can’t get past even though I was helping her!”


“Anyways, I’ll show you how to spike your hair like this alright pup?”


Caine opened his mouth to say something else but was distracted by a play on the field.

“Oh come on!” It came out a growl as he watched a player drop a perfect pop fly.

“He should have caught that. Pop flies are the easiest out that you can possibly get.”

Caine felt the kid inching toward him but instead of snarling at him like he usually did he jerked his head toward the screen. “You like baseball huh?”

“Yeah, I like any kinda sports but my dad…” He stopped talking. Just like he always did when the conversation rolled around to his dad and Caine was in the room. Almost as if the boy thought he was going to pounce on him and kill him for the sins of the father.

“Your dad didn’t let you play?”

“Yeah…but he took all the fun out of it. I had to be the best all the time. I couldn’t just play for fun. If I lost…”

“He didn’t hit you did he?”

Julius flinched away when Caine growled. “No, he didn’t hit me. My mom…my mom used to stick up for me.”


“Caine! Language! Is anyone hungry?”

Before Alana had finished the sentence Julius was at her side. Laughing, she reached down and ruffled his hair. He leaned against her for a moment before sighing.

“My mom does that too.”

“I could eat a little more,” Julius replied as Alana asked him if he wanted seconds.  Caine didn’t know why she even bothered asking. The boy could put it back. But then again all Lycan pups could.  They burned off a lot of calories just standing still so he couldn’t imagine how much Julius used just running his mouth…like he was now.

“And one day my mom let me play hooky from school and we went to a baseball game. A real baseball game. I got an autograph from one of my favorite players. It was awesome! It was like, like spring break rolled into one day. It was the best days of my life!”

“You haven’t lived nearly long enough to have a best day of your life. Just wait and…”

He stopped as he realized who had said those words and when.

“Caine? Are you okay? Caine?”

“Was it something I said?” Julius asked in a whisper.

“No, no it’s…”

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  1. thelook says:

    Frown This makes me realise how hard it must be for Caine! All those years ago, and not knowing what was to come… and to think he may have to kill Ethan.

    And I mean it’s not like he’s killing JUST Ethan – that’s Julius’ dad, his second cousin (?) and Dom’s… well yeah.Lol!

    But overall Ethan too was his Dad’s murderer (even if other people were involved Ethan was still the catalyst right?). Was Dom involved in it too? Because if so, it really puts them all in different perspectives!

    Caine just isn’t Mr. Hardman-trying-to-get-Alana-too he might have to do murder! Sweet Mother of Pearl, someone should deck Ethan a good one for his selfishness – with power comes responsibilities something in which it looks like he was never willing to handle.

    (PS. Oh yes, this is my deep emotional piece ;] Next thing you know – ‘Most Dramatic Comment On Lycan Tales’ – THELOOK! Wonder what my acceptance speech’ll be…)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    It has been extremely hard for Caine. This has been weighing heavily on him which is why he really doesn’t talk about it. It’s one thing to kill someone in battle but to have to plot it is a WHOLE different thing!Frown

    Yes, it’s his second cousin and Caine sees himself in Julius. Caine was about the same age when he lost his dad. And yeah, Dom was involved. She was standing right there in the background and she was one of the wolves in the first prompt who went after Caine. And Ethan was the catalyst. He set everything in motion so he has A LOT coming to him.

    Sweet Mother of Pearl! YAY for Spongebob!!!Grin Nah, Ethan has been all about the power but he pawns the responsibilities on someone else.

    Hahaha!!! I enjoyed having this conversation with you!Razz


  2. Kayleigh says:

    Wtf jerk you take forever to come out with this shit and it’s only like 2 sentences long!?

    I’mma hafta keep tabs on yo ass, ain’t I? |:<


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    TWO sentences? Did you click the 2 down at the bottom? There’s a word count here jerkette!Razz It’s almost 2,000 words LONG! Not saying it wasn’t going to be more. I cut out pictures because otherwise it would have been longer! Blah!

    What keep tabs on me? *innocent look* And why aren’t my motherfreakin’ smiley’s showing up?Frown


  3. Azzy says:

    yay! update! And how cute is kidlet Caine?!

    I think that Ethan might have planned his little stunt for many, many years, son.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! Thanks Az! I know, it’s been over a month! Gah! I KNOW! I thought the same thing when I went back into their house! I was all awwww!!!

    Yep! He sure did. I think Caine just realized that after remembering that Ethan had that look on his face all those years ago.


  4. Qui says:

    what a cutie Caine was as a kid. The relationship he had with his dad was sweet.

    Julius definitely has a place in my heart! he comes across so sweet and innocent like the kids version of Caine.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! Yeah, I never got a chance to really play him as a child! I love the flashbacks though!Grin He and his dad were close.

    I ♥ Julius. He’s so sweet and he tries to do right. He’s way better than his father.


  5. Van says:

    I wish I could reach into the screen and give Julius a hug. He needs one–he’s just a kid and he’s separated from his mom, and he realizes that his cousin might have to kill his dad (even if said dad is an asshole) Frown

    And Caine Frown With all those years in the asylum with nothing to do but replay the murder over and over in his head, that day in the park probably was the best day of his life so far Frown


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I know!!! *huggles Julius* He SO needs one. He’s going through the same thing Caine did but it’s even worse because he knows his dad is going to have to fight to the death. And he’s torn. It’s a hard place to be.

    Gah! I know! He tries not to think about his past but certain things just bring it rushing back and he struggles with that. He’s never really talked to anyone about it either!Frown And yeah. It probably was. Frown


  6. muzegoddess says:

    I loved the scene at the playground; so touching and bittersweet. Caine had a wonderful father and it’s a shame that he’s gone. Yes, he’s going to have to kill Ethan and I hate to say it but Julius will probably be better off for it. So will Dom for that matter.

    I know it’s not permanent or intentional but this little make shift family that Caine Alana and Julius have formed is really sweet.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    It was. Frown I thought it was fitting seeing as how Caine was pretty much thrust into manhood without a chance to be a child…and his dad wanted him to be a kid for as long as possible. Julius will be better off without Ethan as will Dom but both of them still have that connection to him. Blood is thicker than water. Even more so in a pack.

    LOL!! Julius can’t stay aloof very long and he’s warming up to Caine…and Caine to him. And Alana just has a soft heart…which is what lead to her being in this situation in the first place. Confused


  7. s@ndy says:

    That was so sweet, and so painful at the same time.. It was great to see a little bit of Caine’s childhood., he really was a very happy child, so different from Julius…
    Of course Bernard was a wonderful loving parent… Ethan is just pure evil, egocentric and completely selfish!
    I’m sure when the time comes, Julius will not miss his father at all…
    I also agree that the connection between the trio is fantastic, it feels like real family! I just wish Dom was there with Julius… I’m sure the day will come!!!

    Really nice update, it was great to look back and compare little Caine with lil Julius!!!
    Great job! Kiss In Love


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ohh…I didn’t even realize that Sandy. The parallels between young Caine and Julius. They did grow up vastly different. Interesting, interesting!

    Bernard loved Caine above anything else. He was a big old teddy bear around his son. I don’t think Caine ever saw his vicious side. The side that he needed to be alpha. And no, I don’t think Julius will miss his dad at all.

    LOL! Those three are a trip. Caine is always rejecting Julius for something and Alana is always sitting down talking to him. It’s weird!Razz

    Dom being there will happen…soon~ish!Razz

    Thank you Sandy! I appreciate it!


  8. Kayvon11 says:

    So great to see an update! I agree with everyone here this was refreshing reflection into Caine’s childhood memories of his father and the stark contrast in what memories Julius will ultimately have with his father. Here’s hoping that Caine will be a positive male influence in his life from here on out. Lord knows he needs one badly! So much is brewing under the surface of this story! Whatever goes down with Caine and Ethan is sure to be explosive( if he’s the one to get to him first.) I am so looking forward to the next update – and BTW you pics are fantastic! Crystal clear and brilliantly detailed. Whatever you did is working for you! I loved them!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks! I missed these guys but with how long it took to load my game plus getting into neighborhoods and then crashing…it was stressing me out! LOL!!

    Thank you! Like I said, I don’t know where this chapter came from. But once the idea came to me I went with it and am happy with how it turned out. And how strange is it that I really didn’t think about the parallels until you guys brought it up?

    Underneath his gruff exterior Caine is a softy and I think Julius is growing on him…and Julius DOES need someone positive in his life!

    I know! Blah! I didn’t expect it to! I didn’t blame for it either. I just hope I can connect all the threads without leaving everyone confused!Razz

    It’s SO going to be explosive…regardless of who takes down Ethan!Grin

    Oh!! haha! Thanks! I really didn’t do anything new to the pics. Used PSP instead of photoscape to edit. What I did do is add a new plugin that resizes the pictures so they’re slightly bigger. Maybe that’s the difference? But I’ll take the compliment all the same!Grin


  9. Yuichen says:

    I adore Julius. I love the way he rattles on and on, and the way Caine reacts to him. Though that last bit… ouch =/ I didn’t quite know what the connection was, and you know what? I realized I was dumb enough not to read this from the beginning once I found it! -.-

    *goes back*


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! He’s such a kid! I can’t imagine him on a sugar high! That would be INSANE!

    Yeah…I try and make it so that it’s easy for people to hop right in and get the gist but sometimes little details from previous chapters are semi-important! Pretty much Ethan was just making sure his plot to kill Bernard went down. And poor Julius knows the laws of the wild: Survival of the fittest!


  10. S.B. says:

    Of all the things you’ve written, this hit me so hard. Brought tears to my eyes and the cliche lump in my throat. Caine sees his life being replayed here, but in a strange broken distorted mirror. The love and support he received from his father, Julius has never known that. It is an evil situation. Horrible. And the last line broke me apart.

    Powerful, wonderful. And lovely clear water washed shots. Beautiful perfect creation!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Awwww!! *hugs Beth* I don’t know if I should apologize or be glad that my words and visuals touched you so deeply!

    And that’s exactly what’s going on. And in the end it’ll most likely have the same outcome. A child will be fatherless. Poor Julius. He’s so loveable but Ethan doesn’t see that. He wants a carbon copy of him but Julius will NEVER be like him.

    That last line was tough. I deleted it, then rewrote it, then deleted it again before finally deciding to go with my gut and just leave it be! LOL!

    Thank you Beth!!Grin I really appreciate it!


  11. goodbye_sun says:

    Julius is such a riot – there’s just no stopping that mouth of his.

    And I know Ethan is his father, but I have to think that Julius would not be so terribly sad to have him gone for good. He deserves having much kinder male figures in his life, probably why he tries to adhere himself to Caine Razz


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I ♥ him!Grin There really isn’t! That’s what makes him so amusing!

    I don’t think he’ll feel sad either. Especially if Caine is there to stick around. LOL!! Writing those two together are so much fun!


  12. gayl says:

    Julius is wise beyond his years. And I think that Caine is in a really hard spot here. Despite the pain he carried all those years over his father’s death and the constant loss that you can never get rid of, he still feels regret that Julius will suffer the same fate. Honestly what choice does Caine have here?

    Wonderful, emotional writing and fantastic pictures!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He is. It’s sad!Frown And that’s so true Gayl he doesn’t want Julius to go through the same thing. But at least Julius will have his mom…perhaps. And he doesn’t have a choice. Survival of the fittest and all that!Razz

    Thank you!Grin


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