Prompt 052

Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Alana, Rho, Nikita, Ulrich
Prompt: 052~Star
Word Count: 1,430~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: A bit of Alana’s past is revealed.
Warnings: Sims sitting around doing a lot of talking.

Rho’s personal residence. May 9, 2009. 1832 hrs

“You can relax you know. I’m not going to bite you.”

Alana stopped biting on her thumbnail when Rho spoke. She suddenly realized she was tensed and leaning as far away from him as she possibly could.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, forcing her body to relax.

Rho shrug languidly.  “It is what it is no? You don’t know me. Why would you trust me?”

“Caine trusts you.”

“And you trust Caine so by that logic I suppose you think you must trust me as well?”


Laughing softly as he shifted on the bench Rho nodded to the children playing over by the swing set. “That kind of trust, that child like trust, is better left to the innocent yes? As an adult trust is something that has to be earned. Children give it away so freely and rebound so quickly when it is broken don’t they?”

“I guess they do.”

“Talia’s mother dropped her off at my club when she was an infant. A product of a forced breeding. Mitchell came looking for his sister and stayed on with me. I enjoy having them around. It remind me faintly of my own childhood.  You are a teacher correct?”

Alana dug a nail into one of the boards. “I was.”

“What was? You still are. Just because you are not teaching now does not make you any less a teacher. When all this is over you will still teach.”

“Of course! I miss it.”

“Why don’t you have any children of your own? You’re fertile.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Ah, my apologizes. Sometimes I forget how sensitive humans can be about certain things. Although you are not fully human anymore your mind still clings to those ways.”

“And your mind doesn’t?”

“I have not been human for many, many years child.”

The wind brought the fragrance of the flowers and the laughter of the children in their direction. Rho leaned back and gently ran a finger over a flower petal.  He smiled, making sure his fangs were covered, when Alana turned and looked at him curiously.

“I don’t mean to be rude but just how old are you?”

“I am one of the oldest you will probably meet. Most of the elders like to keep to themselves, imbibe on the blood of the willing humans and recount days long gone. Rarely do they look to the future.  To them a hundred years is just a blink and will soon pass…and we will still be here.”

“Why are you different?”

Rho carefully plucked a flower and brought it to his nose. Closing his eyes he inhaled. A small smile worked his way onto his face. Opening his eyes he handed the blossom to Alana. “Tell me what you smell.”

Giving him a quizzical look she gave the flower a quick sniff. Immediately dozens of scents invaded her nose and images danced across her brain. “I smell…I smell…the scent of the flower, perfume from a woman, grass, dirt, rain…”

Rho nodded. “What else?”

Closing her eyes Alana took another carefully sniff. A small furrow formed between her eyebrows before it cleared. Opening her eyes she handed the flower back to Rho with a smile.

“I smell the sun.”

“Indeed. I believe I am different because I can still remember the feel of the sun on my skin without fear.”

“But you’re out in the sun now.”

“‘The sun is but a morning star.’ Dying rays. They are nothing. But the sun at noon? Even that is something that my skin can not tolerate without repercussion. But well do I remember my boyhood days of frolicking in the yard behind our house.”

“You weren’t born a vampyre?”

“I was not, nor was I given a choice in becoming one.”

Opening her mouth to ask another question she slowly shut it when he rose from his seat. Leaning against a beam he looked down at her.

“And what of you?”

She shifted uncomfortable. “What about me?”

“What of your family? Caine says that you do not speak of them.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“It’s family. There is always something to talk about.” Rounding the bench Rho came around the back and leaned forward. “What of your  mother?”

“I told Caine. She was in the military.”

“Interesting. We have no records of a Westford in the military.”

“You…what? Have you been digging into my background?”

“Yes. I will do that and more to protect Caine and my clan. Now, tell me of your mother.”

Blowing out a breathe Alana reached up and tucked a stand of hair behind her ear. “My mother wasn’t around a lot. I just told everyone she was in the military. It was easier.”

“Easier than what?”

“Then telling everyone that my mother was chasing after a man who was always one step ahead of her.”

“Your father?”

“Yeah. I remember growing up and knowing that my father was going to come for a visit by the way my mom acted. He was her everything. When he was around she was just so bright and alive. But when he was gone she was like a yawning hole. She got it into her head that if she found him we would be this perfect little family.”

“You have no idea who your father is?”

“No. There’s a blank space on my birth certificate.”

“Well, we could take a sample of your blood and match it to what we have in our database. He would have had to be Lycan for you to turn the way you did.”

She turned to stare at him in shock. “You have a database?”

He gave her an incredulous look. “Alana, this is the twentieth century. Of course we have a database.  Come.”

Alana wiped at the sweat trickling down her nape then half heartedly dropped a few seeds into a hole Rho had dug.  She was trying really hard not to think about all the possible germs that were in the ground around her. She was also trying not to think about her family.  It was depressing and she wasn’t usually one to wallow around in self-pity.  It got her nowhere. No one had a perfect family.  She was just another statistic.

“Wow, that’s one way to sink into depression,” she muttered aloud.

“You say something?” Rho asked.  When she shook her head he frowned then went back to humming contentedly under his breathe.  What kind of vampyre had a greenhouse?

“My mother loved flowers and, I assume, I got that same love to grow things from her. Imagine, a nearly infertile being loving the fertile soil.  I’m sure a therapist would love to study that.” He chuckled then pointed a finger at her. “You were projecting.  You must control that.  Otherwise it will be an easy enough feat for another vampyre like Franklin to find you.”

“I never had the chance to thank you for helping that night.”

“By the time I arrived there was no helping, only clean up. Come, tell me why you sad.”

Alana realized that Rho’s accent had grown thicker the longer they’d been in the greenhouse. Maybe he felt closer to his own mother in here. Sighing, she started to toss another seed but Rho gently captured her wrist.

“The fruit that grows bears the fruit of our thoughts. Happy thoughts when planting so we may produce good fruits and vegetables yes?”

“I guess. I never really gardened before.  And why do you since you can’t eat it?”

“I can masticate. But…”


“It’s most uncomfortable having to rid myself of it.”

“Ohhh…” She nodded when he rubbed his stomach.

“Besides, I must feed the child. And she eats-”

“All the time!”

Rho laughed.  “Indeed.  Now, why are you sad?”

Alana opened her mouth to speak but the door burst open.

“Sorry to interrupt Rho but we have news.”

“Well, hello little human. You must be Alana. I’m Ulrich and this impatient woman is Nikkita.”

“Hello. How do you do?” Alana briefly made eye contact with the two standing in front of the door then quickly whipped around to try and pick at the dirt that had gotten onto her skirt. Where there any normal looking vampyres, she wondered.

Rho studied the pair before sighing heavily. “You have news on Victoria.”

“Yes, it appears she’s aligned herself with Ethan.”

“It is as I thought. Let us go inside. Caine will want to be informed.”


Rho quoted part of Henry David Thoreau: ‘The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us. Only that day dawns to which we are awake. There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star.’ I love quotes! I have several books and a load of quote sites bookmarked. It’s an addiction I tell you! Prompt word=Alana’s mom following after her father as if he were the north star on her internal compass. Also Rho keeping his mom’s memory shining bright. Sorry for the talky-talky post. But Rho always wants to get to know people! Blah!Razz


  1. thelook says:

    I forgot about Victoria for a sec! Then she had to come back (well be mentioned) … along with Ethan Frown
    Hm, wonder how Alana will react about Ethan. ‘Cos he did kinda try to kill her. But then Greg came! So wahoo, for Greg Laugh

    Alana, you are not a statistic. You are a woman who makes changes to the life of children daily. (And you still do, because your students might miss you!). And Rho, bless him. Heart

    (By the way, my name is clickable now! I’ve always wanted to say that Silly It’s still in the starting process but whatever).


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ahhh…she’s always in the back of my mind. Her and Ethan!Frown

    Hmm…should be interesting! She usually keeps her feelings closely guarded but around Caine and Rho she might just break…not in a good way!O_o

    I know that and you know that but Alana was having a much needed pity party. She does miss teaching though. Julius will see that because she has plans for him! Haha!

    Ohhhh!!! *clicky, clicky*


  2. Qui says:

    i like all the talking! I could so hear him talking! accent and all! he seems sad like he never really got over losing his mother tho. i just want to hug him!

    i am interested to see if Alana looks for her father.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I kept talking to Rho: “Rho, stop talking! No, don’t ask that. Just stop talking!” but he kept going on and on so I just went with it!Razz Oh, that’s awesome! I’m glad that his voice is so clear! And no, he never got over it. It was the start of the life that he didn’t want. And he never got a chance to say good-bye.Frown

    I’m interested to see if she looks for her dad as well…if he’s still alive…


  3. Van says:

    Nothing wrong with talking, Phoenix! Granted, I may be biased because all I ever write these days is talking Razz

    I wonder who Alana’s father is. Would it be someone we’ve met? I think the only introduced wolves old enough to be her father are Bernard and Ethan, and I’m kinda hoping it’s neither of them (and for very different reasons).

    *gets in line to give Rho a hug*


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Razz Thanks Van!! But your talking is great!!Grin

    Nah, it’s no one that we’ve met. He’d be from a completely different pack! And OMG that would be so wrong if it was Bernard! Sick I’m not THAT mean Van!! Haha!! And as for Ethan…he was/is always carefully about who he sleeps with. He wouldn’t touch a human with a ten foot pole. He’s such a snob!

    Awww!!! Look at Rho having people wanting to hug him!!Razz


  4. goodbye_sun says:

    I bet Alana never expected to have a heart to heart with Rho of all people, but it was good for her to hear that the future could actually be fairly normal, and she could eventually have a stable life again at some point.

    And so sweet with the kids playing cops and robbers in the background Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No, no she didn’t! She’s not one to just open up to be. Which is why she tried to keep Caine at arms length. And she needed to hear that things might go back to normal. She just has to adjust her stance on normal!

    Haha!! You caught that did you?! That did that by themselves and I just went with it!


  5. S.B. says:

    I love the conversation between Rho and Alana. She’s given up a lot, and taken on a lot, and she definitely needed that reassurance. No, her life won’t ever be the same, but neither does she have to give up everything meaningful. Wonderful writing!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks S.B.!!!Grin I think she needed to talk to someone who remembers what it’s like to be human and struggled with that change. Rho struggled for centuries so I think he can understand where she’s coming from.

    And you’re right. Her life won’t be the same…it might be even better!Smile


  6. Lotus says:

    I demand that you retract that apology immediately. PERFECT! Absolutely perfect!

    Truly, I’m falling in love with Rho and his accent. I can almost hear it. You’ve written it so well. And he seems like such a wise and darling man.

    I’m so eager to learn who Alana’s father is now!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Yes ma’am!!Razz Aww! Thank you!

    I’ve come to enjoy writing Rho as well. Believe it or not he was supposed to be like Nolan: Only in one or two prompts and then never seen or heard from again. We all see how that went yeah? It’s because he’s just a sweetheart!

    I am too!! haha!! Wait…should I have said that!?Razz


  7. Camzi says:

    I find the conversation between Alana and Rho touching. Alana’s past is so sad… Cry some of the moments in there are deeply sentimental. Good job with the story! It’s going great! Yes


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thank you!Smile Alana’s past is really something she doesn’t like to talk about. She focuses more on the future…and making sure she’s not like her mother!

    I appreciate you stopping by and reading!Smile


  8. muzegoddess says:

    How interesting that Alana’s mother chased after her father and Alana ends up chasing after Caine. One pursuit brought about her life and the other changed her life forever. I’m glad to get a closer look ad her history. Somehow I have a feeling that it is going to be pivitol to what will happen down the line.

    As usual your shots are gorgeous the writing engaging in every way.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Parallels abound in their world let me tell you. Alana didn’t know what she was getting into though. Remember, she just thought Caine was a dog! Poor girl! LOL!! Yeah, I figured it was time to peel back some of her layers(God, I was watching Shrek on TV earlier this week) to see that she’s not as put together as she would like everyone to think. And it will be. It never fails! Haha!!

    Awww! Thanks!Grin I really, really appreciate the comment seeing as how your own work is stunning!


  9. s@ndy says:

    oh oh… they found out what Vicky is doing!! lol she is going to be in trouble!!!

    The talk between Rho and Alana was really interesting! I’m so happy you didn’t made Rho like all the other vampires out there, he is more human than a human…he is kind and loving, and so full of surprises, I never imagine he would have a green house!

    I wonder if Alana will try to find her father… there is an expression in Spanish that goes “La Sangre Llama” something like “blood calls”, your blood recognize and has the necessity to find and acknowledge those who are/were connected to you, your blood will always recognize/search/forgive/help/love your own blood…

    lol.. Laugh sorry that explanation had nothing to do with your chapter…

    your chapter was great, I love their conversation, we learned a lot about Alana and Rho, and the backgrounds were really beautiful and the children playing awww, just inspiring!!

    and the cliffhanger!!! Victoria is in trouble… Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha!! Yep! I had to bring her back into. I don’t like loose ends because then I have to go back and explain things when I should just be moving on! Blah!Razz

    Thank you!Smile I was worried it was too much talking but I like how it turned out as well. Rho made himself. I had no idea how he was going to turn out actually so I’m glad so many people like him!Grin I’m enjoying how he turned out!Grin Haha! Rho, is definitely different!

    I wonder that too. I don’t have many props left in this table so who knows where the story is going to lead! Who knows…oh! I like that Sandy! That really sums up everything I think!

    I really appreciate it Sandy! I have to get over to your story!

    Haha!! Thank you! I actually built Rho’s house so we’ll definitely be seeing more of him and his residence! LOL!

    Victoria is definitely in trouble! Wink


  10. gayl says:

    There is nothing quite like a vampire quoting Thoreau…

    This was a nice interlude and something that I think Alana really needed. The stage you set with the lighting as well as your words just fit perfectly.

    And Victoria is aligned with Ethan…I wonder if that is a ruse or if she really thinks that is the winning team…I guess we’ll see… Confused


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ahhh…I love Thoreau! Rho just made it sound ten times better! LOL!!

    Thank you!Smile I think she needed it as well. I love the radiance lighting mode! I can’t help it!

    Yes, we shall see! Who knows? Wink


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