Prompt 098


Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Alana, Caine
Prompt: 098~Innocence {Writer’s Choice}
Word Count: 1, 420~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Once it’s gone there’s no turning back…
Warnings: Language, nudity, reference to rape

The streets of Hillcrest. May 1, 2009. 0303 hrs.


“Just what where you thinking huh? You weren’t were you? Of course you weren’t! You couldn’t have been to do something so incredibly stupid!” The leather from the steering wheel creaked as his hands tightened.

“Jesus Christ Alana! I leave you alone for a few hours and this happens. You almost get yourself killed-”

“He didn’t want to kill me,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper.

Caine’s head snapped around and his upper lip curled. “Do you have any idea what he wanted to do with you? Do you?” He went on before she could reply. “He was twisted. He would have taken you back to his home and raped you over and over again until you were pregnant. Once you had the baby he would have killed…if you were lucky. He might have just kept you for feeding. Damn it to fucking hell! I should have made him suffer.”


Wetting her dry lips she forced herself to speak past a tight throat. “Is Nolan okay?”

“Nolan? Oh, when I left him he was fine. That probably won’t be the case the next time I see him. I trusted him to protect you and he broke that trust. I won’t forget that.”

“He was protecting me. He-”

“If he had been protecting you he would have kept your ass at the apartment instead of taking you out. What were you thinking Alana? Answer me that!”


“Don’t. Just don’t talk to me right now Alana.”

Crossing her arms over her breasts she shivered and edged closer to the door. A tense silence fell only broken by the sound of the heater that Caine angrily flicked on.

Safe house. May 1, 2009. 0400 hrs


“It figures that Rho would consider a ‘safe house’ an entire empty building. Because that’s not obvious at all,” Caine grumbled as the elevator doors opened. Stepping out he took a cautious sniff before grabbing hold of Alana’s arm and pulling her down the hall after him. He could feel the tremors shaking her body and cursed underneath of his breath.  He didn’t know if she was shaking because she was afraid of him, terrified of what had happened or cold. It was probably a mixture of all three and, as pissed off as he was, he didn’t want her to be afraid of him.

Unlocking the door he ushered Alana in then quickly put all the locks in place. He heard Alana shift behind him and spinning around crowded her against the door.


He stared silently at her and she bravely tried to hold his gaze before looking away. His mouth tightened as he took in every one of her scars.

“Are you going to say anything?” he demanded as the silence stretched.

“I’m tired.”

Blinking in astonishment his arms dropped to his side. Alana took advantage of the space and taking a quick side step walked around him.

“That’s all you have to say?”

“You seemed pretty happy doing all the talking Caine.” Snapping was a better word but she didn’t want to get into an argument. She really was tired. She felt as if she could sleep for days. Anything to forget the last few hours.


Sighing, she took a few steps into the large living room. The sofa looked comfortable. She’d slept on worse over the last few weeks. She heard Caine’s growl but ignoring it she continued into the room. His hands landed on her arms and suddenly there was a flurry of movement.

“Shit!” Caine snarled as he tried to grasp her flailing arms but she kept snapping and snarling at him. Not wanting her to hurt herself he held up his hands in a placating manner…and then he was flying in the air. He landed with a jarring thud on the opposite side of the couch.


“All I want to do is sleep!” she snapped.  “I’ve had a very trying morning. I try to help you out and instead get it shoved in my face. Repeatedly. Because of me Nolan almost died, I was almost kidnapped by a vamprye who had every intention of forcing himself on me, I changed into something that for my entire life I thought was fantasy and I killed a man. So excuse me if I don’t want to talk or be pawed!”


“Don’t you princess me. Just…oh god!”


“I killed a man! Where’s the bathroom? I’m going to be sick.”

“Alana!” He started after her but stopped when the phone started to ring. Looking around frantically for it and trying to keep an ear out for Alana he found it in an alcove. His hand hovered over the handset when the machine clicked on.

“Duncaine, if you would please pick up the phone I would appreciate it.”

He snatched it off the cradle. “Yeah Rho?”


“Just wanted to make sure you made it to the residence alright.”

“Rho, this is an abandoned warehouse.”

“Yes, enough room for whom ever should need it. Have you stopped yelling at her now Caine?”

Exhaling hard through his nose Caine closed his eyes. “Yeah, I guess so. Jesus Rho, she took years off my life.”

“Indeed. Can you imagine how she felt at the thought of you in danger? Just because she hasn’t declared it Caine doesn’t mean she doesn’t think of you as her mate.”



Gnawing on a hangnail Caine shook his head. “Never mind. Where’s the bathroom in this place?”

“Take the elevator up to the second floor. Turn left down the hall and then another left. Then-”

“Hold the fuck on Rho.” He rolled his eyes when Rho laughed. “How’s Nolan?”

“He’s…upset.  I’ve already moved him into another residence. I’ll watch over him.”

“Thank you.” Following Rho’s instructions he soon stood outside the bathroom. He raised his hand to knock when he heard a sob. His heart stuttered in his chest as his grip tightened on the phone.

“Charge the phones Duncaine and I’ll talk to you later,” Rho said softly before disconnecting. Caine leaned forehead against the door as he heard the shower turn on.


After brushing her teeth Alana filled a glass with water and took a sip. The coldness eased her irritated throat. She felt as if she’d thrown up the entire contents of her stomach and then some. She brought the glass to her mouth to take another sip but paused when she caught sight of her reflection. Who was the person staring back at her? She wasn’t the same Alana Westfield of a month ago. The Alana of then would have been tucked away in bed, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep. That Alana would wake up promptly at six, with or without an alarm, and go about her daily routine before heading to school. School. Where did everyone think she had gone? Did they think she was dead? Who had taken over her classroom? That had been her life and she had enjoyed it.

Putting the glass on the counter she studied her reflection. The person staring back at her had a shadowed look in her eyes and scars that, even now, were healing. She wasn’t the same person and there was no way she could go back to her old life. Too much had happened in such a short span of time. Gripping the edge of the sink she felt bile rise in her throat but forced it back. A sob escaped instead. Pressing her lips tightly together she hurried over to the shower. Flicking on the shower she didn’t even wait for it to warm before stepping in.


She didn’t know how much time had passed but the shower was suddenly turned off and she was gently lifted out. She struggled to get away from him, he couldn’t see her like this,  he already thought she was weak, but slowly relaxed as he crooned roughly in her ear.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

She stiffened again. “For what?” she asked as he lowered them onto the big carpet. Without conscience thought her body curled into his. “I’m the one who’s sorry. I almost got all of us killed.”

“I’m sorry for bringing you into this mess. It wasn’t your fight.”

“It is now.” There was no bitterness in her voice, just resignation.

“I know.”


Link to safe house takes you to Sims Urbania(yes, I love that place) . The loft is by Bree. This is their new residence…as far as I know of! I uploaded the pics different so let me know if you see anything wonky!Smile Hopefully the meaning of the prompt came through. Added an entry to ‘On the Couch’ and that’ll do it.


  1. Van says:

    Are there any clothes lying around this safe house? Because by television logic, as two people remain alone in an empty building without any access to clothing for an increasing amount of time, the probability of them reproducing approaches 1 Shock

    Poor Alana. Sure, she was impulsive, but she didn’t really know what she was getting herself into–still new at the whole Lycan thing. I can see why Caine’s pissed at her, but I do think he should try a little harder to understand. Oh well, at least they’re making amends (and pups? Pray )


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LMAO!! There are clothes! I think Caine is going to hate that fact though! But yeah, as soon as Alana is done feeling vulnerable and ish she’s going to demand clothes!

    Yeah, I felt sorry for her. Not only that but she KILLED a person! That’s something that anyone but a psycho would have a hard time wrapping their mind around. Even though if she hadn’t killed him she would have been taken but…yeah.

    And Caine can’t see past the danger. If she ignored him this one time what’s to say she won’t again? With a different outcome!

    LOL @ that smiley Van!Razz


  2. Meralgia says:

    It amuses me to no end how you have them strolling around casually in their birth suit! I was always annoyed by stories with shapeshifters of any kind, where they’d transform together with their clothes. Wtf?? That makes no sense! Still, for some reason them naked makes me lol every time! What can I say, I’m 12. Drunken Razz Bet Caine’s loving it too.
    Poor Alana, she’s in total shock. One day you’re an average school teacher, the next you’re killing vampyres and being a lycan. Talk about lifestyle change. Frown

    Ahem, in case you wonder, this was roughly my reaction after finishing the chapter:
    ROTFL Razz
    I said I was 12. Nerd


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! And THAT’S why I do it! Those type of stories used to annoy me too! Your clothes just ripped to shreds(at least in my mind) there’s no WAY they can still look like you put them on this morning!Frown Ohhh…Caine is TOTALLY loving it!

    *ass grab here, ass grab there* just keeps rolling around in his head!Razz

    Bwhahaha!!! Hahahaha!!! Oh god!!! Laugh ROTFL


  3. S.B. says:

    I definitely understand Alana’s reaction. Not only did she kill a man, but she saw Nolan seriously injured trying to protect her. Actually, I think Caine’s reaction is spot on for most men, never mind what he is. They’re not going to want to ‘talk’ about it, or listen to the woman ‘talk’ about it. He’s concerned; he’s got a lot to deal with. Her safety comes first, then her feelings about stuff.

    I have to say I love your sets here!! The shots are perfect, love the one in the shower!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Me too! She’s in such a state of shock it’s unreal. She was just getting used to the idea and now this? It’s a whole ‘nother ballgame that she’s going to have to adjust to!Frown And yeah, Caine is SO being a man about it! But when isn’t he? *remembers the hair episode* LOL!

    Ohh…haha! Thanks!Smile That’s what took so long for this update! I actually decorated! O_o And that’s one of my favs too! I had to angle her just so because some of those boxes call weird things to happen with the legs(as you know!)


  4. gayl says:

    that last shot was stunning. I feel for Alana…so much has changed in a short period of time that her past life and it’s routine (and innocence) seems like forever ago. And she is right, there probably is no going back.

    It also feels like there is an understanding that is growing between them with each chapter. Almost like acceptance or acknowledgment.

    Beautiful job Phoenix, both the shots and the writing.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Gayl! It was hard to set up. Caine kept wanting to snap somewhere across the room! Gah!

    And yeah, it has. It’s like a whirlwind and she hasn’t been able to sit down and make methodical lists and do her Alana thing!Frown

    There is. Well, for right now. They’ll probably be back snapping and sniffing at each other in no time! Wink But underneath all that…that current of understanding is flowing.

    Thanks so much Gayl! That means a lot!Grin


  5. Qui says:

    This prompt brought me out of lurking!
    I so love Caine, but typical male attitude! Instead of looking at everything she went through to try and help him, he could only focus on the fact that he could have lost her.

    I hope the fact that she killed a man does not eat away at her for too long! Then again, I do enjoy seeing them close like that.

    Great Update! I’m looking forward to the next.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh! Hey Qui! Thanks for de-lurking!Smile

    I ♥ Caine too! And that’s exactly what he did but for him to do anything else would just be unlike him!

    Me too!Frown I think once Caine finally calms enough to talk to her she’ll hopefully see things in a different light. Meaning that different rules apply in this world. I enjoy seeing them close too!Grin

    Thanks so much and OMG! I just realized something! I’ve been looking for your story!!! Glad to see the site back up!Smile I’ll be over there to read after I get off of work! Razz


  6. Elecy says:

    I’m surprised Alana is already so comfortable just walking around naked like Caine. But then again, I wouldn’t even think so much about it in her situation. I mean…Caine is not pretty when he is mad. He’s quite scary, in fact. Poor Alana, though. So much in one night. I’d toss my cookies too from all the anxiety.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    She’s too stressed about everything else to even THINK about being naked. Don’t worry…that’ll come later!Razz

    Haha! Thanks E! I wanted him to come across that way! Yeah, no doubt! I’d definitely be praising the porcelain god myself! Sick


  7. Kayleigh says:

    Now that I’ve read the entire damn story so far, I’m disappointed because there’s not more for me to read yet. ): Keep it up!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! Sorry!! *ducks head* Depending on moods and whatever else I have going on I try to update LT every two weeks. Sometimes I fail and fail HARD!!Frown

    Thanks!Grin And thank you for taking the time to read it all!


  8. goodbye_sun says:

    Neither one is having an easy time of it at all, but once they both get past all the yelling, they do manage to balance each other out well, knowing just what to say and do to make a bad situation better.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    So true! And I never even thought of that. I guess they do balance each other out. How weird is that for them? I’m pretty sure they don’t see it that way though!Razz


  9. Emily says:

    Woot! All caught up! LOL, sorry, just been waiting for SO long, I missed this story! Grin

    These shots were so gorgeous (as always) but I really love the one in the shower and the last one, poor teary eyed Caine, I love seeing him being all sentimental!

    You definitely captured the innocence here, are you crazy?! LOL. I feel so bad for Alana, she’s really been through a lot in a very short time.

    Fabulous update!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No worries! I know how crazy RL can get!

    Thanks! It’s weird. It took me FOREVER to set up shots this time! Frown The shower pic is my favorite! Hence why it’s a teaser shot! Aside from the fact it’s the only one that doesn’t show ‘bits’!Razz I do too! Seeing a teary eyed Caine made me realize how far he’s come!

    Hahaha! Thanks! I worry about that some times! And she really has!

    Thanks again Emily! Grin


  10. cheripye says:

    Nothing like a lovers first argument and apology to get the tenderness flowing. Sage advice from RHO, and poor Nolan, I was worried about him. Awww Caine took a step aside from his cainess grumping to actually see that she was hurting and Still I love Alana, she definately has the power now and a dont F with me attitude utterly perfect for the alpha. Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! By my count that has to be there sixth or seventh argument. I think this time Caine was just freakin’ scared out of his mind! Rho is always sage. I’m pretty sure that’s going to annoy Caine soon!Razz

    She always had it. She just had to tap in to it! And she’s just starting! Wink


  11. thelook. says:

    One minute your a teacher demanding homework.. the next a wolf with no clothes on. :L
    Poor Alana but she has to understand who she is I guess and Caine – gosh I could kill him if he wasn’t such a stud muffin :L


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Yeah, that’s a complete 180. *shakes head for Alana*

    Yeah, she does because everyone else won’t care that she doesn’t know. They’ll use it to their advantage.

    I KNOW!!! I ♥ Caine but loathe him at the same time. If I was Alana I’d want to slap him or do him. Depending on my mood! LOL!! ROTFL


    thelook. Reply:

    LOL. I would slap him just to test the reaction =]
    The last pose is so romantic too – FINALLY she is accepting Caine … even if their naked and she just killed a man… wow what a month!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He would probably look all shocked and then wonder why the heck he’d just been slapped! He’s sort of dense!

    That pose was a pain but I liked how it turned out!Smile Finally is right! And it’s been a LONG month!! Confused


    thelook. Reply:

    Razz caine really needs to learn about us girls; we aren’t THAT hard to read are we? i’m just dying to see what happens now that Julius is going to meet caine! but on the lighter note what more of alana will we see? *not in that sense lol*
    just wondering how do you get all those poses.. i need to be ready for my soon-coming story


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Lycan males are no better at understanding females than human males. Lycan males have one advantage: they can smell the fear, anger, or any other strong emotion and use that to their advantage…or to duck!Razz

    LOL! Should be good times. And we’ll see more of Alana…clothed because she’s going to have a fit once she’s over being shell shocked!

    I use a crap load of pose boxes and tutorials. Check out my CC list for some of the major ones! And if you see one in particular that you find interesting don’t hesitate to email me!Smile


    thelook. Reply:

    In Caine’s position – to duck lol. Alana fits so perfectly with Caine despite the germn thing-problem she has!
    Thankyou for being so organised! I’m terrible at these things Big Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOLL! Exactly! Hopefully those two balance each other out…maybe Caine will get cleaner and Alana will get less phobic…but I doubt it! Haha!

    LOL! No worries! I did it more so if I lost everything I’d have a sort of reference guide. I’m just glad it helps!Smile


  12. Mao says:

    Awww, that last picture. And I have to say, I’m surprised Alana wasn’t throwing a fit because all her bits were out in the open. I figured she’d toss a fit, but I guess the whole “just killed a guy” sort of won over. Wink

    I’m hoping this melts her to Caine a bit. I mean, she’s stuck with him, so she might as well get used to it, LOL!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Don’t worry. She’ll freak out when Caine ever so sweetly tells her that he’s already seen it all when she reaches for a towel/robe or something to cover up with!Razz But yeah…I think the killing thing won out!Razz

    She’s melting…a little. Not as soon as he would hope though! Poor guy!Razz


  13. s@ndy says:

    I really enjoyed this chapter, all the drama, with Caine yelling at her and being upset and Alana feeling so vulnerable was very well done, very well written and I wanted more of it!!!
    You really did a great job with this one, the feelings in the air are palpable and so very real!

    Now to read next chapter!!! Kiss


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! I love that face!Razz

    Thanks Sandy! It was a pain to do actually but I’m glad that everything came through like I wanted it to! I worry sometimes(MOST times) about the feelings coming through!


  14. Sinclair says:

    Awww. Caine. To cute. I loveeee how Alana totally threw him across the room. We need more of her kicking ass.


  15. PhoenixFG says:

    I love Caine. I can’t help it! Now that’s she’s coming into her own those two will be circling around each other…

    Plus she has to sharpen up her fighting skills so expect more Caine throwing in the future! YAY!!


  16. Freestar says:

    Poor Alana Frown


    PhoenixFG Reply:


    And I wonder why some comments come out in red. Weird!


  17. cheripye says:

    Cain is still PO’d to all Hell isnt he. Perhaps it’s just the adrenaline talking and Poor Nolan being the recipient of most of his anger!

    LOL! Caine really is a softy at heart at least when it comes to alana that is and DAMN! dont tick her off, he really should have remembered that from the get go. LOL!

    Awww that was really very sweet of him to work that out 80) to apologize and resignation. Sigh… Ok on to the next. The only good part about being so far behind you dont have to wait for the next chapter LOL!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He is! He’s imagining all sorts of scenarios where Alana could have been seriously hurt.

    And he is a HUGE softy! He’ll never admit it though!Razz And sometimes I think he forgets that Alana isn’t full human anymore.

    LOL!! I know right?Razz It’s like a book series that been out and now you don’t have to wait!


  18. valpre says:

    Great update. I was wondering what had happened to these two. I think both their reactions are normal under the circumstances, Caine’s worried about her, and she’s traumatized. It’s not everyday one kills a man Cry She’ll need lots of TLC to get through this.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh, I always come back to them! The story wouldn’t be right without them! Frown Yeah, I don’t know how I would get through killing a man even if it was self defense. It has to be rough. Especially because so much stuff is happening to her all at once! *shakes head*


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