Prompt 095

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Dom, Julius, Ethan
Prompt: 095~Pride
Word Count: 2,272~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: That thing that comes before the fall.
Warnings: Language, violence

“You’re getting better Julius,” Dom murmured as her son butchered Chopin. At least she knew he was trying to play Chopin. That was an improvement.
He laughed as he banged on the keys. “Yeah right mom! I hate this thing. Why couldn’t I play a cool instrument? Like the drums? Or the guitar? Instead I gotta sit here and play the piano!”
She laughed when he wrinkled his noise and then in impulse reached down and ran her hands over the keys before playing a few notes of Piano Concerto No. One by Tchaikovsky. The hunting strains hung in the air for a moment as her hands fell back into her lap.
“That was pretty mom,” Julius said in a whisper.
Dom shrugged then ran her fingers through his hair. “Back in the day the piano was a very manly instrument.”
“Uh huh,” he said, unconvinced.
Laughing, she got up from the bench. “Are you hungry?”
“I could eat!” he said as he shoved away from the piano.

“What are you hungry for?” she asked as they walked toward the kitchen.
Julius looked up at her before threading his fingers through hers. “I don’t know. What can you cook?”
“Not a lot. How about a lunch meat sandwich? Something light before your father gets home.”
“’kay. How come dad let Mary go?”
Dom gnawed on her lip as she tried to figure out the best way to explain to her son that his father was becoming paranoid. She had made a vow when Julius was born that she would never lie to him. She might have omitted some truths that she felt was too harsh for him but she never lied. There was enough of that going on in this house.
“Your father thinks that someone is out to get him and until he feels safe he won’t allow anyone in the house.”
“That’s silly,” Julius said with a skip to his steps. “Mary’s been with the family since I was little. She’s part of the pack. Why would she hurt dad?”
“She wouldn’t Julius…but your father-”
“Is a nutcase.”

Julius nodded sagely as he climbed up on the chair to sit at the island while she went about fixing him a sandwich.
“Where did you hear that?”
“Around. Everyone’s talking about it mom. They say that he’s went off his rocker, that he’s gone around the bend, that-”
Dom smothered a laugh as she slathered mustard on his sandwich. Julius loved mustard. “I get it Julius. Just don’t let your father hear you say that alright? He’s not himself.” Or maybe he’s more himself now than he ever was, she thought sadly.
“If I was alpha I think that I’d be a better one than dad. I wouldn’t hurt my mate. Never.”
She froze. “W-what are you talking about Julius?”

“I heard you and dad through the wall last night. There was a sound and then you started to cry. And you’re wearing those shades again. You only wear those after you and dad get into a big fight. I would never make my mate cry. And I would respect every one in the pack. From my beta down to the omega. We’re all family right mom?”
She placed the top slice of bread on his sandwich and slid it onto a plate. “Yes, we’re all family but sometimes families hurt each other Julius. They don’t mean to but they do.”
She handed him his sandwich then trailed after him as he walked into the dining room.
“Dad don’t like me to eat at the island. He says that I need to learn proper etiquette.” He stumbled over the last word as he carefully placed the plate down and climbed into his seat.

“Is it okay if I love you more than dad?”
He tapped his fingers against the edge of his plate as he waited for her to respond. She opened her mouth to speak but he cut her off.
“Cause I do love you more than him. You’re way nicer and you tuck me in at night. And if I get a cut you tell me it’s okay to cry even though dad says only babies cry. I don’t think he likes me much. He always says that I’m letting him down. That everyone lets him down. I…I just want to be a kid for a little while. All the other kids get to play and stuff but I’m always stuck in the house.”
He knocked his feet against the chair before straightening and taking a bite from his sandwich. Dom blinked back tears. She didn’t know what to say. On one hand it was great that Julius felt comfortable enough to discuss things with her. On the other hand she was sad because Ethan was losing out on really knowing his son. But did he even care?
“Julius, it’s okay if you love me more. I’m better looking,” she said with a small smile.

He looked away from her and stared down at his sandwich. “Me and you…we should run away. Go some place where no one knows us. He couldn’t hurt you anymore and maybe you’d smile more again. We could do it. We could run away. I’ve been studying really hard in history and did you know that there are some places that are still undiscovered? We could search for one of those. We would be happy. Would you like that?”
She looked down at the table as he continued to talk with his mouth full. Was he that miserable that at the tender age of ten he wanted to run away from home? And not
just home. He wanted to run away from Ethan.
“We can’t run away Julius,” she said softly, cutting into his babble.
“How come?” he demanded.
“Because we both have obligations to the pack.”
“No I don’t. He’s not even the real alpha. I looked it up. He did do all those things that everyone says he did. I don’t want to be nothing like him.”
His face twisted in anger and he shoved the rest of his sandwich in his mouth.

Standing up Dom looked at her watch and was surprised to see so much time had passed. “Julius, hurry and get back to your piano. Your father should be home in any minute and we don’t want him to start complaining do we?”
“He ALWAYS complains,” he muttered as he shoved back from the table. He stopped in front of her. “If you do run away, don’t forget me mom. Please?”
“I would never forget about you, my darling boy.”
He stared up into her face, as if trying to peer beyond her shades before he threw his arms around her and gave her a tight squeeze.
“When I get big I’m going to fight him. I promise I’ll win mom. I promise that you’ll smile again.”
She bit her lip. “You always make me smile,” she said as she hugged him back. “Now hurry back.”

He raced toward the piano just as she heard the door slam downstairs. Grabbing the empty plate she walked over to the dishwasher and hurriedly stuffed it in. Ethan was almost militant on the times Julius could eat and he hated for him to have snacks in between meals. Something about a fat pup was no more than a meal for hungry wolves. She had just kicked the dishwasher door closed with her heel when she heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. Spotting crumbs on the counter she spun around and grabbed the dish towel laying over the faucet. She absently wondered when she had become the poster child for Susie homemaker. A brief smile crossed her lips.

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  1. S@ndy says:

    Frown Poor Julius!!! I feel so sorry for him and his mother Frown
    He is a very brave little guy!! He is trying to find the Alpha to put an end to the hell his father has created!
    Wonderful storytelling!!! I love every bit of it…

    With every chapter I dislike more and more Ethan, I really hope Caine will kill him soon!

    Wonderful story!! Bravo!


  2. cheripye says:


    Poor Julius and Dom, I wasnt sure if I liked her but now, well now I think she has potential. I cant believe such an alpha female would allow that less than alpha male to act so. You did a magnificent job capturing and portraying her emotions.

    Julius is such a sweet kid, I hope he does find Caine, I hope caine see’s past his uncles scent and realizes the pup is a good guy. HEHEHE pretty sad when your own family hates you. LOL!

    I adored the conversation between mother and son, I could almost hear them speaking. And SERVES Ethan right, bugger have him if Greg actually talks to the jerk…

    Wonderful wonderful update!!!


  3. S.B. says:

    Like Cherie said…just stunning.

    Ethan is an idiot. Alienating his son, trying to raise him to be his own clone and not realizing that Julius will want to come after him?

    I feel so sorry for both Julius and Dom.

    Wonderful work! and beautiful, beautiful shots!


  4. Nora says:

    Julius is one smart and brave kid. If he stays safe and nothing happens to him, he will be the saving grace when he gets older. As for Dom, I think she will pull through this. She’s strong enough. Oh and Ethan? You’ve got nothing Caine, k, buddy? Grin


  5. Penelope says:

    Whoah no, where exactly does he plan to start looking??? This is so extraordinarily dangerous. *frets*

    Ethan’s such a bedwetter. *whhhaaannn* Everybody’s making fun of me. Grow a pair, dude.

    Hmm I wonder how Alana is holding up…


  6. Dinuriel says:

    Awww, poor kid! All Julius wants is to enjoy his childhood, and his dad just treats him like he’d treat an employee. Stupid Ethan! Grr!

    It’s nice that Julius and Dom have a good relationship. At least they have each other, even if they have to put up with Ethan.


  7. followingwords says:

    It’s horrible when kids get caught in-between. I also thinks its ridiculous when parents manage to convince themselves that their kids have no idea what’s going on; they always do. Well-done chapter.


  8. Sinclair says:

    Omg Ethan is such a baby!!! He really wasnt cut out for the leadership position. Anyone who has to constantly scheme to keep their position didnt deserve it to begin with. But its nice to see Julius takes after his mother instead. And how funny will it be to see Ethan’s own son team up against him.


  9. Phoenix says:

    Me too Sandy! Me too! Poor little fella.

    That’s exactly what he’s doing! So sad that a ten year old feels he has to do this.

    Thanks so much Sandy! I really appreciate all your kind words!Smile


  10. Phoenix says:

    Haha!! Thanks Cherie! Would you believe that I had no intention of doing this chapter? As a matter of fact the chapter that I had planned on doing is already pictured just waiting to be written!Razz

    I think she has a lot of potential. I might just make her a good, girl, yet! Razz Probably not THAT good though. She did dirty her hands.

    LOL! Yeah it is…but it happens you know? And that’s that sad part!

    Oh geez! I have so many voices in my head! It’s insane. All the different cadences and different sentence structures! Haha!

    Glad that you’re enjoying this so much Cherie! It really means a lot!


  11. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Beth!Smile

    Haha! He is an idiot. He’s only out for himself but he doesn’t do anything himself! Lazy bum!

    Thanks for the compliments on the shots. Some of them just came together! Those are the best ones!Razz

    Thanks, as always, for the kind words!


  12. Phoenix says:

    So very true Nora! The thing is he has to stay safe! Can you just imagine what a rival pack would do to Julius? *shudders at the thought*

    Hahahahahaha!! No, he doesn’t! He’s such a whine bag! And Caine is the shut up and do it type! Polar opposites.

    Thanks Nora!Grin


  13. Phoenix says:

    LMAO Penelope! I don’t even know that yet! I’ll have to see..

    Tell me about it! Gah!! He would have never been alpha if there would have been a fair contest…which is why he cheated! Blah!

    As for Alana…I don’t think the shock has worn off yet!


  14. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Stupid Ethan = Stupid Dalston!! hahaha!!

    Yeah, it is! She’s trying to shelter him from as much as possible but, as you can see, it’s not really working. Ethan ruins just about everything he touches! Frown


  15. Phoenix says:

    Tell me about it followingwords! Seriously? Do parents seriously not think the kids are paying attention? O_o

    Thanks so much!


  16. Phoenix says:

    LOL Sinclair! Isn’t he though!? Annoying isn’t he? I was getting annoyed writing him!

    You hit the nail on the head! He didn’t deserve it which is why he’s going through all these lengths to keep it!

    Ohhh…to see Ethan’s face if/when that happens…oh wait! We might!Razz


  17. collidingwithme says:

    Aahhh… Julius is such a sweet kid! It really warms my heart that despite having such a father, he still grew up to be a good apple and loves his mother a lot.

    Is Ethan actually a weakling or something? How come he has to ask Dom or Greg to do everything for him?

    Oh and you can call me Ning. Smile Collidingwithme is such a mouthful, lol. XD


  18. Phoenix says:

    Ning it is then!Smile

    Yes, he is! Haha! Cut little bugger always wants to dole out hugs! I know…that’s one good thing that he picked up from his mom. Dom shows a softer side with him.

    Yeah, he is. He should have NEVER been alpha. The only reason why he was able to kill Bernard was because he was drugged. Even then you see how he had his beta go after Caine when he was younger.

    He’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

    Thanks for reading Ning! I have caught up on your story! I can’t remember if I left a comment or not!

    *goes back to check*


  19. ~Drew says:

    YES! I am caught up with this story at least.
    Ethan is such a prick, my heart went out to his wife and son to be sure.
    He is not to be messed with.
    Julius is a spunky kid, showing real potential. Will he become an enemy of his father in the years ahead?
    Great work and shots as usual!


  20. Gayl says:

    Julius is a very perceptive child…that was so sweet the way he talked to his mother. I have no doubt he would try and take down his father when he gets older although I think Caine might beat him to it…

    Ethan is totally off his rocker. Paranoid and with good reason. Fabulous shots as always. Oh man, I wonder where little Julius is going…I hope he doesn’t find trouble along the way. Dom is going to get blamed for it no doubt…


  21. Phoenix says:

    LOL Karen!

    He is that and much, much more!
    I love how Julius is shaping out. I just made it more difficult for me however which trying to have a child roaming the streets without the game wanting the social worker to pick him up!Razz

    Thanks Karen!


  22. Phoenix says:

    So true Gayl! I think this will upset Caine even more to know that Ethan is treating his son that way…

    LOL! He is! Totally! I don’t know…I think Dom is going to really give it to Ethan this go around!

    Thanks so much Gayl!


  23. Emily says:

    Okay, did you intend to put me in tears here?! Are you sure you aren’t a mommy? Grin
    There is so much love there for him, it’s almost tangible. And he’s such a sweet little guy, doing anything to make his mom smile again! But what a bad decision, I hope he doesn’t come across someone dangerous! Although, I’m not sure there IS anyone more dangerous than his dad!

    Great chapter, I am getting so attached to these characters, I hope 50 is enough to satisfy me! Grin

    (Maybe you could save them for later, *cough* sequel *cough, cough*) LOL.


  24. Phoenix says:

    Haha!! This chapter wasn’t even planned Emily!! I’m positive that I’m not!!! LMAO!!

    Yes, there is! I think he’s Dom’s one weakness…and also her strength. He is soooo sweet! Ohh…there’s someone WAY more dangerous!! Caine…

    LOL! There’s another prompt table that I continue on with after this one Emily!! LOL!

    Glad you’re enjoying it!


  25. Big Sis says:

    Hey Little Sis,

    Fabulous chapter!!!! I absolutely loved the conversation between Dom and Julius. I was almost in tears….beautiful. I HATE Ethan…you know I can’t stand a weak man…nothing infuriates, disgusts, and makes me sick to my stomach, more than a weak punk ass man.


  26. PhoenixFG says:

    LMAO!!! Hahaha!! Yeah, tell me how you really feel Sis!!! Ethan is a punk…he just doesn’t see it yet!

    Dom and Julius…what can I say? They weren’t supposed to be so pivotal to the story but…we see how that went


  27. Mao says:

    Poor Julius. He just needs to haul off and kick his dad where it counts! I’m surprised Dominica puts up with him. She seems to be a tough lady, she could kick him, too.

    Ethan is a grade a douchebag, like, there is nothing redeemable about him. He could get on his knees, sobbing, and spell out his life story and still get kicked in the teeth. Sheesh.

    Such a shame he doesn’t know what’s coming. Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Can you imagine being that young and already knowing that your dad is a douche? As for Dom putting up with him…she sees what she saw 10 years ago. But even that is slowly starting to fade from her memories. He’s not the same person.

    Preach! I’d be there kicking at him too!

    A real shame!Grin


  28. Valpre says:

    Ah man, that last line really broke my heart. Julius is such a loving, brave little guy. And I’m glad he’s alreadt made up his mind to be nothing like his dad. And Dom…why does she stay with such an ass? It’s obvious she resents the man. She should just take her pup and run into the wild. Great update Phoenix. Yes


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Julius is a doll. I’ve grown so fond of him. I know!I can’t imagine two Ethan’s running around! *shudders*

    Dom stays with him because she’s still in love with the guy she thought he was. And she resents him for crushing her hopes!

    Thanks Valpre! Glad you’re enjoying it! Grin


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