Prompt 094

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Fantasy, romance, drama
Characters: Caine, Victoria, Alana, Nolan
Prompt: 094~Lust
Word Count: 1,286~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Friend or foe?
Warnings: Language

“Do you want something or not?”


“Fine!” Slamming the door Caine headed downstairs. He had tried to have a rational conversation with the crazy woman but she refused to listen to anything he had to say. She looked like she was listening and she nodded every so often but she had this distance look in her eyes that let him know that she wasn’t really there.

“Stubborn,” he muttered as he scrubbed a hand over his face. His footsteps made a hollow sound in the hallway. The sounds of baring TVs and yelling came through the doors as he passed. Jesus, all he wanted to do was make sure that she was prepared but she would rather live in denial. Of course, this was partially his fault but couldn’t they get past that little fact?

Exiting the apartment he headed into the attached arcade. The comforting sounds of arcade games reached his ears. The pinging of the pinball, the yelling from the Streetfighter game. They all brought back memories of him and his dad trying to beat each others high scores. With a faint smile he headed toward the vending machine.

There was food in the apartment but he just didn’t feel right taking from them. They would give to him and Alana without a qualm but he still felt bad. The pack lived in near squalor while Ethan probably lived the high life somewhere. Bastard.

Jiggling the change in his pocket as he stared at the multitude of chips in the machine as his mind drifted upstairs where Alana was no doubt upstairs plotting ways to kill him. He couldn’t tell if she had always been so blood thirty or if her Lycan blood made her more of a…more feisty.

All he wanted to do was protect the woman. Okay, take her to bed as well, but his first instinct was to make sure she was alright and she was stonewalling him any way she could.

Frustration took over and without even thinking Caine hit the vending machine with a quick one, two punch. The machine rocked back against the wall before it settled back. Flexing his hand, there was a slight twinge, he stared unseeingly at the machine. The woman was going to drive him crazy, but he couldn’t tear himself away from her.

Digging in his pocket he pulled out the change and stared down at it. Two dimes, a quarter and five nickles. The coins had lost their luster a long time ago.  Just like him. This was the last bit of money he had…unless he wanted to pull money out of the trust fund his father had set up for him. And he didn’t want to do that. That would start a trail that he didn’t need.

Victoria stood outside the dinky little building and watched as the Lycan bent down and fished around to grab some high calorie bag of chips. She had to admire the view from the back. Even if he was a mongrel he still was a man in fine form. And aside from the sweet taste of blood, there was nothing more she enjoyed then a well formed man. She took a step to the side when the angle of the sun shifted.

Being one of the older of their kind she could handle the sun better. It would still cause a slight burn if she stood in the direct rays too long but that hadn’t happened since her birth. The door opened silently with a wave of her hand and her high heels didn’t make a sound on the linoleum as she glided across the room.

“Mr. Lancaster.”

Caine whirled around with a snarl and stared at the pale woman staring at him with a small smirk on her blood red lips. He took a cautious sniff but couldn’t smell anything. Anything besides the usual smell of urine and garbage. Nothing. Tilting his head he stared at her curiously.

“What the fuck are you?”

“I beg your pardon?”

He blinked at her tones. Very polished and old country. “I said: What the fuck are you?”

Her smile turned into a sneer. “Mongrel,” she whispered harshly. The way she spoke, barely moving her lips, interested him. She looked like the kind of woman who would have brilliant white teeth and want to show them off.

“And why in the hell are you wearing all those clothes? It’s like eighty degrees outside and you’re-“

A ray of sun came through the cracked window and Caine watched as a shudder racked her body before she took a hasty step to the side.

“Shit! You’re a vampire?”

“Vampyre. With a Y. Vampires are beings that humans made up from those of our kinds that were foolish enough to get close to them. And yes, I am. My name is Victoria and I was sent here to deliver a message.”

“What do your people want with me? It’s not as if our people are on friendly terms.”

“‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ Or so Ulrich keeps repeating incessantly.”

“I wouldn’t exactly say that our people are enemies. We just ignore each other for the most part.”

“Your kind likes to breed among humans. Our kind-“

“Use humans for food?”

She laughed and Caine saw a flash of sharpened incisors. “We haven’t used humans for food, except for recreational purposes, for centuries. Long before you people learned to walk on two legs.”

“So says the people who still shy away from the sun. How’s that coming along for you?”

Victoria’s mouth tightened. “We’re still working on that.”

“After how many centuries?”

“Mr. Lancaster-“

“My name is Duncaine. Mr. Lancaster was my dad.”

“He was the Alpha of the pack wasn’t he? And from the rumors I heard there was some talk about him becoming the Alpha of several well known packs.”


“Xavier Le  Bleaux would like to speak with you. Tonight at the Monastery.”

“The Monastery? You mean your feeding ground?”

“The Monastery is a way for the young bloods to learn more about the Vampyre way.”

“Right. Right. I’m not walking into that.”

Victoria took a step closer to him and placing her hands on his chest leaned in. “Ethan has been trading females-“

“I know that,” he snapped, getting ready to shove her away. Her next words froze him.

“He’s been trading females to our people. There are those of us who enjoy the taste of Lycan blood on our tongue. It’s a robust flavor that tickles your tongue and awakens your senses. He’s trading your females, making them blood slaves, to garner favor. Some of your weak Lycan males have allowed themselves to be sold as well. Lycan males are fertile.”

“Have there been any children?”

“Hybrid children who can walk in the sun and heed the call of the moon. Strong. Stronger then you can imagine. And Ethan wants them. What will you do?”

This was getting out of control. What wouldn’t Ethan do, Caine wondered ignoring the feel of Victoria’s breath on his neck. Just what the fuck wouldn’t he do?

“Duncaine, it’s been long since I’ve tasted blood straight from the source. Just a sip will tide me over.”

Her voice had taken on a seductive quality but Caine automatically put out his hands to stop the forward movement of her body.

“Dude! Look what I found! It’s a…oh shit!”

“Am I interrupting something?”

Caine stiffened and tried to shrug Victoria’s hand off his shoulder as he looked toward the door. Alana was looking off to the side and Nolan was standing there looking confused.

“Well pup, looks like we walked into a clusterfuck.”


  1. Dolly_riot says:

    Oh my the thick plottens for proper!§ I just love the universe you set up. Smile

    Caine saved by the bell… err the puppy..


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ohh…you’re one to talk about universes!! Yours are always extremely detailed.

    At least for the moment. Those two are like boxers. They’ve just went to their respective corners for now. I’m sure Alana will find something to argue about! Rolls Eyes


  2. forestpixie says:

    Ooh! ooh! Is that Julian?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yep! That’s Julius! Hey FP! I didn’t know you were reading this! LOL!


  3. Van says:

    Oh, that was intense! Those two do have some chemistry, but it’s the sort of creepy, purely sexual chemistry that shows that while they find each other hot, there’s no way they’d ever stand each other. Still, I bet poor Alana is going to get jealous, and then she’ll wonder exactly why she’s jealous. I just want to give her a hug and tell her that Caine wasn’t doing anything naughty.

    Meanwhile, I love Nolan. Soooo much. And he found Julius! Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah, they do. But that would be more like them feeding off of each other rather than being in a real relationship. And while Caine might think she’s hot he would always wake up feeling at his neck for marks! Wink Course she is. Because I’m thinking she’d be able to sense the same sexual energy as well. LOL!! Yeah, I don’t think she’d do the hug Van. Germs ya know?

    Nolan! Gah! I can’t believe I was never going to use him again! Shock


  4. Penelope says:

    Oh man, Phoenix! Caine cracks me up! He’s can be so dry and snarky. Love that.

    Yaaaayyyyy! Julius!!!!

    Hey, did you update the buttons in here? *Looks around* I like. Alien


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I know!!!! I love it too!! He kills me! Seriously!!

    Julius!!! Julius!!!!

    Umm…nope! I haven’t fiddled with this layout since I got it. But thanks! Razz


  5. Nora says:

    Damn you, Victoria!! Although I’m certain Alana didn’t notice, maybe? I had bad vibes from Victoria from the beginning (yes, I read the previous one but didn’t comment Neutral)

    Poor Caine and his sexual frustration. Sad

    Yay for Nolan finding Julius! At least, he didn’t fall into bad hands again.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Alana noticed. Hopefully Caine doesn’t think that she didn’t notice. Victoria has her own agenda. LOL! It’s okay Nora!! Everyone is crazy busy! School, work, RL! I know the drill.

    Poor fella. He can’t get no satisfaction! Razz

    Nope! But I don’t know what he has in mind for talking to Caine. Confused


  6. Meralgia says:

    Nolan + Julian = dream team! LOL LOL
    “What the fuck are you?” Hahahaha! Proper timing – check, subtility – check, good maners – check. Yup, that’s Caine. LOL LOL
    Hopefully Alana didn’t notice him and his company already…
    I’m loving all the “vampyres” apearing. Alien


    PhoenixFG Reply:


    CAINE!!! How can you NOT love him? Bwhahaha!!!

    Thanks Meralgia! I’m have a blast with this now! LOL I was so unsure but I’m really digging it!


  7. QG says:

    yeah, Nolan totaly rulez and has like the best timing in things i have ever and when caine was thinking.. like a ..euhm, was yr mom in yr head echoing “language young lady!!”?? cause it was in mine XD

    Oh dear, you think Alana would like takle Victoria and not even realize it until victoria is hissing at her? and then Cain is like trying to explain the whole situation in his unseemly confused way? hahhahaha the images going through my head are cracking me up! lol!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Nolan’s timing is ever impeccable. Well, if Caine called her a bitch he wouldn’t exactly be wrong now would he? But I’m sure Alana would have something to say about it since she still thinks in human terms. LMAO!!! I told her I was writing and she said: “The story with all the cursing.”

    Alana might be able to handle her own. It might flip her out when she realizes that she was fighting a vampyre. Caine does NOT explain things well does he? Poor guy. He would just make the situation worse. Of course when it comes to explaining something to someone else he’s crystal clear.

    LMAO!!! The voices and images in my head crack me up too. I always have his voice in my head when I want to say something snarky! Alien


  8. Sinclair says:

    Aww Nolan is so cute. He seems like hes a cuddle after sex kinda guy. Caine on the other hand seems like the awkard call me later kind. Nolan wins Smile And Caine’s straightforwardness that totally comes across as asshole is incredibly entertaining. Lol after his greeting to Victoria hes not providing a good example of lycans lol. And YAY! Julius is in the right hands! O and happy belated birthday lol i totally like zoned over the fact u mentioned ur bday multiple times..I feel bad cause i read all three stories to


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! LMAO!!! Either the cuddle or the go right to sleep. Razz Nah, I think Caine is an undercover teddy bear. He’s the kind of guy who you would have to shrug off after sex!! Caine doesn’t know how to be any other way than to be straight forward. I love that about him.

    I’m pretty sure that he could tell by Victoria’s face how little SHE thought Lycans so it’s all good! Haha!

    Thanks Sinclair! No worries. It was just another bday! Fun times! Razz


  9. Ning says:

    Lol! I can just imagine the hell Alana is going to give him after this supposed affair she caught him with! XD I’m curious as to why Alana and Nolan would go to the arcade together though. I assume she wants Nolan to help her to look for Caine? Wink

    Hybrid children sounds really scary. (*gulps*) I wonder how Ethan can make them listen to him though. 8|


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Nah, Alana’s the more quiet simmer type that will have him explaining before she can even ask!! They didn’t come together. Alana went in search of Caine and Nolan was coming down the sidewalk. It was more of a happenstance type thing.

    Depends on what side they’re standing on right? Ethan hasn’t thought about that factor. He’s really not into thinking things too far ahead. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now. With him thinking everyone is after him! Rolls Eyes


  10. SpongeCat says:

    Oh dear here I’ve been freaking out over not having Lycan Tales to read and I completely missed this update coming out… geez I’m quick.

    I love Caine he’s so forward and crude but in a good way, reminds me of a certain someone I know…if I wasn’t so set on seeing him and Alana get together I would come in and steal him for myself ^-^

    YAY Julius is safe, thank goodness it was Nolan that found him he’s so caring of course he would be the one to save the little pup

    You have changed me Vampires or should I say Vampyres used to be my favourite creature of the night but now Lycans are certainly giving them a run for their money Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! No worries SpongeCat. This one did just appear out of nowhere! I’m just glad people are still reading it! Wink

    I do too! I wish I could be more like that. I just bite my tongue until I can’t take it anymore! Bwahahaha!!! I know! I can’t wait for those two to hook up! I know, I know! I’m writing it but I still get excited because I don’t know where I’m heading!

    YAY!! He is safe! Nolan is going to baby him because Nolan is just a sweetheart!

    Oh wow! Thanks so much SC! Werewolves have always been my thing. Seriously! And I want to convert everyone to the Lycan way! LOL!! LOL Once again, thanks for reading! I know I hadn’t updated there for awhile! Cry


  11. Marie says:

    Finally! I’m all caught up with your stories! It only took a day. ^_^ I’m glad to see that Julius is safe. And I can’t wait to see what Alana is going to do to Caine after she caught Victoria all over him. Can’t wait to read more!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I’ve been slacking on storytelling but I’ve also worked seven days straight so I think I deserve a little break! Razz

    I couldn’t let the poor pup fall into the wrong hands…at least not yet! Confused:

    Alana, Alana, Alana! She is pressing me to get to her side of the story! Haha!


  12. s@ndy says:


    It was too short!!! or maybe it was because it took me too long to come here!!!
    What a cliffhanger!!! I can’t wait to see what happens, that Victoria is creepy, and looks like that dude has Ethan’s son on his hands!!!
    And Alana, is she jealous!!!

    Great story Cheryl!! keeps getting more intriguing by the minute!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I’m working on the next update now Sandy! Wink

    I haven’t even cracked the depths of Victoria’s creepy!! *shudders*

    Thanks Sandy! I really appreciate it! And I’m just having fun with it!


  13. Freestar says:

    Hiiiiii! This is so cool…I am loving the direction that this story is taking, especially since I am huge fan of both vampires and werewolves. Although right now I must admit I have a soft spot for vampires…Long live “True Blood”. Yeah, we got Julius!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! You’re a nut sis!! My ♥ is with the werewolves but I gotta admit I’m enjoying the direction that the vamps are going as well.

    True Blood? What is this that you speak of? Razz I’m going to have to get down with that show one day!

    YAY!!! Julius!!!!


  14. Emily says:

    Late as usual! Frown
    I’m so behind, I swear I’m trying to just get used to it, LOL.

    I love this new layout btw, it’s really pretty!

    Love this interaction between Caine and the vampy lady…very tense and sexay! And his frustration over Alana is so cute, at least he’s beginning to admit that he’s gone over her!

    Just a curiosity…but are you planning on doing all 50 prompts with this story? Hm, Hm?
    I just finished plotting out my next story with simfic50, 32 parts! I’ve never done anything that long…ever! Will be shocked if people actually read it for that long! LOL. Which reminds me…time to start bugging you about police stuff! Mwa ha ha!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! No worries Emily! I always say the story is going to be here. Razz

    Thank you! I figured it was time for something different and this caught my eye.

    Caine and Victoria! I hated writing it because I’m like: NO! Caine stay away! Don’t move closer! She’ll eat you alive!! Alana would frustrate anyone let alone someone that has no patience!

    Yep! I was planning on it. I’ll probably have to go to another prompt table to keep it going. Maybe shift away from Lycans to the hybrids! *shrug* WOW!!! O_o Thirty two parts? That’s crazy! I don’t even know how many parts this is! LOL!!

    If it’s good(and I know it will be) people will read!Smile

    You know how to reach me! Grin


  15. cheripye says:

    Grumble’s!!!! He’s Here!!! and how true nasty ol Ethan is living the high life while the pack suffers, selfish old bug that he is! Loved it when he thinks how Alana is plotting out ways to kill him, I bet she is! LOL!

    LMAO who wouldnt admire the view, LOL! LMAO true Caine there!!! I love IT!it isnt who the F are you… No it is WHAT! LOL! he truly is meant for leader!

    HS! Ethan is trading the Lycans both male and female for BREEDING and BLOOD!

    Oh Dear with alana going into heat and coming in to find a VampYre, so close to Caine whether or not she loves or hates him is funny! this wont go over well… Plenty of Chocolate and quick along with a tranquilizer dart right about now would really come in handy. LOL!

    Cluster something but not what you think and is that????

    Ok off to the next!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I know right? Ugh! Ethan is such a bastard!

    Hahaha!! Caine cracks me up sometimes! I love it! And so true! I was admiring the view myself!Razz

    Yeah man! Ethan has totally went over the edge. Well I don’t think he was ever really sane ya know?

    No, it won’t but I think it will make Alana think some. At least I hope it will make her think! *crosses fingers*

    Thanks Cherie!!Razz


  16. Mao says:

    LOL! A cluster fuck indeed. Oh boy, at least he has Julius, whew! My mind is calmed… for now.

    Alana needs time, hopefully she’ll come around… until then, Caine’s going to continue being a big old grump, LOL!

    Ethan is a pig, trading off werewolves to vampires, wtf? And now they have crazy hybrids. Way to go, Ethan. Your inability to think beyond the length of your own wang (which is like, an inch, probably) has screwed things up a bit!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I thought Julius would need someone that would understand him. And who better than Nolan who is a big kid himself?Razz

    A big grump indeed. Haha! Even after he gets some I’m sure he’ll be snapping at anyone who gets close to her. It cant be helped. It’s his way!

    Ethan is BEYOND a pig! He’s in another realm completely. Imagine being a Lycan but not being able to go out into the sun. Sure they have SOME strong ones but what about the ones who got their weakness?


  17. Valpre says:

    LMAO at the clusterfuck. I love Nolan. I hope we’ll see more of him.

    Interesting, differing POVs between Caine and Victoria, but the age-old suspicions and mistrust are still very much real.

    The more I see Ethan through the different eyes, the more I dislike him. I’m not sure which is worse, beating up on his mate, or pimping out his people to the vamps. He’s some nasty piece of work.

    I wonder what went through Alana when she saw Caine and Victoria. Did some spark of jealousy suddenly come to life?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    We will be! Although at the time I wrote this prompt I thought he was going to be a one time deal!Razz

    Yeah, those two aren’t going to trust each other…with good reason Caine’s end!

    LOL! I’ve always disliked Ethan. He’s just so nasty that’s it’s hard to see past that. And why Dom would actually love him!

    Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t anything good!Razz


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