Prompt 091

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: drama, fantasy
Characters: Ethan, Dominica
Prompt: 091
Word Count: 1227
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Ethan is not satisfied.
Warnings: Language, violence, some sexual overtones

He turned his head slightly when he footsteps coming down the hall. He tapped his fingers together. She did this shit just to piss him off, he thought in annoyance. She knew that he had asked her meet him at noon and here it was after one and she was just sauntering her ass down the hall as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Clenching his teeth against the growl he could feel building up Ethan stared unseeingly at the wall in front of him. His face fell into placid lines when the doorknob turned and the door opened silently.

“Imagine,” he said without turning his head to look at her. He knew it would irk the shit out of her. “Just imagine that you asked for one simple task to be done. One little thing that should have been handled ten years ago. And just imagine how you would feel if said task still was not accomplished. What would you do in my place Dominica? After all I am alpha and I do have to set an example before everyone starts talking. So, what should I do Dom? Hmm?”

“Jesus! Are you still on that bullshit? Ethan, it won’t be long until the boy is caught and then you’ll have every little thing that you ever wanted when you were a pup growing up in the shadow of your cousin. Jesus, you’ve been harping on this for ten years now. You would think if it was so damn important to you that you’d get from behind your desk and do it yourself! I mea-”

Before she could blink Ethan had spun her around and slammed her up against the wall. She winced as her elbows struck the wall then she stiffened when she felt Ethan take a handful of her hair in his hands. It wouldn’t be long now before he was using that fistful of hair to yank her neck back and demand she tell him who was alpha. Who was her alpha. She had always known Ethan needed to be in control but she had never realized the extent of it.
“Such pretty hair. That’s one of the things that drew me to you Dom. What other female would be worthy of her alpha than one that was so uniquely beautiful as you? Your white fur just stood out. And you wanted to be alpha bitch didn’t you?” He gave her hair a hard tug when she didn’t answer fast enough for him.
He laughed. “I know you did. You made sure that I would notice you at every opportunity. Are you happy where you are now Dominica? The fancy house, the newest car, the unlimited amount of money? Are you happy?”
Before she could answer, and she seriously didn’t know what her answer would be, they both heard the pounding of footsteps outside the hall coming steadily nearer.

Ethan released her hair and she moved away from the wall just as the door burst open and their son sprinted in. Dom absently rubbed her elbow as she stared out the window at the yard. It was huge but bare. Ten years ago there would have been people milling around during the day and at night they all would have changed just to go running. But it wasn’t ten years ago and they all had a different alpha. Something that she regretted being a part of every day.
“Mom! Dad! Guess what? I-”

“Didn’t I tell you to knock before you enter my office Julius?” Ethan growled.
“Sure dad! But I gotta-”
“And yet, you didn’t knock this time. What do I have to do in order to get you to listen to me boy? You’re not a pup anymore. You’re almost eight. In a few years you’ll be forming your own pack. Hopefully. Do you want to end up being the Omega of the pack? No son of mine will be rolling over on his belly for anyone? Do you have that?”
“Yes sir.”
There was a moment of silence and Dom had to resist the urge to go cuddle her little boy.
“Now, tell me what was so important.”

“Well, I was playing with cousin Kyle and he said that you weren’t the true alpha ‘cause Uncle Duncaine was still alive. I told him nu-uh. That you was too the alpha. And he said of course you was the alpha NOW but only ‘cause you murdered the REAL alpha and that it wasn’t even a fair fight ‘cause you had to drug him so it don’t count. Then I told him that you could take anybody down you didn’t need no drugs to win a fight. And then he says,” Julian finally took a breath before finishing his tangent. “And then he says that no one really respects you dad. He says that when the old alpha was in charge that everyone liked him and respected him without him having to slaughter all the people that didn’t like him like you did ten years ago. What did he mean dad huh? Huh? Anyways, I told cousin-”

“W-what did you just say?”
His voice was like cold steel and it cut through Julius’ chatter like a knife.
Dom could hear a rumble working its way up his throat and she quickly spun around.

“I said…I said…”

“You know how children are Ethan. They’re always boasting about things they have no knowledge of.” Behind her back she waved her son out of the room. She felt him squeeze her hand before he darted out of the room.
“Bernard was weak,” Ethan snarled as he spun around and punched the wall. “He was weak and spineless and didn’t deserve to run this pack. The stories regarding the Lancaster bloodline, the pure bloodline,” he said with a sneer. “Were a myth. We change into wolves and we change back. There’s nothing more or less!” He punched the wall again and over his shoulder Dom could see that a red streak had been left behind.
“It has to be a myth. I couldn’t find that book anywhere. Bernard was weak,” he said again.
“Yes, Bernard was weak,” she said soothingly.
“I do have the respect of the pack. They all fear me.”
“Yes.” But fear and respect weren’t the same thing. She should know. She had once respected the man standing before her. The ideals that he had spouted as they laid together but now, he was just a tyrant ruling over the people who lead.
“And yet they talk about me behind my back. Compare me, ME, to Bernard. They’re like parasites. I thought I had gotten rid of those mongrels years ago.”
‘Those mongrels’ were the people who had stood up to Ethan. They hadn’t turned tail and ran once they had found out their old alpha was dead. No, they had waged a full on war against Ethan and in the end he had come out the victor. Inwardly sighing she run a hand up his back. He spun around and mashed his mouth against hers.

Even the sex wasn’t the same, she thought dispassionately as he thrust his tongue in and out of her mouth. She shivered when he reached down and grabbed her ass. He groaned in satisfaction and she had to squeeze her eyes shut to prevent herself from crying. Ten years ago she had made a horrible mistake. And now she had to suffer the consequences.
“You will find Duncaine for me,” he whispered in ear as he slid off her top. “And when you find him you will kill him and bring me his carcass.” He pinched her nipple and she hid a wince. “Do you understand me?”
“Good, now show me how much you respect your alpha…”


  1. Azzy says:

    Oh my that Ethan bloke is unplesant.. in the mad ruler, Caligula kinda way. ^_^ I loved the kid barging in. And Dom seems like an interesting charcter too.


  2. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Ohhhh yeah!! Caligula!! Totally!! He’s on a power trip and always afraid that someone’s going to take it away from him…which I guess is normal seeing as how he got to BE alpha!

    I have to have a kid in my story for at least ONE scene! They’re so cute!

    That’s not how I expected her to turn out at all! SHE was supposed to be the power hungry one and be all up in Ethan’s face but…I started typing this morning and…yeah…not so much! Sooo…who knows!Razz


  3. Penelope says:

    Dude is total punk. He can’t even fix his own screw-ups so he sends other people- The mother of his child- WTF?


  4. Phoenix says:

    True, true! But he’s become paronoid that everyone is out to get him because…ya know what he did ten years ago. Karma baby, karma! Also, don’t let Dom fool you! She can be just as vicious! She’s the white wolf that you see in the first prompt…umm…if you can see her.
    I really like her look though! Sasha fierce! Razz


  5. Penelope says:

    LOLZ @ your Sasha Fierce reference!!!!!!

    The first time my boyfriend told me that Beyonce had a sort of Ziggy Stardust character, I think I almost had a coronary.


  6. Van says:

    Yeah, I get the feeling that Dom can be nasty, but I still feel bad for her, stuck in this dead-end relationship with Ethan. Actually, I feel a lot worse for their son. Poor kid Frown

    Maybe Caine can take Julius under his wing eventually? It’s still early in the story, so anything can happen Smile


  7. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! The first time I saw her with that glove on I was like what the crap?!! NOW she suddenly has an alter? After all these years?! I’m so glad she stopped wearing that glove every-freakin-wear!


  8. Phoenix says:

    Yeah, she can but I made me feel sorry for her too! LOL! I was like aww…that sucks for Dom and then I was like whoa…didn’t she help kill Bernard?!

    Dom loved Julius! I think that’s one of the reasons why she stays with Ethan…other than the fact that he’s a psycho killer! LOL!

    Right, right! Anything can happen…I hadn’t even thought about that arc! I have it plotted up to about the next 10-15 and then we’ll see where it goes!


  9. Emily says:

    I love how open ended this is Cheryl! Focusing on different points of view, now we get to see Ethan and how evil he is! And I too feel sorry for Dom, then again like you said she isn’t all innocent either! At least she seems to be a good mom, or trying to be.

    Loving this so far and can’t believe you’re updating so fast! Not that I’m complaining, LOL! This is such a unique tale, I am really hooked! Grin


  10. Penelope says:

    Phoenix, you kill me with the constant banner changes.


  11. S.B. says:

    I really like the different POV too — the changes fill in all sorts of details and characters. Ethan is a monster. I can see him killing his own son, with no compunction.

    Wonderful writing! And I love the shots! It is really hard to deal with shots involving children — I am impressed!


  12. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Emily! Yeah, Ethan…Ethan is something else!

    Dom is trying to be a good mother and I think she would really put a hurting on Ethan(or try to) if he messed with Julius!

    I’m finding out that Dom is more complex than I was going to make her! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not!Razz


  13. Phoenix says:

    LOL Pen! You know me! I’ll probably just change this banner every couple of prompts or so instead of every prompt! Give glimpses into the next prompts and all that!Razz


  14. Phoenix says:

    That’s what I was going for Beth! Instead of everyone just knowing that they hate each other now they’ll know the WHY of it as the story progresses!

    Yeah, Ethan would have no qualms about killing his son if it would further him…

    Thanks Beth(and Emily I forgot to say thank you to you as well!!). Julius is photogenic. I loved his face expressions when he and Ethan were talking!

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying this story!


  15. Sinclair says:

    I absolutely love your writing. Love it. Purely addicting no joke.

    Love Dom. Its clear shes a smart cookie who picked the right team to win and that team just turned out to be a paranoid tyranic loser. Who probably has a tiny penis cause regardless of his motives a hot dude is a hot dude. And her flame clearly isnt feelin his bunsen burner. Poor girl. On the other hand shes hot! White hair is sooo cool on the right face. I feel bad for their son though. Hes going to suffer because of his dad. Hope he gets reform before its to late.

    Caine needs to dump that beard so we can all gush over how attractive yet another one of your characters is Grin And the nerdy girl is cute. Soooo damsel in distress. Its amusing


  16. Gayl says:

    Wow Ethan truly is a badass isn’t he…he really needs to watch his back because I doubt anyone would have a hard time looking the other way when he gets it in the back.

    Dom is interesting, a little bit naughty, a little bit nice. And Julius was a real hoot! I loved the way you showed that breathless energy that children get when they have a long story to tell and are so excited.

    Loved the different POV…and an interesting comparison to Ethan and Caine…both use fear and strength to their advantage although I doubt Caine would quite go as far as his uncle…although you never know…

    Shots were spectacular.


  17. Phoenix says:

    Hey Sinclair! Yay, you found this story!Smile *blushes* Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying this story as well!

    Yeah, Dom went for the winning team which turned good…for awhile and then…well you saw!

    LOL!! LOL!! His flame clearly isnt feelin his bunsen burner. That had me cracking up at work! You and Van with the chemisty analogies! Haha!

    I usually don’t use the white hair that I have but I figured everyone should have some kind of resemblance with their wolven forms! I’m glad you like her!

    I don’t know…Julius seems pretty resilient.

    Haha! Ya know…I forgot what he looked like without the beard! Now I’m going to have to go in and fiddle with it! But the beard isn’t coming off…at least not yet! Wink~

    I love Alana! She cracks me up. I’m glad you’re enjoying this Sin!


  18. Phoenix says:

    Yes he does. He equates power with respect and that’s not true! I’m sure he’ll learn that eventually.

    Dom…I still don’t know where I’m going with her yet! I can’t wait to see! I cracked up when I reread his scene to check for errors! I could hear his little voice in my head and I was like awww!!

    Yes…you never know…

    Thank you!


  19. Phoenix says:

    and that should be HER Her flame clearly isn’t feelin his bunsen burner. Why does blogger not have an edit tool for comments?! Grr!


  20. ~Drew says:

    Interesting backstory and insight into the ‘pack’, wow, Ethan is something else, Bad dog! Or wolf.

    Should be interesting to see where you go next with this, I feel a huge conflict coming, great update!


  21. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen! Yeah, I needed to show some dynamics since Caine has been out of the loop for ten years. And it’s obvious to me not everyone would be happy with Ethan as alpha…


  22. goodbye_sun says:

    Ethan is fantastically evil, it will be enjoyable to watch him go down, particularly if it involves Dom getting to do a bit of the stomping.


  23. S@ndy says:

    What a great introductions for those two characters…
    and people do change in ten years, poor Dominica she is realizing her mistake… and Ethan, he is an scumbag!!! Grin
    Wonderful update!!!


  24. Phoenix says:

    Yes, people can change within a span of a week let alone ten years! Dom is really coming to realize that Ethan isn’t the man she thought he was…or rather he’s changed from that man!

    Thanks Sandy!


  25. Mao says:

    OMG! “Now show me how much you respect your alpha!” I know I shouldn’t laugh, but that? OMG. Wow. This dude is off his rocker and I love that they’re still chattering about Caine!

    Also, I noticed a slight aura around the sims in this one. Was this intentional? Some sort of sneaky clue thing? I wonder if its on Caine, too…


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Pfft! Ethan is an idiot! Like seriously! And I admit I had to LOL as well when I was writing it because he’s utterly clueless!

    Uhh…no! I believe I had just gotten PSP and was fiddling around with things in there! LOL!! So ignore it Mao!Razz


  26. Valpre says:

    Ethan! How can someone so handsome be so cruel and mean? Guess just cos something looks good on the outside doesn’t mean it’s great on the inside. He seems like a mean mean bastard. A true tyrant.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Indeed! Guess that shows that beauty is only skin deep huh? I can’t imagine being around Ethan for any length of time…let alone married to him!!

    You’re right on both accounts. And he only gets worse! Frown


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