Prompt 088

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama
Characters: Caine, Alana
Prompt: 088~Lies
Word Count: 2,115
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Alana’s plan doesn’t go as planned
Warnings: Language

It was Monday. A smile spread across Alana’s face as she got ready for work. She enjoyed her job. Teaching was something that she had always wanted to do. She enjoyed seeing that look of understanding cross a child’s face when something she said registered in their minds. Putting her bag over her shoulder she locked the door to the house and walked toward the bus stop. She smiled to herself when she passed the old lot. It was now empty. It might have taken her weeks but it was done and she felt a little safer. The first drop of rain splatter against her glasses making her blink. Holding out her hands she sighed as the rain started to pick up. She really needed to get her car fixed.

She scowled when she saw yet another bit of graffiti on the school wall. You would think, she thought in annoyance, that people would have a little bit more respect for public property. She shook her head and had to smile at the fanciful thought. Her dad would have called her naïve. He always said she had the idealistic view of people and things that would one day lead to her downfall. She liked to think it was the one thing that prevented her downfall. She didn’t want to be as cynical as everyone else she knew.

The school day went by quickly, at least for her, and before she knew it the dismissal bell was ringing. After all the kids left Alana sat down behind her desk. She enjoyed staying after school. She liked to see the kids getting on the bus and stayed just in case a student needed any extra help and was just too shy to ask during class. She had been one of those kids. She had learned early on that most everyone in the class hated when a person asked questions. They just wanted to get through with the class. They were content to just scratch the surface while Alana had wanted to know all the layers. She had graduated at the top of her class but she had always been the oddball so she had never had any friends. It had been lonely but she was used to it by now. And so what if a trickle of envy went through her as she heard the other teachers talking about what they did over the weekend together? She was human but she had other priorities right now. She watched as the last bus pulled away from the curb. Realizing that no one was going to ask for help today and seeing that it was still sunny outside Alana decided that she should probably head home before the sky opened up again.

It had started to rain again a mile from her house. She stood outside in the rain as she debated on whether or not she should check on her dog. Okay, technically he wasn’t her dog but still, that’s how she thought of him. She didn’t know if he would have enough food for the night and what if that old house had a leaky roof? An idea began to form in her mind, and if she were truthful with herself, she had been thinking about it for awhile. Turning, she raced inside. Grabbing a bottle she sprinkled a bit of the contents on the dog food in the Ziploc bag before dropping the baggie back in her purse.

Locking her door once again she sprinted down the sidewalk. Her heels beat a rapid tempo as she dodged puddles and kept time with her thundering heart as she tried not to think about what she was going to do.

Caine laid on the couch and stared in disinterest as the rat crept across the floor. Every now and then it would pause and look at him before cautiously picking its way over to carton of Chinese food. Just when the rat was about to reach the food Caine let a rumble well in his chest and it quickly scurried back to its hole. This was the fourth time they had done this and Caine wondered how long the stupid motherfucker would keep this up. He flipped over on his back and stared at the cracked ceiling. He was bored. It was raining and he was pretty sure that Alana, she had told him her name a few weeks back, wouldn’t be stopping by today. Okay, she hadn’t told him her name per say. She had told the dog her name. He winced.
“A dog. I still can’t believe she thinks I’m a dog.”
And he still couldn’t believe that he was actually going along with this charade. He didn’t know what it was about that broad. She wasn’t beautiful. Except when she smiled. And she smiled all the time. There wasn’t anything about her that would draw the eye but damn, she smelled good. And it wasn’t a perfume. It was her. Put her in a room with a thousand broads and blind fold him and Caine was positive that he’d be able to-
He sat up when he heard a clattering about a mile down the road. What was that?
“Fucking A!” He leapt from the couch.

It was her. She had come to see him. He felt his tongue loll out and he looked behind him to see his ass wagging. He huffed out a breath and concentrated on making sure his tail was still. He placed his paws on the windowsill and let out a bark when Alana rounded the corner of the house. She came to a stop and teetered for a moment. He eyed her legs. She had good looking legs. He’d noticed that first off since he was pretty much eye level with t
hem. They looked silky and smooth. He frowned when he noticed that she was shivering and her dress was plastered to her body. Had the stupid woman walked all the way here? Dropping from the windowsill he raced outside.
“Hey boy! Who’s a good boy?” Alana crooned. Or tried to. Her voice was shaking too bad for it to sound soothing. She didn’t know if it was from the cold or nerves. With trembling hands she reached into her bag and pulled out the dry dog food. After dumping the water out of the bucket she empty the baggie into it.

“Are you hungry? Eat up boy. Come on.”
So far he hadn’t eaten anything from her even though she tried to get him to every day she was here. She held her breath as he looked up at her then down at the bucket. He studied it a moment before he seemed to give a shrug and took a cautious mouthful. Five bites later she noticed that he seemed to be leaning further into the bucket as if to steady himself. Another two bites and…

She dropped to her knees, paying no heed to the mud and gravel, as she checked to make sure he was still breathing. She had enjoyed biology in college and had even considering becoming a vet, like her dad, but had realized it wasn’t for her. But she had picked up a few things. One of them was knowing how to mix chemicals so they were odorless and tasteless. Her dad would be proud. Reaching down she stuck her finger in front of his nose and was relieved to feel air. One of the things she hadn’t been good at was measuring. She always worried about the dosage.
Digging out her cell she called for a cab.

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  1. Phoenix says:

    And on that note I’m going to get ready for work! LOL! It’s a bit longer than it’s supposed to be but…those two together? LOVE!


  2. Dinuriel says:

    Those two are so awesome together! The contrast between trusting Alana and wary Caine sure is interesting to see. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she finds out he’s a lycan! Grin


  3. Penelope says:

    Oh. My. God. Phoenix. No that girl did NOT slip Caine a roofie! LOL!!! This update killed me.

    I love Alana. And I feel bad for her. She’s so desperate and lonely.


  4. Gayl says:

    I’m sorry but I had to laugh out loud at the game Caine played with the rat…OMG I had tears rolling down my face at that.

    Poor Caine is so smitten and he doesn’t even know it. And poor unsuspecting Alana. I cannot WAIT to see the look on her face when she realizes Caine is the “dog”.

    Great piece Phoenix!


  5. Nora says:

    Hi, I have a similar name on lj. I do the Labyrinth series. Anyway, I’ve been lazy to sign on to blogger but I promise to comment here from now on! Grin

    So, I loved this one! I can totally understand where Alana is coming from with the whole loneliness thing. It’s not easy so it’s not a crazy thing to try to at least be friends with a dog.

    But then again Caine is right in his feelings too. Who knows what Alana could do although she seems totally sweet and harmless. It’s going to take a long time to gain Caine’s trust.


  6. Phoenix says:

    Van, I TOTALLY agree!! I love those two together!

    Oh man…I can’t wait either! Should be good times for Alana! Haha!!


  7. Phoenix says:

    LMAO Pen!! The first pic of Caine knocked out is my fav! I giggle every time I see it! It just looks so comical!

    I love her too. She is desperate and lonely but I think a part of her will wish for those days in the upcoming chapters!


  8. Phoenix says:

    Haha Gayl! I could just picture it in my head so I had to laugh as well when I was writing it. Nothing else to do but to torment a rat! That’s just so wrong!Razz

    No he doesn’t. Both of them are going to be in for surprises!

    You and me both Gayl! You and me both! I know what her reaction is going to be…it plays out in my head! I hope I can convey it in the pictures!

    Thanks Gayl!


  9. Phoenix says:

    Hey Nora! Yep, I know who you are!Smile I love your series!

    Yeah, she feels kind of isolate from her peers and just everyone in general. Maybe she just doesn’t know how to interact with people and interacts better with animals. Depending on the day I’m the same way!Razz

    But I definitely agree with you about Caine. He’s had a rough life and he was just getting to the point of trusting Alana just a little bit but now…she has to start all over again!

    I’m glad you liked it!Smile


  10. S@ndy says:

    He bit her!!! what if she turns into a werewolf ? lol

    Great update Razz lol
    And the part with the rat, lol poor Caine, it must be really boring to be there all by himself… I think he should be working out, exercising or something, he needs to get in shape to kill Ethan!!! Grin He needs to go into bootcamp mode!! Grin lol

    poor Alana, she is just the sweetest girl out there, I really hope she will be ok after the bite! Grin

    Great update!


  11. Phoenix says:

    It wasn’t a bite…just kind of a scrape!Razz And…not a werewolf exactly!

    Thanks Sandy! Yes, he is bored. He can’t go out because his face is plastered on the TV and milk cartons. And he should be doing all those things but Caine…is Caine! Haha!

    She is sweet! Dense but sweet! She’ll be better than okay!Smile


  12. ~Drew says:

    Another great installment. Just love how you are building this between the two of them.
    Alana has a lot of endearing qualities that appeal to Caine, even though he is not entirely aware of it yet.
    Love how you described his boredom, well done!!

    Getting the dog to pose must be a pain, LOL! Great work mate!


  13. S.B. says:

    She drugged him…now that was just plain.. ok she meant well.

    I love the way Caine is reacting to her! And also loved the fact that he held back, controlled himself, although he was justifiably angry and scared.

    so she doesn’t turn into a werewolf. What then? A werecat? Just a nice happy girl dog? LOL! fascinating!

    Your writing is just fantastic! Every shot — perfect!


  14. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen!

    Yes, she does but Caine is stubborn! Even if something stares him in the face he’ll reject it!Razz

    Describing his boredom was fun! Haha!! Some of the poses are a pain but otherwise I’m having fun!Smile It’s different from posing Sims for sure!


  15. Phoenix says:

    LOL Beth! Yes, she did but…but that was all kinds of wrong!

    Caine doesn’t know what all his reactions mean. And as for him holding back…if it had been anyone else but Alana they would have been dead.

    *hums to herself* I can’t tell you! Haha!

    Thanks Beth! That means a lot!


  16. Emily says:

    Oh could their situation get any more unique? She likes the “dog” but hates the man, he doesn’t like her either way but seems to lose control when he’s in wolf form, wonder how she will feel when she finds out he is the dog. IF she finds out, lol! Love that line about him saying she thinks he’s a “dog”, how rude-he’s a wolf, duh!

    I love Alana’s character too, showing her at school, she’s really got some great qualities about her.

    And is it wrong that I think that whole thing about him being able to pick out her smell is a bit sexy? Oh well, maybe I’m a weirdo! Grin

    Great update as always, love this story!


  17. Phoenix says:

    Hey Emily! I like the new layout for your short stories blog! Very fresh!

    They are a pair aren’t they? I think both of them are in for a surprise. How they handle things well…that’s what makes them Caine and Alana!Razz

    Alana does have some great qualities about her. She’s just a little naive for her own good…most of the time anyways!

    No, no it’s not wrong! I think it’s sexy too! Wink~

    Thanks Emily! I appreciate! Can’t wait for your new stories!


  18. Mao says:

    LOL, I am loving this dog charade! It is just too amusing. Poor Alana, though. When she finds out it’s really that crazy Caine, she’s going to be in for it. What a mess that will be.

    Seeing Caine in the doggy bed was kind of cute.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    A mess indeed! LOL! Although Alana being Alana should have done some research on the internet!

    Caine was not amused! Hahaha! But it was cute!


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