Prompt 087


Title: Lycan Tales

Genre: Drama, suspense

Characters: Caine, Greg, Alana, The Shapeshifters

Prompt: 087~Kiss

Word Count: 2,000~ish

Rating: PG-13

Type: Series

Summary: The past is brought into the present.

Warnings: Language, Violence

Alana rubbed at the back of her neck as she walked into the apartment. She saw Greg pull away from a woman before he turned to look at Caine. The smell of weed became overpowering as Greg’s bother, Nolan, came to stand beside her.

“You okay?”

Glancing at him out the corner of her eye Alana noticed that while he was still grinning like an idiot there was some concern in his glazed eyes.

“I’ve just had a rough night. And the night before that as well. As a matter of fact I’ve had a rough week. And if you really want to know I’ll-”

“Alana, you just have to stay awake for a  little while longer. You might have a concussion and you don’t want to fall asleep and never wake up do you?”

She snorted. “Well, that might be better than this nightmare I’m currently living in now wouldn’t?” She absently noticed that Nolan had been backing away from her and she looked around to see where that rumbling growl was coming from before she realized, with a start, it was coming from her.

“Oh god!” She looked wildly around for some place to sit, a clean place to sit, and finally giving up sat down on the couch.


She waved a hand at him as she bent down and put her head between her knees. “Leave me alone Caine. Just…leave me alone.”

She was grateful when she heard him heave a sigh and saw his boots heading away. Closing her eyes she tried to will herself to stay awake.

“So, tell me what you know about Ethan. What’s been going on in the last ten years?”

He watched as Greg pulled a gun from the back of his pants and placed it on the table on top of some tarot cards. Greg smiled at the cards. “I see my Becca was at the cards again. Trying to see how much trouble I was getting into.”

Caine frowned. “Who’s Becca and why does she think tarot cards can tell her anything?”

“Rebecca is my mate. We’ve known each other since we were pups. Never thought she’d give me the time of day though.”

Caine shook his head at the stupid grin on Greg’s face. “And the cards? She believes them?”

“More than believes in them. They’re like an extension of her. I don’t know how many times something that she said would happen has happen. It’s fucking nuts but I’ve learned to never doubt her. Hell, who do you think urged me to find you after everyone kept saying you were dead? Anyways…you want to know about Ethan huh?”

“Yeah. How’s the pack doing?”

“Going to hell in a hand basket thanks to that whack job.”

Rebecca came over and wrapped her arms around Greg’s neck. He absently reached up and gave her hand a small squeeze. A small spark f jealousy lodged in Caine’s chest as he shot a glance over at Alana. Would she ever allow him to touch her that freely or would she always hate him for what he had unknowingly done to her? As if feeling his gaze her head lifted from her knees and she glared at him.

Yeah, she was going to hate him. Sighing, he turned back to Greg who was staring at him with knowing smile plastered on his face. Caine scowled and the smirk quickly disappeared. He was just about to press Greg for some answers when Nolan came out of the kitchen. He was brushing crumbs off his shirt and when he spotted them he headed toward them before leaning heavily on the wall.

“Whatcha talking about?”

“Caine wants to know about Ethan.”

“Oh fuck me! That man is a sadistic bastard! After he killed your father he went on this killing spree. He did kill more than a dozen of us before Greg stepped in and said he would make less of a mess of it. All the lycan who opposed him he wanted dead. To make up for the deaths he made agreements with several different packs. Packs that your father wouldn’t have touched with a fucking ten foot pool. They’d give him breeding females and in return he’d look the other way when they had their turf wars. The murder rate has went crazy high in the ten years your cousin has been Alpha.”

Greg nodded. “Nolan was the one that brought up the idea of one of us going undercover. He wanted to do it but-”

“It wasn’t in the cards.” Rebecca’s voice was raspy as if her larynx was coated in glass. Caine hid a wince but she smiled.

“I used to be lead singer for The Shapeshifters. That was before Ethan tried to pimp me out and when I turned him down he got a little…angry.”

Alana slowly lifted her head when she heard the haunting strains of a guitar. Rubbing at her eyes, it felt as if there was a pound of sand in each, she saw a guy slowly strumming at an electric guitar. At least she thought it was an electric guitar. She had never been musically inclined. She shot a nervous glance over at Caine to see him engrossed in a conversation with Greg, a pretty woman hugging his neck as if her life depended on it and Nolan who was still wearing that stoner grin. She closed her eyes and started to lean back but then thought better of it when she remembered just how gross the couch was. How could anyone live like this? Were all of Caine’s friends just as disgusting as he was? She shuddered at the thought then gave a start when the couch dipped beside her.


She blinked at the man sitting next to her as his cultured tones washed over her. She loved accents. Always had. She tried to place his.

“I wouldn’t try if I were you. I’m a mutt through and through. I’ve been so many places and sometimes I don’t even remember half of them. I’m sure good times were had though,” he said with a laugh.

“How’d you know what I was thinking?”

“You have a very expressive face.  You’re going to have to work on that you know. Especially with all the politics you’re going to be involved.”

“Why would I be involved in politics?”

He looked across the room and glanced back at her. “Well then, I guess I’m not the one to tell you.”

“Tell me what?”

“If I told you that then I would be the one to tell you now wouldn’t I?” A chuckled followed that last confusing statement. “I’m Douglas by the way. It’s a pleasure.”

“Alana. Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Only if you mind me probably not being able to answer it. Why don’t you ask Caine?”

“Because I want to ask you,” she snapped.

“Rght, right. Avoidance and all that. Well, I’ll do my best to answer.”

She gnawed on her lip as she tried to figure out the best way to ask the question. In the end she decided on being blunt.

“Is any of this real? I mean I’m dreaming right? There’s no such thing as werewolves and because there’s no such thing as werewolves there’s no way I could be one is there?”

He turned around and stared at her with sad eyes. “Oh sweetheart…denial will get you nowhere.”

A voice joined the haunting strains of the guitar.

Caine looked across the room to see Alana talking to a pale faced kid with brightly colored hair. Absently he reached up and ran a hand through his own scruffy hair. He could feel a growl trying to work its way up his throat but he swallowed it down. There was nothing to be upset about. That kid had another woman’s scent all over him. As if he had bathed in her scent…and the woman was in heat. Lovely, just lovely. Female lycan weren’t known to be docile anyways but they were in heat they could be such…well, bitches.

The woman had a great voice and she enjoyed  singing. He glanced over at the man playing the guitar, the woman’s mate. He had a grin on his face he listened to her. Pride was etched in every line of his body. Caine rubbed a hand over his face. He couldn’t get attached to these people. Just being here was putting them in danger.

“Ethan’s pretty much locked himself in his penthouse. He only leaves to go to necessary meetings and even then he’s so heavily protected that it’ll be hard to get to him. He-”

“Can kiss my ass. He murdered my father, his cousin, to gain this position. It’s one thing to fight for the position but to win by trickery? That’s not the actions of an Alpha.”

“No Alpha, it’s not. Ethan does have a son. He’d be about ten now. We could-”

A snarl ripped through the air as Caine glared at Greg. “We are not going to use the child to get the father. If I did I’d be no better than Ethan. I’d just be repeating the same mistake he made ten years ago.”


“He let me get away.”

A silence fell over there small group before Greg cleared his throat and stood. “You’ll have to excuse me Caine. I haven’t seen my mate in months. There’s something I need to do.”

Caine chuckled when Greg grabbed Rebecca and pulled her toward him but quickly sobered as he realized just how much Greg put on the line daily. As he had been doing for the past ten years while he had been content to stay in a crazy house. He had to make it up some way. There were so many people depending on him. His hand closed into a fist. He couldn’t fail them. Not again.


  1. Cheripye822 says:

    Oh this was such an emotional and endearing update!!! Alana is too funny with her germophobia, Did I spell that right, LOL! and your descriptions of every character, I swear nolan reminds me of my own bro… That could be a bad thing though, LOL! means I might have to like him more. LOL! just kidding and cryptic douglas, LOL! I love him… I absolutely cant wait for the next update!!


  2. Van says:

    What an interesting group! Poor Alana is pretty out of place there, though… ehhhh, she’ll warm up to them (and in Caine’s case, quite literally) Grin

    Man, Ethan’s such a douche. He does know what everyone says about him, if I remember correctly? What a laughingstock.


  3. Penelope says:

    Hahaha Whoah boy! Poor Caine. Alana needs a shower, a meal, clean clothes and some antiseptic before she starts to feel a little friendlier.

    Do all of those people live in that tiny, dirty apartment like a bunch of frat boys???


  4. PhoenixFG says:

    Thanks Cherie! Haha! I think you spelled it right! Grin Hey, Nolan is awesome soooo…I guess your bro is? LOL!! Douglas was supposed to be a tough guy but when I wrote it…yeah…not so much right? I’m glad you’re enjoying this just as much as I am Cherie! Smile


  5. PhoenixFG says:

    They are very interesting! Sometimes I just watching them interact before I turn freewill off! Hilarious! Alana is out of place but she’s used to it now. I think it would freak her out even more if she was comfortable there! LOL!! Exactly! Should be fun when that happens!

    OMG! I thought the same thing when I was writing! That’s funny! He does know which is why he sent out Dom to do some damage control. Yeah, total douche!


  6. PhoenixFG says:

    LOL! Yeah, she does! Right now she’s not wanting to deal with anyone. Or anything for that matter!

    Yep! Didn’t you see the plant? A woman’s touch! Hahaha!! They can’t exactly be out in the open when Ethan is trying to cull the pack of upstarts. Especially Becca since he wanted to breed her. He doesn’t know she’s mated. Or maybe he just didn’t care. Mad


  7. Nora says:

    Aw, I feel sad for Caine. I wish he could burst into Ethan’s office and tell him who’s boss! But we all know, that ain’t gonna be easy. He has a lot of things on his plate not to mention responsibility.

    (BTW, I thought I commented on the last post but my comment isn’t there. It’s okay, but I still read it! Grin)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Oh, I can see Caine doing that for sure! But like you said it ain’t that easy!! Not in the least! Caine has to get accustomed to so many people looking at him for guidance…and of course those that don’t believe in the Lancasters anymore! Cry

    And you did! But I think it was after I had imported everything over here so that comment didn’t get carried over!

    And ha! I finally realize what plugin was preventing me from replying in post to a comment! YES!!! So sorry if you get this comment twice Nora!


    Nora Reply:

    I just noticed your links change color! How cool! Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hahaha!! Right? One of the reasons I chose those blog! I don’t know what browser you’re using but there’s little silver buttons on the top of each post as well that either push the sidebars away or bring up the next post! Hella cool! I love this theme! LOL


  8. Maria, Greece says:

    I love your story Alien !!! I just can’t wait for the next episode!! the pics are great too Smile !! I wonder what that guy ment when he mentioned something about politics Confused probably something to do with Caine beeing the alpha… !


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hello Maria! Welcome! Glad you’re enjoying it! I was thinking of the next prompt while I was driving(not a good idea! LOL!) and I think I know what I’m going to do! It should be up in a few days! A week at most! Razz Yep, that’s exactly what he meant! Of course, Alana didn’t get it either! In her defense her brain is still fuzzy! Haha!


  9. meralgia says:

    I love the diversity of your characters – everyone has their own thing, but somehow they menage to get along. Well, most of them anyway. Wink Those two are so funny, Cain thinking Alana hates him – only a person in love could be so blind… LOL


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Meralgia! We live in a diverse world! I can’t imagine NOT having such characters in my story ya know? Plus, some of them just pushed their way in! Haha! Yeah…Caine’s feeling really guilty right about now! And Alana deserves to hate him for a little bit more! Just a little bit more though! Smile


  10. ~Drew says:

    Great Update~

    Love Caine’s observations as he looks around the room, he is obviously needing a little companionship, but as he rightly observed, cannot get to close to these people or he will put them in danger. Also his longing look at Alana, who scowled at him, LOL! Greg’s little pack has some interesting characters! And interesting tidbits about Ethan, I am sure Caine will form a plan! Look forward to more!! Cool


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Karen! Yeah…he knows that it’s going to be a long, hard rough! Especially not being sure who he can and can not trust! And then I go and throw Alana on top of the mix! LOL!
    It does! They all grew up together. So he knows he can trust them.

    Thanks Karen!! Grin


  11. Gayl says:

    Things seem to be coming together for Caine. He is starting to embrace who he is. I can’t wait to see how Alana finally figures out her role. That is going to be hysterical! Poor Caine! hehe

    So Ethan knows that he has many enemies but has no idea that the Winchester followers are alive and scheming his demise. When it finally happens, the showdown between Ethan and Caine will be dramatic.

    Great job; I am really loving this story.


    Gayl Reply:

    sorry I meant the Lancasters…sheesh! Oops!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! It’s alright Gayl! I have a few stories going that you switch back and forth on so it’s understandable! Hey, at least you didn’t call Cherie Emily!Razz

    Yes, they are! Don’t know how long they’ll stay that way though….especially with little Julian out and about. Haha! Yeah….Alana will not be pleased! Not at all!

    Thanks Gayl! That means a lot!


    Emily Reply:

    LOL! I think we all do things like that! My mom is constantly calling me my other sisters names!


  12. Ning says:

    tsk tsk, Caine!! What’s the use of sitting there getting jealous of every male that talks to Alana? Do something if you call yourself a man! XD

    I laughed at the part when Greg said Ethan pretty much locked himself up in the penthouse. Reminded me of what a weak coward Ethan was, forever hiding under some form of protection. Well, he does have reason to be scared for his life. But what did Caine mean when he said Ethan let him get away? Ethan did that on purpose?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL Ning!! I think Caine is being extra cautious because he feels guilty. If he wouldn’t have nipped at her none of this would have happened…or not like it did at any rate! So he’s giving her some space! THAT’S not going to last long!

    Exactly! What kinda alpha does that? And no! It meant that Ethan should have made sure he was dead. Then everything wouldn’t be coming back to bite him in the butt!


  13. Freestar says:

    I am soooo loving the characters in this story. Especially their hair…oh yeah…the story is great too…but you know I am so looking at the outfits and hair too. Love ya.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I know you are! Heifer! My download folder hates me though! You remember how slow the game loaded last time you came? I fixed it! Bwahaha! So MOAR downloads! Love ya sis! Alien


  14. Emily says:

    Oh man, these are such fun looking peoples! And go Caine, get it together man!

    Still love the tension between Alana & Caine, even though deep down I know she wants him, who can resist the hunky, dangerous men!

    Great continuation as usual! I am slowly catching back up! Alien


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Thanks Emily! I wanted them to look that way…to have that air ya know?

    Oh yeah…the tension is only going to get thicker before it breaks…one way or the other Who can resist indeed!? Razz

    No worries Em! Take your time! The prompts are going to stay right here! LOL


  15. sandybvv says:

    You are certainly introducing very intriguing and fascinating character, i know in my heart that these all people will only make Caine stronger and more determined to end Ethan’s empire!!!
    engrossing and fantastic chapter!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Sandy! This story is so much fun! Seriously! Not that my other stories aren’t but….ya know what I mean! Razz

    They’re becoming his pack. Hopefully nothing will go wrong anytime soon.


  16. Mao says:

    “Oh sweetheart…denial will get you nowhere.” Love Douglas already! Very true. And that hint about Alana’s future right after Caine was thinking about her… it made me giggle. Hehe, she’s so clueless. Razz

    Yay! Caine’s pack is taking shape. I can’t wait ’til they steamroll Ethan.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    She’s SO CLUELESS! I love Douglas! I have to make better use of them! I got a complaint about too many characters in the story though!Frown


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