Prompt 086

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama
Characters: Caine, Alana
Prompt: 086~Laughter
Word Count: 1807
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Caine gets playful
Warnings: Language

It was like clockwork. Even though she had the day off her body still woke up at six. Rolling over onto her back Alana stared at the ceiling before heaving a sigh. She winced when that small gesture hurt her throat. Frowning she reached up and gently poked at her throat then groaned when she suddenly remembered why her throat was sore. That crazy man from yesterday. Not the mugger, the other guy. The mugger’s grip had been a caress in comparison to the crushing grip of the escapee. Swallowing, she shoved back the blankets and swung her legs over the bed frame. Her heel hit the edge of the suitcase under the bed and she absently nudged it back before walking into the kitchen.

Realizing that she wouldn’t be able to actually eat anything, her throat wouldn’t allow for it, she dumped a can of soup into a bowl and popped it into the microwave. Her stomach rumbled making her realize that she hadn’t eaten since that burger in the mall yesterday. When she had finally made it home she had hopped in the shower and scrubbed herself until she felt raw and then, after dumping her clothes in the garbage, she had crawled into bed and immediately fallen asleep. She glanced over at the garbage to see her the sleeve of her shirt hanging out. She shuddered. She would admit it. That guy from Deal or No Deal wasn’t the only one who was freaked out about germs.
Bending down she stared at the bowl as it circled around and around. God, she was hungry! Suddenly she frowned. And if she was hungry that dog was probably starving. Alana had always wanted a pet and once she’d gotten her own place she’d even stocked up on pet food. She was nothing if not prepared. She even kept some doggie biscuits in her purse just in case she came across a stray. The microwave beeped and she popped open the door, grabbed her bowl and sat down at the table. After she ate maybe she’d go looking for that dog. After all, she did owe it her life.

Caine came awake with a jolt. He had fallen into bed after making sure that the woman had gotten home safely. He had been impressed that she had ran so far. Hell, the woman hadn’t even slowed when she reached her door and it had amused him to watch her bounce against it in her haste to get inside. She had finally succeded in getting the door open then raced inside. He had listened to make sure she locked the door before he headed back to the house. He had wanted to stay awake and think about the information she had given him but exhaustion won out. He winced as the sound that had woken him pierced his ears ago.
“What the hell?” he snapped. He inhaled deeply and then stiffened.
“What the fuck? Tell me she is not here again after I told her to stay away. The woman can not be that stupid.”

He bounded off the bed, and taking the stairs two at a time, raced through the house and into the kitchen. He came to a screeching halt to clamp a hand over his ears when the sound came again. Scowling he walked over to the window and peered out to see her standing in the yard blowing a dog whistle.
“A fucking dog whistle. She has got to be kidding me!” He started to step back but stopped when a ray of sun glinted off her hair. Absently he rubbed a hand over his chest before he tore his gaze away and looked down. He stared in stunned amazement at the bucket of dog food on the porch.
“Dog food?” She had brought dog food and set it on the porch. He shook his head. She was a piece of work. He scrubbed at his ears when she blew that goddamn whistle again.

Alana blew the whistle one more time before she sighed in defeat. Maybe using the dog whistle hadn’t been a good idea but she couldn’t very well go around talking all morning. It hurt to swallow and she didn’t want to look like a complete loon by going around talking to herself. She eyed her surroundings, to make sure that that man hadn’t appeared out of nowhere before chewing on her lip. Slowly she dropped down to her knees and peered into the tower of wood and rumble that was in the yard. For all she knew the dog could have made that an impromptu house.

“Ew, ew, ew,” she muttered under her breath as her hands scrapped against the concrete and the pungent smell of something rotting reached her nose.
“Here doggy, doggy! Come here! Please come here so I can get off the ground,” she said hoarsely. She slowly edged forward to peer in between the slates of an overturned fence. She froze when a throat was cleared.
“Lady, what are you doing?”
She thought about lying but decided against it. “Looking for the dog.”
Caine frowned at her hoarse tones. “What’s wrong with your throat?”
At that Alana whipped around to stare at him in amazement. She opened her mouth to snap at him but paused when she realized he was wearing nothing but his underwear.
“Do you ever put on clothes?”
He shrugged lazily and leaned against a chair that looked as if it had seen better days. Alana could just imagine all the germs that were on that chair. Shuddering she stood and dusted off her pants and then her hands before reaching into her bag and pulling out some sanitizer.
Caine watched in amusement as she dumped a large amount of sanitizer in her palm before she rubbed it into her hands. Shaking his head he crossed his arms.
“Your voice?”
“Are you trying to tell me that you don’t remember choking me yesterday?”
“Fuck, I did that? Look, I’m sorry…I don’t know your name.”
She eyed him. “Yes, we weren’t exactly on friendly terms were we? We still aren’t. I’ll just be getti
ng off your property now. Although technically this isn’t your property is it? You’re just squatting.”

Caine straightened. “This was my father’s house and so it passed onto me when he died. This is my property and I thought I told you to stay the fuck off of it. And don’t blow that damn whistle anymore or I swear to God I’ll ram it down your throat.”
“You really should watch your language. There are more ones to speak than to resort to cursing.”
“What are you? A fucking teacher?” He grinned when she winced.
“As a matter of fact I am,” she said lifting her chin.
“Well princess, I haven’t stepped foot into a classroom since I was eleven. I’m afraid that I’m too old to learn anything new.”
Alana couldn’t help herself. She had always wanted to be a teacher. She took a step forward. “Oh, it’s never too late to learn something new. Why I could-”
“Take your whistle, your bucket of dog food and your cheery mood and get your ass off my lawn,” Caine said as he walked into the house. Caine watched from the shadows as she stared after him for a moment before her shoulders dropped and she headed toward the front. He absently rubbed at his chest again and then with a short curse spun away from the window.

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  1. Penelope says:

    He should have just mauled her. That would have turned her away for good. Razz


  2. Emily says:

    Awww, that was cute! Alana sure is a sweet person, Caine should give her a chance! She cracks me up too that she is such a clean freak!

    Great update as always!


  3. Van says:

    It’s such a nice contrast, neat-freak, germophobic Alana and Caine, who clearly has no problems with a messy house Smile

    It’s good to see he’s at least comfortable with her in dog form. Hopefully he’ll open up to her, he needs someone to talk to.


  4. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! OMG Pen!! LOL!! Daaang!! You’re about as vicious as he CAN be!Razz


  5. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Emily! I just decided to do a light piece because things are getting ready to get kinda dramatic here! Haha!

    Yeah, I figured I’d incorporate some of her Sim characteristics. She’s always cleaning up sooo…



  6. Phoenix says:

    Haha!! Yeah, I don’t think Caine knows how to take her! He thinks she some kinda oddity(pot calling the kettle black).

    Yes, he does need someone to talk to. He’s been in a crazy home for WAY too long!


  7. goodbye_sun says:

    Odd way to make sure she leaves for good, is it me or is Caine not too in touch with what he is doing while in his wolf form?


  8. Phoenix says:

    Oh he’s aware…however where she’s concerned his brain is all sorts of muddled. It’ll be explained more in the next update!


  9. S@ndy says:

    Awww, I agree with Emily, that was so cute, I love the interaction between the “dog” and Alana, she should just take him home!!!

    And I see lots of possibility between Alana and Caine! Grin
    He seems to like her far more than he realizes…

    and I also think Alana is way TOO crazy to go back to the escapee’s place!

    Great chapter!!


  10. cheripye says:

    Awww, Caine does have a soft spot after all… Then again dont all the hard cases, IE J… LOL!
    Alana is a brave one going back to the place after the maniac tried to strangle her, LOL! If only she knew… LOL!

    Stunning descriptions your writing is absolutely beautiful!!! and your screens too!!!


  11. Phoenix says:

    You got it Sandy! “More than he realizes”. He’s such a guy…and living in the asylum didn’t help much either!

    I have the next two prompts already pictured…I just have to write it! haha!

    Yeah, Alana isn’t all there either! Girl has some serious issues! LOL!


  12. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! LOL!! I know that’s right Cherie!

    Hmm…I don’t know if brave is the word! She’s more worried about the “dog” than anything! She just doesn’t think that far ahead…

    Thanks Cherie!Smile


  13. ~Drew says:

    I just recognized the lot, CycloneSue, love her urban stuff. Caine is such an interesting character, his gruffness covers a lot of hurt, I think. And I agree with the others, he likes Alana far more than he is letting on, licking her neck where he injured her…awww.

    Real connection going here between Alana/Caine and his canine self, great update!


  14. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen! Yep! That’s the creator of the lot. I suck at building and Simcere doesn’t do urban! I’m sure she would if it was requested but she has so much on her plate now! Anyways…

    Not this update but the next(I think) everyone will see a softer side of Caine. He definitely likes her more than he lets on. It confuses him.

    Tame the beast, tame the man. Well…semi-tame. No one wants a totally tamed man!!Razz


  15. Gayl says:

    I can’t wait to see the expression on Alana’s face when she realizes the “dog” she has allowed to lick her, the “dog” she just rubbed the belly of is really Caine the big bad meanie lunatic asylum escapee! LOL!

    Really well done and yes, breaking it up with a little levity is a good thing. She really is a brave one to go back to that house.


  16. Phoenix says:

    LOL Gayl! I crack up every time I visualize that scene! It’s going to be soooo funny!!

    Thanks! And yes she is!


  17. Mao says:

    LOL, oh boy. Caine is such a grump–I love his “get off my lawn” comment. xD

    At least Alana got to see her dog after all… well, kind of…

    I am still trying to decide if she’s brave or just bored to go back there. It’s hard to suppress the thrill of excitement when you live a scheduled existence.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Caine’s an ass! But once he gets to know you…well he still is but not as much!Razz

    I think a little stupid was mixed in there as well but yeah, everything being scheduled is boring! I don’t think she realized HOW boring!


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