Prompt 084

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Ethan, Dom, Alana
Prompt: 084~Disappointed
Word Count: 1,610-ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Ethan is upset, Dom hides an important fact, and Alana searches for the truth.
Warnings: Language, brief nudity

Vanderwall Residence, 5:30 pm

With one fluid movement Dom changed from one form to another and continued to race up the stairs to the penthouse. So used to seeing nudity the maids and the butler didn’t even bother to give her a second glance. Well, the butler might have given her a second glance but she was running so fast all he caught was a glimpse. She could hear the strains of the piano as Julius diligently practiced and she absently thought that he was getting a little better. The faint sounds faded as she reached the top floor and burst through the glass doors onto the deck. Her bare feet slapped against the cobblestone before she came to a stop beside the hot tub. She had known Ethan would be out here. This was where he went to relax before any public event.

“Dom, so anxious to join me. If I would have known that I would have waited for you.”
He didn’t even bother to open his eyes, she noticed in disgust. She was sure that he had heard her coming a distance away but still. Did he consider her so meager a threat that he wouldn’t be on his guard? Did he think she was so passive that thoughts of murdering him hadn’t surfaced in her mind numerous times over the years? She felt a growl start to rumble up her chest. Swallowing it back down she dropped to her knees by the hot tub and tried to calm her breathing.
Ethan opened his eyes a bit and looked at her through the haze of steam. She was completely naked and her pupils were dilated as if she were scared. At that thought his body tightened. He thrived on fear. In his mind that’s what made him a good Alpha. If there was no fear then his pack mates wouldn’t respect him. Of course when he was around full humans he had to tone down his disdain for their sheep like ways.
“What’s the problem Dom?” he asked lazily. “You seem slightly…perturbed.”
“Ethan, I just came from the hospital.”
“Did another one of your patients die? A pity but as long as you’ve been a doctor I’d think you’d have a thicker skin.”
Feeling a lot calmer than he had before he entered the hot tub Ethan stood and made to get out.

“No, it’s one of Sophia’s patients. Sophia ran a few tests on her and…something has changed in her genetic make-up. She’s a half breed Ethan. And not just any half breed. A fertile half breed. “
Ethan froze with his back to her.“Come again?”
“She said that she’d gotten bitten by a dog but it must not have been a dog. It would have had to been one of us. A rogue maybe?”
“Where is she at?” There was a pause behind him. “Where the hell is she at Dom?”
“I left her at the hospital with Sophia. She won’t get far. She’s going through the change as we speak and her body-“

Her head banged against the wall as Ethan moved so swiftly she didn’t even have time to prepare herself. She closed her eyes as pinwheels of light dance in front of her and nausea worked its way up her throat. The back of her head throbbed in time with her racing heart.
“You left a fertile half breed behind?” He was taking short, shallow breaths and his skin started to ripple and itch, his bones shifted and claws shot out of the hand around Dom’s neck. He growled and squeezing his hand tighter, shook her like a rag doll. What he really wanted to do was snapped her scrawny neck.
He had kept a tight rein on any breeding female. They made good bargaining chips with other alphas who didn’t have the surplus he did. Not to mention it allowed him to keep an eye on any whelps that were born. He could never be too careful.
“Who are her parents? Which one was like us?”
“I-I don’t know. Sophia has to run some more test and-”
“You’ve failed me Dominica. Once again. You’re making me regret mating you. You’ve become weak. And one weak link can bring down a whole wall. Why wasn’t this detected earlier?”
“Sophia said that her blood was normal up until now. You know how rare half breeds are. Most of them go their entire lives without realizing that they’re not fully human. With her coming into contact with one of us…she shouldn’t even be changing. There’s something-”
Ethan snarled. “I don’t care about your doctorate Dom. I want that half breed found. Obviously you’re not smart enough to bring her to me. I know someone who will.”
He shook her once more before he tossed her away from him. She stumbled and righted herself before wincing and rubbing at her throat. “You didn’t let me finish Ethan.”
He sliced his hand in the air. “It doesn’t matter. Cancel the event for tonight. I have to make a telephone call. I should have brought him in a weeks ago. Damn it, he’s still out there and now this!” Spinning on his heel he walked into his office and punched in a number. It rang once and then a deep voice came over the line.
“I need you to do something for me…”
Dom stood in the door and listened to Ethan plan. She opened her mouth to speak but he shooed her out of the room before pointedly turned his back on her. Pressing her lips tightly together she spun on her heel and went into her office to cancel the function for tonight. Fine, she thought bitterly, if he didn’t want to listen to what else she had to say, then she wouldn’t mention the vaguely familiar scent she had caught coming from the girl.

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  1. Penelope says:

    Oh wow! Oh no!

    And man those doughnuts on the counter look good. Mmm doughnuts…


  2. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Okay Homer!! I can just picture the drool…or the gurgling he does in the back of his throat! LOL!!

    Yeah…oh no!


  3. Gayl says:

    First of all, I am hoping she didn’t take any of those pills before she researched them. Once again I am on pins and needles waiting to see what comes next!

    Ethan is a real jerk isn’t he? I am glad Dom didn’t tell him. Somehow I think there may be redemption for her down the road.

    Fabulous shots girl! Wonderful! And your decor, the clutter, is perfect.


  4. Dinuriel says:

    Now that Pen mentioned that, I REALLY want a doughnut Frown

    Ouch. Poor Alana. Hopefully Ethan doesn’t get his vile hands on her.

    I agree with Gayl, I do think Dom is redeemable and could potentially make a turnaround later in the story. I can’t see that happening too soon, though.


  5. cheripye says:

    Half breed eh! thats a twist, now lets hope that Caine realizes whats going on with the girl before it’s too late and his NASTY uncle gets his grubby paws on her. Breeding female, pah! Alana needs a good Alpha. LOL!


  6. cheripye says:

    Stunning screens and writing as usual!! 80)


  7. Phoenix says:

    No Gayl, she didn’t take any of the pills. The doc was making her too nervous for that!

    Yes, he is. He thinks he so above everyone else and doesn’t want to get his hands dirty…
    As for DOm…*whistles innocently* I haven’t figure her out yet.

    Thank you!Grin


  8. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! When I work night shift I’m always able to get the fresh donuts!! Yum!!

    Yeah, Alana is it for a rough…er, rougher time then she could have ever imagined!


  9. Phoenix says:

    I already had Alana’s back story planned out even before I started this story. I might have to to some flashbacks there as well…I think it’s interesting!Razz

    Hahaha!! I agree with you! Alana does need a good Alpha! And Cherie…*looks around and leans in close* in about two chapters a VERY familiar face is going to appear!Grin


  10. Nora says:

    I was rooting for Dom. She doesn’t have to tell everything to stupid Ethan! Two can play that game, Ethan!!

    Anyway, I hope nothing too bad happens to Alana.Thinking


  11. Phoenix says:

    Hahaha! No, no she doesn’t have to tell Ethan anything…esecially because of the way he treats her!

    I’m working on the next two updates now! Sooo….you’ll see! LOL!


  12. cheripye says:

    I absolutely cant wait!!! LOL!


  13. S.B. says:

    Ethan is an obnoxious jerk.

    You surprised me with Alana! And I do hope Caine gets a clue fast!

    Always such suspense and such wonderful pics!


  14. Phoenix says:

    I think Alana is going to surprise a lot of people…myself included!

    Yes, Ethan is. He knows it and doesn’t care.

    Thank you Beth!Smile


  15. S@ndy says:

    OMG!!! Poor Alana!!!
    And Dominica should have kept her mouth shout!!

    Well I’m glad Ethan didn’t give her the chance to tell him everything!!!

    I really hope Caine realizes something is going on and fast!!! he just bit the girl… he should at least go back to see if she is ok! Grin lol

    Wonderful update!! Love all your pictures, how did you even get Ethan to choke Dom? that was a great shot!!! Grin
    Great job!


  16. Phoenix says:

    If Dom would have done that then she would have really been in for some trouble!

    LOL!! Yeah…Caine’s mind drifts to her and…well you’ll see!

    Thanks Sandy! I go here: to just read stories and see the new pose boxes that pop up every now and again!


  17. Emily says:

    Great update Cheryl! As usual, you find the best poses and have great pics! Love the one of Ethan choking her (just the pic, not what he was doing!) LOL.

    Alana the half breed!? OMG, how will she feel about that! Love that Dom kept that little jewel about the smell to herself, serves him right!

    Loved this update and can’t wait for more!


  18. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! I completely understand!Razz Thanks Emily! The poses all come from pose boxes that goodbye_sun has posted at Smhaven(Where I lurk). It’s just a crazy time finding the right pose…

    Eh, for some reason I don’t think Alana is going to be pleased. Not pleased at all! Haha!! Yeah, I think Dom is really getting tired of Ethan. She’s had enough…the question is what will she do about it?

    Thanks so much Emily!! I’m looking forward to your next one as well!


  19. goodbye_sun says:

    It will be so nice to see Ethan go down, I am hopeful karma will make things right.

    Alana is going to so go off at Caine when she find out what he has done to her…


  20. ~Drew says:

    Another great update, your shots are always so full of action, how did you get Ethan to pin Dom against the wall like that? (never mind, read your response to Sandy above)
    And interesting why Alana is reacting so to the bite. Did Caine do it on purpose, or was he unaware of what he had done? Doesn’t bode well for a possible relationship between them!
    And what nefarious plan as Ethan got for Alana. His ears perked up when he heard she was ‘fertile’ breed with him, perhaps? Ewww.

    Looking forward to more!


  21. Phoenix says:

    I so believe in Karma so I’m thinking that Ethan will get his! Haha!

    Yeah, Alana is NOT going to be pleased. She had her whole life planned out…


  22. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen! I also posted some shots on the photo blog since I know you really don’t visit LJ that much! Hopefully I made it easy to understand. I took the idea from goodbye_sun.

    LOL!! You never know with Ethan. He intends to hold onto his Alpha position as long as he can. No matter what that entails…


  23. Mao says:

    Poor Alana. I wondered if she had some werewolf in her, the mention of her running all that distance and some other small clues… but I didn’t anticipate she’d be a half-breed. I’m assuming this is of great concern to them!

    She’s in for one hell of a ride!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ahhh…you caught that did you!? Man, you’re good!

    She has NO idea! She’ll wish for her routine back for sure!


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