Prompt 083

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Caine, Alana, Greg, The Shapeshifters
Prompt: 083~Anxious
Word Count: 2,237~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Greg finds them a temporary place to crash.
Warnings: Language, drug reference

Once again I want to thank Cherie for allowing me the use of Jayden/Greg in my story!

Alana restarted the fire as Greg dug around for some clothes for Caine. Her mind was numb and her body ached. She didn’t know what to make of the last few days. Let alone what had happened in the last few minutes. As quickly as all those wolves had appeared they had disappeared. Greg had said something about them having to stay hidden for a little while longer. He needed to speak to Caine about some things before the pack vied for his attention. She shook her head. This…this was just unreal. It couldn’t be happening.
“Are you decent?” she called out as she dusted off her hands and stared into the flickering flames.

“I’m dressed if that’s what you mean,” Caine said with a laugh as he came around from behind a large tree. He grinned as he looked over at Alana. She still had her back to him and he could see her slowly running her hands up and down her arms. His smile faded. Of course she was cold. She was still in her pajamas and she was bare foot.
“Alana, why don’t you get back under the shelter? It’s still raining out and we don’t want you to catch a chill.”
“Like you care,” she grumbled before turning around. She didn’t even bother to look in their direction. The more she thought about it, the more she realized whatever was going on was all their fault. And she would leave it at that. Because if she thought about it anymore she’d probably have a nervous break down.
Heaving a sigh, she sat under the awning and continued to look straight ahead even as a pair of legs entered her vision. Soon Caine’s face appeared in front of her. He looked…concerned? That was a change from his usual frown.

“Hey, tilt your head back so I could check out your injuries.”
“So, you’re a doctor now? You know, I wouldn’t even have these injuries, or running around barefoot with I don’t know how many germs crawling over me, if you weren’t some lunatic,” she snapped.
She resisted as he palmed her head and started to tilt it back but finally relented when a growl rumbled up from his chest.
“I don’t know what you people are but I don’t want any part of it. Look, if you let me go I’ll just pretend none of this ever happened. I’ll go so far away no one will be able to find me.” A pleading note had entered her voice.
“I’d find you,” Caine said gently as he tilted her head this way and that. “How do you feel?”
“Oh, you know…like someone doped me up, then kidnapped me. And let’s not forget that I’m homeless, saw something that’s only supposed to exist in movies, was in a car accident and then rescued by a slobbering man beast. Other than that I feel peachy.”
A small grin tilted Caine’s mouth. “You must if you can still talk shit.”
Alana slapped his hands away as Greg chuckled.
“And just for the record I was not slobbering,” Caine said as he gently brushed a thumb against the corner of her mouth before he stood and walked over to Greg.

“So, all this time you were one of the good guys huh?”
Greg shrugged. “The majority of the pack mourned when your father died. And then to be told by Ethan that you were killed as well…my father knew something had to be done.”
“So, that’s why no one ever came looking for me,” Caine muttered. Alana thought she heard relief in his voice. She couldn’t be sure though. Now that she was sitting down all she wanted to do was sleep. Their deep voices lulled her into a semi-restful state.
“Caine, Ethan had told us that you had died fighting his beta. You were just a pup but I eventually found the place where you had stayed. I tracked down the last owner but he had died so I found his son. After talking with him I began to piece together the puzzle. He said that his father appeared on his doorstep mumbling about the ‘crazy kid’ that he had hit had snapped a wolf’s neck with his bare hands. He then told his son that he had driven for miles before dropping you off at a nuthouse and then he dumped the wolf’s body and tried to forget about it. The son seemed to think there wasn’t any truth in the story so when Ethan came around he lied and said that you had ran away.”
“Which probably saved my life.”
“I just want to thank you for-”
“Alpha, no thanks are needed. Just seeing you alive and healthy is good enough.”
Caine shifted uneasily. He wasn’t used to this shit. He didn’t know how to respond to that. He was saved from putting his foot in his mouth when a small snore reached them.
“Alana!” he snapped.
“What?” she snapped back before her eyes drooped once again and she curled on her side. “Just give me a couple minutes. Tired is all.”
“Look, she might have a concussion or something. We can’t stay here…and I can’t take her to a hospital either. Not yet. I need-”
“There’s a safe place I know of. It’s in the city though. We’ll only be able to take my car so far before we have to walk. Ethan knows my car.”
“That’s fine. I trust you Greg….I’d trust you with my life.”
Greg’s jaw dropped. “Alpha…you, you honor me.”
“No Greg, I’m honored to have you in the pack. Come on before Alana passes out.”

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  1. Dinuriel says:

    Heheheh, Caine’s pretty hot-and-cold, isn’t he? Hopefully he’ll stay on the warmer end of the scale now that it’s all getting sorted out Smile

    Already I like Nolan. Duuuuuude, he’s such a like, loveable stoner type dude. And Greg=WIN.


  2. Phoenix says:

    With all the pheromones in the air Caine is going to stay pretty hot from now on. Unfortunately…or fortunately for Alana depending on your point of view!Razz

    Nolan wasn’t supposed to turn out that way! But that face when I posed him? How could I resist Van? Seriously!! Haha!! He’s great!

    *nods in agreement about Greg*


  3. Penelope says:

    Greg’s brother is a crack-up.So very opposite to Greg himself.

    I bet Alana the thought of sleeping on the furniture will be enough to keep Alana awake. LOL! Weed! Language! Alana has such a stick up her butt. I think that’s why I adore her.


  4. Penelope says:

    EDIT: Scratch that first “Alana”. It’s too early for me, Phoenix!!


  5. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! You couldn’t resist could you? Haha!!

    I know! I didn’t intend for that to happen, at least I didn’t intend for him to be a pot head but that pic just cracked me up! I couldn’t resist! In my head he sounds like the turtle from Finding Nemo!!

    No doubt, no doubt! I love Alana too for the same reason.


  6. Penelope says:

    You know I couldn’t resist! I have an addiction! Look at me twitch!


  7. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! I was thinking as I posted it early this morning: I wonder if Pen is going to try and read this before she goes to work? Bwahahaha!!

    I can’t say anything…I do the same thing!


  8. goodbye_sun says:

    More sensory overload for Alana, probably a good thing for them she was too tired to process everything just at the moment.

    Every family needs a Nolan Smile


  9. Noelle says:

    Phoenix! This is wonderful! So well written. I enjoy this story so very much. Did you create this the apartment lot? It’s AWESOME!


  10. followingwords says:

    Poor Caine having to put up with Alana. Man is she all over the place… of course, considering what she’s been through, that’s not that terribly surprising.

    Awesome chapter! I’m going to admit though, I can’t wait to get back to Dom and Julius. Dom’s probably my favorite character after Alana and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when she finds out Julius left…


  11. Phoenix says:

    LOL! I know goodbye_sun! I don’t know how much she can take until she finally cracks! Which should be interesting to see!

    I know right? Haha!! He’s awesome!


  12. Phoenix says:

    Hey Noelle!!Smile Glad you’re enjoying this!! Thanks for the lovely compliments!Grin

    Nope, I can’t build for crap! All my stuff is usually downloaded and then gutted and rearranged. In this case I left everything in tact though…you can get it from here. They have some other amazing apartments!


  13. Phoenix says:

    LOL! I know Marie, I know! I think, when she has a moment to sit down and think about things Caine is going to be keeping an eye on her for an entirely different reason! She’s not going to be pleased. Not at all…

    Thanks! I know! I already have it planned out in my head…after the next prompt we’ll be back at Ethan’s place…should be interesting!


  14. ~Drew says:

    My God, I just love Caine! “Are you decent?” “I’m dressed if that’s what you mean!” ROTF!! Love the tender way he checked Alana over, but still managed a wise-crack. The prissy school teacher is turning into quite the alpha chick, great urban shots, and can I say I am taking a liking to Greg?
    Great update!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hahaha!! That was so a Caine~ish thing to say wasn’t it Karen? Smile She is and she doesn’t even know it yet! LOL!! I think she’ll be surprised to find out what’s really going on. Thank you! This is really my first urban scene in either story so I had to find the right buildings and whatnot!

    I am too Karen! I love Greg! Grin

    Thanks so much!! Smile


  15. Cheripye822 says:

    LOL! I’m Dressed, Lady this entire chapter had me rolling Caine and Alana are utterly hilariously perfect together. And Greg… What a switcheroo, I adore him in this tale!!! much better than the character who shant be named, LOL!

    I love how attentive Caine is with Alana, and her come back! Especially the germ part! LOL! And I hit the floor, Slobbering man beast!

    How funny, I can just imagine the look of alarm and embarrasment that must have crossed her face when she realized she was busy sniffing him. LOL!

    Your characters come so easily through, I can completely imagine sitting there listening to them talk!

    I love Nolan and am so intrigued!!! Greg’s mate is gorgeous!!!

    This was a stunning update!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I know Cherie! His face was classic right there so I had to throw it in!! haha! LOL!! The character that shan’t be named! I love Jayden!

    Ohhhh…that would be horrible wouldn’t it? Haha!! Especially seeing as how Alana loves her personal space!

    Thank you so much Cherie!!


  16. Big Sis says:

    Okay, okay…I loved this update…I can sooo hear everybody’s voices in my head. Your pics are always a perfect match to the dialogue. LOLOL!!!!!! I am in love with Greg…so handsome and sexy. And Alana cracks me up…i love the dialogue between her and Caine. I can’t wait until she’s gonna be one of “them” or at least half anyway. And Greg’s mate looks gorgeous…I am soooo jealous.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Just checking to see what the threading look likes since I was fiddling around with the coding! haha! Razz


  17. Gayl says:

    Umm…I swear I left a comment on this post…I can’t keep track any more. Anyway, I loved this one especially the way Alana and Caine seem to be bonding…err…despite the barbs back and forth. That apartment building is to die for! Man it looked great, so real. Nolan totally reminds me of Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High doesn’t he? Dude! hehe OK, once again stunning shots but I have to tell you they aren’t needed the way you tell the tale. Great job Phoenix.


  18. PhoenixFG says:

    Thanks Sis!! You can hear them too? Hahaha!! It’s crazy how they all have their own voices and personalities. Thanks so much! Greg belongs to Cherie! She just let me use him in this story!! haha! Thanks for stopping by! You know how much it means to me!


  19. PhoenixFG says:

    LOL! You probably did Gayl…on the one on blogger! I had already ported the post over here before you comment! Sorry!! Frown Haha! Those two are something else!
    Thanks Gayl! You know I suck at building so it was a download! Link is embedded under the name!Smile It is amazing isn’t it? Talented bloody people!

    Oh wow! Thanks so much Gayl! Really appreciate it! You have no idea!!


  20. meralgia says:

    Nolan is adorable. I loved how Caine teased her for sniffing him. I bet that, once Alana gets her hands on the bathroom, we won’t be seeing her for a month or so. Smile


  21. PhoenixFG says:

    Hahaha!! Thanks Meralgia!! Nolan is a trip…or ON a trip! Either or!Razz Teasing Alana is one of Caine’s little joys! Hahaha!! Bwahaha!! So true!!!

    And…did I mention that I’m glad to see you back!Smile


  22. meralgia says:

    Hahaha, and he’s one of hers, apparently.Grin
    Yeah, you mentioned it, but it’s nice to hear it again. Smile Thank you, really. I’m glad to be back.
    Damn, I’m yearning for the new chapter. Hurry up, haha GrinGrin


  23. PhoenixFG says:

    Yeah…he is! She just doesn’t know it yet! Wink
    LOL!! I’m working on this chapter as well as the next chapter for my other two stories! Sooo….next chapter should be up within a day or two!Smile

    Aaaaand…hopefully you didn’t sign up for notifcation since I was fiddling with this and sent it like four or five times!! My bad if You did! Oops! Well, for whatever reason it’s not threading my comment!! Hmm…must…resist…fiddling with it instead of working on story!Razz


  24. Emily says:

    He he he, me loves interaction between Caine and Alana. Alien Especially when he had her face in his hands, and you don’t have to like someone to appreciate their foxy form! LOL. The whole eyes on her butt thing cracked me up! When is she just gonna admit that she’s drawn to the guy!

    Greg’s bro is quite funny! And ooooohhhh, a new girlie! She looks cool and love that last shot!

    Great update!


  25. PhoenixFG says:

    LOL!!! Those two are so much fun to write! I love their little idiosyncrasies. So funny! That’s one of my favorite shots. And you sure don’t do you? I’ve done it several times before! Haha!

    His bro cracks me up! When I was editing I was just cracking up because I could hear his voice in my head! Insane! Thanks Emily! Smile


  26. sandybvv says:

    I have to love Greg’s brother!!! He is hilarious!!!

    The story is taking a very interesting twist, Alana and Caine are no longer alone I really hope Caine will bring peace and a better future to his kin.
    I can’t wait for him and alana to have puppies Grin lol


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I love Nolan too! I never intended for him to be like that but…I enjoy it! LOL

    Thanks Sandy! I really like how it’s going. I never know where each chapter is going to take me. I really enjoy the ride.

    Hahaha!! Puppies!! You’re a trip!


  27. Mao says:

    Oh wow, Greg’s brother brings me so much funny that he must never, ever leave! LOL! I love it. xD

    “Who was sniffing whom?” LOL, Alana. She never lets down that teacher wall, does she?

    Awwh, Greg has his own purple-haired pretty.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Nolan is made of win! Like seriously! He was just supposed to show up in two, maybe three prompts, but he has to stay now!

    Of course not! My mom is a teacher and she’s always correcting people. You get used to it…most of the time!Razz

    I know!!


  28. Valpre says:

    Noooooo! Greg has a mate! Nooooo!
    But they do look perfect for each other. You have a way with making the final scenes so touching. Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! Yeah, I don’t know why I thought that what a good idea but it fits! Why didn’t you want him to have a mate?

    They do. When I have them on the same lot they’re all over each other! Thank you Valpre!


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