Prompt 081


Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Fantasy, romance, drama
Characters: Caine, Alana, Nolan, Franklin, Labrousse clan, Rho
Prompt: 081~Proud
Word Count: 1,770~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: First kills are always the hardest
Warnings: Language, violence, nudity

The streets of Hillcrest. May 1, 2009. 0215 hrs

“Where the hell did he go so fast?” Ulrich grumbled from the backseat as he looked from one side of the street to the other. Rho’s mojo only saw certain things. Just enough to frustrate everyone but Rho.
“He had to have changed.”
“Even if he changed into a wolf he wouldn’t have just disappeared.” Caleb looked over to see Rho grinning. “What’s so funny?”
“There are some things that, no matter how long you live, can still be cast in mystery. Right Ulrich?”
Ulrich could feel that brilliant blue eye staring at him from the rearview mirror and he had to force himself not to squirm under the weight of it. “I guess so.” Rho clicked hos tongue in disappointment before making a right turn down another side street
“The Lancasters have always been known for their generosity, their steadfastness, their loyalty and the rumors that constantly swirled around their pack about that other side of them. Most consider it a legend but to those few Lancasters who it was passed down to, they call it-”
“Holy hell! What the fuck is that?”


Ulrich slapped the back of his brother’s seat as he pointed to a large figure loping down an alley. Rho slammed on the brakes before gunning the engine and following.
“And that is what they call ‘The Other’.”
“Well, that’s original. Are you saying that..thing is Duncaine?” Caleb demanded as he pressed his face closer to the window. He could feel Ulrich’s breath on his neck as he strained to see the figure as well.
“Yes. And he’s very dangerous right now so, whatever you do, don’t get between him and his prey.”
“You don’t have to tell me twice. That’s insane. Look how fast he’s running. Especially now. He must have caught her scent! Turn left! Turn left!”


They gripped whatever was handy as Rho jumped the curb and slammed on the brakes then watched in silence as Duncaine effortlessly pulled himself up over the wall. He landed in a crouch and they tensed as he stayed in that position for several moments. They could hear his loud growls and see the slow rise and fall of his shoulders as he inhaled.
“Are the doors locked?” Ulrich asked softly as Caine slowly stood.
“I believe so, yes.”
Ulrich took his eyes off Caine for a quick moment to study the scene before him. There was a vampyre here. Along with several Lycans. Male Lycans. He inhaled deeply. And a female. Was that Caine’s mate? If so, she was bleeding heavily and her footsteps were faltering. There was a loud yelp and from the corner of his eyes Ulrich saw Caine’s head snapped around and his eyes narrow.
Yeah, that was his mate alright.


His enraged howl shook the windows.


Caine was here, Nolan thought as he danced backward on his hind legs. Franklin dove toward him and they tumbled to the ground snapping and snarling. He dug his claws into the vampyre’s side and had the satisfaction of hearing his hiss of displeasure before he retaliated in kind.
Where’s Alana? Have to protect Alana, he thought as raked his claws across Franklin’s cheek. Nothing else is important. Protect my alpha. There! There she is! She’s changed. Human no more. Lycan female. Fighting. Bleeding. Staggering. Get up! Get up!
Ducking away from Franklin, Nolan raked his claws down the hip of the Lycan that was was attacking Alana. When he snarled and whirled around to snap at him Nolan was pleased to see that Alana took advantage by leaping onto his back and biting at his neck. Nolan winced when Franklin picked him up only to slam him hard against the ground.


“I have this one,” Caleb stated as a flying Lycan landed on the hood of the car. They could hear the loud crack as his back hit the window.  Xavier landed lightly on the sidewalk.
“What took you so long to get here?” Ulrich asked as they both strolled forward. They would handle the vamprye while Caine was occupied with the Lycans.
“Victoria wanted to come.”
“Ah, I see.”
“With the blood lust riding her so hard I couldn’t allow it. Especially since she seems to be infatuated with Duncaine.”
“If you don’t trust her Xavier you’re going to have to put her down. If you can’t do it…I will.”
“I don’t think she’s that far gone Ulrich. If, and when, the time comes I will be the one to ‘put her down’ as you say.”
“Good to know. Now,” Ulrich rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “You go left and I’ll go right. He won’t know-” He let out a curse as the Lycan gained an advantage. “What’s the fun in going on a hunt if you’re on the fucking sidelines?”


Caine barely felt it as teeth buried into his legs. Turning swiftly he dug his claws into the flesh of the Lycan’s side and jerked backward before spinning around and lunging at the Lycan who was about to have his mate’s throat in his maw.  The Lycan behind him didn’t give up so easily. He felt it land on his back and dig in it’s claws. Roaring, he reached behind him and grabbing him, dragged him around. He was snapping and snarling until Caine took his head between his hands and twisted. He tossed him carelessly to the ground as he started toward Alana again but stopped when he heard laughing.
“You think you can win Lycan? I will kill you and take that bitch and make her my mate. There is nothing you can do about it.”
Nolan was losing strength and the vampyre was playing with him. And talking about his mate.  He snarled and looked back at Alana to see her handling her own. A feeling of pride welled up in him before he stamped it down and let the rage take over.


Shoving Nolan away from the the vampyre, he would deal with him let, he crouched down and wrapped his arms around his neck.
“What is your name?” he grated out. The vampyre looked up at him with wide eyes and he could smell the fear coming from him. “Your name!” he growled as he shook him.
“Franklin, you think to mate with that female?”
“Ethan has a price on her head. I figured I’d take her back to him only after I mated her. You have to understand-”
Caine let his claws pierce the flesh of his throat. “Don’t you enjoy that feeling? Isn’t it the same feeling a human feels as your fangs pierce their flesh?” Caine squeezed a little harder as Franklin tried to scuttle backward.
“That Lycan female that you wanted to mate with? The one you thought to put your hands on? She’s mine.”

He snatched him up and dug his claws in further as Franklin tried to lash out with his legs. “You laid your hands on my mate, you thought to rape her. Tell me vamprye, did you ever think about how you would die?”
“Wait! Wait!” His voice was garbled with blood and he tried to tug at Caine’s arm to no avail. “I won’t tell a soul that I ran into her. No one will know. Ethan doesn’t even know how close I was to her. Please! I won’t tell anyone!”
Caine smiled for the first time in what felt like hours. “I know.”
Bringing his other hand up he quickly snapped the vampyre’s neck.

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  1. Kayvon says:

    Well you’d think that there would be a room full of naked lycans after a victoriously bloody battle scene where they were bum rushed by a murderous vampyre and his bloodlusting lycan goons- make sense right? Its not like had time to rubberband a change of clothing to them in anticipation of a change to come (sorry, don’t tell anyone I actually read New Moon Big Smile Needless to say that scene was so chock full of yummy Caine and Alana goodness I just can’t stand it! It was all I needed, for Caine to come in and handle his business and more! I am already laughing at the very thought of Alana’s reaction to what just took place. And she’s naked. That is going to be the scene right there Smile
    Also I lol’d at the fact that Ulrich and crew rolled up on the chaos at hand and had a front row seat on the action. Faces pressed up to the car windows. LOL. Fight! Fight! I could just hear the popcorn crunching. I mean we know that they were there to back Caine up but after a minute or so, they were like ‘Ok, let’s get in on this one ya’ll’. Hilarious .

    Phoenix, that update made my day. Hope yours is just as rewarding!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Oh man! You made it to New Moon? I couldn’t even finish reading Twilight! The movie was alright(although I did try to watch it a second time and no dice) but the book? Not so much! And yeah…no clothes on hand for them!

    Hahaha! Alana and Caine yummy goodness! We haven’t even got to the yummy part yet!Razz Oh god! Alana is going to have a FIT once the haze clears from her mind! LOL!! LOL!!! Brilliant!

    I KNOW!!!! I cracked up when Ulrich wanted to know if the doors were locked and they were all just looking! But it made sense since Caine pretty much had things under control! And they really didn’t do anything but clean up the mess! *shakes head*

    Thanks Kayvon! I’m glad! Girl, I fell asleep after posting this and just woke up an hour a two ago! That, in itself, is rewarding!Razz Plus waking up to comments like these are always awesome!Grin


  2. Az. says:

    that was AWESOME and absolutely worth the wait. Smile Poor Nolan tho.. i think he needs a hug.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Az!! Glad it didn’t disappoint! There were so many scenes that I want to add but it would have been overkill! Glad this worked!

    Nolan definitely needs a hug!Frown


    Az. Reply:

    Maybe Ulrich can give him a little hug and squeeze while they bond over a cigaret? Wink

    SEriously it was a super duper kick ass chapter.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! Ahaha!! Ulrich? I don’t think so! I think Caleb would be more into Nolan! Maybe! Although I don’t think Nolan is into guys! But…you never know! I never know that’s for sure!Razz

    Thanks Az! I appreciate it! I felt as if I was flailing all over the place with this prompt!


  3. Van says:

    Awww, poor Alana Frown

    Heheheh, Nolan needs a cigarette Smile

    LULZ at the nonchalant, commentless nudity! I suppose they’re all used to it though, except for maybe Alana, who has other things on her mind.

    Thanks for the update, Phoenix Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s fully registered yet but that has to be a tough thing to handle. Although it was kill or be killed. I’m just saying!

    And Nolan needs something stronger than a cigarette!Razz

    Totally! When you go into an impromptu fight you really don’t have time to think about a spare change of clothes!Razz And Alana is going to freak! Don’t worry! LOL!!

    Thanks for reading Van!Grin


  4. S.B. says:

    oh my god…when Caine said ‘I know’ when Franklin said, ‘I’ll never tell’ I swear I had chills down my skin.

    Poor Nolan, but he would have died trying to make good.

    And Alana – GO GIRL!!

    and yeah of course they’re naked. anything else would have been weird.

    FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE!!!! This just rocks!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    AWESOME!!! I wanted to do a whole bloody death scene for him but my photoshopping skills suck so I had to settle for neck breaking! So anti climatic! LOL!

    Yeah, he would have! But Caine isn’t seeing that right now! His blood is still boiling!

    YAY!!! I had to have her win! I couldn’t let Caine do all the work! Hahaha!

    Totally weird! Aside from the fact we all know Caine LOVES being naked anyways!Razz


  5. Penelope says:

    I feel bad for Nolan! But Caine amuses me to no end.

    “Caine! It wasn’t Nolan’s fault! I’m the one who suggested it! If you want to be mad at someone be mad at me.”
    “Oh I am princess! I am.”

    That coupled with his little angry face made me giggle.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I feel bad for Nolan too! *sigh* Poor fella!

    LMAO! Caine always amuses me! I don’t know why! And I love his little angry faces too! I just want to pat him on the head!Razz


  6. Penelope says:

    Wait! I just noticed- In that last pic- Victoria is standing on the roof!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    AH!!!! Someone noticed! AWESOME!!! I didn’t want to make it too in your face! This was one of the pics I cut because it just was too obvious! Besides the fact that Rho was grinning! *shakes head*


  7. goodbye_sun says:

    Poor Nolan, I’m sure he has something at home that will help ease the pain. Hopefully Alana will keep Caine from being too hard on him.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I know! Frown LOL! He does! That’ll probably be the first thing he packs up!

    And I think Alana and Caine are going to be busy…just sayin!Grin


  8. s@ndy says:

    The whole chapter was fantastic, really dramatic, the fight was written perfectly and Caine’s anger was tangible… the vampire got what he deserved…. I wouldn’t want to be on Caine’s enemies list… he sure is scary when he is all mad and crazy… I can’t wait for him to face Ethan…

    Nolan, oh poor Nolan, I feel so sorry for him… I know Caine will forgive him eventually, he just needs time…

    Bravo for Alana she just proved to be a strong wolf… she is definitely without questions Caine’s perfect mate…

    Awesome chapter, really awesome shots!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! Thanks Sandy!!!Grin He is scary when he’s mad! Crazy actually! I’m sure Alana’s gonna keep an eye on him! LOL!! Or two!Razz I can’t wait for him to face Ethan either!! Oh man! Another fight scene!

    Yeah man! Nolan! I feel like I should do something for him! Haha! It sucks but he was just doing what he felt was best.

    YAY!!! Alana!! I was torn between having her being rescued and having her do the fighting herself…so I compromised!Razz

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Sandy! I appreciate it!Grin


  9. Damon says:

    I finally caught up!! Grin

    I’ve been meaning to catch up to this and RG for a while now but with school in my way (English teacher drowning the class in homework!)I couldn’t really, but I’m doing it now for my free time!

    This is great, and I wonder if Cain got through the Alana was naked and he didn’t do anything about it, LOL!

    But I guess he was just too mad to get that, but maybe later, lol! Razz

    I feel bad for Nolan because I know he was trying to help and what he tried to do back fired and I bet he feels like the biggest crap now!

    When Cain killed the vampyre it was kind of suspenseful! I thought he was actually going to let him go until that happened!

    This was a good chapter and I can’t wait until the next one! Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Wow! Thank so much for taking the time to read Damon! I appreciate it! Blah! School! I can’t imagine trying to keep up with all the stories and stuff if I were in school! English was one of my fav subjects though!

    Ha! I think Caine noticed. He just has a few things to say before he can get to the good part!Razz

    Yeah, I feel bad for Nolan as well. He was trying to help and he did hold his own but not only did he disobey Caine he put Alana in danger. Caine is going to be upset at him for awhile.

    LMAO! I was trying to decide if I should let him live or not but…I knew Caine wouldn’t allow that!

    Thanks so much Damon! I really appreciate it!Grin


  10. Yuxi says:

    Oh, excellent chapter! You’re really good at writing action and keeping up the pace! Good thing Caine made short work of that creep, Franklin – disgusting little man he was. Aw, I hope he goes easy on Nolan and Alana since they went there in the first place because they were so worried about his safety.

    And I agree, LOL about the naked lycans not reacting to the overall lack of clothes. XD


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Yuxi!!Grin I was actually worried about my writing in this piece. I thought it was too confusing so I’ll thank you for the compliment!Razz

    Caine doesn’t waffle much. It is or it isn’t. As for going easy on Alana and Nolan…we shall see! He’s really a big softy so it shouldn’t be that bad! I think…

    LMAO!! I think they would have made some sort of comment if someone had pulled out some clothes.


  11. cheripye says:

    LOL! a whole bunch of nekid Lycans and then there is cain and Lana both very NEKID and he’s stealing her away. LOL! Cool she finally made the change, and it seems she is being a little more receptive to the fact that she is now becoming one of them. and the other LOL! I love him as the other, he is so freaky looking. Great tension build here. 80) loved it


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I love nekkid Lycans! They are so blase about it! What could be better? Yeah, the whole cave man thing is something that Caine has wanted to do for awhile I think!Razz

    I don’t know if she’s more receptive or just shell shocked! I’d lean more to the latter but after killing someone well…yeah!

    Caine as the other trips me out! When I’m in his heads it’s just usually sensory things that I get. Short sentences and what not!

    Thanks Cherie!


  12. Tiffany says:

    OmG! I spent all of today reading this story. I love it! Can’t wait for you to update. Please do it soon. This story is awesome! ^_^


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh wow!!! Thanks so much!! Haha! I really appreciate that Tiffany! It’s different from RG yeah?Razz Still nakedness though!! LOL!!

    Right now I’m working on another story update(and trying to figure out what’s wrong with RG’s hood) but then I’m coming back here! WOOT!!!

    Thanks so much for your kind words!Grin


  13. Emily says:

    That was awesome! I give props to anyone who can write a battle scene, they’ve got to be the hardest! And hey, I thought the photoshop blood was very good looking, especially the smeary one when they are dragging the body away.

    LOL, so many nekkid lycans! That last shot was priceless!

    On to the next update!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Emily!Smile The writing was the hard part on this scene since I didn’t name the wolves and I didn’t want to confuse everyone by going back and forth! The smeary one is actually something I downloaded and never really used! I just place two really close together!Razz

    Nekkid for the win!!! Haha! Thanks!Smile


  14. Mao says:

    “That Lycan female that you wanted to mate with? The one you thought to put your hands on? She’s mine.” Aw, shit, son, you just opened up a big old can of freakin’ worms. Death! Haha! I love it… okay, now I sound maniacal… coughs. But seriously? Werewolf ass kicking? WOO HOO!

    Poor Alana, though. This will definitely have her reeling!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LMAO! You know how Caine gets when he gets all pumped up! I think Alana is going to have to replay this night/morning in slow mo before it sinks into her head what was just said!



  15. Sinclair says:

    I love how hes going to carry Alana home to “punish” her. They are soooooo having sex. Its on. And poor Nolan Frown He should have listened. But hes just to adorable to stay mad at lol


  16. PhoenixFG says:

    LOL!! I thought about that but it was too cliched! I couldn’t! Blah! I KNOW!! I can’t stay mad that that fool! Razz


  17. valpre says:

    What do you mean your Paintshop Pro skills suck? I thought these were brilliant and for a second I was convinced they were in game.

    I beg to disagree with Sinclair, having sex with Alana when she was almost raped would be calous, wrong on every level, and so unCaine.

    I’m glad she fared well under the circumstances. She certainly had a lot of firsts, her first transformation, her first kill and I bet it’s the first time she’s been naked in the presence of so many males. My heart bleeds for her, and damn that Caine is fierce.

    I don’t think any guy in this town will be looking at Alana after this episode.

    Amazing writing, and stunning screenshots Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I wish! Thinking In game blood would make things SOOO much easier!

    Indeed. He’d feel horrible about it anyways and that’s not how I wanted their first time to be anyways!

    Oh goodness! She didn’t even have a chance to think about being naked. Her transformation about kicked her butt. Horrible on her and just weird on all levels. Caine is fierce. I don’t think anyone realized how much…

    Hahaha!! Yeah, that’s true!

    Thank you Valpre! I appreciate it! These shots were a pain!


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