Prompt 080

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: drama, suspense, fantasy
Characters: Caine, old man, Marshal, psych patients/orderlies, Jonathon
Prompt: 080. Years
Word Count: 1925
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Insanity or self-preservation?
Warnings: Some Violence and language

He ached. Caine slowly resurfaced from dark recesses of a dreamless sleep. Wincing he went to scratch an itch at the end of his nose and almost knocked himself out again when plaster met flesh. Blinking he stared down at the cast on his left arm and suddenly everything crystallized in his ten year old mind.

His dad was dead.

Tears burned his eyes and he took a deep, shuddering breath to try and prevent them from falling. His dad wouldn’t want him to cry but, his dad wasn’t here so he would never know. Burying his face into the cushions he let them soak up the torrent of tears that flowed freely as he cried silently. His body stilled when he heard the sound of a sliding door. Quickly he positioned himself as he had been before and tried to calm his breathing. He still didn’t know where he was or who had him. For all he knew his Uncle Ethan could be staring at him now. Slowly, carefully, he opened his eyes slightly when he heard voices.

“Look old man, you called me frantic because you hit the kid. All I did was patch him up. What you do with him is up to you. I can’t get involved in whatever you were doing. I’m trying to get through medical school and they kind of frown on doing outside work. Take him to the clinic.”
“How am I going to explain him?”
“Tell the truth. That he ran out in front of your car and you couldn’t stop.” Caine watched the younger man lean down and take a whiff of the older man. He quickly stepped back. “You might want to sober up first otherwise you’ll be charge with a DUI instead.”
“Marshal, can’t you take him to the hospital for me?” he whined before he stumbled and hit the wall. He tried to right himself but he ended up leaning hard against Marshal.

Caine watched as Marshal shoved him away from him before heading toward the door. “No, I can’t drop him off. I have a date and I’m in the Mercedes. The last thing I want to do is get blood in it. Look, the kid is still asleep. When he wakes up tell him that there was an accident and you saved him. I’m sure he’ll be grateful as will his parents and everyone will be happy.”
“I don’t know Marshal. When I was putting him in the back of the car I could hear this loud commotion in the forest. It sounded like…dogs or something. They were barking and howling and there was this tearing sound.”
“Maybe they caught a rabbit or something,” Marshal said with a shrug. “Find out where the kid lives and just drop him off.”
The door slammed behind him and the older man winced before rubbing his forehead. “Stupid boy! Think he’s so high and mighty ‘cause he’s some kinda doctor. Think he knows better than his ol’ man. Shithead. I oughta-”
His drunken rambling was interrupted by the sound of vomiting. Caine squeezed his eyes closed and started to roll over but stopped when his body protested. Swallowing a groan he stared at the ceiling. He continued to stare even when he heard the old man come stumbling from the bathroom.
“Hey kid? You awake?” Caine let the silence stretch out and he was just about to check and see if the man might have fallen asleep when he heard him grunt.
“Didn’t mean to run ya down. But you were runnin’ mighty fast. What were ya runnin’ from huh? Huh?” The man grunted again before he walked into a room and shut the door.

Caine must have dozed but he woke when his stomach rumbled loudly. Swinging his legs from the couch he stretched and was amazed that his body was healing so rapidly. He still felt a few twinges but it wasn’t nearly as bad as before. Deciding to keep the light off, he didn’t want to wake up the old man, he started to head toward the fridge but the hairs on the back of his neck suddenly rose when he heard another rumble…and this time it wasn’t from his stomach. Swallowing, he licked suddenly dry lips before slowly turning his gaze to the left. He could make out the shape of a wolf running full tilt toward the sliding door.

Spinining on his heels he started to run toward the door as he heard glass shatter behind him. He could feel the vibrations of its paws hitting the ground and the sound of breathing. And then he could feel its breath on the back of his neck as huge paws hit his shoulder blades and sent him sliding across the carpet.

He felt the heat from its large body as it crouched over him and growled low in its throat. Caine tried to crawl away but paw slapped against the small of his back and the growl grew louder and suddenly, to his amazement, he could understand what he was saying. His dad had told him about it but he had never experienced it.
Silly pup, he rumbled. Did you really think that you were going to get away from me? The voice was male and a strange chuffing sound came from over his head. Caine stiffened. He was laughing at him.
Your father, the almighty alpha, fell. Did you really think that we weren’t going to hunt you down and do to you what we did to your father? He thought his line was so powerful. He thought you all were better than us ‘normal’ werewolves because you could change into the something beyond a werewolf. Well, that didn’t seem to help your father did it?
“My father was the best alpha this pack has seen. Ask anyone,” Caine exclaimed then winced when a paw slapped against his face and claws dug into his cheeks.
What good is a dead alpha? No matter, as soon as we rid ourselves of you Ethan will take his place as alpha and I will be his beta.
Later, Caine swore he blacked out. He didn’t remember what happened. He just suddenly felt a ball of anger so large that it blinded him.


“What’s going on?” the old man slurred as he opened the door to his bedroom. “I thought I heard something br-….what the fuck??”

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  1. Van says:

    Oh good, he got away Grin

    Wow, his family (minus Ethan and co) must really miss him after ten years. They probably think he’s dead, I’m guessing?


  2. Phoenix says:

    I’m signed onto my other account but anyways…

    They would never admit it aloud if they did since Ethan is now alpha. However, it was really just Caine and his dad. Of course the pack but…they have the pack mentality. I’ll get into his past one of these days!Razz

    BTW…I’m half way through with your story! I’m really enjoying it!


  3. Penelope says:

    OMG, Crayola! LOL! I died.

    This is really great so far.

    And that nuthouse really needs some work. That can’t be healthy for the inmates. Razz

    Ok, so if you’re alpha, then you lead the pack. But what are your rights, privileges and benefits? Or am I totally getting ahead of the story?


  4. Elecy says:

    Marshal seems so…uncaring. Screw you and your mercedes!

    A bunch of crazies, yay! I love crazies. But evil orderlies, I do not love.

    Poor Caine…will he ever find a safe place?


  5. cheripye says:

    I am so rooting for Caine,
    once again stunning writing and descriptions actually I think he and Jay should pair up, they would make a perfect team. LOL! Love his quick wit and sharp tongue!!!

    I loved that shot of the patient dancing around on the table, literally cracked up. You have such a talent with writing and screens!!!



  6. Phoenix says:

    Haha! Man, I’ll have to do some outtakes! I caked on her make-up! And she LOVED it!

    Pen, you are SOOO getting ahead of the story! LOL!! I’ll be getting into that…somewhere done the road!

    LOL @ the nuthouse! Caine picked that room! All the others were nicely done!Razz


  7. Phoenix says:

    Elecy, Marshal is the type of character who really doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Thankfully he was only in this chapter…I think!Razz


  8. Phoenix says:

    I am too Cherie! I am too! I just zoned out at work because I started thinking about this! haha! I love when I get ideas but it’s bad when they take over my thoughts!Razz

    Haha!! Oh that would be awesome! Him and Jay strolling down the street!

    Thanks so much Cherie!


  9. S.B. says:

    Fascinating tale! You always come up with the most unusual combinations — I sure wouldn’t have suspected Crayola! And wasn’t sure where you were going at first, so this was a wonderful surprise!


  10. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Beth! Most of the time I don’t know where I’m going! Just the general direction! LOL!


  11. Lachesis says:

    Very interesting take on werewolf mythology, making it hereditary, and inheriting the right to be leader of the pack.

    Wow, I think anyone who uses pets in their stories are great. I one time only used one dog that had to lay on a pillow, just about drove me crazy even using cheats. And you’ve done a wonderful job with them.

    I really like the guy on the table. Great inmates.

    Looking forward to see where this goes. Oh, btw, Caine sure grew up nice. Grin


  12. sandybvv says:

    YAY he got away!!!
    It was so sad that they put him in that mental hospital… but oh well at least it kept him safe…

    if he was able to kill a beta when he was only 10, imagine what he would be able to do now!!! I’m sure he will eventually kill Ethan!!!

    Wonderful update!!!


  13. Phoenix says:

    LOL! I couldn’t kill off Caine so early!Razz

    I think he ENJOYED being in the hospital! He has a sick kind of humor!Razz

    Oh yes! I have plans for Caine and Ethan!


  14. Penelope says:

    Ooo digg’n the new banner. That font is wicked.


  15. Gayl says:

    First of all, I love what you did with the blog. It looks fantastic and the banner is great!

    Now to the tale. I am very intrigued by what happened in the 10 years since Caine killed the wolf. He sure seems quite hardened but then he would have to be. And very twisted I think.

    I love these glimpses! Great work!


  16. Phoenix says:

    LOL Pen! I’ve changed it like three times! I think this is the one I’m going to stick with it! It’s called*goes take a quick peek* Inked God! I think I got it from da font or something like that!

    And thanks!


  17. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Gayl! Smile

    Oh yeah…he’d have to be hardened. Knowing he’s not crazy but still being in the ward? That would be enough to DRIVE you crazy! And yeah…he is twisted…not in a bad way just..twisted!Razz It’ll come out more!


  18. Emily says:

    LOL, LOVE the crazy house! Everything was so spot on and very unique characters you made there! Grin

    I really loved the darkened shots with the wolf, just enough light to see what was happening. Made it that much more intense!

    I am so loving this story, I hope you keep going with it-so far it is just great!


  19. Phoenix says:

    LOL Emily! I had fun doing this prompt! I don’t know where I came up with the idea for those characters but they had me cracking up!

    Thanks!I was viewing them on the computer at work and they were so much darker than on my computer at home…I was worried that people wouldn’t be able to see them! :S

    I intended to keep this story going! Look at how many prompts I still have to do!Razz I’m glad you like it!


  20. goodbye_sun says:

    I was sure I had managed to comment, but lets just leave it as me being such a blonde at the moment.

    Caine is very lucky that even being isolated his instincts are strong enough to have kicked in. He has quite a good sense of people as well that should hold him in good stead. It should be interesting to see what happened in the last 10 years and what impact its going to have on him now. Quite a survivor that boy.


  21. ~Drew says:

    Read both chapters, nicely done, and your shots were very well done, an intriguing beginning, you have pulled me in.


  22. Phoenix says:

    Goodbye_sun, sometimes blogger eats posts! LOL!Yes, he is! I will be showing pertinent information of what went down with Caine and also what went on with the pack during the last ten years!


  23. frhsims says:

    Okay I am loving this story too!


  24. Phoenix says:

    Haha! Thanks FRH! Appreciate you dropping by and taking a peek at this one as well!Smile


  25. Mao says:

    Poor Cain! My goodness, what a past to have. And OMG!! When I read “They were barking and howling and there was this tearing sound.” I VISIBLY CRINGED. Like, it just sort of hit me WHO was the tearing sound and… oh boy. Poor, poor Cain.

    I had to hold back a “HELL YES!” + fist pump at him killing that bothersome wanna-be alpha.

    And now he’s in the nutty ward. Poor Cain!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    *hides head* Gah! I hate looking at these earlier pics! There’s so much I want to change but I won’t! Yeah…that’s not something that I’d want to go through at my current age. Let alone so young.

    You and me both! WOOT!!


  26. paulamidds says:

    Oh wow! Why has no one ever showed this to me before – it’s enthralling! I’ve only read the first two entries and I feel so attached to Caine and that second to last picture of Caine transforming is lovely!

    Sorry about tagging on a bit late in the game. Hope you don’t mind; I always was a slow starter Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! I don’t advertise much! Just at Simfic so that may be why!Razz And thank you!Grin I appreciate that! That’s how I feel about Caine as well! Even if he can be a idiot sometimes!Razz

    No worries!Grin The more the merrier! And I know EXACTLY what you mean! I am too! Wink


  27. Valpre says:

    Damn where was I when you started with this?

    Now I have so much to get through to catch up. I found it through Qui’s blog and she’s always told me about it but when I looked at the timeline I was a bit daunted and scared and I didn’t know where to start.

    This was amazing. The opening scene was heartbreaking, Caine waking up to the realisation his dad’s gone. It’s not an easy thing for a grown up to handle, so I can’t imagine what he was going through.

    It was great reading about Caine’s beginning, but I loved the ten year jump too. I’m glad Caine escaped, and I can’t wait to see where he ends up. I loved the way he was profiling his inmates. I’ll try not to leave a comment for every single update Smile



    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha!! I don’t do much advertising sooo…that’s probably my fault!Razz

    No worries! The story will be here(and without a current update since I’m having PC issues!)! I’ve bookmarked your story as well when I saw your name on Qui’s blog!Grin I know the timeline can be daunting. I’m glad you decided to give it a chance!Smile

    I can’t even imagine waking up to that realization! Seriously, I think he handled it better than I would. Ten year time jump was necessary. It was really repetitive for Caine in the institute.

    Thanks for reading Val!


  28. Aussie Karima says:

    ~ Wow, I found your story through Qui’s blog,I was not going to comment, because of how long ago it was started, until I saw that my friend,& writing partner in crime,Valpre, had left a message, I hope you keep going with this once you sort your PC probs out, as I love it, & like Val, I will probably leave random comments,so as not to bother you too much!
    ~ But I have read quite a bit out of context,not understanding the way to read it,now I have sorted it I am re-reading it in the right order,I click the prompt,on the right,to get the next CH!
    ~ Thanks for sharing, I love it,& hope you can continue! Cow Mooooving along! Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Awww! Thanks for stopping by and reading! It was started along time ago! I cringe looking back at my writing/pictures but I wouldn’t change a thing! Computer problems are all fixed! YAY! Graphics card issue!

    Oh no! I left a link in the sidebar so as not to have it be confusing! I hate when I go to blogs and I don’t know how to navigate! Frown

    Thanks for reading Aussie!Grin


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