Prompt 076


Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Nikita, Vivian, Nolan, Julius
Prompt: 076~Hours
Word Count: 1, 000~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Time is spent differently
Warnings: Language, violence

The Monastery. May 1, 2009. 0230 hrs


“The sun is coming up in a few hours.”


“And every vampyre knows that the youngest of our kind can’t withstand the rays of the sun for very long. Tell me, little vamp, what were you doing up here?”

“I-I wasn’t snooping! Please!”


Ignoring the hand that was stretching toward her Nikita allowed her own hand to loosen from around the younger vamp’s wrist. “It’s not a long fall but-”

“Nikita, leave it be. Let Rho handle this.”

She stilled at Xavier’s voice. “I thought you had gone with the others.”

“Not yet. Victoria has been acting strange lately. I needed to talk to her for a moment but…she’s disappeared. I’m going now.  Leave this for Rho. Do you understand?”

Nikita smirked as she yanked the younger vampyre back over the balcony. “Oh, he’s going to have fun with you. No more secrets.”


May 5, 2009. Rho’s townhouse. 1715 hrs


“Whatcha making? It smells good. Like cookies. Why couldn’t I have more cookies? Those cookies were good. And the soda was too. I’m thirsty. Can I have another one please? I-”

“Kid, you can’t have any more cookies and pop because you’re like a rabbit on speed already. Jesus! And I’m making you some oatmeal. It’s good for you.”

“Okay Mr. Nolan. Then afterwards you’ll take me to see Caine?”

“Nope. Not until you tell me exactly who you are and why you want to speak with him.”

The kid knocked his sneakers against the island while he chewed on his lip. It was the first time he’d stopped talking since Nolan had come downstairs. After rummaging around and finding him some clothes he figured he’d cook the kid something. Maybe once he had food in his stomach he’d be willing to talk.

SNAG-0368 “You’re not eating anything Mr. Nolan?”

“It’s just Nolan kid and no. I’m good.” No way in hell he was going to eat oatmeal. He’d had enough of that shit growing up to last a life  time. Tapping his hands on his thighs Nolan watched the kid shove spoonful after spoonful into his mouth.

“So, are you from around here?” The kid shook his head. “Why are you looking for Caine?”

“Gotsta make my mom happy.”

“And she’d be happy if you found Caine?” A sudden thought struck Nolan. “Fuck me! Are you his kid?”

He received an eye roll and another shake of the head as the kid shoved half a piece of toast in his mouth. “No, I’m not his son. May I have some more Nolan?”

“Sure. You know,” he said as he spooned out more oatmeal. “I can’t help you if you don’t talk.”

“Caine can help me. I know he can. He has to!”


“Come on motherfucker! Come on! Die already!”

Julius watched as Nolan mashed buttons on the controller while he yelled at the TV. Twisting his hands in front of him he looked down. He wanted to tell Nolan who he was but what if he didn’t like him and didn’t let him see Caine? Then what would he do? He didn’t know where they where so he couldn’t get back home. And he didn’t think that they’d let him just leave anyways. His dad had always said that he could be used to get to him. What if Nolan did the same thing?

Inching forward he saw Nolan looking at him before something on the screen caught his attention again. Scowling, he muttered a curse under his breath and leaned forward. Nolan sure did curse a lot. More than his dad even. Not more than Caine though. No, Caine cursed a lot!

Trying not to be noticed Julius leaned against the couch before sitting gingerly down on the edge. After a few minutes, when Nolan didn’t say anything, he scooted back some more.


Looking down he tapped the foot of his sneakers and heaved a sigh.



“Do you know who Ethan Vanderwall is?” Julius edged backward when a short growl came from Nolan’s side of the couch.

“Yeah…yeah, I know him. Why?”

“Just askin’. Has there…has there been anything on the news about him?”

“I don’t watch the news. It’s fucking depressing.”

“Oh, okay.” That was good. He didn’t know if his dad would put his picture on the news. He’d seen other missing kids with their pictures on the news but they were different. Human. Scratching at his arm he looked at the TV.

“Whatcha playin’?”

“Warfare.” There was a pause then, “Wanna play?”

“Eat that sucka! In your FACE!”

Nolan grinned as the kid rapidly pressed buttons and talked trash to the TV.

“Where’d you learn how to play video games?” he asked.

“Me and my mom play them sometimes when my dad’s not around. He says that only little kids play games. Men don’t ’cause it’s a waste of time playing games. He said I could be out learning real stuff.”

“Hmmm…you seem pretty close to your mom. She’s probably worried about you.”

“Yeah, she probably is.”

“Did you want to call her?”

He shook his head. “No. Not until I do what I said I was gonna do,” he said stubbornly.


Nolan didn’t realize how much time had passed until his new cellphone rang. Getting up he checked the screen. His hand hovered over the send button when he saw he name. Clearing his throat he pressed it.




There was a long pause broken by the sounds of the kid tapping away at the keyboard.

“Oh for heaven’s sake Caine!”

Nolan grinned when he heard Alana’s voice in the background and Caine’s sigh.

“Alana misses the pup. Bring him to the safe house.”

“I miss the pup? I miss him? You-”

The line went dead in his ear and he slid the phone closed. Turning he saw the kid was already looking at him.

“We’re going to see Caine now?”

“It looks that way kid.”

Dun, dun, dun!!! I didn’t forget about Vivian and Nikita. I just didn’t have a reason to bring them back…until now!Razz Nolan got a mini-make over. I found a new dread hair that I liked that didn’t have the shine. It was more nappy. How dreads REALLY are! It’s not noticeable though but I thought I’d mention it just in case someone else pointed it out!Smile And can I say I ♥ Nolan? I love his facial expressions.


  1. gayl says:

    This was adorable!!! Like big brother/little brother! Who knew Nolan had it in him to take care of a pup! And now Julius gets to see Caine. I can’t wait for that one!

    Awesome shots Phoenix! Fabulous angles and lighting!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Gayl! I was hoping I could pull this off and when those two sat down to play video games I knew where I had to go with the chapter!Razz

    Nolan a sweetheart! He just tries to hide it! I know! I can’t wait either!

    Thanks Gayl! Those first three pictures were the ones I spent the most time on! Go figure! Mad Razz


  2. Van says:

    Nolan and Julius are such a winning combo! Grin

    Heheh… when Julius first asked Nolan what he was cooking, my immediate thought was pot brownies. I have no idea why…

    “Alana misses the pup. Bring him to the safe house.”


    Great update, Phoenix Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    They are aren’t they? I think Julius helped Nolan not feel so depressed!

    LMAO!! Ohhh boy!! Can you imagine Julius going to meet Caine high? Bwahaha!!

    Caine tries to be such a tough guy! *shakes head*

    Thanks Van! Enjoy your holiday!


  3. Qui says:

    This was great! Julius reminds me so much of my son and my nephew!

    Til the next up date… Big Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Aww! Thanks! *snicker* Julius reminds me of one of my little brothers!

    Qui! I can’t leave a comment on your blog!Frown I did read it! And now I see you took it down! LOL! You can email or tweet me(god that sounds pervy!) if you want!


  4. goodbye_sun says:

    Man, Julius just does not stop, I think Nolan let him have too much sugar or something. It was nice for Nolan to have a buddy for the day though, it obviously helped him keep his mind of things a bit.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! He’s look a squirrel or something! He’s super hyper but that’s just my take on Lycan pups!

    And it was. He needed someone to lift him out of his funk!


  5. S.B. says:

    awww…Julius reminds me of someone too! He’s adorable!! And already protective. They learn young.

    and Vivian and Nikita. First I love the shots in that scene! That scene with Nikita pulling Vivian up over the wall is fantastic! I feel for Vivian. What an ominous, bitchy remark to make when she was obviously scared.

    This was a wonderful, wonderful chapter! A perfect length, focused and beautiful shots!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Writing Julius always makes me smile!Smile And they do learn young. Thank goodness he spent more time with Dom than Ethan!Frown

    Thanks S.B.!Smile Those shots were a pain but I like how they turned out! LOL! That’s how vamps work ya know. Prey on you while your weak. Although Vivian had it coming spying on them!



  6. thelook. says:

    Big brother; little brother :] Too cute!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    So true! Those two together=win!!! Maybe I’ll be able to slip in some of them together!


  7. Meralgia says:

    Nolan! In Love And Julius! Pray Lol@ Julius being totally hyper, he’s so cute. And Nolan thinking Caine was his father – lol! Heh, and Caine’s “Alana misses the pup”. Yup – just Alana, not you, you couldn’t care less about him…you big wuss.
    Come on Rho, I’m counting on you to ship the offender off to your residence for the offenders! Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I KNOW!!! I ♥ him so hard!! Caine would have to start pretty young to be Julius’ dad but hey…it’s happened before!

    Nah, it’s all Alana! He’ll never fuss up!Razz

    LOL!!! I don’t want to see an angry Rho. But I was just sitting here and come up with an idea! Hrmmm!!Razz


  8. Mao says:

    Aw! I’m glad Nolan has Julius, he needs a little kindness and funny in his life. Shame he doesn’t know his mum is safe from his crazy dad.

    The fangs found the mole! Looks like that other clan is in a bit of a pickle. Wink


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I am too! They are so good together. It just gives both of them a chance to think about something else. Nah, he doesn’t know that yet which is sad!Frown

    LOL! I like that! ‘The fangs found the mole’! Haha! Should be good!

    Thanks for reading through this Mao! I gotta admit when I woke up I thought I had been hit by a spam bot! I really appreciate you taking the time! And new readers are always fun!

    I have got to tackle your stuff! I’ve heard a lot about it!Grin


    Mao Reply:

    ROFL! To be honest, I thought about that AFTER the fact, “aw, crap, she’s going to get like thirty emails…” Sorry for spamming your inbox! Wink I am a bit of a spam bot!!

    My husband was not happy with how much time I spent catching up, LOL. Eventually he wandered off and played Saboteur but he kept sending me sad faces. I didn’t realize how I had spent. xD


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! Yeah…sometimes I check my mail on my cell and I was like: “What? WP is usually good about blocking the spam! FAIL WP! FAIL!!” Shout And then I saw they were actually comments and was like: “”awww!!” Spam all ya want!Razz

    LMAO! I can imagine! Tell your husband I’m sorry! *insert sad puppy eyes here* Wink


  9. cheripye says:

    Oh dear, Nolan and Julius Too CUTE!!! I was cracking up the entire chapter, and hmmm… Nolan had best wise up if he hasnt realized yet, LOL!

    Caine calling in was perfect!

    Great update, sorry I have been so MIA lately will try to be more active 80) as soon as I get the op to stop being Flo Freud, LOL! Laugh


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! I ♥ them together! I really do! Nolan is oblivious because he’s not thinking that this chatty kid could be Ethan’s son. Besides Ethan has kept it really hush hush that his kid is missing.

    Smile Thanks!

    Dude, no worries! I still have to catch up on your updates! I’m so behind in reading stuff! *sigh*


  10. s@ndy says:

    LOL the scene with Julius and Nolan was soooooo real… heartwarming…. like brothers… awww I never noticed Nolan was so cute… lol and he is so nice with children!!! Grin he will make a great dad, LOL

    I cant wait for the ‘happy family reunion’…. I’m sooo dying to see/hear/read what Julius will say to Caine… and what Caine will do…

    this are getting interesting Razz , kind of complicated too.. wonderful done!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I never thought about those two together until I started writing it and it just seemed to work! I love those two together! LOL! Nolan has ALWAYS been a cutie! (if I do say so myself!Razz) Oh god! He’ll flip at the mention of him as a dad!

    Dun, dun, dun! That should be coming up in the next few prompts! I think…

    Thanks Sandy!!


  11. Sinclair says:

    Ooooo Caine. Lol putting it off on Alana. So expected.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He can’t help himself. He’s all soft in the inside though! Goo! Just goo in the inside with a hard outer shell.


  12. cheripye says:

    Hmm the younger vampire eh! what a great way to explain a vamps ability to walk in the day 80) and LOL! Nolan’s quick wit, I adore him. Oatmeal LOL!

    Aww what a cute bonding moment!nothing like playing video games and talking trash to bring two people together. 80) and to end it all with Alana showing who the Alpha female was and is. 80)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Cherie!Smile I figure the longer they’ve been alive the longer they can stand the rays ya know? Nolan is full of win! I ♥ him! Seriously!

    Seriously! Nothing is better than playing video games! Fun times! Alana is always bringing Caine down a notch! Razz It’s fun to watch/write!


  13. valpre says:

    Yay, Julius is finally going to meet Caine. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. Nolan’s still my man. He’s just too uber cool for words Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Nolan=♥. I can’t help it! And Julius and Caine? Yeah, might not be a good thing! You’ll see!


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