Prompt 075

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Bernard, Caine, Ethan, Dom
Prompt: 075~Heart
Word Count: 2,294
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Caine remembers
Warnings: Language

God, he was so stupid. What had he been thinking? Hadn’t he learned from his own father’s death? Apparently not, he thought bitterly as he laid his head on his arms. Apparently he hadn’t listened to his better judgment. He knew something was wrong with Alana. What kind of person came to an old abandoned house day in and day out to hang out with a dog? And not only that but continued to come back around after he, in his human form, had told her to stay away. The woman wasn’t normal but he had been lulled into a false sense of security by her docile tones and her sweet scent that even now made his body tighten. Growling in disgust he shoved away from the table. Idly he glanced at the contents on the table as his hand grazed a newspaper. He froze when the headline caught his eye.

“No, no, no!” he moaned as his legs threatened to give out from under him. Threading his fingers through his hair he finished reading the article then slumped against the table. The headline seemed to mock him. It was an old newspaper, dating back a few months ago, but the date…he would never forget the date. The day his father died was imprinted on his brain but to realize that it just wasn’t his father’s death date but several other pack members as well left him feeling off kilter.
His father’s beta, his guards and their families. The article named them all and blamed it on a serial killer but Caine knew better. It wasn’t a coincidence that the ten year anniversary of the ‘Backwoods Massacre’, as they had labeled, was the same day as his father’s death. Ethan had wiped out everyone who had stood behind his father. Taking a shuddering breath he trudged into the living room.

Lighting the fire, he leaned against the mantle as he stared into the flame. If he were honest with himself the first few years in the asylum he had wondered why no one came looking for him. After those first few bleak years he had hardened himself against the pack and labeled them traitors. For the most part that hadn’t been true. There hadn’t been anyone left to look for him. And the remained few that might still be loyal to the Lancaster clan had probably went into hiding with their families.
“Family bonds are what keep the pack together Duncaine,” his father had told him numerous times. “Regardless of blood it’s those bonds that make a pack strong…or weak.”
He could hear his father’s voice in his head as if it were yesterday.

May 23, 1999 Lancaster city residence
He could see his dad through the glass. Excitement beat at him as he raced up the porch steps and burst through the door. His dad was sitting at the computer with his legs on the desk staring off into space. When the door bounced against the wall he looked over his shoulder with a smile.
“Duncaine, what have I told you about that? You’re going to put a hole in the wall one of these days.”
“Sorry dad! I got news!”
“And what’s your news? Wait…let me guess. You got your first kiss?”
“Eww, that’s gross dad! Why would I want a stinking girl to kiss me?” Caine scrunched up his face and his father laughed.
“One of these days Duncaine, you’ll eat those words.”
“Nope. I don’t EVER want to kiss a girl. They’re weird and they smell funny.”
Bernard shook his head and got up from his chair. “So if you didn’t kiss a girl what’s the big news?”

Caine was so full of excitement he didn’t know how to contain it. Leaping up into the air, he tossed his arms up and began to laugh. “I got a solo in the band dad! Just me! Ms. Faision said that my rhythm had gotten better and she thought that I sounded good enough to have a solo. Me and my drums! ‘Course everyone else was jealous but dad…I practiced and practiced.”
“I know you did son and I’m proud of you. Come here.”

Caine allowed himself to be pulled into his dad’s arms. Wrapping his smaller arms around his dad’s neck he buried his face against his neck. “Dad?”
“I’m scared. Does that make me a sissy?”
His dad pulled back, squatted down and placing his big hands on his small, scrawny shoulders peered into his face.
“A man without fear is a man without a heart. It’s okay to be scared Caine. You just can’t let the fear cripple you. You’re going to be amazing! I know how hard you practiced and I’ve heard how far you’ve come. Let’s go sit down so we can talk about this.”

“Tell me what you’re scared of.”
“What if I mess up? Sometimes…sometimes I think that once I get in front of a big group of people I won’t be as awesome as I am when I’m in my room. I mean, I want the solo but I don’t want to screw everything up for everyone else either.”
“So, just picture you’re in your room when you’re doing your solo. Just you and the music. Don’t pay any attention to anyone else.”
They both heard the clicking of
nails on the wood floors and them a large white wolf appeared in front of Bernard. Sighing, he turned and the wolf growled.
“Not now Dominica. I’m talking to Caine. Give me a minute.”
Her growl grew and his dad stood up.

“I told you not now.” A growl had entered his voice and to Caine he seemed to tower over everyone. “My son and I are speaking.”
He made shooing motion with his hands. It seemed as if more wolves had entered the house when they heard his father speak. Caine stared up at his dad and smiled. He hoped one day he was as big and strong as his dad. That would be awesome.

His dad bent down when Dominica snarled. He reached out and patted her on the head. Suddenly they heard more nails clicking on the floor and he looked over to see his Uncle Ethan eyeing his dad. He frowned. He didn’t really like Uncle Ethan.
“Dom,” his dad said in soothing tones, “I don’t mean to disrespect you. You are, after all, a well known physician who puts her knowledge to good use for the pack. And you are the chosen mate of my cousin who is the head of my security. Both of you have honored places in this pack but right now I am speaking with my son. I will speak to the alpha of the Daniel’s pack tomorrow. That is why I came to the city in the first place.”
Standing he motioned for Duncaine to follow him down the hall. Once they were in his room he shut the door and sat down at the drums.

“Are you ready to rock Duncaine?”
Knowing that something was worrying his dad, that was the only time he played the drums anymore, Caine scampered up on the bed.
“Are you ready to rock dad?” He stuck out his tongue like he had seen that weird looking musician do and pumped his fist in the air.
In answer his dad tapped his drumsticks together, Caine was so going to copy that for his solo, and then began a fast tempo. Caine began to jump on the bed in time with the beat. He didn’t know how long his dad played or how long he jumped but he gave one finally jump before landing on his butt and collapsing on the bed. His dad continued to play as his heart thundered in his ears. Once it slowed Caine sat up
“Dad? What happened to mom?” he blurted out.

The music suddenly stopped as his dad spun around in his seat to stare at him in surprise. An unreadable expression crossed his face then he sighed and stood.
“I was wondering when you were going to ask me that. I thought I had a few more years but…you were always ahead of your time. Come on, I think we need to sit at the table for this.”
The table was where they had serious discussions. Caine swallowed. He didn’t know what had made him ask about his mom but…he really wanted to know.

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  1. Phoenix says:

    Once again this is longer than it’s supposed to be but…*shrug* Whatcha gonna do?! Razz

    Hopefully this clears up some questions…and probably caused more! Sorry!


  2. Van says:

    Awww, poor Caine! Bernard really was a great dad Frown

    Well, that disproves my theory of Dominica being Caine’s mom and ditching Bernard for Ethan. I’m glad I was wrong about that, though; that would have been so tragic, and Bernard deserved better.

    “You know about the physical side of mating Caine but it’s hard to explain the emotional side of things.” Heheheh… with human parents it’s soooo the opposite Smile


  3. Phoenix says:

    What? Wait…you thought that Dom might be his mom? Oh man! I didn’t even think of that angle! That sucks!! haha!!

    Back in the day Dom went for the bad boys and Bernard wasn’t bad enough for her…see how her life turned out…

    Hmm…maybe I’ll add a pic of his mom to the lore book so everyone will know what she looks like.

    LOL! So true! So true! I got a kick out of that when I wrote it!


  4. S@ndy says:

    Poor Caine,t hat last picture is so touching!!!
    I also thought that maybe Dominica was his mother…
    I’m glad she is not, what kind of woman would kill her husband and abandon her son for a SOB like Ethan!!!

    Really nice chapter, it was not long at all, it was a very enjoyable read!

    poor Caine… it must be so hard to remember his father….

    Great chapter!


  5. Phoenix says:

    Oh wow! You too Sandy?! Even I wouldn’t be that mean to Caine. He’s going to go through enough as it is…he’d be messed up for real if he found out his mother killed his dad!

    I never even thought of that story arc! LOL!!

    Per simfic50 rules prompts are supposed to be 2,00 words or less but it’s not frowned upon if it’s longer! I’m always having to trim!Razz

    Very hard…especially considering he tried not to think about that part of his life for ten years.

    Thanks Sandy!


  6. Penelope says:

    “You mean that mushy stuff? Like cards and flowers and balloons? That kinda stuff?”

    No guy has ever given me balloons! I feel slighted! LOL

    I can’t wait to find out how Alana and Caine will cross paths again.


  7. Gayl says:

    Alana really has had an effect on Caine hasn’t she? Bringing back all those memories, things he never learned because he lost his father when he was so young. I hope there is some resistance that he can hook up with and kick Ethan’s sorry butt.

    That was very touching and bittersweet to read. That was the night his father was slaughtered, how sad. But that anger will fuel Caine’s desire for retribution so he can take his rightful place at the head of the pack.

    Laughed out loud at the remark about never taking a mate…girls are smelly are they? LOL! I love your writing and those shots were amazing! That fireplace shot in particular. Well done Phoenix!


  8. S.B. says:

    Caine’s mixed reaction to Alana is so interesting — the emotions are all so strong, negative and positive all confused with each other.

    Love the detail with the paper and the headline!

    Not so sure I think retribution is admirable or at least sensible since it so often backfires, but I can certainly understand his anger.

    Wonderful touching and heartbreaking writing, and, as usual, astonishing stunning shots!


  9. Phoenix says:

    Not even on your birthday Pen?!! That’s…that’s just wrong!! LOL!!

    Oh man…another two prompts, I think, and then those two will cross paths again!


  10. Phoenix says:

    Yes she does Gayl. I’m glad you caught that! He’s so used to be shut off that to have all these emotions flooding him again is disconcerting.

    He and his father shared a close bond. I don’t know what he’s going to do if/when he faces Ethan.

    LOL! I have little bros, there are serious about not have girlfriends! LOL!

    Thank you Gayl! I’m glad you’re enjoying this tale so far!


  11. Phoenix says:

    Caine’s the kind of person where he wants everything to be black and white. Alana’s the kind of person who sees the world through rose tinted glasses. Both of them about to get shaken up.

    Thanks Beth! That was a bit of CC that came with…something I downloaded(I can’t remember what) and he was sitting at the table and I was framing the shot and I read the headline and was like..I GOTTA use that! Haha! I love when things work out!

    Thanks so much Beth! That was the last batch using Fraps. Now the shots will be made using Snagit!


  12. Nora says:

    It’s nice to know a little more about Caine’s past. Caine and him have had a great relationship. If I were Caine, I’d feel the same way.

    Great update, Phoenix!


  13. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Nora! I thought we needed to delve into Caine’s past a little more…just to understand him a little better. This just made me love Caine even more!Razz

    Sooo…when’s your next update!?! Wink~


  14. Emily says:

    Such a touching memory, his dad was so wonderful and important to him, it definitely helped develop Caine as a character. That last shot was heartbreaking, he has some reason to be the jerk he has been! I don’t blame him for not trusting anyone.

    Great update as always!


  15. ~Drew says:

    Just heartbreaking, my God, how terrible and that last shot of Caine said it all. What an endearing relationship he had with his father (who, was cute, BTW)
    Love how you are integrating pack mentality into the storyline, fits perfect!
    And those great shots of Caine at the beginning, love the one by the fireplace!
    Great work, and another great update!
    The writing crackles mate! You are weaving quite the tale here!


  16. Phoenix says:

    Caine wasn’t always the jerk he is now…I had to show this so everyone could understand. And I would have trust issues too!

    Thanks Emily!


  17. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Bernard was cute wasn’t he!? I had to grin when he had that happy look on his face when he was hugging Caine!

    Thanks Karen! These story is definitely writing itself. And I figured they’d carry that mentality with them no matter what form they’re in.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this Karen!


  18. goodbye_sun says:

    Yes Caine, the only one with issues is Alana. Right.

    Nice to see a hint of how his father treated being alpha, he seemed to have the magic touch at being just firm enough when necessary and gentle when he needed to be. He obviously knew Ethan was a threat, but no how devious of one.


  19. Phoenix says:

    LOL! I know right?!

    Sadly enough you’re right! He DIDN’T know hoe devious Ethan was…or he didn’t want to realize it. Human vs beast. Ethan is more in touch with the latter!


  20. Mao says:

    Oh, wow. Poor Caine. His father really was his world, wasn’t he? The tearing thing is back in my mind now! What a horrible way for him to go. Like it was intended as a slight, disrespect, anything to soil that memory. Poor Caine.

    Of course, Caine is in denial. Nothing wrong with him, he’s completely normal. Yeah right, Caine. ‘Cause every young adult out there threatens people to get off his damn lawn, LOL!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah…he and his father pretty much did EVERYTHING together. Something Ethan knew which is why he thought he was going to get two birds with one stone and all that jazz. And it was. In the back of my mind I can see Ethan dragging home the mauled body to show how badass he was!

    Ha! Caine is normal! Everyone around him has issues! Don’t cha know? Wink


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