Prompt 072

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Alana, Gregory
Prompt: 072~He
Word Count: 1,280-ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Plans go awry
Warnings: Language

Westfield residence, late Friday night

Peering through the window his body jolted when he saw the lone figure laying on the floor. Inhaling deeply a low growl worked its way up his throat. Something wasn’t right.

Reaching for the doorknob he hesitated before giving it a twist. It was locked. Shrugging he gave a sharp turn and the handle came off in his hand. Letting himself into the house he cautiously sniffed the air before shutting the door behind him.

Walking over he crouched over her prone figure. Putting a hand to her throat he felt for her pulse. It was slow and sluggish and her skin was coated in sweat. Realizing that she wasn’t going to wake up for awhile he decided to have a look around.

Standing in front of the table he stared at the pills that had spilled out of the bottle. Picking up an unopened one he read the label then glancing over as steady humming finally registered. Her laptop was still up and running. Placing the pill bottle back down he sat in front of the computer.

“Let’s see what she’s discovered,” he muttered. Clicking the mouse he saw that she had left several browser windows minimized. He clicked on the first then swiftly went through the rest. His hand trembled on the mouse as he realized what he was looking at…what he had scented in the air.

Walking into her room he crouched down and peered underneath of the bed. Seeing a suitcase he pulled it out then popping it open study the contents. Neat stacks of clothes, an envelope full of money, toothbrush, toothpaste…it looked as if she was prepared. Grunting, he snapped it closed then looked around the room. A plan began to form in his mind. It was crazy but at least it would be a start.

Taking the suitcase with him, he tossed it into the backseat before opening the car door. Sliding in he sat behind the driver’s seat and turned the ignition with the keys he had grabbed from the table by the front door. The car didn’t turn over. He pumped the gas and the tried the brakes.
“Brakes are good. Can’t say she got into an accident if they find the car,” he mumbled to himself.

Getting out he rounded the hood and popped it open. Bending down he fiddled with several components before dusting off his hands and slamming the hood back.
“That should do it.”
Peering around him, checking to make sure the coast was still clear, he loosened his muscles as he loped back into the house. He had to hurry. It was nearing dawn. He rummaged around the house until he had what he as looking for. Gathering the supplies he turned on the stove, thrust a towel into the flame and when it had caught he went from room to room. By the time he made it back to the living room the air was thick with smoke.
She was still passed out on the floor. Bending down he scooped her into his arms. Her head lolled on her shoulders and he stared down into her face until the smoke started to burn his eyes.

Caine had been thinking about Alana all day. He had kept trying to shove the thought of her from his head but had finally give in. He had just wanted a look, he had told himself. Just to make sure she was alright after their last encounter.
He had scented Dominica, Ethan’s mate, in the air the moment he had stepped into the house. She had been in close contact with Alana. He had recognized the name of the bottle of pills as well. Sophia was Dom’s right hand man, or woman in this case, and those pills that they had given her weren’t what was described on the label. No, the pills they had given her were tranquillizers that were used when one of his kind needed surgery. But why would they give them to Alana unless…
He shook his head as he put her into the passenger seat. He didn’t have time to think right now. If Dominica knew about Alana that meant that Ethan knew about her. And that wasn’t a good thing. For one she could accidentally lead Ethan to him and he wasn’t ready to face him yet. And for another…he’d kill before Ethan laid a finger on her. Getting into the car he pulled out of the driveway. He looked over at her as her head hit the window.
She was going to be pissed about her house but he couldn’t let them know that he had been there. Gunning the engine he took off down the road.

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  1. Phoenix says:

    Just wanted to mention…

    “Gregory” is better known as Jayden from my girl Cherie’s Sims story which can be found Dark Eyes. All I did was change his hair and eye color and give him some scars(I love guys with scars, if you can’t tell).

    Thanks so much for letting me use him Cherie! I really appreciate it.


  2. Dinuriel says:

    It’s nice to get a view of some of Ethan’s underlings. I wonder to what extent Gregory believes in Ethan’s rightful authority. Maybe he’s totally loyal, maybe he’s just scared of getting killed; my guess is he’s somewhere in between.

    And yaaaaay for Caine! Getting Alana out of there like that–now they can make pups. Well, not immediately I guess.


  3. Penelope says:

    Alana is going to FREAK when she wakes up! And I will be amused. hehehe

    Where did Caine learn about cars? And actually, how did he learn to drive?!?

    All of those headless shots of Caine made me think he was going to look slightly different when we finally saw him. Drat!

    So whose pack is Greg a member of?


  4. S@ndy says:

    Grin LOl… poor Alana she will be soooo freak if she wakes up in that dirty bed… lol….
    but it is way better than waking up in Ethan’s….

    I wonder if Caine will explain the whole situation, you know, he a lycan, and all that unimportant stuff!! Grin

    Well if she doesn’t want to die, she has to stay by his side… poor Alana, I wonder who will go insane first… lol

    And Gregory looks really nice!!! I looked at him for a long time and said to me… I know him… but where? and then I said… looks like Jay but it couldn’t be… lol I’m glad it is…

    Great job!!!


  5. S@ndy says:

    really nice pics… Grin


  6. Nora says:

    Yes! Caine to the rescue! At first, I had a sinking feeling it was going to be Ethan but phew!

    Gregory was a few minutes too late. Take that, Ethan!!

    Great update, as always! Grin


  7. S.B. says:

    I do not know how you got some of those shots but they are fantastic! I sat here with my mouth open! Under the bed??? Wow!!!

    And leaving Caine’s face hidden until he got Alana in the car, and his suspicion about the tranks — perfect!

    I loved the interaction with Greg and Ethan! And the fact that Ethan backed down — wonderful! So he is not the all powerful alpha totally in control all the time…wake up and sniff the…ummm…stuff wolves sniff.

    Fabulous update! I adore this one!


  8. goodbye_sun says:

    I’m just guessing Gregory caught Caine’s scent at the end there, so not quite a clean getaway, but I suspect Gregory won’t just give over info like that and will be just arrogant enough to think he might get a bit extra out of this whole deal.


  9. ~Drew says:

    I am in awe of your shots, I don’t know how you do them, you MUST do a tutorial at your photo blog, LOL!

    The plot indeed thickens. Caine certainly moved swiftly.
    I thought I recognized Gregory, LOL! I like scars too! Adds character, I think!
    Poor Alana, everything is gone! She will be reliant on Caine, this should be good, great update!!


  10. Gayl says:

    Well done Cheryl! I think my favorite shot was the one where Caine was carrying her out to the car. And quite frankly all the rest…really really good!

    Loved the suspense at first not knowing who was really there. That was a great touch. And Gregory is certainly a strong character. So Ethan is not the be all, end all of lycans…


  11. cheripye says:

    I was sitting here chewing my fingernail, thinking OH NO! Ethan got there first, LOL! What a wonderful beginning and I have to concur with everyone else, LOL! I was looking at gregory going, wow that sims looks familiar, LMAO!!! Geez I feel dumb now, LOL!
    You did a fantastic job with him!!! I love the look you gave him!!! please feel free chop him apart and make him entirely your own…

    I am so glad Caine got to Alana first, although I am sure she is not going to be none to pleased when she finds herself with him. 80)

    Stunning shots, Amazing writing I absolutely adore this story!!!

    Oh yeah glad to see Ethan being forced to back down too!!! LOL!!!


  12. The Lunar Fox says:

    I love that finally someone was able to tell Ethan to shove it. But then I think about the fact that he’s chasing after Caine and Alana now and I can hear myself going, “uh oh!”


  13. Phoenix says:

    Greg isn’t even an underling…he does his own thing when he wants…I guess you’d call him a rouge? Everything he does comes with a price!

    I think Ethan’s actually scare of him. Because he’s THAT

    LOL!! Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to come anytime soon! Alana is gonna be mad!!!


  14. Phoenix says:

    LOL! Yes, yes she is!! OMG! Can you just imagine! I have it all played out in my head! But I must resist to work on RG!Razz

    I KNEW you were going to be the one to ask that Pen! I knew it, I knew it!! And the answer will be in the next prompt!Razz

    LOL! Nah, I just didn’t want people to know it was Caine yet…he won’t change appearances for a few more chapters yet.

    Greg doesn’t have a pack. Consider him the lone wolf…


  15. Phoenix says:

    Hahaha!! Bwahaha!! Oh god! I already have that planned out Sandy! Wait and see! I don’t think the germophobe will think about that! At least not until more later…

    Caine is pretty abrupt. He might think just because he did a small thing, like save her life, that she won’t worry about the bigger picture! *shakes head* He’ll be surprised!

    Hahaha! I tried to keep him as close to Jay as possible without looking like Jay!

    Thanks Sandy!


  16. Phoenix says:

    Good, that’s what I wanted people to think!I wanted them to not know exactly who that was!

    Caine has his moments! I love that guy!

    Greg…well Greg is very good at his job!


  17. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Beth! Which shots are you talking about? I can tell you how I got it if you want!Smile

    Haha! Thanks! I didn’t want you guys to know it was Caine right off! He…acquired a few more outfits.

    No, Ethan isn’t a powerful as he likes to think which will definitely put his back up and have a trickle down effect!Thinking

    LMAO @ stuff wolves sniff!Razz

    Glad you liked it Beth!


  18. Phoenix says:

    Oh hey! That’s a good idea Karen! I might just do that! It should be fun…yeah…good idea….

    *snaps back to present*

    Thanks Karen! I appreciate it it! I love taking the pics!

    Caine did indeed move quickly. He has the makings of an alpha and doesn’t even realize it.

    I’m glad Greg/Jayden is still recognizable. I worried that he wouldn’t be! *whew*

    Oh gosh! She’ll have to depend on Caine…after she bashes his head in!Razz


  19. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Gayl! That’s one of my favorites as well.

    No, Ethan likes to think so, in his own little world, but he definitely is not.

    I’m so happy you enjoyed this!


  20. Phoenix says:

    Awesome! That’s what I was going for! Haha!

    LMAO!! Cherie! I told you that Jayden was going to appear in this chapter!! *shakes head* Haha!! Too much! I’m glad he still looks like Jayden! I was worried about that!

    No, she’s not going to be pleased at all!

    I’m so glad your enjoying this!! I’m really having a blast doing it!

    No doubt! With Greg Ethan doesn’t have a choice!


  21. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Exactly Lunar Fox! Greg is like a dog with a bone…or a wolf with a bone…you get my meaning!!Razz


  22. Phoenix says:

    *good. Good is supposed to be tacked onto the end of the comment posted at 11:07. Right after the bolded THAT! *Slaps forehead*



  23. Emily says:

    Wow, I was so excited reading this I missed the whole Jayden look alike thing! All I knew was he was hot! LOL.

    Love the hiding of Caine’s face, really made that scene more exciting! I mean, we didn’t know who was setting her house on fire! Grin
    Can’t wait until she wakes up!

    Greg is one interesting dude. And is that Caine he is smelling? Ack! Can’t wait for the next update!!!


  24. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! I think he’s hot either way! Haha!!

    Oh god! Caine’s going to wish that she didn’t wake up by that time! His poor ears! *shakes head*

    I know exactly where I’m going with Greg(unlike anyone else)…I think he’s going to be a great character to work with!

    Thanks so much Emily!


  25. followingwords says:

    I’m intrigued to see where this will end up, and especially want to know how Alana will react to having been taken out of her house; even more to know when Caine will figure out that she’s a lycan now.

    I do wish that this story moved a little faster, but I understand that 1) you’re doing a challenge and 2) that certain characters need to be introduced so that they are recognizable later in the story.

    Keep up the great work!


  26. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! LOL!! You are too much! You just want to what’s making the story interesting! I can’t tell you that followingwords!!Razz

    Thanks so much for dropping by here!


  27. Mao says:

    About time, Caine! Time to channel whatever you happened to luckily inherit from that father of yours. Seems quite a bit. Definitely a good thing that he got to her when he did.

    I can’t wait until he figures out what she really is, LOL!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Amen! He was taking forever(I love how I talk as if I didn’t write it!) to finally realize some things! And yeah, it was a good thing. Although…

    Yeah, that’s gonna be all awkward for him!Razz


  28. Valpre says:

    Wow, you have some gorgeous shots here. I love the ones with skyline.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh gosh! I hate looking back at these old pics! But than you so much!! Grin I’m still trying to figure out where to start on your story(or which story to start on!Razz)!


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