Prompt 071


Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Fantasy, romance, drama
Characters: Caine, the Labrousse clan, Rhostislav
Prompt: 071~If
Word Count: 2,750~ish(I KNOW right?)
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Caine gets a lesson in thinking and feeling
Warnings: Language


As Caine stepped into the room the cadence of the song changed from slow and mournful to something quick and tempestuous. His heart quickened inside of his chest as the music seemed to wrap around him and seep into his pores. Swallowing dryly he studied the man whose bow was moving at a furious pace over the strings. Sunglasses covered the upper portion of his face and he was half turned away from the entrance.
Caine took a cautious sniff of the room but, once again, smelled nothing. It was as someone has plugged up his nose. It was unsettling to be unable to detect the two people that he could see in front him. The man sitting at that card table rolled a chip over his knuckles before flipping it in the air. All without seeming to have moved an inch. A heavily accented voice broke the silence.
“Welcome Caine. I am Rhostislav. You can call me Rho. Like you used to. Come, get acquainted.”
“W-what? I never-”
“Cop a squat. What’s your game of choice?”
This question came from the man sitting at the card table, shuffling the cards so quickly they were almost a blur. “Well, I’m pretty kick ass at poker. Then again I was playing against a bunch of nut jobs.” He grinned when hoarse laughter drifted back to him. He had just reached for the chair when a door opened.


“I thought I smelled wet dog,” Victoria sneered as she sauntered in. She carried a wine glass but Caine was willing to bet that it wasn’t wine. The substance was too dark and he could smell it. It held a faint coppery odor. Almost like blood but more dilated. He raised his eyebrows as she placed a hand on her hip and stared at him as she took a sip.
Caine tossed some chips into the pot. “I thought I felt my dick trying to curl into my nut sack.” He grinned when her eyes narrowed. “I can do this all night long.”
“Oh, the look on her face is priceless. I’m Caleb.”
“I’ve heard of you. That one,” he jerked his head in Victoria’s direction, “could talk of nothing else but how disgusting you were and how revolting you smelled.”


“Be still my fucking heart.” Reaching up he brushed his hand through his hair as he took a casual sniff at his clothing.
“You don’t smell. Well, you do,” Caleb said as he started to deal the cards. “You smell pretty good. In a non-gay way I mean. And it’s not really you. It’s your blood. Lycan blood is very-”
“Oookay! I think we’re heading into the TMI category man! I really don’t need to know that you’re getting all fangy for my blood.”
Caleb shrugged. “I am what I am and you are what you are. Neither of us can do anything to change it now can we?”
“Are you always so morose?” Caine studied his hand.
“For the most part. My brother Ulrich is the more outgoing one.”
“Really? I had a feeling he wanted to rip off my head.”
“Nothing so violent Caine. Maybe just taking a pound of flesh…slowly.”
He looked over when Ulrich pulled out the chair next to him. “Because that wouldn’t be violent at all.”
Ulrich grinned before he tapped the table. “Mind if I join in?”


“What’s the deal with Rho?”  That name. Why did it sound so familiar? Caine rubbed at his forehead as another hand was dealt. He watched as a small smile pulled at Rho’s mouth as he played the violin. He had never seen anyone so involved with music. Sure he and his dad used to play around on the drums but it was just a past time. This man looked as if he lived and breathed for the music.
“Rho is one of the oldest of our kind. He’s actually the reason for The Monastery. He’s actually the reason why we’re all here,” Ulrich said as he dug around in his pockets for a lighter.
“What do you mean? I thought you guys traveled together or something.”
“Now we do but most vampryes like to lead solitary lives. It’s safer that way. If there is only one of you you’re less likely to draw attention to yourself. It always used to confuse me.”
“What did?”
“I never understood how you Lycans always traveled together. And it’s not just one or two of you. It’s like ten or more. And you’re happy.”
“Our pack is our family. Or at least that’s what my dad told me.”
Caleb nodded his head. “Bernard Lancaster was a good man. Too soft for his own good but a good man nonetheless.”
“You two knew my dad?”
“Knew him? The bloody bastard saved my life a time or two. He died while I still owed him a few IOUs.”
“He didn’t die. He was murdered.” Caine’s hand fisted on top of the table and a growl had worked its way into his voice. He could feel muscles shifting and the hairs were standing up on the back of his neck.


“What’s this? You’re playing poker and you didn’t invite me? I would be insulted if I didn’t know Caine has a full house, Caleb is holding a flush and Ulrich is holding a royal family.”
“Oh come on Niki! We would have let you in on the next hand!”
“But I wanted to play now.” She folded herself gracefully in the chair then tapped a manicured fingernail on the table. “And I’ll shuffle the cards. I know how you like to stack the deck Caleb. Did they happen to mention Caine, that the 1800s where very good years for them in Europe?”
“No, they didn’t mention that.” Caine looked at the grin curling Ulrich’s mouth and it suddenly hit him why they were so familiar. Dear Lord, Ulrich reminded him of himself and Nikita was Alana. Fucking hell! Rho had said they had been doing this for decades? There was no way in hell Caine was going to survive that long without some sweet, sweet Alana loving. He began to thump his head against the table. Hard. He stopped when he heard furious whispers coming from across the room.


Xavier looked angry about something. He kept stabbing the palm of his hand with his forefinger while Victoria looked at him with a bored expression on her face.
“I wonder what they’re arguing about now?” Nikita mused absently as she stared at her cards.
“What don’t they argue about?” Ulrich grumbled as he tossed in a few chips.
“Is Victoria always-”
“Such a bitch? Only on days that end in a y.” Caleb grabbed a stack of chips and instead of tossing them in he began to rotate one over the other without missing a beat. It was like watching a magic show and Caine found himself drawn in. Until Nikita kicked him under the table.
“That’s how they win. They distract you with neat tricks and witty banter and suddenly you’re losing your house.”
“And you lure us in with your lush-”
“Don’t even say it Ulrich.”
“Say what?” he asked innocently.
“Whatever it is that you were going to say,” she snapped before placing her cards face up on the table. Straight flush.
“Son of a motherfucking bitch!”
The melody suddenly rose to a crest then dipped and dived before Rho zipped the bow across the strings one finally time. The notes seem to hang in the air before he pulled the violin away from his shoulder and set it in its stand. Reaching up he pulled off his shades before turning and piercing Caine with his one eyed gaze.
“Enough of the banter. We need to talk.” He motioned for Caine to follow him into a section off area with a see through floor. Caine took a cautious step forward.
“It won’t break. I just enjoy watching the people. Sit.”


“I am sorry for your lose. Your father was a good man and a close friend of mine. I was out of the country when I heard the news. By the time I had gotten back you had already disappeared. Some godfather I turned out to be.”
Caine froze, with his ass hovering in the air, as he stared across the table at the vampyre. One eerie blue eye stared back at him.
“Say what?”
“Caine, did you never wonder why your father was okay with your being at home by yourself?”
Frowning Caine slowly sat down. “I kinda figured it was because I was old enough to stay at home by myself.”
Rho laughed. “Ой, у вас всегда были забавный ребенка!” he said with a grin then shook his head. “Forgive me. I just said ‘oh, you always were a funny child!’ Sometimes I slip into my native tongue without thinking. And Caine, no matter your age your father would have had someone watching out for you. I was that person more often than not.”
Caine sat back, stunned. “Why don’t I remember you?”
An uncomfortable expression crossed his face. “That was my doing. Back then you were much easier for me to read. Now, trying to enter your mind is like running against a steel door. I-”
Caine leaned forward. “You fucked with my head?” he snarled, in low overtones. Rho held up his hands.
“Мир, мир! Peace, peace! I did nothing but haze over your memories of me and taught you certain tricks to keep people out of your head. It was at your father’s suggestion. He did not want you speaking of me to the wrong people.”
Caine inhaled deeply through his nose before relaxing back against his chair. “I’d like it if you don’t try to enter my mind again without my permission. And how many of your kind can do that?”
“Not many. Did you know your father and I discussed you marrying a vampyre to try to solidify peace? We both agreed that you were too stubborn to enter into such a union though…and your father wanted you to find your mate. His heart bled for his. I tried to lessen the pain.”


Caine rubbed at the tense muscles in his neck as he stared across the table at Rho who had a far away smile on his lips. “So, you’re like the closest thing I have to a living relative that isn’t out to kill me huh?”
Rho’s smile faded and he scowled. “I told your father to watch out for that one but did he listen? Нет! No! He did not! And I-”
Caine listened as Rho went off on a tangent in Russian before he sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes. “I take it you don’t like Ethan huh?”
“Ha! I would break my vow to never drink blood again if I could drain him and leave his lifeless corpse to rot!” he spat out then shook his head.
“I need some air. Will you come outside with me?”

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  1. Yuxi says:

    Ahh, finally I caught up! I LOL’ed at Caleb describing Caine’s smell, heh. Also, I’m quite fond of Rhostislav’s mysterious but passionate character (I’ve a weakness for Russian and violins xD); that picture of him dancing on the edge and Caine trying to pull him down was wonderfully posed, too. Now I wonder what that girl was doing there (and what is going to happen to Alana and Nolan :0).


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh wow! Thanks Yuxi! I still have to catch on your story! Man, it looks awesome!! LOL!! Caleb has a dry sense of humor. He cracks me up. Oh man! I had Rho stashed away in BS for months! I really like how he turned out! I love Russia about as much as I love Scotland! I want to go to both places.

    Thank you! I’m happy with that way it turned out. Veron’s posing tutorials have been a real help.

    That girl is Vivian, from the Southerland pack. I don’t think I ever fully showed her face! Trouble, trouble! As for Alana and Nolan…

    next prompt!!!Razz


  2. Az. says:

    i LOVED this update. and i love Calebs hair *covets* I love what you did with my little vampys ^_^ Sorry i couldn’t be nicer to Duncaine in my story.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Azzy!!!Grin I was just writing away on this one huh? Calebs hair is from the same place as Ulrich’s. Here ya go.Middle of the page. I love how it’s in his face.

    Haha!! They are characters aren’t they!? No, Duncaine is amazing in your story.Grin


    Az. Reply:

    ah thanks… actually then i downloaded that other hair from GoS before Danicast had a pissyfit and still had her stuff there.


  3. s@ndy says:

    This chapter was amazing!!!!
    Love all the new information you threw at us… I do like Rho, but I’m not so sure if Caine should believe on him… I don’t know…
    I DEFINITELY loved the picture where he is on the edge and Caine trying to pull him back! That was a fantastic! Very realistic!!! I love the way he is smiling!!! lol
    Awesome writing and outstanding shots like always!!!
    Great job!!! and I’m soo looking forward for more!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I had to giggle at the smiley face Sandy! I love it! Thanks so much! I was worried I was throwing a little too much but I didn’t want to drag it out either! *sigh* Rho’s a good guy. I can tell you that much. Now, I’d watch my back around another member of that clan. I’m just saying!

    That’s one of my favorites as well. Used the BV and Seasons boxes for that one. I like the lightening as well. I guess all those crashes were worth it for that one shot! Darn it!Razz

    Thanks so much Sandy! And that new shot on your page is breathtaking!


  4. Van says:

    Caaaaaine to the rescue!

    I love the relations between the vamps and the Lycans. Such a complex, frenemy arrangement there. This new development with Rho and Bernard is interesting. It’s nice to see that they were friends despite their… differences, shall we say?

    Thanks for the update, Phoenix. I needed this Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Maybe not! Confused I’m really going to do a time line. Maybe go back and edit the previous entries or something. *shrug*

    Haha! Frenemies sums it up great! They can live with or without each other…and have been doing it for years!. Yeah, it’s nice to know that Bernard had someone he could completely trust.

    Awww…hope everything is going alright Van!!


  5. Penelope says:

    This chapter was so dream-like. The music. The glass floor. The man on the ledge. That funky red light.

    Uh oh- Are there vamps working for Ethan?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hmm…I didn’t even think of that! I guess it does huh? I love glass floors for some strange reason. *shrug* And that light was the one from outside that reflected up. Strange but I liked it!

    Of course there are. He’s got some of them like junkies looking for their next lycan blood fix. But that doesn’t mean that they’re stronger than ones that have had the willpower to resist…I hope not. Frown


  6. goodbye_sun says:

    It might be an uncomfortable alliance, but it at least comes with loyalty and appears to be a quite handy thing to have just at the moment.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Amen to that. If Caine only had himself to lean on things would go downhill fast!


  7. Nora says:

    Actually, I do speak Russian and that was a bunch- JUST KIDDING!!! I’m joking. I know less than you and I know even less poker. Anyway, great update. Yeah, I don’t think I like this Rho guy and I had a funny feeling about these vampyres from the start.Thinking


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! Girl, that was so wrong!! Razz Although if you did speak Russian you would have gotten emails from me so…Razz

    Poker was fun to research! Now I want to play it! Thanks Nora! Rho isn’t bad! At all! At least it’s not supposed to be but I never know sooo…yeah! Haha!Grin


  8. Emily says:

    I loved this update! It was so nice to see Caine actually have a moment like that, even if he didn’t remember the guy, he’s been there for him. I laughed so hard at him almost jumping off the building, that pic was awesome!

    These vamps are one great addition to this story, I love your take on them and how you describe the way they act and feel, very cool!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Emily! Yeah, I had no idea where I was going with it but then it hit me and…there ya go! I love that pic too! Smile

    Thanks! Man, I agonized over adding them! Glad you like them!


  9. Mao says:

    Oh no, Alana and Nolan! So they didn’t get out of it, crap. Well, that just puts more bees in the bonnet. At least Caine isn’t going balls-to-the-walls alone. Onward, vampire calvary!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Wait…wait! I have to finish laughing at your balls-to-the-walls comment! LMAO!!! Oh god! That made my morning!Razz

    Hecks no! You knew trouble was a’brewing Mao! Should be fun times…or not!


  10. Sinclair says:

    Ooooooo. Whats her name is toast. Doneee for. All of those vampyres are over 100 years old. She has no chance. Its goin downnn. And she’s already in the club.

    On another note. Rho is to cool. I like him. He seems really..experienced. And wise. Like the cool grandfather.


  11. PhoenixFG says:

    Vivian…I think! I rarely use her but yeah…not a good idea girl! And really…what was she thinking? I guess knowing Caine was there was too much for her!

    I ♥ Rho! He’s VERY experienced but not in your face about it which I love. Bwaha the grandfather comment. But it’s true!


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