Prompt 070

Title:Lycan Tales
Genre:fantasy, romance, drama
Characters:Caine, Bernard
Word Count:920
Type: series
Summary:Prologue, A power struggle finally comes to a head.

“I like coming here with you Dad.” Duncaine kicked up some leaves then inhaled deeply as he looked around the forest. He grinned when his dad reached over and ruffled his hair.
“You’re just saying that because you got out of Ms. Fiona harassing you about your homework.” Bernard winked down at his son. “It’s okay. It’ll be our little secret.”
“Cool! Hey dad, why are we here? Usually you meet everyone at the house.”
“Your Uncle Ethan requested a private meeting.” Bernard hesitated. “Things are complicated Caine. There are things that I need to tell you, but I want you to just enjoy being a kid.”
Caine puffed out his chest. “I’m not a kid! I’m almost ten.”
Bernard barked out a laugh. “Yeah, you’re getting up there in age.”

Looking around Bernard took note of how quiet the woods were. Wiping a hand over his sweaty forehead he blinked rapidly to clear his blurry vision. He had been feeling a little off this afternoon but he couldn’t postpone this meeting. Ethan would take it as a sign of weakness and try to press whatever advantage he could. Bernard couldn’t allow that to happen. A Lancaster had been alpha of the pack since the 1800s…and if he had his way a Lancaster would always be alpha. He looked down at Duncaine.
“Alright, I want you to go over there and stay out of sight. Do you understand? I don’t care what you hear or think you see don’t come and investigate. And if I tell you to run do exactly that! Don’t look back. Go to our secret place and wait for me there.”
Caine stared up at his dad as a shiver went through him. “Dad, I can’t leave you. I-”
His father straightened to his full height and glared down at him. “Do as I say,” he growled then his postured relaxed as he patted his shoulder. “Please Duncaine, it’s important that nothing happens to you.”
“Okay.” Caine looked over his shoulder as he turned to walk away. “Hey dad?”
“Yeah kiddo?”
His father had already started to head deeper into the woods. “When we get home you have to help me with my math homework. Stupid Ms. Ruston gave us a ton of word problems. I hate math!”
“I’ll help you son. Now go play.”

Caine heaved a sigh as he agilely jumped from rock to rock. Sure, he liked coming with his dad but usually they did stuff together. His dad had been gone for awhile now. It was dark and he was starting to get cold. He might be young but he knew that dad and Uncle Ethan didn’t get along. And for whatever reason Uncle Ethan didn’t like him much either.
“Well, I don’t like Uncle Ethan either,” he mumbled aloud. “He’s always staring at me.” Caine started to jump to the next rock when a howl ripped through the air. He whipped around but branches were blocking his view. Jumping down from the rock he headed toward the sound. As he drew neared he could hear a steady growling and what sounded like bones being ripped into. He froze.

Bernard hoped Caine could understand him. Ethan and his pack had snuck up on him. They had bribed one of the cooks to slip something into his food, dulling his senses and disabling his shifting abilities. Something he found out a little too late. After they had finished toying with him Ethan had come in for the kill only to scent Caine.
“Get the boy,” he had snarled loosening his hold on Bernard enabling him to lift up his head and call out the warning to his son. The boy he would never get to see grow into a man…
“Now, I will be alpha! With you and your whelp out of the way I will command this pack. It should have always been me!”
“You’ll never be the true alpha Ethan. Someone will figure out what you’ve done.” It was getting harder for him to breath and his wounds had went numb.
“And I will deal with those that usurp me in the same manner I have dealt with you!” Ethan snarled before clamping down on Bernardes neck. His teeth sank through skin and muscle and ground against the bone as a he gave a vicious shake of his head. He looked up to watch Bernard take his final breath but his feeling of satisfaction waned when he realized that even breathing his last Bernard was staring him down. With a snarl he snapped his neck.

It was his dad’s voice but it sounded weak and garbled. Spinning on his heel he ducked his head and started to run. His breath caught in his throat when he heard the sound of something crashing through the bushes after him. There was a growl and then a snap and Duncaine could have sworn he felt the hot breath of an animal behind him. Sucking in air he put all he had into trying to reach the tree line. As long as he reached the tree line everything would be okay. It HAD to be okay.

A small smile formed on his lips as he broke through the trees but it quickly disappeared when he realized that he had been herded toward the main highway. There was a blinding light, a blinding pain and then he was flying through the air.

His head cracked against the pavement and the last thing he remembered seeing was the seemingly satisfied look of a wolf as it turned and run back into the woods.


  1. Phoenix says:

    Just checking to see if I can leave a comment since blogger was acting funky earlier! *takes a leaf from Pen and shakes fist*

    Now I’m done talking to myself!Razz


  2. Penelope says:

    And now that the comments are working, I get to pose this question-

    Why would Bernard take his son into a situation that dangerous?


  3. Phoenix says:

    Being alpha Bernard didn’t think anything of the situation…let alone to think that his brother was going to attack him!
    At the most he thought they’d have a heated argument(nothing that Caine hasn’t heard before).


  4. Gayl says:

    This was great! There are so many possibilities as to what happens with Caine…very well done. I don’t know how you manage with packs of animals; I barely manage a household of people! Your shots really have that deep woods feel about them. Spectacularly done and the story is quite intriguing.


  5. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Gayl! Yes, there is! I don’t think anyone is going to guess it though because I surprised myself with it! LOL! Well, I HOPE no one guesses it!Razz

    The freezer clock!! And I got that hack that lets you pose pets now on MTS2! Also, much to my surprise, I had alot of dogs just show up on the lot that I hadn’t made which made for a great pack!Smile

    Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!Smile


  6. Elecy says:

    That’s an interesting way to spell Duncan…or did you combine the two names? Anywho, it’s cool.

    It started out sweet enough…then it got weird. Oh my, werewolves. That’s a new one. Poor Duncaine. Though I am curious…Bernard did seem to know something. Why did he take his son? I expect an answer! So keep writing!


  7. Phoenix says:

    I’ve always liked werewolves! I don’t know why. *shrug* As for Bernard…he did/does but he was delaying telling Caine(gosh, I love that name) until later…unfortunately for Duncaine! Wink~


  8. Dinuriel says:

    Oh, the poor kid! His dad killed… he gets hit by a car… Frown

    This story is definitely going to be an interesting read. Werewolves are quite fascinating in a literary setting, I find, MUCH better than in cheesy horror movies. In literature, you get so many varieties of werewolves, and I can’t wait to learn more about these particular werewolves. Great start Smile


  9. Phoenix says:

    Hey Dinuriel! I know! I don’t know why I always put my characters through the wringer when I first start! LOL!

    Thanks! I know right? Horror movies almost always seem to mess things up! Makes me mad! I’m glad you enjoyed this!


  10. cheripye says:

    Utterly amazing and wonderful telling. I have always loved vamps and Where’s and just like you never wrote anything of them.

    Oh I feel so for Duncaine, and for his dad. Handsome sim by the way and where did you get that outfit?

    Stunning stunning stunning!!!


  11. Phoenix says:

    They’re awesome to do! I’m having too much fun doing this! haha!

    Thank you! CAS Sim right there! I spent way too much time on him since he was only in this scene! Hmm..maybe I’ll do flashbacks!Razz

    I’m not at home right now Cherie but when I get a chance I’ll look it up! I’m thinking it looks like an openhouse Jack outfit! I’ll look into it!Smile


  12. Emily says:

    Really great beginning Cheryl! Lots of possibilities of where it could go, I am completely intrigued! And I too love the deep woodsy feel of the shots, it really looks like a real environment.

    Good job, will be reading more for sure!


  13. Phoenix says:

    Aww…thanks Emily! I really enjoy doing forest scenes(as if you couldn’t tell!) so there might(probably) will be more in the future!Razz

    I’m glad you enjoyed reading it!


  14. sandybvv says:

    Wonderful beginning Cheryl, I really really loved it!!!

    I’m off to read next chapter… I’m completely hooked!!!

    Sorry it took me soo long to get here!!

    RL is kind of a mess Grin lol


  15. Phoenix says:

    No worries Sandy! I know what you mean! Sometime RL just sucks!Razz

    I’m glad you liked it!


  16. Anonymous says:

    hi, i really love Ravensworth Generations and i just discovered lycan tales and it looks good, but i can’t figure out how you navigate this website! the “prompt #” don’t seem to show the story order, and it looks so good i want to figure it out! so how do you know which comes next?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hey!!Smile Thank you!! I really need to get over there and update!

    Sorry about that! I just switched layouts and I didn’t realize that this didn’t have the previous/next tags at the bottom and/or type. Give me five minutes and I’ll be a Prompts Reading Order in the header!Smile

    Thanks for stopping by here!


    Anonymous Reply:

    thank you so much!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No worries! Instead of doing that I find the bit of coding I needed to insert. There should be a link at the top of the current post to navigate to the next. Let me know if it works for you!


    Anonymous Reply:

    i see it! thank you!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Sorry! I was fiddling with it because I hate the links on the top when you’re already at the bottom so…now they’re on the bottom! LOL! Smile


  17. Mao says:

    Okay, I’ve had this on my bookmarks list forever. I originally got it from Beth, but I have this bad habit of following WAAAY too many blogs at any given time. xD Ahem, anyway, here I am. I love werewolves more than any other supernatural creature, so, yes. Looking forward to getting caught up!

    I really liked the last few pictures–it aids to the frenzied nature of the text quite a bit. I found myself sort of leaning into my monitor, trying to get a better look (even though I know it’s moot, LOL!)


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! Man, I know what you mean! I’ve been meaning to start reading yours and playing catch up!O_o It boggles the mind!

    No worries Mao! I know you have a lot on your plate! I love werewolves too! Always have. But I never played them in Sims until I started writing this! Go figure!

    Haha! That’s awesome! Thanks! I’ve found myself grabbing at other people’s pictures with my mouse to rotate it soo…yeah!Razz


  18. Daisies says:

    I’m in awe over your beautiful pictures.

    This story already has my interest. I’m going to start at the beginning and catch up!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh! Thank you Daisies! Grin Although I shudder at my older pics! LOL!!

    I hope you enjoy reading it! I enjoy writing it! ♥


  19. Raven says:

    Hi! I love your blog soooo much ^^ Have you ever thought about turning them into books??


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