Prompt 069

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Caine
Prompt: 069~Inside
Word Count: 1,576
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Lancaster secrets
Warnings: Language

The rat infested shithole(Caine’s words not mine), earlier the same day

He absently scratched his stomach as he stared up at the ceiling. If he squinted his eyes just so and tilted his head the cracks seemed to take on the shape of a woman’s breast. Saggy, but he wasn’t complaining. He hadn’t gotten laid since…well hell, Caine couldn’t lie to himself. He had never gotten laid. Being in a nuthouse sort of limited his options. Crayola had stripped and offered and he had less than politely refused. Maybe he should have taken her up on her offer but Caine couldn’t imagine bumping uglies with a woman who looked like a drag queen on her good days. Now Alana, on the other hand…he was pretty sure her breasts would fit the palm of his hands just right and-
Growling, he shook his head. He wasn’t going near the woman. She was a menace. Groaning, he swung his legs over the mattress.

He had been putting it off. He had been in this place for almost a month and a half now and he still hadn’t gone up there. He didn’t want to go up into the attic and look around. He and his father used to go up there when they came to visit this place and after his break down yesterday night he just didn’t want to face the memories. But he had to. If there was one thing that his father had drilled into his head it was that knowledge equaled power. Sure, he didn’t want to be alpha but apparently the pack had suffered in the years that he had been in the institute. His uncle Ethan had never been a kind man but he was pretty sure he was on a huge ego trip now and everyone was suffering. He kicked at the pile of clothes that were scattered near the bed as he rubbed his forehead. Heaving a sigh he shoved off the mattress and padded down the hall. He stopped right before the entrance to the living room and looked up.

His dad had instructed the architect to build an attic. Once the attic had been built his dad had asked the man to remove the stairs leading to it. If the man had thought the suggestion strange he hadn’t said anything. His dad had been smart. No one would take the time to find a ladder just to go into an old attic. Not unless they thought there was something important up there. And since few people even know about this house, and seeing how all but one of those people were dead, no one would thing there was anything valuable up there.

Caine began to take deep breaths. He could feel the oxygen going through his body and working its way into his muscles. He half crouched and then pushing off with his legs aimed for the opening in the ceiling. His first attempted fail and he landed back on the ground with a thud.
“Fuck me,” he hissed as a shooting pain went through his elbow. Growling, he shot back up to glare at the offending opening. This time he took a few minutes to collect himself before trying again.

His hands grazed the edge of opening and he scrambled for a hold. Briefly claws shot out of his hands and stabbed through the wood until he had a firm grip and then receded as quickly as they had appeared. Caine hung there for a moment trying to catch his breath before he slowly, but surely, pulled himself upward.

“Christ on a crutch,” he wheezed as he planted his hand on the floorboard and his arm on the lip of the opening. He panted for breath.
“I’m out of fucking shape. What kinda bullshit is that? I used to breeze through this thing ten years ago. Now I’m acting like some kinda of out of shape, old man whose balls are hanging down to his knees.”
Pulling his body the rest of the way through he flopped on the floor. Just as quickly as he landed he sprung up and crouched down. A low, warning snarl came from him as he peered into the corner before he realized that he was staring at a reflection. In astonishment he walked over and peered at himself.

“Oh for fuck’s sake! Is this what Alana sees? No wonder the woman was scared of me. Not that I care,” he told his reflection quickly. “She could choke and die on that nasty dog food she carries in her purse for all I care,” he muttered as he poked at his face in the mirror.
There really hadn’t been mirrors in the nuthouse. Seeing as how they thought he might go all ballistic, sharp objects and things that could be turned into sharp objects, had been kept away from him.
“But good Lord, they could have told me I looked god-awful!”
Frowning, he pulled at his beard before he sharply shook his head and turned away. He had not come here to primp in front of a mirror.

He stopped in front of a bookcase and tapped a finger on the shelf as he tried to remember what his dad had told him the code was. He blew out a breath. He had been a kid. He had been more excited to get into the ‘secret’ place than to remember what his dad had told him. Caine stood there for a good fifteen minutes, racking his brain, before a hazy thought jolted his memory.

“Boo-yah!” he exclaimed in excitement then reached for the first book. Shakespeare, then came Bryan, Churchill after that, King’s biography, Tolkien, Hemingway and then Cummings big book of poems. His hand hesitated over the last book before he softly whispered under his breath:
“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore…”
He heard a soft clicking sound…

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  1. The Lunar Fox says:

    Hello! I just found a link to your blog the other day, so I sat down and read the entire story. I love it! The sims world needs more Lycan tales.

    And Caine is a cute grump. I’ve never seen anyone make that hair look so good.


  2. Nora says:

    Yes, it is time! Good thing he realized it before anything bad happened… well, I guess not in the case of Alana. I hope he can help her and quickly! But whatever he does I hope he doesn't put his shirt back on! >.> That letter was very touching. Frown


  3. cheripye says:

    Surly grumpy and cute to boot, LOL! I nearly fell off my chair laughing through this whole chapter! Caine’s emotions and thoughts. Funny that he is so stuck on Alana, I really hope that he comes to his senses and quickly about her, at least go and visit find out what is going on…. Before that jerk uncle of his.
    Love the attic and what a touching and frightening letter from his grandfather to his father.

    Every little touch (book titles etc) was utterly enchanting and engrossing! BRAVO!!!


  4. Phoenix says:

    Welcome Lunar Fox and thank you!! I really appreciate it and am glad that you’re enjoying this so far! It sure is different from my other story that’s for sure! I love the grittiness of it.

    LOL! Caine is at that. Awww…thanks! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments. These prompts come out pretty fast so stay tuned!Smile


  5. Phoenix says:

    LOL @ the shirt comment! Haha! Caine’s not one for clothes is he?

    He just needed that push to start the ball rolling. I think he would have stayed in that house, ignoring the outside world, if he wouldn’t have broken down the night before.

    Yes, before anything else bad happens. Hopefully! Thanks for reading Nora!!


  6. Phoenix says:

    Haha!!! That descries Caine so well! Yeah, Caine has a wicked sense of humor. I don’t know where he got that from.

    He is slowly but surely coming to his senses…hopefully before it is too late.

    Thanks Cherie. That means a a lot. I love your sets! The attic was part of the house I downloaded…I just changed it up. And the letter was from Caine’s father to him. Don’t know if I made that clear or not!

    Thanks Cherie! I love books so I throw pieces of myself in my stories! LOL! Thanks for reading!


  7. Dinuriel says:

    Excellent, Caine’s going to go out there and kick some Ethan ass!

    I had to laugh at his denial. Silly Caine should just make his move on Alana… well, maybe he should just start with being less of a dick around her. THEN he can make his move Smile


  8. Phoenix says:

    Yes, Caine is going to get out of that hovel and DO something!

    Yeah, he is SO in denial. Although I don’t know if he knows how to be less of a dick. LOL! Should be fun to see!Razz


  9. Gayl says:

    I seriously laughed out loud while reading this one! I am glad he is going to embrace his destiny. At least it looks like he is.

    Fabulous shots Phoenix and I really love this story you have going!


  10. Phoenix says:

    LOL! Thanks Gayl. Caine sure is different from who/what I usually write! He’s something else!Razz

    Thanks Gayl, I really appreciate it!Grin


  11. S@ndy says:

    I have to stop and take a close look to all your pictures, the CC you are using is just fantastic, that ugly dirty old mattress is just disgusting and yikes… I don’t know understand how Caine can sit in there, lay in there… .just imagine what Alana will say about that, yikes, she will sure send him to take a shower with clorox…. lol those two will be the most interesting couple I have ever seen!!!

    I’m glad Caine is finally going to do something, I’m glad he read that letter, it was about time he did something and that’s the first step, time to become the alpha or at least try…

    I hope he goes to Alana before Ethan founds her!!!

    Great chapter and amazing pics!!!


  12. Penelope says:

    Man, I’m all late to the party!

    But anyway, really enjoyed the chapter. I’m a sucker for old houses and secret passages.

    I hope Caine doesn’t try to shave in order to impress the ladies. Homeboy might hurt himself.


  13. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Sandy! Yeah, that mattress…*shudders* I can’t imagine lying down on that thing but I guess Caine doesn’t give a crap! Haha! Oh….just wait Sandy! Just wait…Alana…I can’t say it because it will give something away but…LOL!!

    Yes, he has to try SOMETHING he can’t just sit there and do nothing while the pack is being ruled by a tyrant.

    Thanks Sandy! Much appreciated considering your sets!


  14. Phoenix says:

    Hahaha!! At least you made it to the party Pen!Razz

    I had to search for that bookcase! The the bookcase that came with AL just looked to fresh and new…I needed something that sorta kinda looked worn!

    LOL! Yeah, I can really see can with a razor trying to figure how to shave just right and getting all nicked up and upset!Razz


  15. S.B. says:

    This is so funny and so crazy! I love LOVE the shots! You always come up with such different and creative angles and ideas!

    Fantastic work!


  16. Phoenix says:

    Haha! Isn’t it though? Caine is a trip and a half!Razz

    Thank you Beth! I really, REALLY appreciate it!(considering you come up with fabulous shots!)


  17. ~Drew says:

    Imaginative shots, and a wonderful insight in Caine’s character, he is crude and I love it! LOL! The letter was great, love how you do that, and Caine is going to step up to the plate! Good for him, look forward to more!
    Compelling writing, you are on a roll here, keep going, enjoying this immensely!!


  18. Emily says:

    Yay! Caine is getting it together! It’s about time young man…one can only sit and mope for so long. Ethan needs to be stopped ASAP! Grin

    I loved all the little quirks you put in this chapter, the thing about the ceiling looking like breasts and him seeing what he looks like in the mirror! LOL.

    The letter from his dad was so sweet and glad it inspired him to do something.

    Great update like always, this story really fascinates me!


  19. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen! Yes, Caine is crude! I love it too! Haha!

    Caine is going to try to step into the role that should have been his…although he still doesn’t want it…


  20. Phoenix says:

    Amen Emily, Amen!! One can only sit around and mope so long!

    Haha! Thanks! That pose just looks like he was studying something so I tossed that in there!Razz

    I’m glad you’re liking this Emily! It sure is fun to write!


  21. goodbye_sun says:

    I do sort of wonder what his mental image of what he looked like must have been considering where he has been living and the whole not shaving thing.

    Looks like his fathers note was just the thing to kick him into gear.


  22. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! I’m sure Caine thought he looked HOT! I mean, he’s not bad looking but he’s scruffy..I don’t think he was expecting that! Not to mention he doesn’t spend a lot thinking about his appearance!

    Yes, it was!


  23. Mao says:

    Aw, his dad left him a note. Very organized man! He was definitely meant to be an alpha. I wonder if Caine can fill those very big shoes he left behind?

    And now we know why Caine is so grumpy! Poor guy has never, well, dipped his stick. OMG, such a random euphemism. But still. It’d probably chill him out a little. Wink

    I wonder if that book his dad mentioned is somewhere in that mess?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Bernard was nothing if not careful. He knew that people were always out to get him. And if something happened he wanted Caine to know certain things. I believe in Caine…sorta!

    Bwahaha!! Hahaha!! Dude! That’s great! And it would!


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