Prompt 068

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters:Caine, Alana, Greg
Prompt: 068~Storm
Word Count: 1,756~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: What calm before the storm?
Warnings: Language

Caine came to with a jerk. Blinking blurry eyes he tried to remember why he was on the floor. Gritting his teeth when he his head started to throb he slowly got to his feet. He looked down when his foot hit against something hollow. As he stared down at the extinguisher it all came rushing back to him.

His hand flew to his head and he winced as he pushed against the hard knot poking up from his scalp.
“Motherfucker! That…that woman hit me with that fucking thing!” he snarled. He poked at the knot some more.
“And she hit me fucking hard. What was she trying to do? Knock my brains out? Jesus Christ!”

He pulled his hand away from his head and inspected it. He was surprised to see that his hand wasn’t smeared in blood. It felt as if she’d taken off a chunk of his scalp. And what had he done that so bad that she felt she had to clobber him? He would think the woman would want to know what she had gotten involved in. What was the point of pussyfooting around when-
He spun around and lifted his nose in the air. Her scent was still strong in the house but she wasn’t here.
“FUCK ME!!” he yelled to the ceiling then winced when his head started to throb even more.
She didn’t know what was going. She could land right in Ethan’s lap like a present on Christmas and she wouldn’t know. What if something happened to her? He couldn’t live with himself if something happened to her. She was too full of hope, of innocent dreams, for her life to be stifled.
Scrubbing a hand over his face he was startled to feel it covered in his sweat. He suddenly realized he was taking great big gulps of air and his body was…changing? Without him even thinking about?
“What the hell?” he panted as his body stiffened.

The familiar rush went through his body. His dad had tried to explain it to him before his first change. It was like sticking a finger in a light socket and being electrocuted. Except this was like a hundred volts coursing through his body. After the first time it was painless but…it wasn’t so painless now. It felt as if someone had taken his dick, stuck it in the socket, doused him in water and then proceeded to poke him with a hot iron as the electricity when through his body.

He tried to howl but the only thing that came out was a pathetic whimper, a whimper that he would have been ashamed of under normal circumstances but right now was he was thankful he could make a sound at all. A brilliant burst of light lit the room nearly blinding him. His knees finally gave out on him and he fell to the ground to curl into a ball as tremors wracked his body. He didn’t know how much time passed before his body fell limp. Lying there, panting, he suddenly became aware of two things.
One, he prayed to God he never had to do that again and two..

Standing, he tilted back his head and let out a gut wrenching howl. This is what all the other packs feared. This is what was whispered about the Lancaster pack. This was the ‘Other’, the something more, that no one could explain and few could achieve. Shaking himself he narrowed his eyes as he inhaled deeply.
It was time to move on. He couldn’t stay in this house anymore. Sooner or later Ethan would find it. He had to find someplace else to hunker down. But, first and foremost, he had to find his mate. He let out a groan as he finally acknowledged what he had been avoiding.
Thankful that he had shoved some of the journals into her suitcase he loped out the door.

He didn’t even look back as he ran out the yard and down the sidewalk. And before he knew it everything was a blur as raced down the sidewalk, making sure to keep close to alleyways and dark spots. Inhaling deeply he locked onto her scent and followed it.

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  1. Penelope says:

    Aw dude, that awesome!

    Greg is in for a treat when she wakes up. Alana’s a pretty formidable broad. She’ll probably uproot a tree and bludgeon him with it.

    Great update, Phoenix! Can’t. Wait. To See. Caine. Kick Ass.


  2. Phoenix says:

    LOL Pen!! That last sentence cracked me up!!

    I had this prompt all planned out and then my computer started to act all weird on me! Frown

    Uproot and tree and bludgeon him with him!!! Hahahaha!!! Too much! I missed these guys! I already have the next prompt pictured up. It’s going to be a long one.


  3. Dinuriel says:

    I missed them too, Phoenix. It’s great seeing them again Smile

    Oh yeah, Alana’s going to go crazy on his ass. Hopefully Caine shows up soon…

    Oooooh, next one’s going to be a long one! I’m stoked already! Grin


  4. cheripye says:

    I loved every moment of this whole update!!! and I love the small kind references, LOL!

    Now how intriguing G can pick up on Caines scent, is he really sure he wants to mess with the ‘other’
    Great description of the transformation, I truly feel bad that Caine had to suffer through something so horrid and yet I am so excited that he realized she was his mate.

    If she reacted so horridly to Caine I am shuddering to think of what she’ll do to Greg, LOL! ok with a few snickers too.

    Great wonderful job!


  5. Phoenix says:

    Haha! Isn’t it though Van? I know I sounded crazy when I was typing because I’d hear Caine’s voice in my head saying something. Crazy I know but so very true!

    Maybe not! not if he tells her something that she wants to know! *whistles innocently*

    Yep! It’s a little less than half way finished with the writing and I still have more I want to get out in this chapter!Smile


  6. Phoenix says:

    haha! Thanks so much Cherie! I really appreciate it. Also I really appreciate the use of Jayden! He’s awesome as Greg!Smile

    I don’t think the ‘other’ part of the Lancaster pack has really been seen. If so not for YEARS so maybe people think it’s a myth!? I don’t know myself!Razz

    All that howling that was going on needed a proper description!Razz Also, I had teleported Caine over and somehow the light from that and the light from the transformation mixed sooo…I HAD to use it!Grin
    Yeah, Caine’s kinda slow on the uptake!

    Hahahaha!! Yeah, Alana doesn’t take much sitting down does she?

    Thanks so much Cherie!


  7. Deep Blue Sea says:

    “Black people and blondes die first in movies” Now you know that Bro’ man always bites the dust first! That was hilarious! I had my suspicions but you brought me home on that one! We have always jokingly watched to see when the movie begins just how long he’s got!

    This was so worth the wait! The storm has definitely been brewing and ready to break loose now! This whole series is so exciting and suspenseful – your updates are always highlights of my days! Better that TV! I haven’t commented but I just couldn’t help myself this time around – it just keeps getting better and better! I have enjoyed this!

    Keep your head up sis. Through every storm that rages on in your life – storms are always temporary – go through and come out even better than you were before! Be encouraged!


  8. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! We do the same thing!Haha! What tipped my hand? I had to throw in the comment! I HAD to!!

    Thanks so much Deep Blue Sea! I’ve had this planned for awhile…it was just going in game and actually doing it that was giving me trouble!Razz I’m glad that you’re enjoying this! It makes it much more fun if people are enjoying this as much as I am!Smile

    Oh wow!! Thanks so much for such a great compliment! I’m stunned!

    That last comment really hit home for me! I’m going through a situation right now and it’s gotten my down(although I rarely show it). You have no idea how much that made me smile!Smile


  9. followingwords says:

    *laugh* I’d feel sorry for Greg, what with having to deal with Alana, except that he deserves everything he’s about to get.

    Another great chapter, although it felt a little short… but that may be because we’ve been waiting so long for this part. Please don’t think that’s whining; it’s just a statement. A good story is always worth waiting for, no matter how long the wait, and your stories are great, so they’re well worth waiting for.

    Anyways, keep up the good work!


  10. Nora says:

    Does Greg really think he can stand up to Caine? What is he going to do? Slap him upside the head? Actually that would be funny to see. Grin


  11. Phoenix says:

    Hey Followingwords! LOL!! I think the next prompt might surprise you!Smile

    I nearly ran over the 2 grand marker that prompts are suggested at. I had to find a cut off point otherwise it would have been WAY too over! the next prompt is a thousand and some words over so just imagine…haha!!

    No worries! I completely understand! I’m just glad that people are still interested in it!Smile

    Thanks so much!


  12. Phoenix says:

    LOL Nora!! I don’t know what Greg thinks he can do! Well, I do but I can’t give it away!Grin

    LOL! Yeah, in this form Caine would just think it was a gnat or something!


  13. Emily says:

    So awesome Phoenix! I know how simple that car crash was but damn, it looked so good! I'm sooo taking notes from you & Sandy, I really want to do a short story that opens with a crash scene. Grin
    *Have to actually finish something first though, lol!*

    Caine looked hot after he changed! Love his torso in that first shot but he is a little scarier now! Grin

    And oh, cannot wait 'til she wakes up, this should be good!


  14. Phoenix says:

    Haha! Thanks Emily! Gotta love those trays by SL!Smile That and the no panic fire made it really easy! If you ever need any help with anything just ask one of us! I love putting scenes together! Grin

    I’ve had that body shape in my game for a few months now just waiting for this! Haha!!

    Oh yeah…when Alana wakes up well…you know how she is!Razz


  15. S@ndy says:

    Great chapter Cheryl!!!

    it was funny and dramatic all together!!!

    Wonderfu job!! now I’m off to read next one Grin YAY


  16. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Sandy!!Grin I’m glad you liked this prompt! It was fun to do!


  17. ~Drew says:

    Very well done, love all the action, the car crash was fantastic! Your pics always amaze me!
    Love Caine’s reaction to being hit upside the head, love how you write his character.
    Will read more soon…I have so much to catch up on…


  18. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen! That crash was easy to do with the help of those trays!Smile

    Hahaha! Can you just imagine!? Thanks! He’s really different from what I normally do huh!?

    No worries Karen! I ‘m glad you had fun on your trip!


  19. Mao says:

    Very cool! So this is what they have that the others don’t. I am definitely curious about the how/why… and now I want to know more about half-breeds. Do they get doggy forms?

    Alana! Oh man, see, that’s what happens when you run. An even crazier SOB gets you!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I’m curious about the how/why factor too Mao! I write as I go so I don’t have that planned yet! I have a vague idea but yeah…as for the half breeds its 50/50. Some do. Some don’t.

    Running was worth a shot yeah? Maybe…


  20. Valpre says:

    Whoa. Phoenix this was awesome. I love,love Caine’s transformation.

    And this line too “Black people and blondes were always the first to die and there was still so much that she wanted to do.” It made me laugh so hard. Funny I never thought about it that way, but yeah, that’s what always happens in movies. You’re such a fantastic writer and I love the world you’ve created here.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Val!Grin Caine’s transformation happened by accident actually(with the lights and everything) and I loved the effect!

    Hahaha! It is SO true! I can always pinpoint who is going to die in the movie!

    Blush Thank you!


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