Prompt 062


Title: Lycan Tales
Fantasy, romance, drama
Characters: Nolan, Rho, Julius, Dom, Ethan, Victoria
Prompt: 062~Spring
Word Count: 1,800~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Changes are a’comin’.
Warnings: Language, violence, nudity

Hillcrest city limits. Rho’s townhouse. May 5, 2009 1630 hrs


Nolan stared unseeingly at the kitchen cabinet as he shifted his butt on the couch. Drumming his fingers in a fast taboo against his ribcage he nudged the pup away from his feet and ignored his yip of annoyance.
It had been nearly a week since Rho had taken him back to the apartment to gather his things and get the hell out of Dodge. It had been nearly a week since he’d heard or seen from anyone. It was as if they had fallen off the face of the earth. Or maybe he had fallen off the face of the earth and didn’t even know it.
“Treat this place as if it were your home,” Rho had said in his lyrical cadence but he couldn’t because it wasn’t home. He felt as if he had been kicked out of the pack and left to fend for himself. It was a strange feeling. A feeling that he didn’t wish on anyone.


“Still moping around in your night clothes I see.”
One minute he was by himself and the next moment he wasn’t. It was insane how stealthy the vamps could be but Nolan had gotten so used to him just ‘popping in for a bit of tea’, that was so fucking gay in his opinion, that he didn’t even start just turned his head to watch Rho glide across the floor.
“And you still haven’t unpacked.” Rho tsked as he wandered into the kitchen. Putting the bag down on the counter he went to the sink to fill the teapot with water then thought better of it. Sighing, he glanced over at Nolan.
The spark was gone from the pup. His actions, and the repercussions, weighed heavily on his shoulders. Rho made it a point to bring by food but he knew Nolan really didn’t eat it. Lycans had vicarious appetites but the food was barely being touched. And from the glazed look in  his eyes Rho would think that Nolan was stoned but there was no cloying sent of marijuana in the air either which meant that the boy had given up his favorite past time.
Rho watched as the pup scratched at Nolan’s foot only to have Nolan edge him away. “May I have a word with you upstairs Nolan?”


Nolan slowly stirred then shrugged. “Sure man, no problem.”
Rho glanced behind him as they headed upstairs to see the pup eyeing them intently. He tried to smile reassuringly but the pup edged underneath of the couch. Shaking his head he directed Nolan into a empty bedroom.
Julius waited until he heard the music start up before crawling from underneath of the couch. Padding toward the stairs he stood there for a moment, straining to hear but when no voices could be heard over the strains of the music he gave a shake then squeezing his eyes shut focused.


Man, he was hungry. The bread sticking from the bag looked good but he didn’t want anyone to know that he was here. Yanking open the door the fridge he grabbed the first thing he saw.
“Cookies! Yeah! Chocolate chip! My fav. Gonna eat some cookies, gonna eat them all ’cause I’m hungry. Yeah, yeah. I’m hungry!” He sang in time with the piano upstairs as he hopped up into a chair and ripped open the bag. After that his mouth was too full to do much of anything except chew.


“Yeah, what do you want Rho?” Nolan asked as he rubbed absently at the back of his neck. Rho’s fingers were flying over the keyboard. Nolan’s other hand tapped out an accompanying beat before he could stop himself.
“I told you to make this your home yet you refuse. Why is this?”
“It’s nothing personal. This just isn’t my home.”
“Home is where we make it yes? You-”
“Oh save me from the analogy bullshit Rho. This isn’t my home. My family is scattered to Lord knows where and I’m stuck with a fucking pup who either stares at me all day or whines constantly. Caine won’t return my phone calls and for all I know Alana could be near death so just save it man. Just…save it.”
There was a small silence before Rho hummed. “Ah, I see. You would rather have died in battle yes? Leaving your family to mourn you rather than face your own mistakes. I did not think that you were such a coward Nolan Blade.”
“What the fuck did you just say?” he snapped spinning around to glare at Rho who only shrugged.
“You killed two of the three Lycans who were after your Alpha’s mate and yet you cower in this house, barely a shadow of yourself. Why is that?”
“I shouldn’t have taken her with me. I should have had someone else watch her. I should-”
“Do you really think that anyone could have stopped her? Short of tying her up? Even Alana doesn’t realize the depths she’ll go to make sure Duncaine stays safe. Nolan-”
Nolan cut him off by pressing a finger to his lips. “What’s that sound?”
A small smile crossed Rho’s lips. “I do believe that’s your house guest.”
“That fucking pup. I swear to God if he’s downstairs raiding the garbage again I’m putting him outside.” Racing out of the room Nolan padded downstairs.
“Damn it pup! I told you to-”


He stared in shock down at the kid who had the beginning of a purple soda mustache on his upper lip. They both stared at each other in silence before the kid waved shyly and kicked his heels against the chair.
“Hiya Mr. Nolan. Can you take me to see Caine now?”
“Holy fucking shit! I knew I shouldn’t have tried to give up smoking.”

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  1. S.B. says:

    I am laughing so hard COOKIES GOT TO GET ME SOME COOKIES


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! I ♥ Julius! He’s such a sweet kid and is happy with just about everything! Seriously! ROTFL


  2. S.B. says:

    ok how did that happen…never mind….

    between Nolan ignoring the puppy and Dom finally FINALLY taking Ethan apart, and I think he paid attention this time, I adore this!!!

    Ethan…damn what a total loss. He can’t even focus on the loss of his son except for some missing tool. I hope Dom does take him apart, and I think she can. If anyone can, she can.

    WTF is Victoria doing there?

    The way you switch between cookies and ice cream to the monstrous tension between Ethan and Dom is just incredible! Really fantastic use of emotion to whip between one, and the other. And I love the way you focus on their feet, as if it was from the puppy’s point of view.

    Wonderful wonderful update!!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! I don’t know how it happened either! Aaand yes, I did just switch out themes. The other was bothering me! Anyways…

    Yeah, Nolan really wasn’t feeling the puppy love this go ’round!Frown And YAY for Dom finally doing something about Ethan! FINALLY!

    Yeah, Ethan is all about Ethan. It’s sad really but I think if it someone said they’d return Julius if he stepped down he wouldn’t do it.

    Oh Victoria! She’s wants what she wants and everyone else can suck it. We’ll see how this goes!

    Thanks S.B.! I worry about stuff like that all the time! I really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed this! I’ve been waiting to bring human Julius back!Razz


  3. Van says:

    Ethan is such a dick. I can’t wait until he dies, preferably in some unspeakably gruesome and violent fashion Grin

    Good for Dom for finally sticking up for herself! And yaaaaaay, Julius got some cookies! Yeah, I miss Stony McStoner too Frown

    Gotta wonder what Victoria’s up to… hmmm…

    Great prompt, Phoenix Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Amen to that Van! LMAO!!! Well, um…yeah! I’ll have to see about that! It all depends on the pose boxes and my PSP skills!Razz

    It was about TIME! Dom could have taken Ethan down A LONG time ago but I think she was still in love with him. Or who he used to be. Cookies!! COOKIES!! I can just imagine what sorta crap Nolan was trying to feed him. Poor Nolan!Frown

    All shall be revealed! *does spooky jazz hand thing*Razz

    Thanks Van!Grin


  4. gayl says:

    I totally get the “Spring” theme here.

    Ethan is clearly not the alpha in that relationship. Dom could definitely tear him a new one…you never NEVER question a mother’s attachment to her child. You just do not discount that. Ever.

    I just adore Julius so much. He is so busted! And Nolan is such a kick whether stoned or not!

    I wonder if Victoria is there as a setup against Ethan or if she is really going to turn on Caine…hmm…

    Fabulous update Phoenix! Chic


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    *whew* I worry about that! You have no idea gayl! hahaha!

    Oh no! No, I don’t believe he EVER was. He just had that illusion and she gave it to him. I wonder what story he’s going to come up with as to why she’s gone? And no…no you don’t. Ethan was a little too slow to realize that.

    Julius always makes me smile. He’s so clueless sometimes and other times way to grown. Nolan is! He’s pouty face was killing me! Haha!

    Oh, I think SHE thinks that if Alana is out of the way she might be able to draw Caine’s attention to her for a bit. Long enough for her to suck him dry that is. Should be interesting! Wink

    Thanks Gayl!!Grin


  5. goodbye_sun says:

    I love Julius being so nonchalant about being busted, I guess its not like he could try and act like it didn’t happen since Nolan has not been partaking.

    Go Dom! It took her long enough, but at least it finally happened. I can’t see Ethan just letting her walk away, that’s what he has minions for, right?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ha! I also think it’s because Julius’ spent some time with Nolan so he knows he’s mostly bluster. Plus, he was busted!Razz

    I KNOW right!? Gah! And yeah, she’s not getting a clean break. She should know that!


  6. Meralgia says:

    Whoa, man! It’s been A WHILE since I commented. I’ve been reading, but by the time I sit down to read I’m to tired to type a coherent sentence. (5:56am here now) Silly
    I LOVED Alana turning in one of the last chapters! I can’t wait to see Caine try to lecture her (or whatever it is that’s going to happen next with those two). And her freaking out once she fully realizes what she’s done. Ugh, that’ll be bad! And Dom left Ethan. You go girl! ROTFL That made me silly happy. Nice detail her cutting her hair off: if you want change start with the hair. Julius and Nolan are still too cute. I feel kind of bad for Nolan now, he feels so useless and not the man he think he’s supposed to be. I want to see you get him a love interest. Maybe one of the vampyres? Or that undercover lycan girl? hehe, that’d be fun times considering the pack she’s in. Man, I feel like one of those old aunts who are always seeking potential wifes/husbands for the young. Grin Oh, and I like the “on the couch” thing. Major kudos for the idea. Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No worries!Razz Oh wow!! I’ve SO done that before!

    Thanks! I thought it would be the best time. Her adreline is high and she’s all sorts of confused and not thinking clearly! Sure, throw something else in the mix! hahaha!

    Oh yeah…Caine will try to lecture her. We’ll see how that goes! And there will be a freak out!

    I KNOW! About time right? And thanks!Smile Whenever I do something new I either buy a new wig or cut off my hair too!

    Julius and Nolan! I love, LOVE those two together! But I feel bad I’m just tossing Nolan under the bus! It wasn’t completely his fault!Frown Ohhh….I do have a love interest in mind for him! You may, or may not, be correct there Meralgia! Side Frown Haha! That’s cool! I do the same thing!

    Thanks! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  7. Tiffany says:

    Gawsh that’s cute!
    I love that little boy. He’s so sweet. I love your stories. Keep up the great work. Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! Thanks!Smile I do try to slip some cuteness in!Razz Thanks so much Tiffany! I really appreciate your nice comments and the readership! I have to check out your story as well!


  8. Emily says:

    D’awww at Julius! He’s just so, so cute! “Can you take me to see Caine now?” he says, so nonchalantly. LOL, like he hasn’t been with them the entire time, refusing to change! Grin

    Woah, you go Dom! I love their little fight scene and how you said that she wasn’t backing down this time, pure awesomeness. And duh Ethan no one does “take care” of her like you but that’s why she WON’T be back! LOL, he’s a little confused at how someone wants to be treated, isn’t he?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    He’s the cutest! I just want to pinch his cheeks! And I love the casual way he said that! Like duh! Razz

    Dom had it going on in this update! I was kinda surprised myself! O_o And yeeeah! Ethan has some serious issues!


  9. thelook. says:

    “Hiya Mr. Nolan. Can you take me to see Caine now?”
    “Holy fucking shit! I knew I shouldn’t have tried to give up smoking.” :
    LMAO!! Julius is like… angel cake with extra cake <3
    And Nolan… He's just Mr Dreamy ^^ Well in my dreams anyways!

    You go Dom! I love how were really getting to see that side to Dom – the one that has some sense of loyalty towards her husband but has bond of love and trust with her son.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hahaha!! Oh man! Your expressions and sayings KILL me!! Like seriously! I had to read that twice and giggled each time!Razz

    Nolan is Mr. Dreamy! He’d be even MOAR dreamy if he wasn’t such a stoner but meh! We can’t be perfect!Razz

    Exactly. I think she’s still in love with the idea of who she THOUGHT Ethan was. Who knows though…this could all be a mind trip and part of the master plan! Mwahahaha!!!


    thelook. Reply:

    Well I do try Grin

    Just wish it would kill Ethan already Really Pissed

    Nolan might as well be a chocolate bar with extra extra smooth chocolate and I would be happy ROTFL

    Ethan reminds me a lot of Hunter but Hunter was actually a good person with hopes

    Dom mirrors Kiki – she’s seen pain and lived to tell the story but get to close to the family and BAM … wait that sounds like KayleeThinking Oh, crap it’s the two! lol

    *btw I read Ravensworth Generation and DIED; it’s the only legacy story I’ve read that wasn’t like ‘Okay we’ve had a baby let’s axe into bed and make another one’ Razz *

    Sorry for the extra long post; there was much to say Angel


    PhoenixFG Reply:


    That would be anti-climatic!Razz I haven’t decided on that yet!

    Dude, I would SO be happy with that! Now you’ve made me want chocolate!

    Awww…that’s awesome! Thanks so much! I need to get back to RG. I miss the characters but I’m kinda stuck in the direction I want to take! Frown And I started out RG with NO idea of the direction I wanted to take anything and just let it evolve from there. I’m really glad you enjoyed it! And those comparisons give me something to think about!

    I don’t mind long comments at all! Razz Silly


    thelook. Reply:

    Grin Take your time with RG Smile
    At least you spend your time to read our comments and write back – it’s nice knowing the author cares about what we have to say Grin
    I want chocolate too but I think I’ll wait ’til Christmas *cough* heck no *cough*


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I think I know where I want to go! *crosses fingers*

    Of course I do! I never understood writers who don’t. It always puzzled me why authors would ignore the people who take the time our of THEIR lives to read your work. Plus reading the comments gives me ideas and motivates me! So thank YOU for leaving feedback!Smile

    Hahaha! Ditto! I went and got a McFlurry yesterday. M&M. It sucked but it was chocolate!Razz


    thelook. Reply:

    Woop for RG Grin
    Grin I had some Christmas chocolates – ended up feeling sick but I held it in ROTFL
    How was your day?
    Yeah, I end up staying up til one or two reading people’s stories sometimes and then to see all the comments they have and they can’t be bothered to write makes me go ‘AGH SOME OF US SPEND HOURS READING THEN ANOTHER COMMENTING AND YOU DON’T WRITE BACK? Talk about nice’ Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Razz I still haven’t even opened their hood!Frown For shame! My day was good! Spent it with the fam soooo…didn’t really celebrate!Frown But it was still good!

    Haha! I’ve done that! Is it bad of me to see if authors comment back before I leave a comment? O_o I don’t get that either but if the story is good I keep going back. Just in lurk mode!Wink


  10. Mao says:

    “Holy fucking shit! I knew I shouldn’t have tried to give up smoking.” LOLOLOL

    Oh hell yes, time to GTFO Dom. And now there’s Victoria. See, I knew this was going to get bad. Shit always gets bad when you get fangs involved. Yikes.

    I hope Caine knows well enough to watch his back!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    That was SO Nolan! I couldn’t NOT write it! Haha!

    I KNOW! I was so happy when I thinking of ways to do this prompt and her leaving popped into my head! YAY! No doubt right? Gah! But I always had this planned with Victoria! She’s just so…just so fangy! LOL!!

    Caine knows it. Hopefully he knows it.


  11. s@ndy says:

    the part with Dom and Ethan is wonderfully done…
    I really hope Dom will be the one to bring Ethan to Caine…. she really does deserve that chance, after all, her life has been a living hell with him… he really doesnt even care at all for his child… nor he will ever care at all for Dom… he is just a selfish jerk … I wonder what kind of ‘deal’ will Ethan and Victoria make….

    Sorry for the delay… but I’m back to business again… and Lycan Tales is my first stop!!! Grin hurray… Razz ROTFL


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Welcome back Sandy!Grin

    Thank you! Those two are easy for me to write. All that anger and whatnot I guess!Razz

    Oh, well now that’s interesting! I never even thought of that! Oh man! That would have Ethan LIVID beyond belief! As for the deal with Ethan and Victoria…that’s in the works! Wink

    Awww! Thanks Sandy! I can’t wait until you start writing again!


  12. Sinclair says:

    Yayyyyyyy Dom! Bout dam time. I knew she had bigger balls than Ethan. I wish she had it in her. I wouldnt mind seeing her and Alana go at it.


  13. PhoenixFG says:

    I know man! Gah! I was getting tired of her. SHE should have been the alpha instead of Ethan. She pretty much was though. And Alan and Dom may still go at it. Just saying…


  14. Freestar says:

    Fantastic update. Nolan is so sweet, I really think he should be let out of the dog house now. It wasn’t entirely his fault.

    Julius is just too cute for words.

    I am so proud of Dom. It took her long enough. And you know her hair rocks right. Loooove it!!

    I knew I didn’t like Victoria. I knew she was trouble. We should just kill her now before anything even gets started.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks!Grin He is a sweetie! And don’t worry! he won’t stay in for long…ish! Haha!

    Julius us a trip isn’t he? I ♥ him!

    I am too! About time! I wanted to slap her! And yeah, I thought you’d like that hair!Razz

    LMAO!! LOL!!! Yeah…no! We can’t do that!


  15. cheripye says:

    Hmmm… alot going on dang it’s been so long LOL! but I am slowly but surely catching up. LOL! Cookies! and finally Nolan realizes this pup was more than just a pup he is exactly what Caine needs. Good for Dom finally she’s stepped away from that arrogant prick and UH OH Victoria has something Ethan wants… This is going to be bad…


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! No worries! It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything!Razz

    About time! Julius was pretty good about covering his tracks!Smile

    Dom is finally stepping up and becoming her own person….we’ll have to see if that’s a good thing!


  16. valpre says:

    Yay, Julius finally transformed. And good for Dom for walking out on that SOB. And the plot thickens with Victoria there, oooh, I sense something sinister’s about to unfold.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Julius was just waiting for the right time. Hunger got to him!Razz I know, it only took her YEARS but it’s better than not as all!

    You have no idea…


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