Prompt 061

Genre: Drama, suspense, romance
Characters: Alana, Caine, Nolan, Rebecca, Julius
Word Count: 2, 432 ~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: The truth and nothing but the truth
Warnings: Language, sexual situations

He had finally fallen silent. Caine stared down at the floorboards between his feet before he hazarded a quick glance over at Nolan. He quickly looked away only to have his eyes snap back to see the man half asleep on the arm of the couch. He shook  his head. For most of the morning Nolan had been telling him about how he needed to tread carefully with a Lycan ‘chick’ and to not let the ‘broad’ upset herself if he didn’t want to walk around without his nuts. Jesus, he had rambled on and on not even giving Caine a moment to talk and now…

“NOLAN!” he barked.

Nolan stirred and lazily opened his eyes. “Dude, what was I saying?”

“I think it’s time for you to go to bed.”

“Nah,” he said as he stood and stretched. “I think I’m gonna go for a walk.”

“It’s raining Nolan.”

“No fucking way dude! I just thought God was having a pissing contest with the angels.”

Caine hid a grin at Nolan’s sarcasm. “Be careful Nolan.”

Nolan turned toward the door. “No one gives a shit about me Caine. It’s you that has to watch his back and the back of your very pretty and very ignorant mate. When are you gonna talk to her?”



“Nolan-” he growled.

“Okay, okay! But I’m just sayin’ it’s better to have a pissed off and prepared female than a clueless, unprepared one. I’ll catch you later Alpha.”

“It’s Caine,” he snapped.

“Yeah,” Nolan said as he opened the door. “I was just fucking with you.” He closed the door on his own laughter.

Caine sat in the living room for a few minutes longer. Nolan was right. He had to talk to Alana about what was going on. She needed to know what was going on. He hadn’t heard anything from either Rebecca or Alana since they had disappeared into the room. Getting up he padded down the short hall and gently inched open the door.

His eyes caught on Rebecca curled on the bed. There was a sad air about her. Noise from the streets drifted in from the open window. She didn’t even stir when he pushed on the door to open it even more and it squeaked loudly. He sighed. He knew it had to be hard to just have your mate in your arms for fleeting moments. Never knowing when, or even if, you were going to see them again. It took a strong woman to survive in that kind of relationship and well Rebecca was strong…the heart was fragile. It would take some time for her to build up the barriers again.

“She’s been like that since Greg left. At first she just stared out the window but she finally fell asleep a few hours ago.”

He glanced to the side and frowned when he saw Alana on the floor.

“What are you doing on the floor?” he snapped.

“Have you taken a look at that bed?” She shuddered. “Thanks but no thanks. I decided on the lesser of two evils.”

Caine rubbed at his forehead. “Alana, you could have come out front. I would have given you the couch.”

“Yeah, well the couch isn’t much better.”

“Have you gotten any sleep at all?” he demanded.

She glanced away and nibbled on her lip. “No, but I feel as if I’ve slept long enough and am just now waking from some horrible nightmare.”

“You have no idea, princess,” he muttered.

“I have no idea what?”

Shit! He would have to remember that she now had the same abilities that he did. “Well, if you’re not going to sleep I think it’s time we talked.”

Her eyes came back to  him before she shoved herself off of the floor. “I think you’re right.”

“No,” he said as she paused by the bed and reached out as if to touch Rebecca.

“Leave her be.”

“I just want to-“

“I know you want to comfort her but she’s not ready yet. Give her some time Alana. She’ll be alright in a few hours.”

“Are you sure? It’s like she’s a completely different person.”

“Just give her some space.”

Alana gave one last lingering look before Caine gently nudged her out of the room.

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  1. Van says:

    Well, at least things are sort of on the way to okay between Caine and Alana. If nothing else, she is now out of the dark, even if she is still in some degree of denial.

    OMG WHO HAS JULIUS? Please let it be Greg. Please please please please PLEASE let it be Greg! *trembles in anticipation*


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah, she kept making the weirdest faces when I kept wanting her to be serious sooo…I just went with it. I know that I would still be sort of in denial! Everything is being ripped away from her. Kinda sucks! LOL!! And she won’t take kindly to being dropped on her butt! Haha! LOL

    Ohhh….ummm….yeah! Neutral


  2. Penelope says:

    HA! NO HE DID NOT JUST DROP ALANA ON HER BUTT! That was a long time coming, what with her germ obsession and her treating Caine like he has some sort of mental deficiency. *Tee hee* Love them.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    OH YES HE DID!! Hahaha!!! It was a long time coming…and she won’t forget it for a very, VERY long time! Haha!! She treats him like a pet or something right? Ha! Me too Pen! Smile


  3. Gayl says:

    Finally Alana gets the truth! LOL at Caine being afraid of her. I am sure hoping that was Greg that brought Julius up to the roof although maybe he found his own way? It could happen…

    Oh boy I loved that line of Caine’s…“Next time you’re in my arms I won’t let you go until we both can’t move. Now, let’s talk.” but I do think Alana is still in some sort of denial.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah! FINALLY! Now let’s see if she’ll face it! LMAO! Not so much afraid…just knowing that he’d never hit her back leaves him between a rock and a hard place! Poor guy! Mum is the word on who found Julius! Poor pup was just minding his business with his little tongue hanging out! Ha!

    Haha! Caine wants to take her to bed SO very bad but he’s not going to be used either! Oh god! She is so in denial! Home girl discards anything that doesn’t fit in her reality! Rolls Eyes


  4. cheripye says:

    Oh hooray, Caine told her the truth about what happened, Loved how he pleaded with her not to hit him and oh dear, is part of her going into heat causing her to react as such!

    And I have to agree with Gayl on that line!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha Cherie! Yep! It was about time. They’re going to have to be on the move sometime soon and he wants her a little prepared! She’s stubborn but she’s smart! Hopefully her being smart overrules her being stubborn! Her body is just thrown for a loop anyways…her going into heat SO IS NOT helping anything!

    LOL! Thanks! I had my mom proofread this. She was like: “OMG! Language!” since I don’t curse in RL. She didn’t say anything about the sexual tension! Ha! LOL


  5. Nora says:

    These two sure butt heads a lot but this is a great one! Even though, Alana doesn’t want to accept it, by God, Caine’s gonna make her accept it! Grin I’m sure Alana now knows, she can’t use her womenly wiles on Caine.

    Also, love this pic: I know it’s hard positioning sims and getting them to do what you want. I thought this one came out great, it’s one of my favs! Smile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    For sure! It never fails! Those two together means there’s always gonna be some drama going on! They crack me up though! He SO is! He has enough to worry about. He doesn’t need to worry about her doing something that could possibly endanger them even more ya know? Haha! Oh yeah…she can! Just not in that instance! I’m sure if she tried it again he would fall hook, line, and sinker! Razz

    Thanks Nora! That’s one of my favs too! The bad thing about shooting on a roof is that you can’t use OMSPs even with cheats. Or if you can I haven’t figured it out yet! *shrug* So I had to figure out which pose I wanted to go for and use the pause button since my freezer clock was somewhere in that tiny apartment. To get that pic I used ‘goose’ from the flirt menu and just used facial overlays. I didn’t know he was going to look so smoldering though! LOL! These few shots are how they usually look when I leave them alone together LOL


  6. QG says:

    oh! it’s funny how they can read eachother so well, but Alana is only now starting to find out, so she’s a bit i’m sure Caine couldnt resist her a second time.even if he does read her her like a childrens isn’t her getting in heat a bit asking for trouble I wonder, Cats and dogs can smell that a long way out, i wonder if it’s the same with Lycans? like putting up a pointing neon sighn XDshe needed to be dropped, nothing else would have worked at that momentt i think XD

    quite the shocker, what will happen to our fav pup?

    haha,lol on yr mom. language! XD Alien awesome update!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Isn’t it though! I don’t think that Alana even realizes that yet! Caine does and he just might use that to his advantage! Wink Nah, he couldn’t! He just wants to wallow in her. He can’t help it. Yeah…it is! For one thing it’s gonna make him possessive and for another it’s going to attract unwanted attention if they’re in the company of Lycans.

    Hahaha!!! We shall see! We shall see!!

    Thanks QG! I appreciate it! And my mom is a trip! She’s a teacher so she was spotting things that I automatically corrected in my head! Rolls Eyes


  7. sandybvv says:

    YAY hurray for Caine and Alana, at least they talked without hitting each other! Grin lol
    that was soooo close Caine!!! I really thought they would end up making out Grin lol
    And I wonder who grabbed Julius! hopefully a helpful soul!!! Grin
    and not a sick bastard!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hahaha! Yeah, we’ll see how far that goes. Razz LOL!!
    I know! I love how that turned out right? Haha! Alana is finally be put in her place.
    Hopefully!! Don’t worry Sandy! It’ll turn out alright…I think! Wink


  8. Sinclair says:

    Omg did Nolan just find Julius? yayyyyyy. I was wondering when the two sides would finally meet. And I forsee Alana in langerie (or however you spell it). Maybe something borrowed from Dom.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hahaha! Wait…why do you think that it’s Nolan? Huh? HUH? Shock Alana will definitely be in lingerie sometime soon! I don’t know if Caine will be able to handle that though! Hahaha!!!

    And I’m sure Dom has some nice lingerie too!


  9. S.B. says:

    Sorry it took me so long to get here. I’m still redoing my blogrolls and finding major holes.

    I found this incredibly sweet and touching. Alana’s strange remote and disconnected reaction surprised me – Caine has definitely felt it when she’s angry and upset. She’s not particularly calculating or manipulative so what’s going on?

    Also REALLY loved the scene between Nolan and Caine – that was just great! You nail both characters!

    Extremely smooth and emotionally clear writing. I loved this one!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No worries Beth! Razz

    She’s still trying to wrap her mind around everything. Still in a state of shock so she really won’t react until it later on. Haha!! Alana’s very good at avoidance!

    LOL!! Those two are great! I love them! Nolan is going to be a really important character. He wasn’t supposed to be but now…yeah! I’ll have to make a storyline for him! Grin

    Thanks Beth!! I appreciate it!!


  10. Meralgia says:

    Oh, I was busy, I almost missed this!
    Cain, you gentleman, hahaha. He let her drop on the floor, bastard. LOL She’s getting used to his particular style of comunication, and he’s begining to know her little moves and reactions which just makes me go “awww” Oops! Alien Loved their last lines, they’re such a great couple. Wink
    And, Is that a kid’s hand in the last pic, or am I seeing things? Shock


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No worries! I’m on vacation so I’ve been without the internet for a few days! Confused

    Haha! Isn’t he such a gentleman? He’s the greatest! Yes, yes he is! He’s made a practice of studying people and what makes them tick. Although I think she just might surprise him!

    They are a great couple…if they can actually make it work that is!

    LOL! You’ll just have to wait and see!! Wink


  11. SpongeCat says:

    I must say you have me hooked on this story… I think I read the whole thing over ever day ^-^

    I love how Caine longs for Alana to just let him be close to her but I think he quite enjoys the front she puts up too. Is there going to be an update soon? I’m dying to know who found Julius and see Alana’s reaction to being dropped on the dirty ground, we all know all hell is going to break loose.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Hey Spongecat! It’s always great to meet new readers!! Sorry it took so long for me to get a response to you! Sad I’m usually quicker about it!

    I’m glad that you enjoy the story so much! I sure do enjoy writing it that’s for sure! Haha! Yeah, he loves that she’s not easy or just bowing down to him since he’s alpha! Update will probably be next week! My sis came down on vacation so I’m spending time with the fam! Grin

    LMAO!!! Oh god!! Hell is SO going to break loose! Razz


  12. Emily says:

    I laughed so hard when he dropped her! By the angle of them in the picture, I was thinking, ‘Nah, he wouldn’t do that. Would he?’ And he did! LMAO. Love the tension between them, those two just crackle together! And you certainly never forget what your characters personalities are, Alana’s constant germaphobe ways, her climbing up the ladder and smacking his hands away, so funny!

    I just adore pup Julius pics! They are so adorable, just like real puppies! Can’t wait to see what happens next, wonderful job!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Haha! That’s the angle I was going for Emily! I enjoy the tension between them too! It’s sorta like RL. Back and forth between the sexes. Nope! I always try to remember their quirks.

    I LOVE his pics as well. He’s adorable! The tongue hanging out just kills me!! Haha! Thanks Emily! Razz


  13. Ning says:

    “Wait! Don’t hit me! Jesus, I sound like a pussy!”

    I seriously LOL-ed at that line! XD

    Frankly, I’m sad that Alana tried to use that tactic, that she’s prepared to ‘use’ her body to achieve her motives. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. And I didn’t like that she called Caine ‘Duncaine’, it felt so formal. ‘:\ I hope they do grow closer soon.

    And poor Rebecca, I hope Greg makes it home. :'( Little Julius as a pup is so cute, I would have cuddled him if I could! ;P


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    When I was writing that I head Caine’s voice in my head and had to stifle my own laughter! haha!!

    It’s really more of a blind need. If Caine would have gone with the flow he would have gotten laid because she’s in heat and wanting her mate but she would have hated herself in the end. It wasn’t a situation he wanted to find himself in. I don’t blame him. Yeah, calling him Duncaine is a way to keep distance between them! Confused

    Me too!! Doing her scene made me sad! Cry I know right? Just want to cuddle him!


  14. cool colada says:

    wow very interesting how caine thinks he’s ……. and :arrow: alana sleeping on the floor? what ah QUACK LOL


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!!! I know right? Caine is just different! I love that about him. Alana factored in the germs on the floor and the germs on the bed from where Greg and Becca had probably had sex. Yeah, she chose the floor. Razz


  15. Mao says:

    Oh no! Who has Julius now? LOL

    Oh man, Caine and Alana. Those two are a bit of a pair, aren’t they? Loved Caine’s comment about not being a distraction, LOL! Alana needs some time to let this all soak in, it’s a shame there isn’t any time to be had.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Nope. Not a lot of time to just let stuff soak in. It might be better for everyone if there was but there isn’t!Frown

    Caine is such a horn dog!Razz


  16. Valpre says:

    Liked that steamy scene Smile Serves Alana right, she can’t be messing with Caine’s feelings like that. But I’m glad they got to talk and get some things out of the way. Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    EXACTLY! He’s very open about what he wants and he doesn’t enjoy head games at all! Yeah, but more problems are bound to crop up! They always do!Razz

    Thanks Valpre!


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