Prompt 060

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Alana, an intern and doctors
Prompt: 060-Complicated
Word Count: 1,260
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: A little scrap turns into a big problem
Warnings: None

She hated hospitals. No, hate wasn’t the right word. She despised hospitals with every fiber of her being. The germs. She crossed her arms and stared at the entrance to the germ infested facility. People came here to get well but before they got well they came here infected, bleeding, sneezing, coughing…
Shuddering, she wiped at the sweat on her forehead. But she didn’t really have a choice. This morning she woke up feeling fine but as the day progressed she had dealt with bouts of nausea and dizzy spells. Whatever it was it couldn’t be good. A car horn blew right next to her causing her to jump.
“Hey lady! Get out of the way! I got an emergency here!”

Heaving a sigh Alana trudged forward. One step at a time, she told herself as she looked down at her feet. One step at a time gets you where you need to go…not where she wanted to be. Where she wanted to be was at home, curled under a mountain of blankets. The doors whooshed open as she stepped closer and she could feel the cool air of the lobby and smell the bogus scent of a sterile environment.
“You can do this Lana,” she told herself. “If you don’t you’re going to go around looking like the King of Pop with a surgical mask on all the time.” At that horrifying thought she quickly stepped into the hospital.

“I have an appointment with Dr. Nasri.”
“Ms. Westfield? I see we have you down for an appointment at four. Unfortunately Dr. Nasri is in surgery. The procedure just started so I don’t know how long she’ll be. You can have a seat if you like. Also, could you feel out this paperwork? Just to update your information.”
Alana started to reach for the clipboard but suddenly her heart started to beat fast, faster than what she knew to be normal, and it felt as if a tiny man was drilling in her brain as bursts of lights flashed in front of her eyes. She doubled over in pain and tried to reach for the ledge of the counter.

Her hands slipped off and she clenched her chest. Was she having a heart attack? She couldn’t be having a heart attack.
“Ma’am? Ma’am are you alright?”
“Does it look like I’m alright?” Alana was able to wheeze out that question as her knees gave away.

“Oh gosh! Ma’am, I’m just an intern. I don’t even want to be a nurse but my uncle says that I should! Ma’am? What should I do? I don’t know anything about…anything!”
Oh God, Alana thought as she hit the ground. I think the both of us are having heart attacks. The receptionist was clenching her hands to her own chest as she stared down in horror at her.
“Oh, right! Right!”
Alana’s eyes rolled back into her head and the last thought she had, before her face hit the linoleum, was that there had to be about a trillion germs residing on this floor.
She didn’t know how much time had passed but she could hear the faint sound of sneakers squeaking on linoleum and the steady beeping of a heart monitor coming somewhere from beside her. Her eyelids fluttered for a moment before they opened.

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  1. Van says:

    So her doctor is a Lycan too? Interesting… they seem to have established themselves well in the human society. Perhaps so they can more easily conceal themselves should anything be brought to public attention?

    I had to laugh at Alana freaking out about the hospitals. The germs!! Such an Alana fear Smile


  2. Phoenix says:

    Yes they have. While they still have pack mentality, even in human form, they still have the human side to them that most are comfortable with. And like you said…in something should be brought to public attention…who better to have help conceal you than doctors?!

    LOL!! It is an Alana fear but it is so true! All those sick people in one place CAN’T be good!!

    *wanders off to work on Ravensworth and tries to remember the last time I went to the doctor*


  3. Penelope says:

    Alana is a trip! When she got snappy with that intern as she was falling, I LOLed.

    Ok, so they know from her blood work that she is on the road to lycanthropy but do they have a way of knowing that Caine did it?

    What kind of hospital is this where all of the doctors are beautiful women?? LOL


  4. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! I can really see home girl getting snappy! I LOLed when I was writing that part!

    No, they don’t. They would have to have some of his blood work and draw a comparison. And while they MIGHT(okay they WOULD) be able to access his file from the institute it would be awhile before they even looked at that particular file as they went through the process of elimination. However scent wise…well, that’s coming up in the next chapter.

    LOL!! I try to make not so pretty Sims but then I end up tweaking and…gah! One of these days I’m going to make an “ugly” Sim Pen! I promise! Haha!!


  5. S@ndy says:

    I read this last night, I and I swore I left a comment!!!

    Anyway here I go again!!!

    Poor Alana, her worst nightmare came true!!! (passing out on the hospital floor, yikes, imagine all the germs on that floor… tons and tons of people were standing in that same spot where she fell. and I wonder what kind of crap they had under their shoes… yikes and more yikes!!! Razz lol

    I was very surprised to see Dominica over ther!!! I really hope they wont make the connection with Caine… and I really hope Alana wont be in danger!!!

    She really is not a lucky lady, lol hopes her luck changes soon!Grin

    Great update!!


  6. Nora says:

    Hi. I love your pop culture references! Grin
    It’s funny how she thinks about Rome when she’s passing out…

    oooo, nice ending. Maybe Alana turned into a lycan too? Then her and Caine can be together!! Oh, if only it was that easy, right?


  7. Phoenix says:

    Sandy you know Blogger eats comments some days! *shakes fist at Blogger*

    LOL!! I know! Alana has no luck whatsoever unless it’s bad! You’d think I’d give her a break….but it’s too much fun messing with here!Razz

    Yeah, don’t you know Dom walked into the hospital on her own sooo…I used her! Haha!! Well…as for the connection…next chapter!Razz

    Thanks Sandy!


  8. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Thanks Nora! And wouldn’t you know it? Michael Jackson is in the news again!

    Those were just some places that I want to see before I die! LOL!

    Yeah, if only! It’ll never be that easy for those two! Issues galore!

    I’m glad you liked the ending!Smile


  9. Emily says:

    I LOVE the cute wolfies as they are running with their tongues hanging out! Grin So adorable!

    Anyway, this part was so humorous, all her fear of the germs and the panicked intern! LOL. Love that sequence where she is falling down on the floor, you always pick the best poses!

    And uh oh, whatever they found out about her blood isn’t good! So glad you are banging these out, I love this story!


  10. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! They ALL do that! I wanted some running poses were she looked kinda serious but nooo…haha!! It's so cute!

    Thanks Emily! That's the Hula&More hack for that one! The dying by illness! An oldie but a goodie! Smile

    Awww…thanks Emily! I have the next three updates pictured out. Just have to write them!Smile Glad I'm not being annoying with how fast these come out!


  11. goodbye_sun says:

    Oh dear, I’m not so sure Alana was made for any sort of adventures that this might be leading towards…


  12. ~Drew says:

    Interesting turn of events, love all the destinations racing through her head that she has never been, nice touch!
    Well, this complicates things for sure, is she turning, or just has the blood on her now?
    Nice twist with the Doctors being Lycans, well written, enjoyable, look forward to more!


  13. Phoenix says:

    Oh boy! Don’t I know it goodbye_sun! Although you never know yourself until your put in a touch spot! She might surprise herself!
    Thanks for reading!


  14. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen!

    Yes, it is a complication. Poor Alana, all she wanted was to get in and get out.

    I figured they’d blend in with society. You never know if the person you’re talking to is what she/he appears!

    I’m glad you’re liking this so far Karen!Smile


  15. Gayl says:

    Why oh why are all of Alana’s adventures so funny? I’m sure she doesn’t feel that way however. That entire scene in the hospital was hilarious.

    The bad thing is that she is in for some danger I think. Alana has no idea what is in store for her. I am fascinated to see what they discovered in her blood! My guess is some link to Caine but you never know…

    Well done Phoenix!


  16. Phoenix says:

    I don’t know! That girl just cracks me up! I can’t help but write it that way!Razz And I’m sure she’s freaking traumatize by the whole thing…but especially the germs! Razz

    She is in for some danger. But I think Alana can handle it…she just has to dig deep! *PLEASE let Alana handle it!* LOL!

    Thanks Gayl!


  17. Mao says:

    Ooh, oooh! I’m loving the duality of the werewolves here. Their human sides and wolf sides each have their places. I’m sure the wolf side always takes precedence, but being doctors and whatever else… very cool.

    Loved the shots of Dominica running out of the building! I’m assuming they found something about Caine?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thanks Mao! And you got it. The wolf is laying just below the surface. It doesn’t take much for it come out.

    Thanks! I had a time with those shots. Rooftops are NOT great for OMSP!Frown


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