Prompt 057

Title:Lycan Tales
Genre: drama, fantasy, suspense
Characters: Caine, Alana
Prompt: 057~Cold
Word Count: 1954
Type: Series
Summary: Things aren’t what they seem
Warnings: Violence, nudity, language

They kept moving further and further away from town, Alana thought as she kept a good distance between herself and the dog. And the dog seemed to have a specific place in mind. He kept up a steady pace, not a run but more of a slow jog which meant that she had to jog to keep up. Suddenly the dog veered into a abandoned yard of a dilapidated house.

Caine climbed up the steps of the back porch and eyed the door of the old house before bending down and sniffing around the bottom of the frame. There was about an inch of space between the door and the porch but that was all that was needed to let him know if anyone had been here. Specifically Ethan or his pack. That thought made Caine growl low in his throat. No one had been here. No one but humans. Reaching up he batted at the door with his paw and it sprung open. He slithered in and gave the door a slight kick with his back paw to shut it.

Alana hesitated for a moment. She had heard that growl. It sounded slightly vicious and had caused a shiver to course through her body. She debated on whether or not to enter the house but then she gave herself a stern lecture. She had come all this way, she wasn’t going to back out now. Besides, those doggy treats in her purse weren’t going to eat themselves. Getting up from her crouch she started toward the house being careful to look around the yard to prevent herself from stumbling on all the trash that was scattered about.

Jesus Christ, Caine thought. He was rank. He scratched his armpit and had to wrinkle his nose as the pungent order reached his nose. Hell, he had rarely stopped for anything once he had left the asylum and he’d pretty much stayed in wolf form so eating and drinking had been as easy as running into the woods that still dotted this area and snapping up a rabbit or two and drinking from puddles. He ran his tongue over his teeth then absently spit out a bit of fabric that had lodged in his teeth as he walked out of the kitchen and into the living room.

Another growl worked its way up his throat as he stared at the mess there. Obviously this place had become a hang out for the local kids, he thought irritable as he watched a fat rat slink across the floor. His hands clenched into fist. This used to be his father’s home. The place where he’d come to get away from the pack for a moment’s peace. He and Caine used to come up here every so often to just have father and son time as his dad had called it. Caine’s eyes burned for a moment at the memories before he forcefully pushed them aside. It wouldn’t do to think about something that he hadn’t thought about in ten years. Not now…not ever. He headed upstairs. Hopefully the backup system still worked.

“Oh my GOD!” Alana whispered as she scrunched up her face. She shoved her finger under her nose but it was too late. The rank smell reached her brain and her stomach at the same time and she had to swallow hard to prevent herself from throwing up. This is wrong on so many levels, she thought as she took a step forward. Hearing a clacking noise coming from behind her she spun around.

“Oh Lord,” she moaned. The rat looked at her sullenly as it finished its piece of moldy cheese. Then, as if it knew it had nothing to fear, it slowly turned and leapt off the counter. It landed with a soft plop before it trudged across the grimy floor and disappeared into a darkened corner.
“Rats. I hate rats. Oh, that poor dog! Who knows what it might be infected with.”
Yeah you idiot, her conscious screamed at her, it might have rabies! You saw how it attacked that man. It could attack you next and no one is going to know where to find your body. You’ll lay in here, in this old house, rotting…of course the rats will probably start to nibble on your lifeless-
Alana slammed the door shut on her conscious and trudged forward. She could hear water running upstairs.

The bathroom was just as disgusting as the rest of the house. Geez, you would think that the kids that came here, to do whatever it was that kids did when they snuck off to such places, would at least try to clean up a bit. Although from the sight of the living room they just came here to drink it up and smoke weed. Shaking her head she started to turn.

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  1. Van says:

    I haven’t seen this much chemistry since the AP exam Grin

    I’m really liking these characters. There are so many different sides to both of them, and the way they interact with each other is just priceless. I especially loved this picture, where she seems to be trying to resist looking:

    That certainly did make me smile. Those damn kids, though, making a pigsty of his dad’s house Frown


  2. Azzy says:

    “The bathroom was just as disgusting as the rest of the house. Geez, you would think that the kids that came here, to do whatever it was that kids did when they snuck off to such places, would at least try to clean up a bit.”

    That bit had me laughing like an idiot, sounds like my nan. Anyways it was an really awesome chapter, really good and you have me on pins and needles here for the next one. (Dolly_riot)


  3. Phoenix says:

    LOL Van! I haven’t seen this much chemistry since the AP exam That had me cracking up! I’m glad that sorta kinda came through! haha!

    Thank you! I really like them too! They both have issues(Caine’s are more obvious) but I’m really liking how this is shaping up!

    LOL!! LOL!! Ya know…I didn’t really notice that she was trying not to look when I snapped that picture! That’s priceless!


  4. Phoenix says:

    Dolly, Alana is a clean freak! Like seriously! She wants to clean ALL the time! I think I’m going to add that to the story!Smile And that’s something that my gram would say as well!

    Getting ready to work on the next one now! Like you my muse is working overtime!Razz


  5. Azzy says:

    Great! Yay for over-active muses!


  6. Phoenix says:

    LOL! I just finished and posted! Smile And DOUBLE yay for overactive muses!!Grin


  7. Azzy says:

    Awesome, i better go read, Smile I’m only halfway done with mine.


  8. Phoenix says:

    LOL! Oh geez, I’ve gotta hurry up and finish yours before I’m forever behind!Razz


  9. Azzy says:

    lol, i am still struggling with chapter 30, so don’t worry. Smile


  10. Phoenix says:

    Oh sure! Chapter 30! No worries!Razz Going to go read a few chapters before I head to bed! I love working nights but everyone else is awake during the day!Razz


  11. Azzy says:

    that would of course be chapter like 60 in reality. *blush* I always worked best at night, but i have too many kids to stay awake like that.Thinking


  12. Penelope says:


    But my question is- How did she manage to stop and buy dog treats while she was tracking Caine?


  13. Phoenix says:

    Let’s just say she brought them at the mall and I didn’t mention it! LOL!! Heck! Now I’m gonna have to come up with a reason WHY she brought freakin’ dog treats! PEN!!!! Hmmm…maybe she’s planning on buying a dog wants to be prepared! There we go! Because Alana is a little OCDish!


  14. Phoenix says:

    *groan* Dolly, you’re killing me! LOL! Yeah, I love working nights! And when I’m not working I’m staying up writing and whatnot but then…I don’t have any kids so it’s easy for me!


  15. Emily says:

    Wow, Caine sure is on edge isn’t he?! I guess he has good reason to be though, loved all the pics and descriptions of the dirty house and some of those poses were fantastic. My fav is the one where he is holding around her neck from behind, pure genious! That last shot was cute too, sure he just wants to see if she gets home okay. Grin


  16. Phoenix says:

    Yeah, Caine is kinda…nervous. First, he hasn’t been out on his own for ten years and secondly he know founds out that his uncle has plastered his face everywhere which makes it kinda hard for him to go anywhere…

    All those new pose boxes Emily! Have you seen them?! Go here: if you haven’t seen them! I’m loving fiddling around them for sure!

    Of COURSE he just wants to get her home safe! Wink~


  17. S.B. says:

    Awesome! Although I had to laugh about Alana’s freakout over the rat and rabies…as if that was the biggest danger in the place!

    Fabulous shots and writing!


  18. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Thanks Beth! Yeah, Alana def has her prioritizes kinda screwed up…and she doesn’t even know it!Razz


  19. goodbye_sun says:

    Alana’s day just keeps getting more and more complicated. I can just see her going home and showering like 5 times to get all the germs off.

    Even if her doggie treats weren’t welcome, she did at least manage to pass on a bit of interesting info to Caine and may have earned herself a furry protector.


  20. ~Drew says:

    Great update, the lighting, the absolute filth, both in your decorating and descriptive writing is just bang on. Love the shot with the rat on the counter.

    And great interaction between the two of them, I am pulled in! Nothing like a tortured man! LOL!

    Great job, phoenix mate!!


  21. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Goodbye_sun! I did have a picture of her in the shower but it didn’t have that frantic feel that I was going for so I nixed it!

    Yeah, I think Caine was shocked that his uncle would publicly go after him like that…


  22. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen! That shot always cracks me up! I just used the hula hack(panic fire/look) and she was spinning around like crazy and I caught that one!

    LOL!! Yeah, Caine is definitely tortured. He doesn’t even realize how much!

    I’m glad you liked it. Smile


  23. S@ndy says:

    Another wonderful update!! Love the lighting in this one!!! it makes the mood perfect!!!
    Really great job!!!


  24. Phoenix says:

    Thanks! I always worry that it’s too dark for other people’s computers! Glad to hear that it had the desired effect!Smile


  25. Kayleigh says:

    I laughed so hard at xD
    He looks so adorable up in the window like “HRMPH!” xDD


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! That’s Caine’s normal expressions when dealing with Alana…right before he caves!Razz

    Thanks for stopping by!Smile


  26. Mao says:

    “see something you like, princess?” LOL! That whole thing leading up to that line was just great. Nothing screams “awkward and terrifying” like a crazy, naked man telling you sit down in filthy things!

    “Breeding female”? Interesting… but I don’t think Alana shares my interest. I wonder if she realizes he is following her?


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Dude, Caine has NO shame! None whatsoever! And he doesn’t really care that he doesn’t. He just expects everyone to deal.

    No, no I don’t think she does. She’d be horrified actually. Shout


  27. Aussie Karima says:

    ~Um! I realy like the nude bit but,in the 5th & 6th picture shouldn’t he be nude,after all he just changed from wolf,were did he find cloths SO quick?
    ~ Yeah! I notice too much at times!
    ~ I’m still reading! Yes Yes Yes


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    In my mind Caine leaves clothes near doors and things like that. I didn’t want to get into it with the word count that I have with the prompts! Ah well, I guess I could have explained it!Razz Thanks for pointing that out! It’s something I’ll remember for next time!

    I’m glad you are!!Grin


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