Prompt 055


Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Fantasy, romance, drama
Characters: Caine, Alana, Nolan, Franklin
Prompt: 055~Not Enough
Word Count: 1,120~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Never threaten a confused Lycan female
Warnings: Language, violence

Hillcrest. May, 1, 2009. 0215hrs.

Breathing. Air rushing in and out. His heart was pounding in time with his paws hitting the pavement. Sights, sounds, smells. Have to focus. Pace himself. Danger! He was going to kill them.


There! There! Faint scent of her on the breeze. His nails skittered on the sidewalk as he made a quick turn. Filter out the smell of rotting food and unclean bodies. Keep close to the shadows. Sneak, sneak. They wouldn’t know he was coming.


Nails scrambling to gain purchase on the lid of the dumpster. Ignore the old man digging through the garage. He wasn’t important. None of them were important. She was. Had to find-
What’s that smell? Blood? It was her blood. Alana was bleeding.


They were all going to die.

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  1. Van says:

    Hurray, a distraction from my assignment and packing! Thanks Phoenix Grin

    Oh man, for a minute I thought Nolan had died there. I’m so relieved that he’s okay!

    And Franklin is a creep, man. He has awesome hair (do you remember where you got it, by any chance?), but he’s still a creep.

    And OMG Alana’s transforming! Caine’s going to get there… only to find that the ass-kicking has already been done. Can’t wait Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Any sort of distraction is a god distraction when doing assignments! At least I think so!Razz

    Oh no man! I can’t kill off Nolan…yet! If ever! I’ve grown fond of him actually! Haha!

    LOL!! As for the hair I did a search and came up empty! It was a hair I got from a downloaded Sim. It’s actually the same hair Buzz wears in Weapon of Choice. It’s Peggy/Juice hair. And I’m happy how he turned out! I finally got to use that skin that I downloaded from needlecream on LJ!Razz She redid it!

    I think Franklin was just messing with her because he thought she didn’t know how to change(which she didn’t). Now though he might really stop pulling punches! We shall see! Mwahahaha!!Wink


  2. Kayvon says:

    Oh the horror of a cliffhanger! I was so ready to see this fight go down -Alana was sho ’nuff stepping up and taking names- and tails- even though I knew you had already said this was a short one. Gah!
    Ok, so this vampyre is affiliated with Ethan right? And obviously been tracking her for him (I think) so who does he think he is taking her for himself? Oh yeah, this was so good! and FYI- 3 LT updates in a week makes you THE WOMAN cause there really is no such thing as a too long LT updateSmile


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL!! Haha! I have a few shots for the next prompt but if I would have added them it would have been another long prompt! Frown

    Yeah, he’s affiliated with Ethan. Ethan’s put a price on Alana’s head! Awesome for our girl right? Not!! And he was tracking her but wasn’t going to go against Caine(smart man). And he thought he’d get his bid in for mate first! LOL!!

    Hahaha!! Thanks!!!Grin This just had a hold of me! I have to do my WoC entry and then start on RG. Razz


  3. goodbye_sun says:

    Nolan is definitly giving it his all, even if he gets into the shit with Caine, hopefully he will at least get a little credit for that. And maybe someone lovely to take care of him while he recovers.

    At least Alana isn’t going to have time to think about what just happened, somehow I can’t see her liking being in her other form.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah, he is. No way he’s just going to let anything happen to her. Not just because she’s his alpha but because he considers her a friend. Haha!! Yeah man. I think Nolan would appreciate the lovely helping him!Wink

    No, she didn’t need to think about the whole process otherwise she would have freaked out. She’ll have time to freak out later! And oh boy!!


  4. s@ndy says:

    Frown :'( Is Nolan dead?
    Oh my… how did that happen? I mean, wasn’t he (Nolan) supposed to follow Caine?
    How did he ended in that place… with that evil jerk!
    now he is dead.. I can’t believe… he was so naive!!! Was he tricked? was he into some kind of vampire hypnosis?
    Geez… I really can’t believe it yet… it happened so fast…
    and is Alana turning?
    Seems like Caine arrived just in time, and I really hope he will kill that SOB!
    Wonderful update!!! Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh no! Nolan’s not dead. He’s the wolf with the white patches over his eyes. The one in the last shot is him!Smile

    Nolan wasn’t supposed to do anything but sit at the apartment and watch over Alana. However, he thought it would be a good idea(which it was in theory) to watch Caine’s back. Franklin been tracking them so it made it easier for him to pretend to be a taxi driver. And since he couldn’t smell him…

    Alana is turning! YAY!!! Caine hasn’t arrived yet. He’s still following her scent! Next prompt he should be there!Grin


  5. s@ndy says:

    I forgot to mention I loved the shots… specially the opening one.. the one with Alana in fighting position and the lycan in front of her…that is freaking awesome!!!
    Great job!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Ack! I didn’t see this one! Thanks Sandy!Smile I never know what shot I’m going to use for the header until I finish!Razz I’m glad you like it!

    Thanks again! I appreciate since your shots are always so stunning!


  6. S.B. says:

    OMG cliffhanger much???

    Yeah for a minute there you had me going about Nolan, and that was not a good feeling. Franklin is a total creep, like anybody would want to live one minute next to that monster, much less forever. What is he getting out of this alliance with the Lycans though? He surely doesn’t need them.

    I’m not sure what I hope for most here – that Alana will bite the shit out of somebody or that Caine will eat them all alive. Except Franklin since I suppose that’s not technically possible, since he isn’t.

    Wonderful wonderful tense, descriptive writing – LOVE LOVE the detail about his nails on the dumpster and ‘sneak sneak’!! And the shots are incredible!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Oh! I know you are NOT talking!Razz

    Oh god! I can’t imagine not having Nolan in my game anymore! Just the thought just makes me sad!Frown I’m glad that came through! I was trying to make Frank the creeper(as I have him named in my game) creepy. The blood. I’ll probably get into that sometime soon.

    Bwahaha!! It might be a little of both actually! Maybe…I haven’t decided yet! It might be a little discombobulating for Alana in her new form!

    Thanks S.B. I really, really appreciate that!Grin


  7. Nora says:

    Yay for Nolan, although I hope he’s not hurt! and Yay for Alana for finally transforming! Go kick his ass! Grin


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    TEAM NOLAN!!! YAY!! Oh yeah, he’s hurt. He’s gonna be sore for a few days. Probably longer once Caine gets done pounding on him. Just saying! Frown

    I know right! About time girl! Now, do the dang thing. Maybe. Hopefully!Razz


  8. cheripye says:

    Ok things are starting to get thick and yet I love how Alana is starting to trust that Caine will come for her. LOL! ICK! a perfect pair my a double scribble! 80)

    Wonderful Updates!!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Yeah, they are! REALLY thick! And oh my gosh! I know right? She would be so embarrassed if she wasn’t so scared!Razz

    I know! The man is deluded but what can you do?

    Thanks Cherie!Smile


  9. Yuxi says:

    Oh gee whizz, I was in such a hurry to go to uni that I totally forgot to comment the first time I read it. x_x

    First of all, awesome work on the posing of the lycans in wolf form – it looks delightfully realistic! The shot with the old man made me giggle. And Franklin is a indeed creep, eek; I’m glad Nolan made him smell the floor, so to say. I hope Caine gets his ass over there quickly, so the three of them can teach these morons a little lesson. XD


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    No worries! I do the same thing all the time!

    Thanks!Smile I love posing them…just have to figure out what I want to convey! Just like posing Sims!Razz All the people in the first few scenes were characters that I’d only used once in the story but still had them hanging around the hood!Razz Haha!

    Franklin is a creep! He really thinks highly of himself. Oh, Caine is most definitely on his ways!


  10. ~Drew says:

    Yes! I am caught up again! I love the new characters you are introducing here, also, the mood and look of your shots this chapter, (and the descriptions) and the fight! WOW!! Ethan’s reach is long indeed, and Alana is changing? Yow. Cannot wait for Caine to arrive to this Lycan smackdown. Great work, and what patience you must have posing the animals!!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    LOL! Thanks Karen! I was kinda iffy about the new characters but I went with the flow of the story! This chapter was surprisingly easy to write. Ethan’s reach is long. But it’s not to say that everyone wants the same end result as he does!

    Ohhh…Caine’s arrival! Should be fun!Razz I ♥ posing the animals! I don’t know why! Grin

    Thanks for reading!


  11. Penelope says:

    Whoah, whoah– Alana is changing and her wrist is broken and Nolan is being mauled! Ack! Hurry, Caine!

    So was the vampyre really interested in Alana or was he just trying to freak her out?

    Blood? It was her blood. Alana was blooding.

    I think you wanted that to read “bleeding?”

    *skips over to next update*


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    *slaps forehead* Good looking out Pen! Changing that now!

    Yeah man! A lot happened in this update! LOL!! Oh, he’s interested in her! All that Lycan blood at his disposal whenever he wants? And the possibility of hybrids? He can’t resist!

    Thanks Pen!Razz


  12. Emily says:

    Woot woot! Love the opening, Caine gonna kick some arse! I love how fierce he is when it comes to his girl, it’s *scary* but soooo romantic! Grin

    And woah, Alana changing! Now that was unexpected, but awesome! And couldn’t have happened at a better time, that vampy guy was a little too creepy, best to just get away while you can!

    Another brilliant update, I’m always amazed when you get such great shots with the dogs, they’re so hard to control!


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Agreed!! And she doesn’t even realize it! Yet…

    Yeah man! It was about time for her to change and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Thanks Emily! I enjoy posing them. Trying out different things. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the Caine Posing hack though!


  13. Mao says:

    Is that Alana changing? Oh boy. I’ve been wondering when this would happen! Now to see what happens next…


    PhoenixFG Reply:


    I figured it was about time!


  14. Sinclair says:

    NOLAN NOOOOOO!!!! You so did not just kill off the most adorable character ever. You so didnt. NOT COOL! I feel so bad now. But I’m glad shes going to change and tear into that asshole. His card came up and its time for him to go. Now.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    OMG!! Wait no, he’s not dead! Yet…He was playing opossum! LOL! Oh man! Nolan has such a fan club it’s not even funny!

    Yeah, his card came up when he touched her. Sorry!


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