Prompt 054

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, suspense
Characters: Caine, Alana
Prompt: 054~Too Much
Word Count: 2,247~ish
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: Caine learns the consequences of ripping off band-aides
Warnings: Language, Violence

There was a leak in the roof. The steady plopping sound as the water hit the gathering puddle in the corner of the room and the incessant tapping of it hitting the roof were the only sounds in the house. It was slowly driving him crazy. Caine sat with his elbows on his thighs as he absently massaged his temples.
She hadn’t moved.
He’d brought her here over five hours ago and she still hadn’t stirred. He knew she hadn’t taken any of those pills. Her scent was as natural as always with just a hint of the vanilla soap that she used. The same scent that was imprinted on his brain. He had taken to breathing through his mouth but now his mouth just watered wanting to know what she tasted like. Stifling a groan his head shot up when she stirred.

He blew out a breath when she only changed positions before her breathing evened out. His eyes followed the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest and his hands curled into fists. His skin started to tingle and itch as if his fur was going to sprout while he was in human form. Absently he scratched at his arm as his eyes stayed glued to her breasts.
She had an amazing figure. Most of the clothes she wore covered her up completely but her pajamas were more revealing. And they weren’t even sexy. The top had drawn up a little showing a slice of her stomach. He wouldn’t mind dipping his tongue into her belly button. He bet that her scent was strong right there. And even more so farther down.
Shaking his head to rid himself of those thoughts he scrubbed a hand hard over his face before getting up. Adjusting himself he walked out of the room.

Caine’s body was slick with sweat before he rested back against the floor. He listened but all he heard was the sounds of rats in the wall and the birds outside. The rain had stopped and for this moment in time everything was clean and pure. He knew that wouldn’t last. Staring up at the ceiling he tried to figure out why Ethan would want Alana. There had to be something. Maybe she knew something but…

Flipping over he started to do push-ups as his mind worked a mile a minute. If she did know something she didn’t know that she knew. He shook his head at that confusing thought. She kept to herself for the most part, only going to work and then coming back home to work on her Master’s. She had told him that when she used to come and visit him. She didn’t talk about her family that much but what kind of woman kept a suitcase packed and ready underneath of her bed?
He knew one thing. They couldn’t stay here much longer. The fire might have set Ethan back but not for long. And he still had to get rid of the car. Hell, he had almost wrecked the thing getting here. He’d always been interested in cars and read anything he could get his hands on about the inner workings of the machines. He’d never driven before but he’d watched movies so he thought it would be easy enough. He had been mistaken.
His muscles strained and pulled as he worked. He emptied his mind of everything except his hard breathing and through the pain his mind suddenly became crystal clear. A thought had just snaked into his brain but slipped away when a scream ripped through the air. In a smooth motion he hopped up and raced up the stairs.

“Oh my goodness! What in the world is going on? And why was I lying on that disgusting bed?”
A shudder went through her as she looked behind her to stare at the bed. There were all kinds of stains on that mattress and the pillows. Instantly her hands went to her hair as her scalp between to crawl. She spun around when she heard footsteps racing up the stairs. She scowled.

“YOU! What are you doing? I didn’t tell anyone about you living here. Why would you do this? What have you done? You didn’t…”
Her voice trailed off as she started patting at her body. Everything felt the same, sort of. She scowled. Actually everything seemed to be extra sensitive. Her skin, her sense of smell, her hearing. Her pj’s were irritating her skin and she was smelling things that she really wish she wasn’t. Not to mention-
She stabbed a finger in his direction as he came to a stop a few steps away from her. “What did you do to me?”
The corner of his mouth curled upward. “I didn’t do shit to you. I saved your life lady.”
She shook her head. “What are you talking about? Saved my life? My life was perfectly normal until I met you!”
She stopped talking when she realized that a growl had entered her voice. She cleared her throat and took a step away from him. After all, the man had escaped from a mental institute. She didn’t know what could set him off. They stared at each other for a moment before Alana looked away. Rubbing her hands up and down her arms, she probably had bed bugs on her skin now she thought bitterly, as she turned away from him.

Caine heaved a sigh as she turned her back on him. She was probably scared and he guessed she had a right to be. He had ripped her away from everything she knew and she had woken up in a strange place. Rubbing a hand over the back of his neck he strove for soothing tones.
“Look Alana, you went to the doctor’s yesterday afternoon right?”
“Yeah, you’ve been sleeping for awhile now. My guess it almost twenty-four hours. I picked you up early this morning and it’s almost five now. I don’t know-”
“I was just going to take a nap. I wasn’ that tired. I didn’t take any of those pills that Dr. Nasri gave me. Something seemed…odd about them.”
“Yeah, it’s a good thing you didn’t. Those pills would have knocked a hum-” He cleared his throat. “They would have knocked you out for at least two days.” He paused. “How are you feeling?”
“Like there are a million bugs underneath of my skin trying to get out,” she snapped. “What am I doing here…Duncaine isn’t it?”
“Most people call me Caine.”
“What am I doing here Duncaine? I want to go home.”
“Well, you see…”

Alana tapped her fingers against her shoulders as he talked casually about burning her house down to save her life. A buzzing started in her ears as he continued to talk about her doctor giving her those pills and something about someone named Ethan was probably looking for her. The name sounded familiar but she couldn’t remember as she suddenly lost her grip on her control and a growl ripped from her throat. She dazedly wondered why everything seemed so crystal clear as she spun around and lunged at him. They tumbled to the ground.

“I could kill you. That was my house. My house!” Her voice was barely recognizable as she squeezed her hands around his throat. He placed a hand on her arm and it seemed to her he caressed her skin before staring calmly up at her.

“Well, that explains it.”
It annoyed her that he seemed so calm while she was in turmoil. She wasn’t a violent person so why were her hands steadily squeezing his throat and a steady rumbling in her chest?
“What are you talking about?” she snapped.
“I wondered why Ethan would want you. He doesn’t usually pay attention to full humans but you’re not full human are you?”
She frowned down at him. “What are-”
Whatever else she was going to say was cut off when he shoved a hand in the center of her chest and sent her flying across the room. Her head hit the floor with a loud thunk. She shook her head and was getting ready to scramble to her feet when he landed on top of her.

Caine’s eyes slid closed as his body molded to hers. The planes and curves of her body seemed to match his. He growled and leaned down until he was whispering in her ear.
“If you want to kill me you’re going to have to take a number and get in line, princess. I could have killed you or left you to Ethan. After he was through with you I’m sure you would wish that someone had killed you. Now, we’re going to go downstairs and talk. I want to know about your family.”
He nestled his nose into her hair then sighed. “I am sorry that I got you involved in this,” he whispered.
“Would you get off me?” she snapped.
Getting up, he latched onto her wrist and tugged her down the stairs with him.
“I’m not a dog!” She shoved up her glasses when he let out a rumbling laugh.

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  1. Phoenix says:

    Just wanted to add that I got a few of these poses(Caine sitting on the crate and Alana and Caine sitting on the couch) by using the new pose box from Club Crimsyn ! The poses look so natural and the box is SOOO small!

    Just thought I’d share that info!Grin


  2. Van says:

    Oooooh, new pose box! Sucks for me that it’s not base-game compatible, though Frown

    Heheheh, this chapter amused me. Alana wakes up in a strange place, and her first thought… the bed is disgusting! Grin


  3. Phoenix says:

    Ohhh….does that any game starter thing with with just the base game or no? How does any game starter work anyways?

    LOL Van! I know right but that is SO Alana!Razz


  4. Nora says:

    Aw, poor Caine. He tried to get her to understand, even transformed in front of her, and yet she still doesn’t understand! Frown I guess she needs a little time and reality to hit her before she gets it. I hope Caine doesn’t give up on her!

    I really enjoyed this update! Bravo! Grin


  5. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Yeah, Caine does look sad in that last shot huh? He’s not one to drag anything out and I think Alana just went into flight mode. That girl…*shakes head*

    Thanks so much Nora!


  6. Penelope says:

    hahahaha! Whoah, boy! And where does Alana think she’s going in that car? She’s setting herself up for a whole world of hurt. There are people looking for that car!

    And awww look, their PJ’s match.


  7. S@ndy says:

    OH my Gosh!!!

    Poor Caine he was not expecting that move!!! hahahah OMG Alana is out of control!!!

    I told you she will be all upset and disgusted to find herself in that bed, yikes, I would have burned it down… it really is disgusting!!!

    I can’t still believe she ran away!!! You are making everything so difficult Alana, hopefully Ethan wont find you before Caine!!!

    and those thoughts of Caine in the first two pictures were sexy!!!! Grin lol
    he is such a pervert!!!! Razz


  8. S@ndy says:

    fantastic chapter and fantastic pictures as always!!! keep the tension and the drama coming!! Grin I love it!!!


  9. goodbye_sun says:

    Oh my, he didn’t see that one coming and I don’t think his approach is getting high marks at all either.

    Dear ole Dad probably has some explaining to do…


  10. Emily says:

    What a cute chapter! I love these two interacting with each other! Grin

    Love that she whacked him with the extinguisher, hilarious! And here he was trying to be so nice to her…

    Although I have to say I’m scared for her now, I think she would have been better off staying with Caine! Oh well, we will see what happens!

    Great update as always!


  11. ~Drew says:

    Oh Goody, another pose box, LOL! But you are right, the poses look natural, will check it out!
    Absolutely funny and charming, love it! Love that Caine was going out to snatch a pizza box from a delivery boy, LOL! And the last few shots, just a scream!
    Who was Alana’s dad? The plot thickens…Where has she gone? I am sure Caine will ‘sniff’ her out…
    Great update!


  12. Phoenix says:

    I don’t know where she thinks she’s going. All she wanted to do was get the heck out of Dodge as soon as possible! I don’t think she totally believes Caine yet but…she will!

    LOL Pen! I didn’t even notice that!


  13. Phoenix says:

    LOL! No, Caine wasn’t expecting that move! Which is why Alana was able to knock him out like she did. She’s too much for me!

    Yeah, that body is nasty. I don’t know how Caine slept on it for as long as he did.

    I can believe she ran away. That’s Alana for you.

    Haha! I thought he looked sexy in those pics too. And I usually don’t like scruffy men! And yes, Caine is very much a pervert! LOL!!


  14. Phoenix says:

    No, his approach isn’t anywhere near the high marker. *shakes head*

    And oh yes, dad sure does…if he’s still alive that is! Wink~


  15. Phoenix says:

    I LOVE them interacting as well Emily! I have so much fun doing it!Smile

    Haha!! That shot was fun to set up! And I know. He was trying to be nice but…she didn’t see it that way!

    I’m scared for her too. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to set up the next scene…

    Thanks Emily!


  16. Phoenix says:

    Yeah, that’s a good pose box Karen. And they’re going to be adding to it as well!Smile

    Yeah, that’s just how Caine rolls. He doesn’t consider it stealing…just the pizza guy giving to the less fortunate!Razz

    Thanks so much Karen!Smile


  17. S.B. says:

    I absolutely adore your writing! The way Caine reacts to Alana — sexy LOL! And her disgust at the situation, then she goes right at him!

    You use the pose boxes well. The poses look good, natural, not stiff. Beautiful shots!

    Can’t wait for more!


  18. Gayl says:

    These two really are quite the pair aren’t they? I really get a kick out of the banter between them.

    Alana sure was going through some changes wasn’t she? Laughed so hard at the reaction she had waking up on that awful bed!!!

    Wonderful poses, shots, all of it and especially the writing!


  19. Phoenix says:

    Oh wow!! *blushes* Thanks Beth! I really, really appreciate that!

    Haha! He can’t help himself. He feels drawn to her but just chalks it up to a normal reaction when nothing about these two is normal!Razz

    Thanks so much! Only a few of those shots were pose boxes! Most of them were the Hula and More hack. Sometimes the old stuff is better than the new! Wink~


  20. Phoenix says:

    LOL! Yes they are Gayl! Too much for me sometimes! If they’re not fighting, they’re making out! Haha!

    Can you imagine waking up on that bed? Oh geez! That creeps me out!

    Thanks so much! I’m having a lot of fun writing this! Something away from what I usually write!Grin


  21. followingwords says:

    Oh, Alana… *laugh*

    The women in your stories are always so great; I love them!


  22. Phoenix says:

    LOL! Alana is something else right?! Haha!



  23. Mao says:

    OMG! That was HILARIOUS! She came at him with a fire extinguisher… ahahaha, oh wow. Go Alana! Caine underestimated her, to be certain.

    The last shot on the first page made me think dirty thoughts, LOL. It was innocent, but yeah, LOL.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Every time I look at that pic it cracks me up! I love how she just goes at him! She doesn’t take crap from him AT ALL!

    I will probably be using that pose on that pic for dirty things indeed! Razz


  24. valpre says:

    I love the tension between Alana and Caine. I don’t know if she honestly doesn’t get it or she’s just in denial, but with the changes she’s going through (whether she’s aware of them or not) she’ll need Caine’s help, and hitting him with the extinguisher is not going to help! But I love her character, she’s feisty and gutsy and I think she’ll make a good alpha female.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    The tension only gets worse! LOL! Those two just rub each other the wrong way…but they’re so much alike so I guess that’s why! She gets it but she’s in denial because this means her world, and what she knows, is going to come crashing down! She was just thinking of getting out of there. He won’t let her live that down!

    I ♥ her character too! I can’t help it! Thanks Valpre!Grin


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