Prompt 051

Title: Lycan Tales
Genre: Drama, fantasy
Characters: Alana, Caine, suspicious person
Prompt: 051~Moon
Word Count: 1126
Rating: PG-13
Type: Series
Summary: The crossing of paths
Warnings: Violence, nudity

Alana rolled over and started to nestle back against the cushion but the frame from her glasses dug into the side of her head. Frowning in confusion she tried to remember why she would still be wearing her glasses in bed then groaned when it all came back to her. Since it was the weekend and she didn’t have to work she had decided to pull an all nighter and get as much of her thesis down as possible. Apparently she had fallen asleep on the couch. Groaning and sitting up she took off her glasses and rubbed at her face before pinching the bridge of her nose. Her stomach grumbled loudly reminding her that she had been so immersed in work that she hadn’t taken the time to eat. Yawning, she winced. First things first. She needed to brush her teeth so that she could actually taste the food.

Pushing off the couch she walked to the bathroom She stared at her reflection as she brushed her teeth. She wasn’t much to look at, she thought bluntly. Never had been but she was okay with that. The kids in her classroom weren’t too worried about her being good looking. And the parents sure didn’t care as long as their children received a quality education. And she was good at her job. Swishing and spitting she wiped her mouth as her stomach growled once again.

Without thought she went about her ritual of getting a bowl of cereal. She tossed the empty milk carton in the garbage and set down at the table. As she ate she looked around her place.

Her place. It wasn’t much but it was hers, she thought with a faint smile. She had picked all the furniture herself and while she hadn’t had a chance to change any of the rooms, except for her bedroom, she was satisfied with her house. Having grown up with the bare minimum and having to move at a moments notice she was relieved to finally set down roots. Regardless of the neighborhood, she thought with a sigh as she felt the vibrations from the bass of a passing car. Washing her bowl and spoon she went back to her laptop and brought up the work she hadn’t finished last night.
The sooner she got her Masters the sooner she could make more money. She wasn’t materialistic but she was realistic. She knew what made the world go ‘round. With a sigh she started to reread her last paragraph. Her fingers idly tapped the keys then with a frustrated sigh she flipped on the TV. Maybe the added background noise would help her. It wasn’t long before she was typing away.

…escaped four days ago from the local mental institute. He’s considered dangerous. If you have any information on Duncaine Lancaster please contact the police or his uncle, Ethan Vanderwall.
Alana absently looked up to see a good looking man talking to group of reporters. He had a worried expression on his face but something about him made her uneasy. Shaking her head she turned the TV off and went back to her paper.

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  1. Penelope says:

    Bleah! That situation was the worst! I can’t even imagine getting that close to a guy who smells like piss, let alone being threatened by one.That’s so… bleah!

    Is she planning on taking Cain home and feeding him kibbles and bits?

    hehe Oh Phoenix, that child is NOT ugly! LOL I know, I know. It isn’t always easy to make truly unattractive sims because their faces are symmetrical. And then there’s the compulsion to make everyone good-looking, etc, etc.

    Now I really want some cereal.


  2. Dinuriel says:

    Poor Alana. Good thing Caine came along just in time…

    Also, I love how Caine’s picture was on the milk carton Smile


  3. Phoenix says:

    I used to hate riding the bus and sitting next to someone that smelled that way! Bleah is SO right!

    LOL Pen! I KNEW she’s not ugly but every time I take the girl to the mirror she’s always making faces and gagging! No matter what I do!! O_o Crazy Sim! I actually think she is quite pretty but then again…someone can think they’re ugly their entire life while everyone else thinks they’re gorgeous!

    As for taking Caine home…


  4. Phoenix says:

    I had a whole different scenario in mind for that scene bur none of them wanted to cooperate soooo…

    Van, I wondered if anyone was going to pick up on that! I got the idea after looking at the carton in game and seeing the face! I was like who still puts faces on milk cartons(who actually still uses milk CARTONS?!!) and then I was like hmmm…this will make it harder for Caine to hid!


  5. Penelope says:


    The face on the milk carton is Bella Goth. I noticed that one day too.


  6. Phoenix says:

    Is it really? That’s hilarious! I kept twisting my head this way and that to figure it out and even zoomed but it didn’t dawn on me that it was her. So I’m guessing she’s on ALL the milk cartons?


  7. cheripye says:

    What a wonderful and even more intriguing update!!

    Alana doesnt seem to bad to me! especially when she got chills from Ethan??? I think I got that right. lol!

    Love the last shot, LOL!!! and EXCELLENT WRITING… Oh yeah loved how you transposed his picture on the milk carton.


  8. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Cherie! With this prompt it would have been too easy to follow the word so I decided to do a different take on it!Razz

    Yep! That’s who it was! He’s put out feelers for Caine by trying to put on the concerned face!

    I like the last shot too! It took me forever to get it how I wanted! Haha!


  9. Emily says:

    Moon? LOL, I get it. I think. Grin
    Maybe Caine has found a friend? She seems nice and yuck, that situation was horrible! Your writing is really well done in this story, all the descriptions, everything. I’m really enjoying it so far! Can’t wait for more.


  10. goodbye_sun says:

    Her very focused life is about to get more of a shake up than her run in with creepy attacker guy if she keeps following that puppy. Don’t let him get away Alana!


  11. Phoenix says:

    LOL Emily! Yeah, you got it! Like I said it would have been generic to use what I WAS thinking about since this is a tale about werewolves sooo..

    Maybe…although I don’t think Caine knows how to BE friends with anyone! I was just in game taking some shots for the next update! Haha!

    Oh wow! Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it!


  12. Phoenix says:

    Nope, her natural curiosity won’t let him get away. Although by the end she might have wished she had! Razz


  13. ~Drew says:

    I love all the detail you put in your shots, the clutter etc. The bus stop was very well done!
    Great job.
    Also love how you describe her mundane life, barely eking out a living.
    The attack was creepy, and she is running after the dog? She has moxie, great update!



  14. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Karen! Putting all that clutter there was fun since I rarely use it! Haha!

    I think after the attack she really didn’t want to go into the house by herself hence running after the ‘dog’ to give herself something to do!


  15. Gayl says:

    This was great! I noticed the milk carton too. Nice touch and the story was great. It might be interesting to see Caine and Alanna interact. I suspect she might get more than she bargained for.


  16. S.B. says:

    Between the extraordinary detail and the hook about the dog, I don’t know where to start…

    Not crazy about everybody looking the same or perfect, so go for it.

    Wonderful, realistic and incredibly engaging! Can’t wait for the next one!


  17. Phoenix says:

    Thanks Gayl! I have the next three prompts all set up with pictures! I have to just write them soo…there will definitely be some Alana/Caine interaction…


  18. Phoenix says:

    LOL Beth! I’m having WAY too much fun with this aren’t I?!Razz

    I’m just so happy that people are enjoying this as much as I am!


  19. S@ndy says:

    Very interesting chapter, love all the picture and all your descriptive writing!!! Great job… it will be a short comment ‘cuase I’m heading to the other 2 chapters Grin lol

    Great job!


  20. Phoenix says:

    LOL!! Thanks Sandy! The pics are easier for me to do in this story for some reason!


  21. Mao says:

    Poor Alana! She should have kicked him in the nuts or something. I don’t know. I hate those situations–they fire me up real quick! Caine should have eaten him. xb

    I also just realized I’ve been spelling Caine without the “e”! Argh. Sorry.

    I have to say, being a 24/7 wearer of glasses (but sometimes contacts), the whole jabby frames thing is super annoying. I feel Alana’s random wake-up pain.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    I do too! Like who do you think you are to put your hands on someone else and try to do that? Seriously!? GAH It’s getting me fired up just thinking about it!

    Meh…I didn’t even notice! I know it’s a weird way to spell it!Razz

    Tell me about it. I hate when I wear my contacts and I’ll jab myself in the nose because I’ll forget I’m wearing them. Not a fun thing!


  22. Valpre says:

    I loved Caine’s pic on the milk carton. If only Alana had looked at it before she watched the news. Thank God Caine got there in time before that thug did something dodgy to Alana. I’m curious also about what she’s planning to do with Caine since she’s following him. This is beautiful work.


    PhoenixFG Reply:

    Thank you! Getting that picture on the milk carton was such a pain but I loved how it turned out! You know how it is. Go about your daily routine without actually thinking about it.

    Totally! Gosh, Alana would have been devastated if anything happened to her with that disgusting guy! *Shudder*

    Thank you Val! Grin That means a lot!


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